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Euphoric Seltzer

New Brew

New Brew started with the mission  of reintroducing plants into the ceremony of drinking here in the US. Our first beverage features two of them – kratom leaf and kava root – that we believe have a place in that ceremony. Kratom and kava are powerful plants with real effects, which is why they have found a place in human cultures for thousands of years. But they are new to most Americans.

Beyond providing access to these plants, New Brew’s mission is also to educate and inform the public about their origins, history, and benefits as well as their  potential risks. In doing so, we hope to dispel some of the myths and misinterpretations that persist around them.

We  believe that an honest accounting of the history and science around kratom and kava shows them to be safe and natural alternatives to other functional substances. But this is only true if, as with other potent plants, they are used responsibly and in moderation by informed adults.

Let us be a resource for you becoming an educated and responsible user of these transformative plants.  We encourage everyone to read on before making New Brew a part of their lives. Each can of New Brew contains a serving of 25mg of text-fill leaf extract and 125mg of Kava root extract.

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