289. Transformational Healing Universe: LA's Biohacking Mecca W/ Dr. Har Hari

Har Hari Khalsa

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Dr. Hari Hari Khalsa gives us a tour of Transformational Healing Universe and introduces us to all of his biohacking devices: CyberScan, Biocharger, Epoch Lasers, Healy, Pulse Centers PEMF, and The Pandora Star.

Har Hari Khalsa, DC, is a highly experienced holistic chiropractor who has been assisting people on their healing journey since 1988. At Transformational Healing Universe in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Dr. Har Hari focuses on chiropractic, medical, and yogic healing. He specializes in several techniques and fields of healing, including chiropractic adjustments, Kundalini yoga and meditation, the Wim Hof Method, and Summus Laser treatments (formerly K-Laser™).

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

You are cordially invited to a free virtual tour of Transformational Healing Universe, with Dr. Har Hari Khalsa as your guide (and Troy Casey as a special guest).

But, before you dive in, I highly recommend listening to episode 288, which was recorded immediately before recording this tour. You’ll meet our guest Dr. Har Hari Khalsa and learn all about Transformational Healing Universe.

Whether or not you’ve heard episode 288, though, you’re in for a treat. Dr. Har Hari runs one of the most unique and empowering medical facilities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. We filmed and recorded every device and piece of biohacking technology on the property — so check out the video if you want to see what we’re talking about, too.

I also try out some of these devices during the episode so that I can share what the experience is like, and so that you can get an idea of what benefits to expect from these modalities.

The tour’s starting. Let’s go!

08:45 — CyberScan

  • CyberScan scans the energy fields around cells to identify problems and increases the efficiency of your body’s natural healing
  • Because it uses scalar waves generated by a tesla coil, the device doesn’t emit harmful EMFs
  • This Is My Brain On Drugs, Booze, EMF, & Trauma With Dr. Daniel Amen (Luke's Spect Scan Results)
  • What came up on my scan: cardiovascular inflammation (possibly related to a mitochondrial issue), thyroid, long-term stress, vision, tendonitis, osteoporosis, calcification, Bartonella, possible early evidence of Parkinson’s
  • NuCalm
  • BioCharger
  • The Remedy

46:38 — Epoch Laser

  • The Epoch Laser is one of Dr. Har Hari’s newest devices, and he became a fan after it helped him heal from a foot injury
  • The Epoch Laser Therapy system initiates healing at the cellular level to treat pain and inflammation
  • Dr. Har Hari has also seen it help reverse some chronic health problems
  • It stimulates ATP production within the cells

53:47 — Healy Resonance

  • This German biofeedback device uses “quantum sensing”
  • It then delivers up to 250,000 frequencies, customized for you to raise your vibration
  • From the product description: “Healy is a microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress.”
  • Dr. Har Hari uses it daily and loves it
  • Troy serves as our guinea pig

01:20:08 — Pulse Centers PEMF

  • The gunshot and stroke victim who used the Pulse Center PEMF device for 8 months straight and healed his sight
  • It can help heal anything with cells… so pretty much all of you!

01:24:50 — Plasma Bed

  • The Keshe Foundation
  • This is based on the principle of GANS liquid plasma therapy
  • What Dr. Har Hari has is a prototype, but the potential for this technology is incredible
  • It feels like going into an MRI, but way more chill

01:33:48— The Pandora Star (AKA “The DMT Light”)

  • This light produces various frequencies to induce altered states of consciousness
  • It’s a quick hack for entering a trance or meditative state
  • You will actually experience a small effect just from watching this on video
  • How DMT and ayahuasca experiences changed Dr. Har Hari’s perspective forever

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[00:00:00] Luke Storey:  I'm Luke Storey. For the past 22 years, I've been relentlessly committed to my deepest passion, designing the ultimate lifestyle based on the most powerful principles of spirituality, health, psychology. The Life Stylist podcast is a show dedicated to sharing my discoveries and the experts behind them with you.

[00:00:18] Har Hari, where are we going to start with today in your clinic? You got all kinds of crazy shit popping off over here.

[00:00:19]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:00:19]Luke Storey:  You are the only guy that's more dedicated to biohacking that's more devices and craziness than I do.

[00:00:41]Har Hari:  Yeah. I think it's like we have the same number, but different.

[00:00:45]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[00:00:45]Har Hari:  Different things because I have a different emphasis, because I'm a practitioner.

[00:00:52]Luke Storey:  Right.

[00:00:52]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:00:52]Luke Storey:  The people want me to be a practitioner, and I'm like, I don't want to get sued, I don't have any kind of credentials, whatsoever, so I'm not doing that.

[00:00:57]Har Hari:  Also, made a club. 

[00:00:59]Luke Storey:  Membership club.

[00:01:00]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:01:01]Luke Storey:  I thought about doing that. If I was sitting in my backyard, I probably would. I don't know if I want to publish my address.

[00:01:06]Har Hari:  No, you don't want to make it. You shouldn't make it part of the thing, for sure.

[00:01:10]Luke Storey:  Yeah. Alright. So, I've done a bunch of healing modalities with you, so I think what I'd like to do is just, we'll start with this one. You can kind of give us an overview of what it does. We'll do the scan. We'll kind of just take one thing at a time. I'll do a cut. And for those watching on Instagram and Facebook, I'm going to probably shut us down between each little thing we do. So, it's going to be a multipart live stream. So, let's go and start with this one.

[00:01:37]Har Hari:  Okay. Well, this is a cyber scan. This is a German biofeedback technology that I got into about five years ago, Rex Wilson, who was my natural path back then. Since, he's moved to Thailand to get out of the US, but he was the top guy in the state, like top natural path. He had every biofeedback device known pretty much from Russia, Germany, America.

[00:02:02] And when he turned me out of this, he said this one machine replaced them all as far as the diagnostic capacity, and also, treatment. So, I first became a patient myself, had a few scans, a few remedies made for myself, and quickly saw some major changes to my health, and that just sold me on it. And we ended up getting one and been practicing with it for like the last four-and-a-half years, treated thousands of people.

[00:02:32]Luke Storey:  I think last time I saw you, it was probably two years ago, and you were using this then. So, when I walked in, I saw it so prominently like right- hand technology right on your desk against your laptop, I thought it must work. Otherwise, you would have bailed on it like a million gadgets that we call it.

[00:02:47]Har Hari:  It's extraordinary. Every time I run a scan, it goes right to the core of what's going on with the person.

[00:02:54]Luke Storey:  So, it's diagnostic, and then how does it get this scanned data from you?

[00:03:00]Har Hari:  Well, you put your hand on here, right? And this plate creates a scalar wave, which is another EMF wave. So, you're not putting your energy, electromagnetic energy into the body, it's just reading the field around the hand or we can use a patient's sample, hair or saliva, and put it in a glass on here, and we get the same reading as long as it has the DNA imprint of the person.

[00:03:27]Luke Storey:  Whoa. So, this is quantum glass.

[00:03:28]Har Hari:  Totally.

[00:03:28]Luke Storey:  Yeah. I don't want to mess with it. Can you hold it up and just show the people watching on video, so they have kind of an overview?

[00:03:39]Har Hari:  So, this, right here, is a Tesla coil that's embedded in the device, and that's what creates the scalar wave.

[00:03:47]Luke Storey:  And it's called a cyber scan. 

[00:03:48]Har Hari:  Cyber scan, yeah. 

[00:03:49]Luke Storey:  And what country is this one originating? 

[00:03:51]Har Hari:  From Germany.

[00:03:52]Luke Storey:  Germany. Okay.

[00:03:52]Har Hari:  And these guys, the Germans have been doing this for well over half a century as far as biofeedback that of all machines where they do skin-resistance testing for meridians, this is like the next generation of those type of machines.

[00:04:08]Luke Storey:  Oh, cool.

[00:04:09]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:04:09]Luke Storey:  Once I had the scan done, I was going to get a dental implant. And I probably should've just got another one because I was missing a tooth because I was a bad boy, and my teeth tend to fall out. And so, I don't want to get the titanium in my body because I don't want to be a magnet, et cetera, or disrupt the meridians. And so, I waited and waited until they had the zirconium ones.

[00:04:30] But still, when I got tested by a guy who did that kind of skin-conducted testing, and then I would hold the zirconia, which I don't think I'm pronouncing right, and I'd hold titanium and all these different things, and he would test for reactivity because it would've been cheaper to get the titanium. And he did find out a little bit of reactivity in that titanium just from holding it in a vial in my hand. It's really trippy. Really insane.

[00:04:56]Har Hari:  Yeah. So, this is like an advanced version of that.

[00:04:58]Luke Storey:  Got it.

[00:05:00]Har Hari:  So, the cool thing about this is I can test literally tens of thousands of items in like four minutes. We'll see like what the main issues are.

[00:05:05]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[00:05:06]Har Hari:  As far as like origin function, teeth, immune system, pathogens, and also, the psyche. So, we can actually look at your psyche and see where you've been traumatized or have phobias or psychosis, and some things like that.

[00:05:28]Luke Storey:  Damn.

[00:05:28]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:05:30]Luke Storey:  Alright. So, let's do the scan.

[00:05:32]Har Hari:  Okay. So, just put your hand back there on the plant.

[00:05:34]Luke Storey:  It doesn't matter which one?

[00:05:35]Har Hari:  No, it doesn't matter.

[00:05:37]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[00:05:37]Har Hari:  So, it takes 10 seconds. So, it's a two-part thing. So, the first is just the scans. We're getting your imprint, the morphogenetic field is being imprinted in the device. Takes like 10 seconds. Then, once that's recorded, we're going to run the database against your sample, and then we're going to have a huge list that we can go through and analyze.

[00:05:58]Luke Storey:  I hope I pass with flying colors. When I went to the Dr. Amen brain scan, I was telling him that I was sure we were going to walk in the room to do the interview where he went over the results, and I swear to God that I was going to be like, oh, my God, Luke, you're 49 years old, your brain looks incredible. I've never seen a healthier, more robust brain. So, all the stuff I've been doing and we sat down, he's like, yeah, Luke, you have a very, very tired brain, very slow brain. And he showed me where it was lacking blood flow and whatnot, and a protocol to fix it. But I was like, God damn it, I'm so committed to this life, and yet, still my brain is-

[00:06:36]Har Hari:  Was this after all the biohacking you've done and everything?

[00:06:40]Luke Storey:  Yes. However, it was also after three years of very intensive EMF exposure from a cell tower that was next to my bed. It was hidden behind a wall, and I didn't know it was there. And so, my vision went bad. I had developed tinnitus in my ears.

[00:06:58]Har Hari:  Was this from the place you were living out before? 

[00:07:00]Luke Storey:  It probably were slowed-yeah, it was over in Miracle Mile.

[00:07:03]Har Hari:  Okay.

[00:07:04]Luke Storey:  Yeah, I was there for three years and I'm super EMF-aware/paranoid and tried to be more wary at that point. I never would have lived there if I didn't know. People listening to the show are going to be sick of this story, but basically, I interviewed Jack Kruse. 

[00:07:19]Har Hari:  Yeah. I'm a big fan of him.

[00:07:19]Luke Storey:  You're a fan of this guy. And so, he said, "Luke, if you're going to live in a city in LA, it's starting 5G, my recommendation is you get the fuck out of there, like now, like get a U-Haul tomorrow and leave." That's hardcore he is against 5G, and just all the electro smog and air pollution, noise pollution, psychic pollution, et cetera. So, I said, "Well, listen, I can't do that right now. What can I do that's going to be the most powerful thing, whatever biohack." 

[00:07:43] And he said, "You've got to watch the sunrise every day and the sunset every day. That's it. You need that red light. You need the circadian rhythm, regulation, cortisol, dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin", a whole cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters, as I'm sure you're aware of, that come as a result of being in alignment with the solar system. And so, I had the sunrise as good because I have a vantage point in my place over here. 

[00:08:08] It's like on San Vicente and Olympic, and I can see the horizon perfectly, but sunset, I couldn't get because there is a three-story building in between me and it. So, one day, after the conversation with Jack, I scaled up the stairs and kind of snuck in this building and I go to open a door to the roof, and there's all these radiation warning signs, Verizon warning, skull and crossbones kind of stuff. And I was like, you have to be kidding me, dude. I open the door, and it was like the theme song from Psycho came up. 

