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Kion Aminos


Kion Aminos is fundamental for fitness.

Essential amino acids (EAAs) are the active components of protein that stimulate muscle protein synthesis and support energy production. Looking, feeling, and being fit starts with Kion Aminos.

Scientifically validated ratios

Kion Aminos was formulated using the latest scientific research to be the most potent, effective, and bioavailable EAAs on the market.

Leucine-enriched EAAs have been shown to outperform BCAAs and other EAA supplements at:

  • Naturally boosting energy*
  • Building lean muscle*
  • Enhancing athletic recovery*

That's why Kion Aminos contains all 9 EAAs and are 40% leucine—with the remaining EAAs in optimal ratios shown to naturally boost energy, build lean muscle, and enhance athletic recovery.

Kion is energy for life, every day

Kion helps health and fitness enthusiasts live long, fun, active lives by providing supplements and foods that maximize performance and longevity. By combining the cleanest natural ingredients into complementing formulas, Kion helps you unlock your body’s natural energy.

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