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Epic Maca

Longevity Power

Maca Bliss by Longevity Power has a new name: EPIC MACA!

This is our same exact blissfully epic Longevity Power signature Peruvian 3-month-sun-cured black maca root 10X dual extract powder we've been making for 9 years - now with an overdue name upgrade!

Bliss wasn't a fully encompassing description of our maca's benefits. Epic is and here's why:

Epic Maca's ability to...

  • provide the body and brain a long lasting surge of stimulant-free athletic endurance and focused mental energy with no crash
  • boost cognition with its neuro-protective high macamide content
  • get over sluggishness and improve performance
  • fine tune health and build resilience to stress
  • restore and rev up vitality and libido

...with every mouth-watering-delicious melt-on-your-tongue tiny-teaspoon potent dosage means it helps you live an EPIC life!

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