[00:08:37] I was just like, oh, my God, you got to be kidding me. And they're pointed right at my bedroom. And about 100 yards from my bed. And the whole time living, I woke up with headaches, I was always tired, incredible brain fog and just general stupidity. And I'm not being self-deprecating, I just really cannot put a sentence together sometimes. And doing a podcast, it's challenging if that's the case. So, I never tested the EMFs in my room because I just figured, oh, they're probably bad and I use my scalar, my blue shield, and different things in the house and hard-wired-

[00:09:07]Har Hari:  And you had all that stuff?

[00:09:08]Luke Storey:  I had all that stuff, I'm like, eventually, I did, but hard-wire the internet, so I just did what I could. But I never had anyone coming in to meter because I didn't know there was a tower nearby to like see how bad it was. I just figured, what's bad? Because I'm in the city. And the minute I moved to Laurel Canyon, I was sentenced in a way, but I think there really was some repercussions of-

[00:09:28]Har Hari:  And that's what they saw in the brain?.

[00:09:29]Luke Storey:  Yeah, I'm just getting fried. And there was also like a limbic system, overactive limbic system that would be indicative of a childhood trauma and things like that. So, anyway, if I don't pass this shit, we're going to fake the results, be like, Luke, you're the last I've ever seen.

[00:09:44]Har Hari:  Okay. Well, we got the results. I'm going to pull it out right now and take a look. Let me see what's going on. So, this shows us kind of not just one thing, but it gives us a whole global picture of everything that's going on with you. So, that's what's always really exciting for me to go in here and see everything.

[00:10:01]Luke Storey:  Just don't tell me, Luke, you have to stop eating bacon and drinking coffee, and we'll be good.

[00:10:01]Har Hari:  Okay. So, here we go. So, let's see what's going on. So, generally, I'm going to start with there's a range of one to 12 that these items are listed at, and the things that are from one to three are your physical. That's what my primary focus like because that's what's going to be—you're going to be experiencing in your physical body. The other things that are higher number things, those are more in your field, in the energy field.

[00:10:40] And there are things that you probably have dealt with in the past, but not so much now because it's kind of moved out of your physical. So, first thing that's coming up is cardiovascular, and it's a myocarditis. So, myo is the muscle, cardio is the heart. So, there's some inflammation in the heart. Okay. It's at a two. So, two would mean like mild to moderate symptoms, maybe just occasionally experience something. 

[00:11:10]Luke Storey:  Got it.

[00:11:11]Har Hari:  But that, to me, would indicate a myocardial issue because your heart and your brain have the most mitochondria. And the it is, the inflammation, the first thing I think of is, okay, inflammation is like the thing that causes all kinds of problems, right? So, in that case, I would say, we are already doing ice baths. You've got that. But the breathing, I don't know how much breathing do you do a day. Do you do a lot of-

[00:11:47]Luke Storey:  If I'm honest, I do breath work every day. It goes in phases, honestly. Probably, if I'm realistic, I probably do a legit breath work session three to four times a week. I do-

[00:12:03]Har Hari:  For how long would you say? 

[00:12:06]Luke Storey:  Well, that's the thing. Right now, my practice is I find a sun gazing spot up on top of the canyon, Laurel Canyon, and I'll do my breath work out there, and I'll maybe do like five minutes.

[00:12:18]Har Hari:  Okay. I would probably five times that to help reduce them.

[00:12:24]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[00:12:24]Har Hari:  Five times it.

[00:12:25]Luke Storey:  Got it.

[00:12:26]Har Hari:  I'm doing this myself, I'm doing 4 minutes a day. 

[00:12:29]Luke Storey:  Straight? One time, one shot through.

[00:12:31]Har Hari:  Well, yeah, but I'll do it the Wim Hof's style, like breath retention. But long, deep breathing for 45 minutes every day.

[00:12:39]Luke Storey:  Got it.

[00:12:40]Har Hari:  Yeah, but I think that's the level of breath work that we all need to be doing, really, in these times, right?

[00:12:49]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[00:12:50]Har Hari:  So, it's interesting, your myocarditis reading comes up again, but a high number. So, what that's telling me is this has been an issue going back a long time and it's still a little bit of an issue. At least, it's not a one. A one would be an, okay, we need to go get a medical test. I don't think you're at that level, but it looks like it's been a long-time pattern of having inflammation in the heart. And that's also the heart chakra, too. So, that has to do with your self-love, your relationships, all that stuff, because actually, stress is a bigger form of inflammation than almost anything, right? So, anything that's causing you stress in your life, that's going to inflame your system.

[00:13:37]Luke Storey:  Would the results of this be affected in short-term, like, say, I was really stressed out driving over here because we're in quarantine, and I think I might get pulled over by the Illuminati and thrown in the can? Would that immediate stress have an influence on the test or does it really look at it a more broadly long time?

[00:13:55]Har Hari:  I think this is more broad. 

[00:13:58]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[00:13:58]Har Hari:  Like this is more of almost like under-the-surface exam. Sometimes, that will happen where you'll have like food poisoning and it shows up, okay, I just had food-poisoning last night. It's like in a one, right?

[00:14:11]Luke Storey:  Right.

[00:14:11]Har Hari:  But a two means it's probably been there for a little while. The fact that you had 11 and a two, that tells me it's been there a long time, like a long-time issue. Okay. So, the next thing that comes up is your thyroid. Okay. It's not saying you have any specific thing like hypothyroid or Hashimoto, it's just saying stromainthrotoropalusveraisolata, which is a long word.

[00:14:40] But basically, the energy with your thyroid is slightly low. Just a little bit, it's like at a two. So, again, thyroid is, if you're looking at it from the yogic perspective, it's your fifth chakra, speaking, expressing itself, which you are like a master at. So, that's interesting that that's coming up. But I immediately would think more iodine sources, seafood, things like that. Something like Jack Kruse talks about.

[00:15:09]Luke Storey:  Right.

[00:15:09]Har Hari:  If you're pretty right out of that.

[00:15:14]Luke Storey:  Yeah. And I do. I am pretty conscious about getting those clean low-in-the-food chain sources of seafood, but it's not that consistent, and the sea vegetables. I just discovered this. I interviewed this guy, Rob, Dr. Rob Cowan. And he's got this thing. I didn't even know it was the same guy. I have these powders on my website called Dr. Cowan's Powders. 

[00:15:35] And are these biodynamically-grown, dehydrated vegetable powders, and also, sea vegetable powders. So, they're really cool, and they actually make vegetables, taste good. But you get a concentrated extract essentially of the phytochemicals from the good plants, including ones from the sea. So, I got to order some of those. He's got dulse and kelp, and all kinds of stuff.

[00:15:57]Har Hari:  And again, you're not at one, but still, that's a little bit low. Okay. Then, also, your eyes. Again, it's a two. And I don't know what that even is saying. Sometimes, the words that this brings up is Latin, so it's hard to tell, but it's saying something penuvitis. So, something with the eye. I don't know if you have any eye issues.

[00:16:24]Luke Storey:  I do. That's consistent. Yeah. My vision is, at times, a little blurry, and funky, and that all started when I lived under a cell tower invasion.

[00:16:35]Har Hari:  Okay. So then, you have a one. Now, this would be a real physical thing, but it's the arm or shoulder insertion tendinitis.

[00:16:45]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[00:16:46]Har Hari:  Okay. So, that's a physical thing.

[00:16:48]Luke Storey:  Right elbow.

[00:16:49]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:16:49]Luke Storey:  Fairly long time, comes and goes depending on stem cells, peptides, PMF, et cetera. But nevertheless, all the way. And then, left shoulder, same thing.

[00:16:57]Har Hari:  Okay. Yeah. That's coming up at a one. So, that's literally your biggest reading right now is damaged-

[00:17:03]Luke Storey:  So, one is the highest.

[00:17:04]Har Hari:  Yeah, one is the highest. That means it's the most physical.

[00:17:06]Luke Storey:  Got it.

[00:17:07]Har Hari:  So, now, this is an interesting one, don't typically see this with men a lot, but it's showing up with you, and a two, is osteoporosis in your spinal column. It doesn't mean you have full-blown, but it means that your body is sucking calcium. It's pulling calcium from the bone, trying probably to counter the effects of inflammation, because whenever you have inflammation, your body's can pull calcium from the bone and neutralize it.

[00:17:37]Luke Storey:  That's interesting. I wonder if that has anything to do with EMF because of the opening of the cell and the calcium gate channel of the cell, where it allows calcium to flood the cell that normally wouldn't because of the electrical charges it interfered with.

[00:17:51]Har Hari:  Well, zapping your body's having to neutralize any of that acidity that's getting caused by that. Okay. So, you're in a two, which means, it's not like physical critical situation, but you want to turn the tide back. So, one of the things I found recently, and I'll give you information after we talk here, is something called SAC calcium. I don't know if you heard about it.

[00:18:18]Luke Storey:  No.

[00:18:18]Har Hari:  It's incredible. But it basically takes the calcium out of your tissue, puts it back in your bone.

[00:18:24]Luke Storey:  What?

[00:18:25]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:18:26]Luke Storey:  Because I feel like I have a lot of calcification, and fibrosis, and stuff in my body.

[00:18:31]Har Hari:  Yeah. The SAC calcium would help reverse that whole thing.

[00:18:35]Luke Storey:  Dude. Cool. What do you think about the systemic enzymes like serrapeptase and things that can supposedly-. 

[00:18:41]Har Hari:  Well, that would help the more of the symptom of the inflammation. But as far as reversing the issue with calcium, the SAC calcium is going to just reverse it.

[00:18:50]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[00:18:55]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:18:55]Luke Storey:  Cool. Yeah. And what about on that, the relationship as the EMFs, you have that effect on the cell and allow for that calcium influx, it disregulates the balance of magnesium and calcium even worse than it already is just from being a modern human. So, I would say I megadose magnesium, all different types all the time.

[00:19:13]Har Hari:  Yeah, that's essential. Totally essential.

[00:19:15]Luke Storey:  Got it. 

[00:19:16]Har Hari:  The next thing that's coming up low is your trachea. So, it's like tracheatis, like little inflammation in the trachea.

[00:19:27]Luke Storey:  You know why?

[00:19:28]Har Hari:  Why?

[00:19:31]Luke Storey:  About two months ago, someone hit me up on Instagram and said, "Hey, I have a CBD company and we make all these extracts and stuff", which everyone makes, so it's kind of like whatever. And they said, "We also have the CBD flower, a hemp flower that doesn't have any THC and even smoke, and we're seeing some of these products." And I thought, well, that's sort of risky because I used to be such a pothead and I do not want to ever be one again, just for personal reasons.

[00:19:53] The cascade, the gateway drug kind of fight for my sobriety, but I thought, what the hell, to send it over. And what we'll see is some of the '70s chronic nogs, just really beautiful cannabis. And so, I got some papers. I smoked a couple of those, and that was the end of it. I kind of forgot about it. And then, the other day, I was ordering some crap from kind of one of my dark websites, and they have pre-rolled CBD flower spliffs, and they were having a 45% off sales.

[00:20:19] So, I thought I should just get 15. This is a starter pack. And I've been smoking like one or two of those a day. Yeah. And it has irritated my throat. I do not recommend smoking any smoke at a regular basis. I don't think that's healthy, but I've been sort of just testing the effects of megadosing CBD, because when you smoke, you just get so much more of a relaxing effect that tinctures or anything. But it does have the irritation.

[00:20:44]Har Hari:  It's interesting because a little lower down in here, I'm seeing the cannabis is actually showing up here. 

[00:20:52]Luke Storey:  Are you serious? Whoa. 

[00:20:52]Har Hari:  Yeah. And it's actually in relation to fibromyalgia, which that's kind of weird. I don't know what the connection is, if it's aggravating it or is it helping it? See, that's where there's some room for interpretation, but it's interesting that it's showing up than without.

[00:21:12]Luke Storey:  Yes. Well, I do have a lot of systemic body pain. I have never been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I'm sure it's there. It's very mild as compared to the most people that-

[00:21:21]Har Hari:  Well, it is at a three, so you're going to barely notice it. It's just there occasionally or anything. 

