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FOUR Visions Plant Medicine

FOUR Visions

Through our own personal healing journeys and experiences with plant medicine, we have had the honor and privilege of building relationships with many indigenous wisdom keepers and elders throughout South America. They have shared with us their intent for the plant medicines of the rainforest to travel out of the jungle and into the world, in order to support humanity’s healing during this pivotal time of the evolution of planetary consciousness.

Four Visions Mission: Integrating ancient plant wisdom into the modern world by amplifying indigenous cultures. We offer sacred tools, teachings, and community for anyone on the plant medicine path.

Our Vision: We commit to preserving indigenous plant medicine and sacred ancestral wisdom cultures. We envision a world where ancient plant technology is used in reverence and sacredness.

What Does Our Name: The Four Visions originate from the ancestral culture of Yagé, practiced by 5 principal tribes in the Putumayo region of Southern Colombia. The four visions form the pillars for these cultures and the architecture of their work with the plant medicine of Yagé. We took these four visions and adapted them to serve as the foundation of our platform.

Our *Beyond Fair Trade* Model seeks to honor the spirit of cultural-sharing and mutual benefit. Our medicine makers and botanists set their own prices and have the freedom to bring new products or botanicals to Four Visions at any time. A percentage of profits are donated to our verified network of nonprofit partners that are working to strengthen and nourish these communities.

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