Dr. John Bergman: Chiropractic Vs. Drugs & Surgery EP #69

Does your back hurt? Has it ever? Have you considered taking drugs, or even being cut open in a somewhat experimental surgical procedure? Most of us have had some personal experience with back pain, and have sought out a temporary, if not a permanent solution to this sometimes debilitating condition. The trouble is that with drugs and surgery, there is often lingering pain, side-effects, or other issues brought about or triggered by the original condition. You might be one of the unfortunate victims of pain medication addiction or even a botched series of surgeries. 

In this episode, we get down to the root cause of back pain, spinal injuries, and even related neurological conditions like Fibromyalgia. Our guest Dr. John Bergman is one of the world's leading chiropractors and has helped thousands of patients from all over the world recover from a seemingly endless array of medical conditions using chiropractic care and other natural treatments. 

Dr. Bergman is not only extremely passionate about helping people to heal themselves of chronic disease, but also highly skilled at communicating complicated medical terminology in very simple terms. In this episode, you'll gain not only hope for recovery but also some very clear action steps toward taking control of your health. 

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To your spine,


  • The true purpose of chiropractic care
  • Why chiropractic has a negative connotation to some people, and why there is no need to be afraid of being addicted to, or injured by adjustments 
  • Finding the right chiropractor, what to look for
  • What are disks and how damage happens
  • Are herniated or ‘slipped’ discs real, and can surgery fix them?
  • How chiropractic can help newborns, and the elderly
  • The best way to get off of pain medication, and heal back pain naturally
  • How the spine's health affects the health of the entire body
  • Natural cures for fibromyalgia, arthritis, and many other ailments through chiropractic adjustments
  • Statistics of chiropractic adjustment injuries
  • Lifestyle recommendations