[00:21:26]Luke Storey:  Yeah. 

[00:21:27]Har Hari:  Now, the another thing that's showing up interesting is something called Bartonella. Do you know what that is?

[00:21:34]Luke Storey:  Yeah, that's sort of one of those sort of spirit key to things related to lyme, isn't it?

[00:21:39]Har Hari:  Yeah. And this one is actually one that's related to cats.

[00:21:43]Luke Storey:  Oh, interesting.

[00:21:45]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:21:46]Luke Storey:  Because I've not had a cat in 20 years, but my girlfriend moved in about a month ago with a cat.

[00:21:52]Har Hari:  Okay. Well, there you go.

[00:21:53]Luke Storey:  Oh, shit. But how do you fix that without getting rid of the cat because she would never have that?

[00:21:57]Har Hari:  Well, okay. So, my theory on germs, this goes for all germs, and I'm sure you're familiar with this because this is what you do, but it's not about the pathogen, it's about your training. And so, everything you're doing is going to protect you from that. But this particular one is, it seems to be-

[00:22:16]Luke Storey:  You know what I can do? I could run an amp coil Bartonella program periodically.

[00:22:22]Har Hari:  Yeah. It's at a two, so it's not really bad, but it's definitely there.

[00:22:26]Luke Storey:  Yeah. If anyone listening to or watching this recording that has any information on how to mitigate the effects of having a cat in your indoor environment from a parasitic bacterial point of view, please write in the show or DM me on Instagram and stuff because I've heard people talk about that, I just ignored it because I didn't have a cat, but I've heard that there are like airborn, funky things happening when you have a cat in your environment.

[00:22:51]Har Hari:  My daughter, I just got off the phone with my daughter, and she has a cat, and she's been indoors with a cat for the whole time of this pandemic thing. Apparently, she has an allergy to the cat because her face is like swelling up. So, it's interesting because cat allergies are just, they're challenging. But the cards that we make, these cards right here that we make because we actually make a remedy based off this reading, this will neutralize all of that stuff.

[00:23:19]Luke Storey:  Oh, snap. I forgot this. This isn't just diagnostic.

[00:23:21]Har Hari:  This is actually a remedy. I'm going to make you one too, so you can wear it. Yeah. So now, the other thing, this is a high reading on you. You were mentioning this stuff with the brain, what it's saying here is multi-system atrophy, MSA-C alivoponto cerebral atrophy. That's a long word, but that's basically a form of Parkinson's, like early Parkinson's. It's an atypical Parkinson's syndrome. So, this is picking it up long before you have any symptoms, but it's definitely showing up that the brain is in depleted state, let's say. 

[00:24:06]Luke Storey:  Interesting.

[00:24:07]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:24:08]Luke Storey:  Yeah. That's interesting because for the past couple of years, periodically, I have used a nootropic, which it's not meant to be a nootropic, but it's called Depranil and it increases the production of dopamine, or opens the dopamine receptors, or something to that effect. And its actual case use is for Parkinson's, in huger doses, so you kind of microdose it and it keeps your dopamine levels high after 40, at least for males. But again, when there's something that your body is supposed to make, I don't take it all the time.

[00:24:37]Har Hari:  Yeah. You want to like shut down your own body's production. But that could be why that's showing up. It's possible. 

[00:24:43]Luke Storey:  Interesting.

[00:24:44]Har Hari:  Yeah. So, that's it on the low numbers. So, that's actually pretty good, like you don't have a lot. The only thing, I would say, just the big picture thing here is the thyroid and the heart. Your digestion, there was no low numbers. Pathogens, just a couple things. Well, there's one thing that's interesting I didn't mention here. It's called, it's a blockade. Okay. It's a chemical blockade, specifically, and it's saying gelsemium, G-E-L-S-E-M-I-U-M. No idea what that is. It's some kind of a chemical load that is causing—a chemical blockade is like blockage of flow of energy. So, I have no idea where that chemical came from. 

[00:25:35]Luke Storey:  Got it. But I'm going to get the remedy and I'm going to fix it.

[00:25:38]Har Hari:  Yeah, it'll neutralize that. That's not a big deal.

[00:25:41]Luke Storey:  So, you see, when you do a reading on someone, I mean, this obvious question, I guess, because you're still using this thing all these years later, but you do a reading on someone, you give them a remedy, which I'm sure we'lll explain in further detail, then they come back, are then they generally cleared of these things after a period of time?

[00:25:55]Har Hari:  Generally, what happens, most patients, what we do is we have them do a series of six remedies. So what happens is the things that are low right now, like your heart and your thyroid, we would see those numbers go higher, which means it's leaving your physical body. And the other numbers which represent deeper issues show up, and that's what we're going for. It usually takes about six remedies to get to the deepest part of the cell, and then clean that up energetically.

[00:26:27]Luke Storey:  And so, we're going for the low-hanging fruit first, kind of getting the debris out of the way, getting to the core system, and then addressing that.

[00:26:33]Har Hari:  Yeah, then we go deep, and then it's pretty amazing. When I first started doing this myself as a patient, my main complaint was I had a bad knee, and I had done a lot of therapies, I couldn't sit cross-legged, and I was like Yogi, I was like, oh, my God, this is like it was such a nagging issue. And I didn't really even think this was going to address it because it was such a physical thing. But on the third round, the knee issue came up. And literally, the next day when I started the remedy, the pain was gone. I never came back.

[00:27:06]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[00:27:07]Har Hari:  So, at that point, I was like, okay, I need to really, seriously get into this. And that's what we made the commitment.

[00:27:15]Luke Storey:  Alright. So, how does the remedy work?

[00:27:17]Har Hari:  So, the remedy is pretty much everything we just saw on that report and a lot more because I didn't go over the high numbers, but those things actually represent noise in your field too. So, all of that stuff gets neutralized. So, what happens is we take this card, which has a magnetic strip on it, just put it on the side of the machine, and basically, that machine takes all those frequencies and it imprints it in a frequency form out of the body that can recognize from the magnetic strip. So, you're wearing this 24/7 for two weeks and it's just working on it 24/7. 

[00:27:56]Luke Storey:  So, you put a little magnet or something?

[00:27:57]Har Hari:  Yeah, just wear it on string, where you could sleep with it. You don't take a shower with it. That's about it.

[00:28:02]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[00:28:04]Har Hari:  You don't want to go through an X-ray machine.

[00:28:06]Luke Storey:  Got it. Or sit in front of the bio charger.

[00:28:08]Har Hari:  Right. Yeah. So, we have people take it off for bio charger and pulse. Anything high-magnetic energy, you want to stay way from.

[00:28:15]Luke Storey:  Yeah, I have this amazing nervous system calming system called NuCalm and comes off a little disk with a quantum imprint of gava, and DNA, and these different things, and it opens up their receptors for gava. You have it in a similar kind of way, I'm assuming, and then you listen to these special tracks that are like these deeply embedded tracks like binarial beats on steroids. It's amazing.

[00:28:39] And it just knocks you into Theta like that fast and takes on a 20 to 50-minute journey, and I would do it. And a disc lasts about a month if you do it a few times a week, roughly. And so, I was doing and I was getting great effects. And then, after a while, it was like, I'm not getting the thing anymore. I put on a new disc, I'm like, it's not the disc. 

[00:28:58] And eventually, I interviewed the guy. And I said, "Yeah, man. So, every day, I sit down with my NuCalm and put the sticker on. I sit at the bio charger and do a set. He was like, dude, you're neutralizing the disc every time you do that. They're really expensive, though, and that's like, don't go near PEMF when you're dealing with something with subtle energy of electric current.

[00:29:16]Har Hari:  Exactly. Yeah. It's almost like diametrically opposed to the ways of thinking.

[00:29:21]Luke Storey:  So, these are the things I learned, sometimes, expensive lessons.

[00:29:25]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:29:25]Luke Storey:  Aright. So, that's pretty much it for the cyber scan?

[00:29:28]Har Hari:  Well, we want to do the psyche to because that will just take a second, buth the psyche will show us where your main stressors are, as far as your underlying phobias, anxieties, all of the different aspects of your psyche that some of these things are crazy-ass things. Some of them will just make total sense. So, we'll see in just a second with the AR. And then, that goes on the remedy, too. So, it's working on your psyche, as well as your physical.

[00:29:59]Luke Storey:  Awesome. I need all the help I could get.

[00:30:01]Har Hari:  Okay. So, let's see what we got. Again, I'm just going to look at the low numbers. First thing is somatogenic organic depression. Okay. So, somato is your body, genetic is your genes. Organic, yeah, I guess that's just your body. So, it's something with the bodies. On some level, there's some kind of disconnect that's causing depression, leading the depression. Okay. Serious endangerment from supposedly protected person.

[00:30:46]Luke Storey:  Like that would have been something in the past?

[00:30:48]Har Hari:  Yeah, embedded. This is like an embedded thing.

[00:30:51]Luke Storey:  Yeah, that would definitely be embedded in multiple occasions.

[00:30:55]Har Hari:  Yeah. Rapid heartbeat. Okay. So, that is, the heart is showing up in your psyche, so we were seeing inflammation, and that's a panic response. So, that's what that is, that inflammation is like a form of panic actually. Okay. So then, we've got obey, and we'll mark on e shoulder afterwards. Okay. So, obey is a positive emotion. Sometimes, it'll show positive things, right? So, you're a natural obeyer.

[00:31:28]Luke Storey:  Yeah, I follow the universal laws. 

[00:31:32]Har Hari:  And loyalty.

[00:31:32]Luke Storey:  Yes. 

[00:31:34]Har Hari:  Good one. So, you got two positives. That's great.

[00:31:36]Luke Storey:  Right. I love that. That's interesting, actually, because, of course, I have many faults like every other person, but loyalty is one of my most prized principles and character traits in myself primarily, and then of course, what I seek and understand.

[00:31:51]Har Hari:  Yeah, that's awesome. Okay. The next one, though, is okay. So, listlessness and lack of energy. So, that's related to fear. Okay. So, that's a fear thing. Intolerance. That's a negative emotion. Insomnia. Okay. Let's see what that's related to. That's related to emotions. Okay. Hysteria. That is a neurosis. Okay. So, let's what else we got here. Hypersensitivity, and that is negative emotion. And gestures and facial expressions. Wow, that's interesting. That's behavioral, it's a behavioral thing. Genius. There we go. We always knew you were a genius. That is actually a positive emotion.

[00:32:49]Luke Storey:  My favorite result so far.

[00:32:50]Har Hari:  Yes. Not too many of those. Okay. Feeling of being powerless. Okay. So, that's another. So, that's panic. So, I would say panic is a theme here a little bit. So, it's probably a good for you to put yourself in situations that create panic to face it. 

[00:33:14]Luke Storey:  Those are therapies. Yeah.

[00:33:15]Har Hari:  You have to face it.

[00:33:16]Luke Storey:  Public speaking is kind of bad for me.

[00:33:18]Har Hari:  Yeah. Fear of noise and sounds. Interesting.

[00:33:21]Luke Storey:  That's true. I find that noise pollution and loud noises to be really jarring, where people don't even notice it. Like case in point, where I live is Laurel Canyon, there's that much traffic, but I hear the cars that go by out front of my house, like they're in my room. And last night, I've tried to put the fan on for white noise. My girlfriend was like, oh, that noise keeps me awake, find a solution. I said, well, I mean, don't these cars wake you up all night? She's like, what, I've never heard a car once go by her house ever, like I don't even know we were on a street. That's how quiet it is. So, yeah.

[00:33:57]Har Hari:  Yeah. So, that's coming up as the phobia.

[00:34:00]Luke Storey:  Yes, I would agree with that.

[00:34:02]Har Hari:  Fear of narrow or enclosed spaces. That's claustrophobia.

[00:34:08]Luke Storey:  Wow. Not really good for float tanks and hyperbaric chambers, so like I'm working through that one.

[00:34:14]Har Hari:  Fear of having worms.

[00:34:17]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[00:34:19]Har Hari:  That's a good one. Fear of spiders. Whoa. I was in my kitchen today and I saw a spider, I'm not kidding, this big. It was like, oh, my God, like crawling up the wall and like damn. That is the big ass spider. I thought about killing it, but then, I'm like, no, let it be.

