504. The Quantum Intelligence of DNA: DMT Without Drugs & Going Beyond Aging & Death w/ Jewels Arnes

Jewels Arnes

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Jewels Arnes has been on a path to discovering the highest level of human potential since the age of 16. She began her journey as a vibrational therapist at age 17, when she dove deep into the study of natural and energetic medicine. This brought Jewels to work with the body in a way that she had never done before. She began to heal through an intelligence held in her DNA.

Jewels began to master this phenomenon, inspiring her to launch the Becoming BioQuantum DMT Academy and BioQuantum Skincare & Supplements using DMT frequencies to support the cells in healing through an intelligence stored in the DNA. Jewels began to see just how far we can go in advancing molecular form — to awaken the 90 percent of human potential we are not currently using through DMT. This potential can be unleashed by upgrading the body to the quantum level, allowing us to move beyond the timeline of aging.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Within our DNA, we have the power to upgrade our bodies to a quantum level and move beyond the timeline of aging. In this episode, vibrational healer Jewels Arnes tells us how to harness this power.

After beginning her spiritual path at age 16, Jewels is now the founder of Becoming BioQuantum DMT Academy and BioQuantum Skincare & Supplements, which use DMT frequencies to support the cells in healing through an intelligence stored in the DNA. Visit becomingbioquantum.com/luke and use code LUKE22 for 22% off.

Today, we dive deep into DMT – what it is and how to release it naturally without psychedelics. Jewels also explains how she works with scalar frequencies to shift DNA cells. We explore how we can awaken 90 percent of human potential that we are currently not using through DMT.

We also talk about how to ascend the world through the ascension of our own bodies. Plus, you know we like to dig deep here, so we examine big questions like… Is the life and death cycle actually a hoax? and…What’s the prognosis for humanity?

(00:24) Jewels’ Early Path to Consciousness

  • What motivated Jewels to start exploring consciousness at age 16
  • How she discovered her healing gifts through her first AA sponsor
  • Trying to fit into an unconscious world as a conscious, awake child

(08:33) Identifying in Frequency, Not Emotion

  • Jewels’ experience feeling frequency instead of emotional responses
  • Having a witness perspective vs. a reactionary perspective

(14:20) Turning On the Intelligence of the Body

  • How intelligence is transcribed in our DNA
  • Why we are only focusing on 10% of our body
  • How to raise up and experience the quantum body
  • Experiencing romantic love as frequency alignment
  • Why frequency doesn’t diminish over time

(24:51) The Prognosis for Humanity

  • Will we make it through this portal of matrix domination?
  • Shifting our focus to the ascension of the body
  • The secrets to ascending the world
  • How to move into a frequency where our bodies can’t be controlled
  • Dr. David Hawkins

(39:33) Diving Into DMT

  • Becoming BioQuantum Skincare Line (use code LUKE22 for 22% off)
  • What DMT is and how to release it
  • Tapping into DMT without plant medicine and psychedelics
  • How Jewels connected with a friend who passed away to help her redraw the flower of life
  • Moving into the frequency of source and expression
  • Techniques to release DMT naturally

(52:41) The Power of Working With Scalar Frequencies

(01:12:43) Can You Measure the Effects of the Quantum Realm?

(01:18:36) The ORMUS Element

(01:31:41) Family Codependency in Substance Dependency

(01:38:51) Jewels’ Offerings & Teachings

(01:44:07) Is the Life & Death Cycle a Hoax?

  • Perspectives on reincarnation
  • Experiencing your programing vs. experiencing the intelligence of source
  • Going to the darkness vs. going to the light

(01:51:41) Jewels’ Greatest Teachers

  • Eva White Desert Eagle
  • Deborah Lord

[00:00:00] Luke: So what led to your interest in consciousness, Jewels? I was looking at your bio, and it said that you started exploring these realms when you were 16, which shows by your energy, you seem to be a really happy person, which is my next question, but what were some of the first things that you got into, and what motivated you? Most 16-year-olds are into different things like being a cheerleader, or a valedictorian, or whatever they're into, or being a rebel, and being crazy, and doing drugs, and rock and roll, and all that. A wide variety of interest for 16-year-old, but what led you in this rare case into looking at consciousness and spirituality?

[00:00:42] Jewels: Right. I think it was your last answer, is that was me. I was definitely the rebel, into drugs. And I actually got kicked out of the house when I was 16, and I thought, okay, if I'm bad enough I got kicked out of the house, I must be an alcoholic. So I went to Alcoholics Anonymous, and my first sponsor was a healer, and she recognized my gift in seeing and started to teach me how to read energy.

