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7-Day NuCalm Reset Challenge


Are you tired of waking up feeling tired and worrying about your sleep? Take the NuCalm Reset Challenge to sleep well, wake up feeling rested, and inspired to Own the Day! Our approach to improving your sleep is different because it works. You can’t improve your sleep without managing your stress on a daily basis.

NuCalm improves your sleep by solving your stress with no drugs. Our patented, clinically proven neuroscience has been helping people lower their stress and improve their sleep quality since 2009. With just your favorite headphones, the NuCalm mobile app, and sometimes an eye mask, the neuroscience of NuCalm does the work for you so you can experience the sleep and restoration you deserve.

If you follow this 7-day program you are guaranteed to feel less stressed and sleep better! 

  • Sign up at anytime for the NuCalm Reset Challenge Free Trial.
  • When signing up for the free trial, create your account and use code LUKE15 at checkout.
  • Once signed up for the free trial, account is automatically enrolled into “SleepSuite”.
  • “SleepSuite” is a $29.99 per month paid subscription which you can cancel at anytime.

Use code LUKE for 15% off when you sign up for The 7-Days (Free) NuCalm Reset Challenge!

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