[00:34:40]Luke Storey:  Yeah. It's probably done a good work in there.

[00:34:42]Har Hari:  Okay. So, what else we got going on here? Okay. Collapse of the normal regulatory loop of the stress axis caused by an external event or extreme event. Okay. That's interesting. That is a trauma. That's basically trauma, stress traumatization.

[00:35:04]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[00:35:05]Har Hari:  Okay. Cjun, C-J-U-N. What is that? Stress gene, immediate relieve genes. It's a stress and trauma one. Okay. Agitated depression. Okay. There's another depression one. Okay. So, that's a pretty interesting—I mean, you got like a nice balance between positive and negative, I would say, fears and phobias. So, the card is going to neutralize all, which is awesome.

[00:35:36]Luke Storey:  Excellent.

[00:35:37]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:35:37]Luke Storey:  When I see you, you always seem pretty damn happy. So, whatever you're doing, I want some of. Bartender, I'll have whatever he is on.

[00:35:47]Har Hari:  Okay. So, now, the last thing we'll do is we'll do the male because male, female. So, we're just going to do the male thing and see what's going on. Prostate, bladder. And this is also looking at any fungal kind of things that are happening. Okay. Let's see. Looks pretty good. Not much. Nothing really shown up there.

[00:36:17]Luke Storey:  Cool. Thank you ozone machine.

[00:36:18]Har Hari:  You're doing a rectal ozone?

[00:36:21]Luke Storey:  Yeah, quite a lot now, especially with those drama going around.

[00:36:25]Har Hari:  Okay. Yeah. Okay. So, I'm going to also drop in essences, remedy for stress management, detox and drainage. I don't really go over those, I just put them in remedy. But the flower essence is basically to help more with the emotional body. And then, we put in chem trail protection, electro smog, geopathic stress. So, all of those things go on the card, so not only is it working out all your physical things, but it's protecting you from the EMF stuff. 

[00:36:58]Luke Storey:  Awesome.

[00:36:59]Har Hari:  Yeah. Okay. This is one thing that I think, it's interesting with the cyber scan, it seems to me this would be like the biohackers dream because it's going so deep into the person's psyche as well as their physical stuff. So, if you're doing a lot of biohacking, this is definitely a must because you can get a lot with biohacking, but then, you have to deal with the subtle. This is like more of the subtle stuff. Okay. Now, we're going to actually make the remedy for you. Now, one of the thing we do is we actually generate a list of affirmations that are based on your morphogenetic field. So, like these are like gold basically, because it'll too right into exactly what your psyche needs right now.

[00:37:59]Luke Storey:  Awesome.

[00:38:00]Har Hari:  Yeah. So, we're going to generate those. Okay. So, we're going to make the card now.

[00:38:29]Luke Storey:  Alright. So, what he's doing now is, listeners, programming or getting ready to unpack a card, and then putting their remedy program on the card.

[00:38:38]Har Hari:  Yeah. And these are one-pack uses. So, basically, it's good for two weeks, and then we have to make a brand new one.

[00:38:46]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[00:38:48]Har Hari:  We don't reprogram this. It is basically-

[00:38:48]Luke Storey:  Alright. I'll put it on the calendar.

[00:38:51]Har Hari:  Yeah. Okay. So, we are going to print the affirmations with the card. Sweet. Yeah.

[00:39:02]Luke Storey:  Alright. And with that, I just wear that thing 24/7, with the exception of magnetic fields, and getting sweat, and come back in two weeks for the next.

[00:39:12]Har Hari:  Next one, then we'll see.

[00:39:14]Luke Storey:  Cool. Sweet. Alright. So, that wraps up the cyber scan portion, and we'll go ahead and move on to the next thing in a moment..

[00:39:21]Har Hari:  Okay.

[00:39:24]Luke Storey:  Those of you watching on Instagram and Facebook here, we're continuing on with Dr. Har Hari and our friend, Troy Casey, The Certified Health Nut, who is the patient zero today. So, go ahead and break down what this laser is called for us, Har Hari, and what it does.

[00:39:39]Har Hari:  This is the epoch laser. It's a class four 980-nanometer laser. And this is something I recently was introduced to about two months ago actually, as a patient myself, I broke my foot. And I had the operator treat my foot. And literally the rest of the day, I was in a booth at that point, it was like I didn't have a broken foot. It was incredible, how effective this laser was for the pain. And so, since then, I've acquired it, which I'm really pleased that we already have some amazing results with laser. I had a lady here yesterday who had acute leg and hip pain, where she couldn't even almost drive her car, was in so much pain. One treatment and its gone.

[00:40:26]Luke Storey:  Wow. I want to be seeing you with that vendor.

[00:40:28]Har Hari:  Yeah. But more than that, though, it's also reversing chronic stuff like we went through a whole educational thing with the inventor, where people with like serious and degenerative disks, sciatic were completely reversed on MRI.

[00:40:45]Luke Storey:  Damn.

[00:40:45]Har Hari:  Yeah. And also, people with COPD, which is lung-breathing issues. One guy, he was telling us, he could barely walk across the room, and they lasered his lungs, and he could play nine Wim Hof.

[00:41:00]Luke Storey:  Damn.

[00:41:00]Har Hari:  So, this is a regeneration technology. It's not just for getting out pain. It actually helps regenerate and stimulates stem cells and ATP production deep within the cell.

[00:41:11]Troy Casey:  It's an energy-frequency medicine or? 

[00:41:14]Har Hari:  It's using high-intensity light, 980 nanometers, the deepest-penetrating light that you can do best based on the research, gets in about that deep into the tissue. So, we're getting cells that deep and activating ATP into those lines.

[00:41:30]Luke Storey:  For those listening, he's signaling about three inches deep.

[00:41:33]Har Hari:  Yeah. It's about three inches deep.

[00:41:34]Troy Casey:  So, it's going to improve mitochondrial function. Is that correct?

[00:41:38]Har Hari:  Totally. Yes. And regenerate cells, to get the cell regeneration. 

[00:41:42]Troy Casey:  Great, because I came here prepared to do paida today, which he slaps the shit out of me, and I'm prepared to do that, but if this works-

[00:41:51]Har Hari:  Yeah, we can do that after, but you'll be amazed just from doing one such session of this.

[00:41:56]Luke Storey:  So, Troy, tell us what you got going on in your back, in your shoulder that you want to have to work on it now?

[00:42:01]Troy Casey:  So, a-month-and-a-half ago, I was getting some really good workouts in. I did my whole Ripped at 50 book launch and I was feeling really good, muscular-wise, I was thinking I was going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger here in my 50s. And I was doing more shoulder presses and I was just doing heavier and heavier weight. I was getting some really good pumps, not only out of my tricep, and then it totally froze up on me.

[00:42:28] And I've got referral pain that goes in and all around my shoulder, refers up into my neck, and then it goes down and it wraps around my quadratus lumborum down here underneath my ribs. And so, I've had my Chinese medicine guy, I've done wet cupping, bloodletting, and I've done quite a few things, and it hasn't really solve the problem. And my shoulders just feel tweaked and it feels really weird, too. I don't know if it's—I had the black mold exposure, and I had some weird autoimmune stuff, and I had joint pain that would go from joint-to-joint, like really weird side-. 

[00:43:08]Luke Storey:  I have that shit, that migraine and joint pain.

[00:43:10]Troy Casey:  Yeah. I think it might be exacerbated because I referred to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, and he's saying that all the 5G is starting to kick in and the ambient Wi-Fi, and the cell phone tower radiation. And I think it might be that because I also talked to my friend Simon Rex, and he explained, just lifting his covers off of his bed, he was getting shoulder pain. And so, I'm hearing it from other people as well. And I'm thinking, I live in extremely healthy lifestyle, and I don't like having my shoulders just out. I lower my stress levels. I get good sleep. I have good nutrition, good hydration. And so, what else could it be? So, I'm interested in having the doctor see if he can alleviate it.

[00:43:59]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:43:59]Luke Storey:  Alright. Let's give it a shot here.

[00:44:01]Har Hari:  Okay.

[00:44:01]Luke Storey:  So, for those of you listening or privy to the video, we've got a unit like this compound as big as a shoe box or so with the wire coming off it. And then, there's a diode, which is quite larger than the lasers I've seen, like the ones I used at home, the Powermedic Lasers that are battery-operated. And then, it's got a little flip switch. Har, what does the flip switch do?

[00:44:24]Har Hari:  This is by log. With this type of laser, you have to activate with your foot because it's a safety precaution.

[00:44:30]Luke Storey:  Oh, coo. And also, for those watching, we're wearing something they call laser eye protection, which is necessary too. 

[00:44:40]Har Hari:  The thing about this laser, to differentiate it from, say, K or any other high-powered laser out there, is the scientist who work on this, he worked on the physics of the light so that the power density where the light is actually hitting the skin is completely even. So, if you look at it like a density pattern of most other lasers, there'll be spikes and holes in the density. So, the therapy isn't as deep as it could be. And so, the cord or the Telstra cord that has the fiber optics in it, these are made in Germany because of the specifications of this laser. It's super precise to get that even power density going in.

[00:45:29]Luke Storey:  I mean, it looks powerful as hell, that red light coming off.

[00:45:32]Har Hari:  Well, the red light is actually just the pointer.

[00:45:34]Luke Storey:  Oh, really?

[00:45:35]Har Hari:  So, the light itself, you can't see because-

[00:45:39]Luke Storey:  Oh, because it's-

[00:45:40]Har Hari:  980 nanometer, it's in the infrared range, but you can feel it. You feel some heat.

[00:45:44]Troy Casey:  I can feel it.

[00:45:44]Har Hari:  Yeah, there's some heat coming through there. 

[00:45:46]Luke Storey:  So, Troy, what are you feeling on your shoulder as he migrates around there with that damn thing?

[00:45:52]Troy Casey:  Well, it feels like it's heating up a little bit inside there, but it also feels like solar energies as well. And so, I'm very sensitive to all energy and I can feel it penetrate pretty deeply. Right. It really feels amazing.

[00:46:07]Luke Storey:  Cool, man. Alright. Onto the next thing, Har Hari, and now, we've got an addition, our friend, Troy Casey, here, The Certified Health Nut. So, we did the laser on Troy and we've done the cyber scans. So, now, we're going to move on to this thing here. It sounds really fascinating. So, tell us what this thing is about. 

[00:46:30]Har Hari:  This thing is called a Healy, and it's from Germany. It's another biofeedback device from Germany. They call it quantum sensing, actually. So, the thing that this thing does is it delivers up to 250,000 frequencies through different protocols, through either wrist bands or remotely to change your frequency, actually raise your frequency. So, that's what it's all about right now, is we need to raise your frequency. 

[00:47:00]Troy Casey:  Raise the vibrations.

[00:47:01]Har Hari:  Right. So, I'm using this daily and it's my-

[00:47:05]Luke Storey:  Like I said before, you're one of the happiest guys I have. So, when you're on the show, I'm like, give me that, whatever-

[00:47:12]Troy Casey:  Well, he started with the breath work 40 years ago with Yogi Bhajan.

[00:47:17]Luke Storey:  Right. Yeah.

[00:47:19]Troy Casey:  Breath work works, guys.

[00:47:20]Har Hari:  Yeah, big proponent. 

[00:47:23]Luke Storey:  But certainly, yoga definitely changed your attitude, I think.

[00:47:26]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[00:47:27]Luke Storey:  Okay. So, I'm going to hold up this device here in the camera for our future video onlookers. So, oops, it's upside down.

[00:47:35]Troy Casey:  This is the cyber scan?

[00:47:37]Har Hari:  That's for the Healy.

[00:47:39]Troy Casey:  Oh, this is new?

[00:47:40]Har Hari:  Yes, this is new.

[00:47:40]Luke Storey:  It looks like it has a little belt clip. So, once you program and get it going, you just could wear it.

[00:47:44]Har Hari:  You could just wear it, yeah.

[00:47:45]Luke Storey:  Alright. Carry on with the explanation.