[00:01:18] And the more I got into reading energy and frequency, if you want to put that word there, the more I awoken consciously. And what I realized, though, in that moment was that I was always awake. And the reason I was doing drugs and alcohol was to fit in with everybody else. And that's where it started, and I just never stopped. It's like once I got turned on, there was no stopping me

[00:01:48] Luke: I'm glad to hear that because I find most people on the path that are very dedicated to it experience some hardship. It's like the wounded healer phenomenon. That's definitely the case for me. You're just lucky that you started to get your shit together at 16.

[00:02:07] It took me until I was 26 before I got sober and started to explore these realms. And so there's a longer period of darkness and being lost. But I want to say, do you find this interesting, when you meet someone who doesn't have an origin story that includes suffering? I find every once in a while, I interview someone on the show or meet someone that is of high consciousness and deeply committed to the spiritual path, and they were just always good.

[00:02:36] You know what I mean? They had a proclivity for that that was not motivated by pain, or suffering, or loss, or trauma, or anything. They're just like, oh, this is the way that I was karmically driven to live. Do you ever meet people like that, and do you find it as strange as I do?

[00:02:53] Jewels: I know. I don't find it strange, if anything, I think, I probably relate to that more than that I went through all this pain and suffering to awaken because as much as, yes, I got kicked out of the house, it wasn't this huge traumatic thing for me. And I think that's always how I've lived my life.

[00:03:12] It's always just whatever's happening is happening. It wasn't ever any big deal about it? I don't know how else to really say it. So when I was in that, I was more like, okay, this is what I'm doing. I would say what was mostly traumatic was that I was so young, but I always had somebody to pick me up.

[00:03:34] I always trusted that everything was going to work out. And I'm not really answering your question, but I guess I don't really relate either way, and I've just always been that way. I've never been a person that gets attached to things, and it drives people crazy because I just don't care. It can be either way, and I'm still good.

[00:03:58] Luke: I sense that about you, especially when you shared before recording, that you're about to give up your home and go on a spiritual sojourn of sorts. It takes a certain kind of person to renunciate part of their life at least and seek the path. I wonder if your gifts, and intuition, and sensitivities were inherent to you so that being in the matrix in the muggle world as a teen was too uncomfortable.

[00:04:30] And so maybe you didn't have a way to hold those gifts or people around you that understood those gifts and could support them. So you maybe sought escapism as a way to numb, or blunt, the awareness that you had. Do you think that rings true at all?

[00:04:47] Jewels: I would say that's exactly what I did, but I was very conscious that I was doing it. When I would drink, I would drink because I knew I would hit the energy field of where other people were. And that I could connect into the world that they were in. But it was a very conscious choice when I was doing it. I knew exactly what I was doing.

[00:05:11] Luke: That's funny. Yeah, because I don't have anything against alcohol. I'm happy people do whatever drugs they want to do if it serves them. I'm sober, but I'm not a puritanical person in that sense. But in my experience with alcohol, for example, it didn't have any consciousness elevating properties to it.

[00:05:33] It had a consciousness diminishing properties to it, like many of the drugs I was addicted to. So that makes sense. If you want to meet people on their level and you're a conscious awake kid with high empathy, or whatever your gifts entailed, that makes perfect sense that you would use alcohol as a way to bring the vibration down to the muggle level of the people with whom you were spending time.

[00:05:58] Jewels: Sounds about accurate.

[00:05:59] Luke: Not in a judgemental way.

[00:06:00] Jewels: Not at all. And it wasn't out of judgment. It was more of wanting to connect. It's like all these kids are having fun, and they're just living their lives so unconsciously. And I was aware that that was what was happening, but I didn't know how to get there. I was so awake and so aware of everything, and I just wanted to know what it was like.

[00:06:25] And the first time I ever drank, I was like, oh, this is it. This is how I can connect because it literally has the same frequency as where they are when I do it. And then when they would do it too, we would connect in that frequency, and I got to hang out with people in the same world.

[00:06:48] Luke: So it was a useful tool at the time. Yeah. It's interesting. I haven't thought about alcohol in a while, but most of the social gatherings that I am part of here in Austin don't really include alcohol. It's not like you walk in, and they're like, this is a no alcohol party. It's just not there.

[00:07:09] And it's a non-issue really. But every once in a while, when I go out into the world and there's a gathering of people where alcohol is present, and if it's present and people are really imbibing, I definitely have a very difficult time connecting with people because it's such a different frequency.

[00:07:29] And again, not a better or worse, not a judgment, like I walk in, oh, I don't drink, so I'm at a higher frequency. It's just a different frequency. And I really can't be around people that are drunk. I just feel so uncomfortable. I can't. There's this barrier, this opaque fog between us. I just can't connect. I imagine that's how people used to feel around me when I was totally insane, and I thought I was the normal one always.

