The Ultimate Biohacking Mastermind with Dr. Jack Kruse, Aaron Alexander, & Matt Maruca #199

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why you need to be wary of how the world is lit around you

  • Humans’ hot and cold relationship with electricity

  • Why we don’t have any energy to waste in our artificially lit, frequency-laden world

  • We have the ability to “believe away” reality – and this can both be a benefit and a curse

  • What you can do to optimize the biggest toxic soup you can ever imagine: a big city hotel room

  • Are cell phones the next cigarettes... or worse?

  • Why the materials you put in your pockets and on your body may become dangerous around 5G

  • How both sides of the federal government are entangled in the dissemination of harmful frequencies

  • The difference between the Gs (4G, 5G, etc) & why 5G is such a big deal

  • Getting “disappeared” on social media

  • How technology is directly influencing the evolution of humans

  • Leveraging energy psychology to practice super learning

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