[00:47:48]Har Hari:  So, basically, there are two programs. One is a resonance program that scans you, and then it will tell you what you need and can be anything from my homeopathic, a flower essence, or any of the frequency programs that a Healy delivers because there's 120 different programs. So, it will tell you which one you need. So, with you, we can start with homeopathics, and then send you, remotely, the homeopathic that you need. So, let's say you had like a flu, or a cold, or even COVID virus, let's say, we can scan you find the homeopathic that treats you specifically, and then it sends you the frequency remotely. So, that's a really cool thing with this device. So, what we'll do, we do it through the cell-

[00:48:34]Troy Casey:  This is all cutting edge or?

[00:48:38]Har Hari:  Yeah, it's totally cutting edge. Yeah. 

[00:48:38]Troy Casey:  And is it an expansion of Rife technology and Viktor Schauberger? 

[00:48:43]Har Hari:  Yeah. I mean, it's like Rife technology on steroids because it's got all those frequencies, but it's actually testing the body to see which ones it needs in real time. So, we'll start with resonance—actually, we'll do Troy because I'm sitting next to you and I got your name in there. So, we can do flower essences with Troy. So, we'll do a back flower. So, basically, you're going to just stick your thumb. Should we show them what it looks like? 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Show them that app? Yeah.

[00:49:14]Har Hari:  So, this is the app before, and then we're going to start the analysis. So, he's going to stick his thumb right on the screen. Just stick your thumb right there. Keep it there until the scan is over. 

[00:49:29]Luke Storey:  So, guys, we're watching the app now read Troy's thumb print, and it's creating a waveform that's picking up the subtle frequencies, I'm assuming, and the micro current of his scan.

[00:49:41]Har Hari:  And also, has his info in there too. 

[00:49:48]Luke Storey:  Right. So, it's place, and date of birth, and whatnot.

[00:49:51]Har Hari:  And he held the unit before we do this, and then recorded his vibrations. 

[00:49:59]Troy Casey:  So, it's recording my bio field?

[00:50:02]Har Hari:  Yeah, exactly. It's reading your energy right now. And boom. Okay. Take your thumb up, and then we're going to have a printout here. So, I can show you. So, it has a printout and you can see, we'll go over what those things are. But okay. So, you could go down your health food store and just get these or we can set it, too, to remotely. So, the first one that came up, and it tells you the percentage, so 67% is like high priority, all of. 

[00:50:35] Okay. And it's the burden of extreme exhaustion of body, mind, and soul is balanced. One's own regeneration, recovery, and revitalization are strengthened. Essential oil: rosemary. Gemstone: amber. Orchid, mono-chest orchids. So, that's what it's recommending. And I'll say, I can send you a PDF of this. Okay. Mustered the burden of sadness and melancholy is balanced. The joy of life and cheerfulness are strengthened even on difficult days. 

[00:51:13] And thereby, the potential is supported. Essential oil: must cow. Gemstone: honey calcite. Orchid: Galactica. Okay. Star of Bethlehem provides relief after mental stress and shock. Gives comfort, heather. The burden of escape into a toddler's role when one puts oneself and his problems in the center, it makes one's self exaggeratedly dependent on others is balanced. Understanding and empathy are strengthened. And thereby. Essential oil: Clementine. Gemstone: malachite. And orchid: philanthias.

[00:52:02]Troy Casey:  So, it sounds like it's going into my core wound.

[00:52:05]Har Hari:  Yeah. Yeah. This is going to heal that. And we're going to program to do that right now. Burden of self-reproach. Okay. So, the next one is pine. Okay. And these are all things you can actually make a remedy yourself, make your own remedy, take it orally, and/or use the program. The burden of self-reproaches and feelings of guilt. One asks for maximum achievements, which one cannot fulfill is compensated.

[00:52:31] The recognition and acceptance of one's own limitations and mistakes, combined with self-love and tolerance with one's own weaknesses is strengthened . Essential oil is rosewood. Gem is lapis. And orchid is lapanuka. Okay. So, now, we can go to actions. So, we can either send you the PDF, which I'll do later, and vibrate, which is sending you the remedy. So, we'll just send you the remedy right now for like a minute. It's actually sending that frequency right now.

[00:53:06]Luke Storey:  And so, what I find interesting about this is that this stuff all comes from—much of it comes from Germany, which is the most like left brain, analytical, mathematics.

[00:53:18]Troy Casey:  Technology.

[00:53:19]Luke Storey:  Critical mind. And this shit sounds like it comes from like Atlantis or in an underground cave, underground shastra from [indiscernible] or whatever.

[00:53:30]Har Hari:  Well, okay, so the guy behind this technology—

[00:53:32]Luke Storey:  You know what I mean? It's like you would not think woo-woo shits coming out of Germany.

[00:53:35]Har Hari:  Well, I think the reason why this is the way it is the guy behind this, his name is Marcus Schmieke. He's a monk. He lived 40 years in India as a monk. And he developed all these programs to work on raising people's vibration. So, these programs were based on his life as a monk.

[00:54:02]Luke Storey:  Interesting.

[00:54:03]Har Hari:  Yeah, very interesting background behind this technology.

[00:54:06]Luke Storey:  I just always found that so fascinating. And a lot of the cutting-edge technology comes out of Russia, too, which is not a touchy, feely, woo-woo, unicorns, and rainbows, like let's feel energy kind of place, as I imagine it to be, although it's not yet in a-

[00:54:20]Troy Casey:  But governments in other facets of our society, they sent a faction of investigators over to the Far East in the 1800s in the book, The Teachings of the Masters in the Far East. They sent over these scientific operatives to discover these masters that were said to stop their heart, be in two places at one time, et cetera. And I think something like 10 out of 12 operatives that went to go see these guys stayed there studying with the masters.

[00:54:59] So, this type of information has been out for a long time. The CIA, there's a movie called Men Who Stare at Goats about these capabilities. And so, the research of the paranormal, and time travel, Operation Bluebird, the Philadelphia experiment, they've been working with energies and physics of matter for a very long time. They've been working to discover information about the psychic abilities. So, this isn't really new. It's just not at the forefront.

[00:55:29]Luke Storey:  I feel like the military is in remote viewing and all that kind of stuff. 

[00:55:32]Troy Casey:  Right.

[00:55:32]Luke Storey:  Yeah. That's a good observation because I have a hard time finding that connection, because I think what it is, is that it's not that these cultures that are so scientific and grounded in reality, we're led to believe that there's two different worlds, that there's science and spirit, and that they don't mix, and one negates the other. Whereas, the knowers at the top of the pyramid, I guess you could say, understand that it's all one thing, that within science, there is spirit. And so, mysticism is quite scientific.

[00:56:03]Troy Casey:  Well, and science is the methodology of observation. And if you've studied science over the years, things evolve. I think I heard a quote one time, I think two-thirds of all Nobel Prizes in science get overturned within 10 years, something like that. And it makes sense because we've discovered the electron microscope. We've developed the Hubble telescope, so we can see things differently.

[00:56:31] And then, you back this up with my meditation teacher, talked about the Buddha who discovered that trillions of cells are oscillating at such a high rate, and then the scientists in Berkeley in the '60s or '70s discovered that it's like one with 23 zeros behind it, our cells are oscillating. And so, I think science is only catching up to what the spiritual masters had figured out a long time ago.

[00:56:59]Har Hari:  Okay. So, how do you feel? We just did this boom treatment. Do you feel something?

[00:57:04]Troy Casey:  I feel great.

[00:57:06]Har Hari:  Awesome.

[00:57:06]Luke Storey:  He just remarkably articulated all of a sudden. Yeah. He's all of a sudden-

[00:57:11]Har Hari:  Well, you're next, so we're going just look at you-

[00:57:14]Troy Casey:  The funny thing is that talked all about my childhood wound. And I realized that over the years, I used to be a very angry person and very reactive. And I always thought I have the happy go lucky in me, but it just didn't come out as much. And I used to drink a lot and have my worries go away with alcohol and all that stuff. And a lot of my yoga principles and Taoist principles that I've adopted into my life, and it has helped me manage my energy over the years to where I've had mastery over my own psychology and my own biology. 

[00:57:51] But when I'm reading that, it said something about misery or something about pain. But I ride my bicycle and film it on Instagram all the time, and it's like, I'm going to fake it until I make it. And it's like, whether I inspire other people or inspire myself, I'd rather be riding my bicycle, and smiling, and seeing a wonderful day in the neighborhood than really just going into my subconscious and unconscious, and go, oh, the world is a scary place, and I'm such a wounded victim, and the world will never be better. And so, it's funny that it unpacked that and reflect it back to me that I am faking it until I make it or what I'm doing on social media where I found-

[00:58:36]Har Hari:  It just feel like it's getting, like you said, the core. And we all have that. So, it's just like working on the energetics of it a little bit to tweak it. So, it just makes everything easier. 

[00:58:50]Troy Casey:  Well, and what I'm doing on the Instagram right now is the smile challenge. Just try it. Try this for 10 seconds and see what happens.

[00:58:59]Luke Storey:  Dude, that's actually a really profound practice. I don't remember where I picked this up. I think it was someone like a body language coach or something like that where you can use your physiology to change your emotions. And of course, likewise, your physiology is just an expression of your emotions. But it goes both ways. And so, I started doing this thing where I gotten my way on a date, or a scary business meeting, or something. 

[00:59:22] And I rolled the windows in my car and it's been like, I don't want to do it too loud on the mic, but I just start laughing my ass off like fake laughing, for like a good 1 minutes, just going crazy, smiling, laughing, like I was just completely ecstatic, even though inside, what I was feeling subjectively was anxiety. And I still do this from time to time. It's just laughs like a maniac to get myself in a different state.

[00:59:45]Troy Casey:  Well, lots of research on this. And Tony Robbins is big on this. I think raising your hands over your head for like two minutes makes you complete victor, if you're walking into a business meeting, or something, or audition. I used to be an actor, and I used to get so nervous about that, just lifting your hands because that's the victor, right? Yeah, yeah. Just that type of energy for a couple of minutes will change your whole biochemistry and your physiology.

[01:00:11]Luke Storey:  You're right. There's probably a lot of elevator footage of me going into various businesses in Hollywood over the years and doing that kind of ego-plus and lion's breath, talking up shit in the elevator that people walk in, I'm like, hey, how are you? I wasn't just doing that. Okay.

[01:00:24]Har Hari:  Getting ready to scan here.

[01:00:25]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[01:00:25]Har Hari:  Okay. Just stick your thumb on here.

[01:00:27]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[01:00:27]Har Hari:  So, we're doing both-

[01:00:28]Luke Storey:  Last time I did this, I ended up in handcuffs. Okay.

[01:00:33]Har Hari:  So, we're doing homeopathic stance. This will be a little different. It's like-. 

[01:00:37]Luke Storey:  Octavia Medica.

[01:00:39]Har Hari:  Yeah. 

[01:00:39]Troy Casey:  So, it's doing a whole wave of your biochemistry or energetics?

[01:00:45]Har Hari:  More of a genetic field.

[01:00:46]Troy Casey:  Oh, there you go.

[01:00:48]Har Hari:  Yeah, just measuring the field.

[01:00:50]Luke Storey:  Yeah. Remember, Troy, when we did the other guy over there with the cyber scan, flying colors, I would say, I would describe my results, not too jarring. Yeah. Doing pretty well on that thing. Try this, want to hook them up?

[01:01:04]Troy Casey:  So, these things, why don't you explain these? Because I don't usually wear glasses unless I'm inside. Thse are Tesla technology?

[01:01:11]Har Hari:  They're called Tesla hyperlight glasses and they see have C60 embedded in lens, the carbon C60 buckyball.

[01:01:20]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[01:01:21]Har Hari:  And basically, what it does, when the light goes through those buckyballs, it creates a tornado field which heals the eye, any condition of the eye and imbalances, and harmonizes all the neurons in the brain. So, it's good for focus, mood, sleep, anxiety, anything that's mental-related, it helps balance it out.

[01:01:46]Troy Casey:  It seems to be great.

[01:01:47]Luke Storey:  Okay. I'm sold.

[01:01:49]Har Hari:  And they're blue blockers too.

