Foods + Superfoods

Most restaurant and grocery store food is tainted with pesticides, preservatives, artificial flavorings, and anti-nutrients like inflammatory seed oils and even mycotoxins.

Unfortunately, even much of the food sold by so-called “health food” stores is misrepresented due to clever marketing and deceptive labeling. Trendy catch phrases like “free-range” and “all natural” are often used as greenwashing tactics to deceive consumers into believing they’re making healthy choices.

While public awareness of these issues is gaining momentum, navigating genuinely healthy, organic food sources can still be challenging.

Luke has created a one-stop-shop online experience in a gold-standard directory of pre-made meal delivery options, organic foods, superfoods, wild-caught fish, and grass-finished meats.

Supporting regenerative agriculture and sustainable food production is not only good for people, it’s also good for the planet.