[01:01:50]Luke Storey:  Yeah, that's the thing. At first, I just thought, he's got really great frames with some blue blockers, but can I try these?

[01:01:54]Troy Casey:  Yeah, sure.

[01:01:55]Luke Storey:  But then, you guys said, no, it's even deeper, Luke. Oh God. It's such a relief from that studio-like—you got to have these things, or otherwise, your videos look like shit. These lower fluorescent, and because they're made for video, they don't flicker. So, at least you got that. They're really gnarly blue, but they don't flicker, which is one good thing I look for. But this feels really good.

[01:02:14]Troy Casey:  And they look good, too. I like the design.

[01:02:16]Luke Storey:  You know what's trippy with these, actually, is I'm a bit—I forget, it is near or farsighted, but when I try to read that, it's all blurry and I can't see that it makes me able to read it like my glasses., but it does produce a bit more clarity.

[01:02:30]Troy Casey:  Coherence.

[01:02:31]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:02:31]Luke Storey:  Yeah. Interesting.

[01:02:33]Har Hari:  Okay. So, you want to see. We got your results. So, first thing is nux vomica, which is a real common homeopathic. And it's for hangovers, indigestion, irritability, constipation, vomiting, and colds. That's the physical level. But then, on the emotional level, it's cold. They're free-flowing indoors and stuff of outdoors. Oh, work hard, play hard type.

[01:03:01] Also, the nervy, very irritable patient who does not tolerate fools gladly. A strong constitution. They work hard to get things right. And this can be obsessive, involving very long hours, followed by disruptive sleep from worrying about work still to be done. These patients are upset by the slightest thing. They can be upset by noise, drafts, light, all those things we've talked about earlier because that's interesting. 

[01:03:31]Luke Storey:  Yeah, there's a correlation there.

[01:03:32]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:03:33]Luke Storey:  It's interesting.

[01:03:34]Har Hari:  So, anyway, it keeps going on and on. So, that's the first one. Then, staphysagria. That's for resentment and feeling physically or emotionally cut up.

[01:03:48]Luke Storey:  Interesting. Okay.

[01:03:51]Har Hari:  Lacerated wounds. Suppression of emotions, particularly relationships, suppressed indignation, very excitable and easily aroused. Problems arising from having no normal outlet for expressing emotion. So, that's your fifth chakra, in the thyroid. That's interesting. Little deeper insight into that. Gelsemium, that is influenza anticipatory anxiety and agoraphobia. These are just the classic things for that, homeopathic. And it says, presents the classic flu picture. So, that's like, it doesn't mean you have it, but that's in the field right now, right?

[01:04:36]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[01:04:36]Har Hari:  So, this is working up the field. The eyes are heavy and droopy. The patient is cold and complaints of chills. The head is aching. So, those are just physical symptoms. But it also is related to emotional challenge, public performance, legs and throat. Throat came up. That's a throat one. Calomel. That's the next one. That is related to TV and infants, fractious child, anger associated with pain. So, calomel relieves conditions characterized by heat, irritability, thirst, and pain. Okay.

[01:05:20]Luke Storey:  And so then, the device is going—

[01:05:23]Har Hari:  So now, I can either send you a PDF where you can go out and actually get these homeopathics and take them or we'll vibrate. That's what we'll do now. We're actually sending the frequency. So, you're getting all of those homeopathics energetically right now.

[01:05:40]Luke Storey:  And how long does that last? That transmission?

[01:05:43]Har Hari:  Oh, we can set the time for however long you want. Like generally, if it's just like a chronic condition, you do it like three times a day, four to five minutes. But if it's an acute thing, and you're like laid up in bed with the flu, you could run it eight hours. Just run it constantly for the patient. 

[01:06:01]Luke Storey:  Cool.

[01:06:01]Har Hari:  Yeah. So, it's raining right now. So, we'll just let it run for a minute, just to get a little dose.

[01:06:06]Luke Storey:  Cool. Awesome, man.

[01:06:07]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:06:08]Luke Storey:  I wish I had these things every podcast or record, if I could just dd some kind of frequencies happening.

[01:06:13]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:06:14]Luke Storey:  Because I do sometimes of various types of that. That's very cool. Tell us the name of this one once again before we-

[01:06:19]Har Hari:  This one is called the Healy Resonance.

[01:06:22]Luke Storey:  Healy Resonance.

[01:06:22]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:06:23]Luke Storey:  Made in Germany. And those from, what you said, around 600 bucks?

[01:06:25]Har Hari:  Well, it's 600 just for the basic unit, when you get this unit. And then, also, you can run it from these wristbands too. So, I'll show you that part now.

[01:06:37]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[01:06:38]Har Hari:  So, basically, you hook this thing up with these electrodes inside of it, and then we can run—basically, we put these wristbands on you. Go ahead. Why don't you put those on? And then, we'll open a bit so you can get a sense of what it is. Okay. Let's see. I think they're really good for you. So, you have to go like this.

[01:07:01]Luke Storey:  Oh, right.

[01:07:02]Har Hari:  Yeah. This has been used by many patients, so they're kind of tattered.

[01:07:09]Luke Storey:  So, they're conductive like a ground extractor, right?

[01:07:12]Har Hari:  Exactly. You'll feel it actually. It's a micro-current. So, this part of the Healy is actually physical. So, what we're doing right now, the resonance is more subtle energy, but this one is going to be actual like frequency that you're going to feel going through your wrist. 

[01:07:31]Luke Storey:  Oh, like the, what's that thing? The SOTA pulser.

[01:07:35]Har Hari:  Yes, like that.

[01:07:36]Luke Storey:  S-O-T-A, SOTA pulser. Yeah, interesting.

[01:07:39]Har Hari:  So, this is like that, except it's actually giving you frequencies that it's actually sensing.

[01:07:48]Luke Storey:  Right.

[01:07:49]Har Hari:  So, there's a quantum sensing aspect to it. So, now, I'm hooking up a different app. This is just the straight Healy app that runs the Healy.

[01:08:09]Luke Storey:  Okay. Cool.

[01:08:09]Har Hari:  So, now, I'll just show you what the programs look like here. So, you've got gold cycle, local simulation, learning, fitness, job, sleep, mental balance, beauty, skin, bioenergetic balance, meridians, chakras, protection, deep cycle, bioenergetic support, and then therapist programs. And among those, it breaks down. So, like we go with the gold cycle, you've got eight different pulse. So, we've got to run the pure jut so you could get a sense. So, what happens is it's going to download the program right now onto the Healy, communicated by Bluetooth, takes about 30 seconds or so. And then, once that's on there, we adjust the intensity until you just barely feel. And then, it runs for like 40 or 50 minutes.

[01:08:48]Luke Storey:  Oh, cool.

[01:08:49]Har Hari:  And it's just treating you the whole time with frequencies.

[01:08:51]Luke Storey:  Dope.

[01:08:52]Har Hari:  Yeah, it's pretty amazing.

[01:08:54]Luke Storey:  So, I can keep this on for a little while.

[01:08:56]Har Hari:  Yeah. You can wear it as we go around.

[01:08:58]Luke Storey:  Alright. Cool.

[01:08:58]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:08:59]Luke Storey:  Sweet, dude.

[01:09:00]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:09:01]Luke Storey:  I love this stuff.

[01:09:02]Troy Casey:  So, one question that I had to ask you-

[01:09:04]Har Hari:  Wait. Before you do that, I'm going to turn it up now. Tell me when you feel it. You'll just get a little tingling. Numerous. Okay.

[01:09:16]Luke Storey:  Oh, yeah. I got a little some, some.

[01:09:18]Har Hari:  Okay. So then, we'll just leave it there. Okay. Go ahead.

[01:09:21]Troy Casey:  I was going to ask you, so as far as the COVID virus scare pandemic that we're illusioning right now, I mean, you're a doctor, can people come in and see you?

[01:09:37]Har Hari:  Yeah. I mean, I'm legally able to see patients because I'm a physician. So, if somebody has an emergency, they can come in. Sore back, any injury. No, it's totally legal. We're one of these exceptions to the rule right now, actually.

[01:09:56]Luke Storey:  Wow. That's great. When I was driving over here today, I was like, oh, man, what am I going to say when I get pulled over, especially smoking a CBD blunt, like I was like, how am I going to explain that to a cop? Like, no, no, no, I'm sober. I don't smoke weed at all. Actually, this is CBD. There's no THC, sir. And this whole conversation with myself. Felt like a fucking tour bus of a rap group. And yeah, but I was thinking, I'm like, no, I'm actually on my way to a medical clinic. I'm good, man. Legit.

[01:10:22]Har Hari:  Yeah. No, we're totally good to see you.

[01:10:24]Luke Storey:  Cool.

[01:10:25]Har Hari:  Generally, if someone comes in really sick, I encourage them too, and whatnot. 

[01:10:30]Luke Storey:  Sure.

[01:10:31]Har Hari:  I didn't see anybody like that.

[01:10:32]Luke Storey:  Yeah. Got you. Good because I've been touching the shit out of my face in here. I was kidding. So, what, that's pretty much it for the Healy?

[01:10:33]Har Hari:  Yeah. We're good on the Healy, yeah. Well, the Healy is amazing. I mean, I'm trying to think some of the things that just personally, I've dealt with some chronic pain or actually, I had pain in my foot. Like sometimes, you get dry feet, cracked. I had like one of the worst cracks I ever had in my life. It was like lacerated. And the pain, it was like serious pain, basically. And I used the local stimulation just on my ear lobes for the brain. It was completely gone. I mean, I still have about the laceration, but no pain, like completely zero, yeah. 

[01:11:12]Luke Storey:  I love that.

[01:11:12]Har Hari:  And I use it daily just to kind of tweak my energy, like one of it, that I'll do one of the programs for whenever I feel like I need. It's just a great thing to have at home. It's really more to be used in home. It's like a home therapy.

[01:11:29]Luke Storey:  Yeah. And it's fairly accessible compared to a lot of the stuff that smart practitioner phrased.

[01:11:35]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:11:36]Luke Storey:  The Pulse Center is 40,000-dollar unit, and everyone can jump on board with that.

[01:11:40]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:11:41]Luke Storey:  Alright, cool. So, that's the Healy. We'll go ahead and wrap up this, and we'll move on to our next modality.

[01:11:47]Har Hari:  Cool.

[01:11:48]Troy Casey:  Do you think they ship these glasses, like right now? Are they coming from Germany or?

[01:11:52]Har Hari:  Well, they're in Canada. I think you can get them.

[01:11:54]Troy Casey:  Okay. Yeah, I'm going to wear these today.

[01:11:56]Luke Storey:  Me too. What do they call it? Tesla.

[01:11:58]Har Hari:  Tesla hyperlight.

[01:11:59]Troy Casey:  Tesla lightwear.

[01:11:59]Luke Storey:  Tesla lightwear, I'm on it. Alright.

[01:12:02]Troy Casey:  Yeah. Because they're really good. And there's a clarity to them that I don't get with my blue blockers. I have the raw optics like you.

[01:12:09]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[01:12:10]Troy Casey:  And yeah, there's a much more clarity and ease that I'm feeling.

[01:12:14]Har Hari:  Because it's actually healing your eye. It's not just blocking the blue.

[01:12:17]Luke Storey:  Dope. Guys watching on Insta and Facebook, we're back again for yet another tour. We're going to be talking about the Pulse Center's PMF bed that I've done a podcast on previously. And then, this plasma freaking-

[01:12:38]Har Hari:  Plasma field.

[01:12:38]Luke Storey:  ... plasma field, which we're going to talk about soon.

[01:12:39]Troy Casey:  Super, psycho, chicken, hippy, dippy dude.

[01:12:41]Luke Storey:  It's going to be wild. Troy, he's our guinea pig today, our test dummy. So, a smart test dummy. So, we're going to do that. And for audio video editing, we'll take a slate in three, two, one. Alright. So, here we are in yet another room of the clinic here. And just when I think we've come across everything, we come in here and there's two, there's a pulse-centered shared two Pulse Centers, PMF beds, and then this crazy ass plasma chamber. So, give us a little breakdown. I have interviewed the guys from Pulse Centers before. I forget which episode offhand, but we'd put it in the show notes. But what kind of cases do you use the pulse electromagnetic field for? Give us a basic rundown of how it works, some of the stuff you've seen with it.

[01:13:28]Har Hari:  Well, I was the first patient. So, I'm patient number one. I injured my knee hiking on the lava in Hawaii, and I came back and I had a week to heal on my knee before I went skiing in Utah. And so, I went down to the center, the Bullet Proof was the first place in LA who had it. And so, I thought, okay, this is a perfect opportunity to see if this thing really works. 

[01:13:51] And I pulsed my knee literally just three times, just did the pulse on my knee, and it healed there. So, that was it for me. I was sold. I knew the thing could help my patients. And we've had it for now a-year-and-a-half. We treated probably hundreds of patients with it. It is amazing. It helps with serious trauma. We had a guy who came in here, he was snowboarding, and fell, and even tore off his—I mean, dislocated his shoulder and he was immobilized, like he could not move.

[01:14:24] And we just laid him on the bed. He came in every day for a week and he was pretty much better in a week. So, that's like a trauma case. But we also have people who have had like surgeries, where they've had scarring all over their body, lot of adhesions, which causes a lot of problems in the body. And so, we've seen amazing results with those patients as well. We had a guy who was a stroke victim. He has a gunshot wound, got shot in the head, actually ended up with a severe stroke. He was lucky to be alive, and he lost a lot of his cognitive function, and he pulsed every day for eight months. He came here at 6:00 in the morning. We pulsed his brain. 

[01:15:06]Luke Storey:  Really, on a brain, you can do it?

[01:15:07]Har Hari:  Yeah, we did it directly on the brain for an hour a day. Just right on his brain, and he got his life back. Took about eight months, but he can read. He can send emails. He couldn't do any of that prior to doing pulse.

[01:15:21]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[01:15:22]Har Hari:  But yeah, the range of things that it helps are amazing. I mean, there's really nothing it doesn't help because if you have cells, it's going to charge yourselves up and give your body more energy for healing.

[01:15:35]Luke Storey:  Right. And so, with this particular unit here, the XO Pro, the reason that I found this one really cool is that you can change not only the frequency for which frequency you're using, but also, its intensity.

[01:15:49]Har Hari:  Yeah, that makes it really user-friendly.

[01:15:51]Luke Storey:  Right. And if it's a knee, like how do you figure out if it's going to be ta-ta-ta-ta pulse or it's going to be boom-boom-boom?

[01:15:58]Har Hari:  Generally, the lower part of the body, we're going lower frequency, generally. Although like I broke my foot a couple months ago and I used the high frequency because the high frequency stimulate the stem cells. So, I was doing it at 7.8, 9.9 on the foot because that rapidly stimulates stem cell production. But generally, the higher frequency, you're going to use in your head, like 9.9 on the head, 5.0 is more like a very strong physical, like if you've got joint muscle thing, you want to break adhesions, five is the strongest. Most people do three, though, because it is a little gentler.

[01:16:39]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[01:16:39]Har Hari:  It depends on your tolerance to deal with because it can be painful.

[01:16:44]Luke Storey:  It can. Like we have the different attachments. You have these big panels and stuff that are on the wall. You have the bad, you have the chair, you have the panels. And man, if you put those panels on an injury site and you hit it with those really slower frequency frequencies, that ba-ba-ba, I mean, it feels like someone's hitting you with a little tack hammer. 

[01:17:02]Har Hari:  Yeah. And that's what I did when I injured my knee. I did it like three, I think, and it healed my knee up really quick.

[01:17:08]Luke Storey:  Cool, man. Alright. Cool. I'm glad we got to revisit that. Now that I know where there's two beds in Los Angeles, you know where my ass is going to be.

[01:17:16]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:17:17]Luke Storey:  I go to this place on Beverly called Tonic Wellness, and I go there and use theirs. They have the chair, a couple attachments on, but they have the unit that's a little less sophisticated because it doesn't have the frequency.

[01:17:27]Har Hari:  Probably X1.

[01:17:28]Luke Storey:  Yeah, you can just change the intensity, but not the frequency.

[01:17:31]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:17:32]Troy Casey:  And so, it's still great. I mean, I get a lot of benefit out of it but I think you really targeted treatments like that.

[01:17:37]Har Hari:  Yeah. This is the XO. It's the best. It's amazing. Yeah. 

[01:17:40]Luke Storey:  Alright. Well, tell us about the plasma bed.

[01:17:43]Har Hari:  Okay. Well, this thing is an amazing tool. So, I first heard about this technology 10 years ago. I watched the lecture from Cash Foundation, this guy named Cash. I don't know if you've heard.

[01:17:55]Luke Storey:  No.

[01:17:55]Har Hari:  You should put that on the show notes, the Cash Foundation.

[01:17:58]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[01:17:58]Har Hari:  Anyway, this guy, he's a physicist from Iran, really smart guy. And he was talking about plasma fields back 10 years ago and using them for helium. At that point, I had no idea what he was talking about because I wasn't quite into all the stuff at that point, had some familiarity with PMF, but that's about it. And he was talking about plasma fields, which literally, I had no idea what he was talking about.

[01:18:25] And I kind of just put it off a file, just filed it away. And then, about five years ago, I heard a lecture from this engineer, from Department of Defense, and he was talking about GANS, which is what this is, GANS is the plasma field technology. And he was saying how amazing it is to help the body. And I'm like, okay, this guy is legitimate second source information.

[01:18:52] At that point, though, there is nothing on the market that was available that I could even try. And then, it was back in October, a patient of mine calls me up, and said, "Hey, there's this guy who just drove down from Canada who wants to meet you." He was called by God, literally just got called to come to LA from Manitoba, Canada. And he shows up at my office with a little tube of this liquid that's in this chamber, and he's like, here, hold this. 

[01:19:21] So, I'm holding the tube, and we're talking. I held the tube for like 20 minutes, and then the next thing I know, my whole body is vibrating. I'm just like, whoa, what is this shit? It's like this GANS. So, it's high display electron orbits. That's another word for it. Basically, it's a form of orbits, and they have a process for you to make it. So, the stuff in this particular chamber, seawater and iron water, does turn into an orbit. So, when you go in that chamber, the liquids are flowing clockwise and counterclockwise, both directions.

[01:19:58]Luke Storey:  Oh, these tubes.

[01:19:59]Har Hari:  Yeah, they're falling with pumps. So, you turn it on. And so, your whole aura is surrounded in this orbits. And it's really hard to explain what you feel, but it's profound. It feels like you're going into like a cosmic womb. The way that the inventor told me is that basically, this is like a Faraday cage. So, it's totally sealing you off from the outside frequencies.

[01:20:26] So, we all know that those frequencies that were constantly by us are weakening. So, when you go in there, you're in a neutral cage away from those frequencies. So, just that part of it is super relaxing. So, like I guess the most powerful case I've seen so far was a friend of mine who is an ex-Navy SEAL, and he had suffered PTSD. He had insomnia for 20 years. 

[01:20:53] Okay. Couldn't sleep for 20 years. He went in this thing one time, one-hour session. He called me the next night, he goes, dude, my insomnia is gone. I'm able to go to sleep for the first time in 20 years. I was like, whoa. And so, you'll quickly see when Troy goes because he's sensitive. The first time I did it, I was like, whoa. Felt like I was in a medicine journey.

[01:21:20] Living with all those frequencies that you get from doing medicine, they get kind of like flushed out of your system because we're in the soup of shit. So, when you go in there, you get access to those deeper, more solemn energies. And so, that's kind of, sort of rejuvenate you. It's not really giving you any energy treatment, it's just giving your body a chance to heal in a neutral state.

[01:21:46]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[01:21:47]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:21:47]Luke Storey:  That makes a lot of sense. Okay. That's very cool. Wow, that's wild. So, those are tubes that have the liquid, that hold this liquid in. And that's really interesting. I was thinking it was going to be light, like photonic energy, just like-

[01:21:59]Har Hari:  Yeah. You know what the weird thing was, Joe Rogan had this astronaut on his show about a month ago, and this guy had spent like 98 days in the space station. And he was that when they go to bed, you know what they do, they take plastic jugs of water and put them around their head because the water absorbs the cosmic radiation.

[01:22:25]Luke Storey:  Oh, wow.

[01:22:26]Har Hari:  So, this is almost the same idea. It's like those tubes are absorbing all that radiation that's coming through. And like just protecting.

[01:22:35]Luke Storey:  That's really interesting. Yeah. One of the times I recorded with Jack Kruse. We were at a hotel. We were both speaking at this event and we're at the hot tub, and he goes, guys, because there are youngsters around, and he's schooling and so on, he said, "You know what, right now, you're in the safest place you could be in all of our life, for EMFs, radiation." What do you mean? We're in Marina del Rey, man. There are towers all over. He said, "No, you're n a hot tub, this is a Faraday cage. Any time you're in water, you're Faraday."

[01:23:00]Har Hari:  You're grounded.

[01:23:01]Luke Storey:  Yeah, you're grounded and electromagnetic fields don't penetrate through water. It's fucking weird.

[01:23:06]Har Hari:  Yeah. So, that's kind of the idea of this chamber, is that aspect of-

[01:23:10]Luke Storey:  That's super cool. Well, let's throw Troy's ass in there and see if he turns green or something.

[01:23:11]Troy Casey:  Yeah. Let's do it, baby. Turn off the electro fields. 

[01:23:19]Har Hari:  Crazy thing about this here is the kid who built it, like I said, the Cash Foundation, because they have some pretty amazing clinical things, I don't really want to talk about it on him because—I'll tell you privately.

[01:23:31]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[01:23:31]Har Hari:  But they were ridiculous types of cases. Anyway, because they had those cases and documented them, they're now selling a similar cheaper for a million dollars.

[01:23:44]Luke Storey:  Whoa.

[01:23:45]Har Hari:  Yeah. These guys are nuts. So, he, the guy, Tom is the guy who built this, his whole mission is to get it out there, but at a reasonable-

[01:23:54]Luke Storey:  How much are these beds?

[01:23:57]Har Hari:  It's hard to say because it's such a new thing. This is literally a prototype.

[01:24:01]Luke Storey:  Oh, okay. But it's probably going to range between 15,000 and 20000, something like that for a clinic or somebody who's got high net worth and they want it in the house.

[01:24:14] Yeah.

[01:24:15]Har Hari:  Just slide in.

[01:24:19]Troy Casey:  There we go.

[01:24:19]Luke Storey:  So, the audio, our subject, Troy has been—it's very much sort of like an MRI machine in terms of the mechanics. It's a big tube with with a bed that slides in on rollers, just like your kind of within an MRI, but it's way more chill vibes in terms of how it looks and how it feels.

[01:24:35]Har Hari:  So, I just turned the pumps on too. So, there's two pumps, one that's going clockwise and one that's going counterclockwise. And then, as she's been into the energy field.

[01:24:47]Luke Storey:  Wow. Cool. And how long is a typical treatment?

[01:24:50]Har Hari:  Most people, 20 minutes would be short treatment. When I broke my foot, I went in there for five hours. And the cool thing was, is when I came out, I didn't even know I had a broken foot. It was crazy, it kind of relaxed me so deeply, but still, it's broken. It was just lack of pain.

[01:25:08]Luke Storey:  Is that with all the headphones in here for people to have like journey and relax?

[01:25:12]Har Hari:  Yeah. I think because when there's other people in the room, it blocks out them.

[01:25:16]Luke Storey:  Man, what I'm thinking immediately, this felt a little less safer than the hyperbaric, but this would be an amazing thing to do a solo medicine journey. This gets-

[01:25:26]Har Hari:  Well, I know when I first went in it, when we first set it up, it literally felt like I had just drank ayahuasca because I did a lot of ayahuasca, and it felt like that same feeling. You're just opening up, and just like third-eye awakening, and all that stuff, I was like, whoa. I had one lady go in here, she's like a famous actress from Israel. And she went in there, and within about five minutes, she started giggling. She's like, oh, my God, I feel like I'm at children's getaway, I was nine years old. And she just was tripping the whole time. It was like bringing out her inner child.

[01:26:04]Luke Storey:  Wow, dude. That's really great.

[01:26:07]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:26:08]Luke Storey:  How are you feeling there, Troy? 

[01:26:10]Troy Casey:  Great. Is this on? 

[01:26:11]Har Hari:  Yeah, it's on. I turned it off.

[01:26:13]Troy Casey:  Okay, great.

[01:26:14]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:26:19] Luke Storey: Alright. So, here, we're on to the PandoraStar light. And from what I understand, this is a similar kind of technology to the Lucia light that I've covered previously on the show, a light that produces various frequencies and induces different states of consciousness and the people under it. So, what have you got to say about this one?

[01:26:38]Har Hari:  Well, what I noticed personally, especially recently, because I've had this light for a few years. And I've kind of played with it on and off. But recently, with all this stuff that's going on with the coronavirus. All this uncertainty and everything, I thought, you know what, I need to get underneath this light and just chill out. And I was so amazed. It wasn't anything special. I just did a little 15-minute session. But I felt like all the craziness that I was feeling from the outside world completely gone. I felt like I was in my own bubble of happiness and none of this shit mattered, basically.

[01:27:20]Luke Storey:  Right.

[01:27:21]Har Hari:  So, even getting like a 15-minute break for this stuff, it's so amazing to get out. It takes you out of The Matrix, basically.

[01:27:30]Luke Storey:  Yeah. Awesome. Matrix breaker.

[01:27:32]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:27:33]Luke Storey:  Well, let's fire it up. And actually, before we do, how many different settings does it have in it? Because I notice it seems to be different from the Lucia, and the Lucia has an outboard interface on a laptop, and then you run it from there, and has all the different programs and frequencies. But this one's all inside the lights-

[01:27:52]Har Hari:  Yeah. So, this has like, I think, about 40 programs that you can scroll through.

[01:27:56]Luke Storey:  Oh, I see.

[01:27:57]Har Hari:  And then, you can hook it up to a laptop and then swap out the different programs, and you can customize them. There are hundreds of programs for this, by the way.

[01:28:06]Luke Storey:  Got it. Okay. Cool.

[01:28:07]Har Hari:  But there's like 40 of them just on here. So, some of them take you down, like into a deep Delta state. Some of them will take you up to Gamma, Lambda. So, I think it goes up to like 200 hertz. So, you can go sailing through your consciousness with this thing.

[01:28:25]Luke Storey:  Yeah, dude. Alright.

[01:28:25]Har Hari:  Yeah. So, you are ready to fire it up?

[01:28:28]Luke Storey:  Yeah, let's do it. Let's have just a couple of minutes of it.

[01:28:31]Har Hari:  Yeah. So, just close your eyes. I'm going to turn some music on too. I like to do it with 520 hertz music.

[01:28:35]Luke Storey:  Oh, nice.

[01:28:35]Har Hari:  And you can like do it with headphones too, but we're not doing it that way. So, you have to close your eyes and it's like a 30-second ramp up, and then the show starts. Even just looking at it on film, you'll get the effect. It's not quite as strong, but just even seeing the vibration of a light will affect anybody who's watching it.

[01:29:13]Luke Storey:  Oh, yeah. Here we go. 

[01:29:20]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:29:20]Luke Storey:  Pink puzzle pieces. Onto the future fireworks. Here we go.

[01:29:38]Har Hari:  Pretty much zeros out the Matrix.

[01:29:41]Luke Storey:  Wow. It's like so immediately psychedelic.

[01:29:44]Har Hari:  Yeah. Even, there's no buildup. You're right into the trip.

[01:29:53]Luke Storey:  Whoa.

[01:29:54]Har Hari:  Yeah. This program is called Blastoff, so it's just kind of-

[01:30:03]Luke Storey:  That's terrific. Just my style.

[01:30:08]Har Hari:  It takes off like a rocket.

[01:30:13]Luke Storey:  It's a real example of how you have all the medicine you need within you. And that's what I find so interesting about things that are not really doing anything to you, it's just instigating you to do something, right? So, it's like there's no colored lights on here, but I'm seeing just hundreds of colors and patterns that are just produced by the brain. It's really fascinating.

[01:30:38]Har Hari:  I think this is the most ancient form of meditation too, is light, tantra com, where you just look into a light.

[01:30:58]Luke Storey:  Oh, right.

[01:31:07]Har Hari:  Yeah. This is like with the ancient Yogis before they even had electricity.

[01:31:08]Luke Storey:  Right. That makes a lot of sense, actually.

[01:31:09]Har Hari:  Yeah. One thing I like to do with this light is you can start to manipulate the pattern in your brain. Yeah, if you just like kind of tune into what you're seeing internally, you can start to move the pattern like clockwise, counterclockwise. You can spin it like a circle. It's almost like training to fly a flying saucer. That's what I'm feeling. Do this, it's like a training to be a flying saucer captain because that's how they pilot those things, is with their minds, right?

[01:31:52]Luke Storey:  Right. I have been training for that my whole life, dude.

[01:31:56]Har Hari:  That was the first time I did this. And I thought, oh, my God, I', flying this flying saucer. 

[01:32:00]Luke Storey:  How does your booking schedule work with people? Do you have just people call or is there an online portal where you reserve the different modalities and things like that?

[01:32:18]Har Hari:  Yeah, actually, we just changed our website. So, yeah, people just have to call the number and we have somebody who picks up schedules.

[01:32:43]Luke Storey:  Oh, cool.

[01:32:43]Har Hari:  Yeah. But we're generally here. Right now, because of the COVID situation, we're doing Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I come in for like new patients on Tuesday.

[01:32:58]Luke Storey:  Holy shit, dude. Wow.

[01:32:59]Har Hari:  Yeah, this thing is just an incredible ride.

[01:33:03]Luke Storey:  This must be really popular.

[01:33:05]Har Hari:  Yeah.

[01:33:05]Luke Storey:  Do you ever do breath work under the light?

[01:33:13]Har Hari:  I think I haven't done it yet, but I definitely want to try. What I've done is I'll do the breath work, and then I'll relax into the light, doing a couple of rounds of Wim Hof, and then just lay down, just like absorb it. I've had some experiences that were very similar, not quite as intense as 5-MeO doing that.

[01:33:35]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[01:33:36]Har Hari:  Have you done the 5-MeO?

[01:33:37]Luke Storey:  No, I've not. It's on the schedule.

[01:33:42]Har Hari:  I have the guy very ready.

[01:33:43]Luke Storey:  Really?

[01:33:44]Har Hari:  Yeah, I got the guy.

[01:33:44]Luke Storey:  Is it the toad?

[01:33:46]Har Hari:  He actually has the 99.99% extra.

[01:33:49]Luke Storey:  Oh, really?

[01:33:50]Har Hari:  Yeah. Pure extract that you vape through an argon glass.

[01:33:53]Luke Storey:  Really?

[01:33:54]Har Hari:  Yeah, it's phenomenal.

[01:33:56]Luke Storey:  And how long does it last?

[01:33:58]Har Hari:  Probably 10, 15 minutes. It's quick. But those 10, 15 minutes feels like an eternity.

[01:34:06]Luke Storey:  So, is it like, what do you call it, a synthesized version of the toad?

[01:34:13]Har Hari:  Yeah, it's exactly that, because the toad, the active ingredient is the 5-MeO-DMT, and that's about 15% of the toads. So, you have to do quite a lot of it to get the full blast off.

[01:34:26]Luke Storey:  Oh, interesting. 

[01:34:27]Har Hari:  With this one, you only need to take like 15 to 20 milligrams, and you're good.

[01:34:32]Luke Storey:  Wow. Cool.

[01:34:33]Har Hari:  Yeah. So, it's only one vape.

[01:34:37]Luke Storey:  Wow. Incredible.

[01:34:39]Har Hari:  Yeah. That was a life-changing experience for me.

[01:34:42]Luke Storey:  Really? 

[01:34:43]Har Hari:  Oh, yeah.

[01:34:43]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[01:34:44]Har Hari:  Totally life-changing. I mean, it's a full death.

[01:34:47]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[01:34:47]Har Hari:  I mean, it's a full-death experience.

[01:34:49]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[01:34:50]Har Hari:  Troy has done it a bunch of times.

[01:34:51]Luke Storey:  I imagine that. Yeah, I imagine that.

[01:34:57]Har Hari:  I know. I'm trying to reproduce that experience through Wim Hof breathing. I've had a few experiences where I've come close, like I started seeing with my third eye or something. 

[01:35:09]Luke Storey:  Right. Yeah. I was actually scheduled to go do the toad in Austin in April when I went out for Paleo f[x]. I was speaking, I think, out there and whatnot, and got rescheduled. So, that got rescheduled and a psilocybin journey that I was scheduled to do out there, too. I had a whole kind of medicine tour planned around that trip. And the powers that be, the will of the universe postponed that whole thing.

[01:35:38]Har Hari:  Well, maybe you were meant to do it here in LA.

[01:35:41]Luke Storey:  Yeah. So, I'm kind of like, well, if it wasn't that, when is it? Maybe I just found it.

[01:35:47]Har Hari:  Yeah, man. My guy is on Glendale, he's local. Oh, cool.

[01:35:51]Luke Storey:  And is it put together a ceremony of sorts for that?

[01:35:55]Har Hari:  Kind of. I mean, it's very low key. He has a gong, and I did breathing before I went in. I did like half-hour Wim Hof breathing before I took the vape to puff on. It was an extraordinary experience.

[01:36:10]Luke Storey:  Oh, cool. 

[01:36:12]Har Hari:  It was like taking a thousand cups of ayahuasca.

[01:36:15]Luke Storey:  Really?

[01:36:19]Har Hari:  Yeah, it's hard to even explain.

[01:36:20]Luke Storey:  And then, I've heard that shortly afterward, you're back to homeostasis, and you can drive.

[01:36:25]Har Hari:  Yeah, you're totally back. The only thing is, though, I would say, for me, physically, I was fine. I was totally operational after I got back, but the existential journey that it takes you on post-trip, it took like a-year-and-a-half, I would say, to process the enormity of the experience.

[01:36:46]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[01:36:47]Har Hari:  It was like, it basically opened me up to the whole reality of astrophysics, quantum physics, big bang because you experience that, you actually experience, then you're like, what was that?.

[01:37:04]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[01:37:05]Har Hari:  So, I just started studying astrophysics for a whole year, like, okay, I got to figure this out. What was it that I just experienced?

[01:37:12]Luke Storey:  Right.

[01:37:12]Har Hari:  Yeah. And then, actually, the thing that brought me back, I'd say the most was actually doing ayahuasca. 

[01:37:18]Luke Storey:  Wow, that's interesting. That says a lot. If ayahuasca is the thing that brings you back to Earth, you're really out.

[01:37:26]Har Hari:  Yeah. It wasn't that it brought me back to Earth, it brought me back in my body, I would say.

[01:37:32]Luke Storey:  Got it. 

[01:37:33]Har Hari:  Yeah. I was already in my body, but I just really got in to do the Wim Hof post-5-MeO, like I mean, it's been my life now for a-year-and-a-half. Just hard core six to 10 rounds a day.

[01:37:48]Luke Storey:  That's great, dude. That's great. That's inspiring because I kind of fell off of the breath work a bit and, yeah, I faltered. So, that's inspiring.

[01:37:56]Har Hari:  Yeah. Also, I'm reaching for that experience, it's like, you really have to focus. You can do it pretty well. I mean, I've heard Wim Hof say that he's there, like he's there in that altered state, I guess.

[01:38:16]Luke Storey:  Well, I think in the interest of time, as much as I can lay here for 10 hours-

[01:38:22]Har Hari:  Yeah, I think that's a good journey.

[01:38:24]Luke Storey:  ... we'll conclude this journey right here and we'll move on to the actual interview, I think, because now, we can kind of touch back on a few of these things in a comprehensive way, get a bit of your story and get Troy's take on some of this, and what he's up to, and it'll be a really good bit of content.

[01:38:42]Har Hari:  Awesome.

[01:38:43]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[01:38:43]Har Hari:  Sweet. Okay. I'm going to kill it. Ready? Close your eyes first. 

[01:39:04]Luke Storey:  Yeah, they're closed.

[01:39:04]Har Hari:  Okay. There you go.

[01:39:04]Luke Storey:  Wow.



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