[00:07:57] Jewels: I think what you said is really true because I feel that way too. I feel like once you get to a certain frequency and you own it, and also that you find a way of owning that and not allowing your frequency to drop when you're around other environments, when you're around somebody that's so disconnected because of drugs or alcohol, for me, it's just more of a waste of time. It's just, why would you spend your time there?

Yeah, yeah. Just going into any unconscious situation when you're about raising your consciousness and being more awake, and more aware, and more fiercely present, yeah, it does seem like a waste of time. So observing you and your videos and listening to your podcast a few times and things like that, and just meeting you when you walked in here today, you seem like a creasily happy, high-vibe person.

[00:08:54] Luke: I have a difficult time seeing you have a really shitty, depressed, anxiety-ridden day. And I've been working on myself for a long time. Most of the time, I'm pretty happy, go-lucky. I think I'm able to change my perspective on reality to a degree that there's no good and no bad and edging toward a more non-dual perspective on life and its experiences.

[00:09:15] But there still are days where I'm just like, wow, I'm off. I'm just trashed. I usually can't explain why. It's just something in the air, man. I'm just off and might be really stressed out or something like that. Thankfully, it doesn't persist. It's usually pretty short-lived, and it doesn't self-perpetuate and take me into a dark place. I just know, oh wow, I'm really off.

[00:09:36] My perception of you being this always happy person, do you ever go to a dark place? Do you have ways of depression, or anxiety, or life, or business crises that come at you still that you need to overcome?

[00:09:52] Jewels: That's such a good question. We all are going to have our challenges, but I will say that my frequency always is the same. And for me, when things like that happen, I know that it's happening, and this is going to sound really bizarre, but anybody that knows me intimately will say yes, this is true. Let's just say there's something that happens where somebody else would normally react pretty bigly to. Bigly is not word. Pretty big. I'm to going own it. Bigly.

[00:10:30] Luke: I use bigly when it's like, oh man, that sucked bigly, or--

[00:10:34] Jewels: Okay, I love that. I must have picked that up from you because I don't think I've ever said that word. But anyways, I actually have to check in to know how to react. Is this a big deal? Because I don't have-- this is the best way I can describe it, is I identify in frequency and not emotion.

[00:11:02] Because I've identified in frequency for such a long time that I don't really feel emotion anymore. And I know that sounds a little crazy, but it's true. And there's times where I can choose to feel emotion, but it actually takes a lot for me to move into a place where I can actually trigger the chemical and create an emotion.

[00:11:26] I can easily do it through frequency. So my point to that is, of course I have things in my life that are going to happen. And I'll even notice thought patterns that can come in, but once I move it into the frequency, I actually have to step back and ask, how do I react to this? Because it feels exactly the same whether it's a really good thing or a really bad thing.

[00:11:51] When I don't have the emotion to trigger in order to react to something, a lot of times, I do have to sit back and know if it's a big deal or not. How far do I go with this? And a lot of times. I'll have to ask people.

[00:12:08] Luke: I relate to that. I think when one is practiced in neutrality and less at the whim of neurotransmitters, and hormones, and all the things that control so many of us, all this stuff that runs the programming, it makes sense that you can have a bit more of an ongoing witness perspective to be able to step outside of a reaction and look at it and find what's most appropriate.

[00:12:38] Do you spend any time in meditation or contemplation, or is your ability to stay in that neutrality and not be so much under the control of your emotions due to the work you do around frequencies and all the things we're going to talk about?

[00:12:57] Jewels: Yeah, I never meditate. I listen. I'm always listening to the frequency because the frequency has an intelligence. I can actually tell right away. Okay, am I listening to the intelligence of the frequency, or am I listening to the programming? And I've gotten so good at knowing where I am that, immediately, if I go into programming, I'll move back into the intelligence. And that's what I'm listening to.

[00:13:29] And it's not always saying something. A lot of times, I'm just holding the field. And then in that field, there'll be times where I'm, if you want to say, given a message or information. And then there's times I'll hold the field and ask for information. And that's a lot how I do my work. You have to listen to an intelligence out of programming, or you're just leaping in the programming.

[00:13:56] Luke: Yeah, the response versus reaction. The response is more thoughtful. There's more awareness in a paused response than there is in just the programmed reactivity.

[00:14:11] Jewels: I also feel-- I know this just sounds weird, but the more we start to identify as frequency and everything, not just the way we think and the way we feel, but our body. And that's really where my passion is, is let's activate the body because the body is holding our consciousness. And we're so focused on reprogramming the brain and our emotions, and I feel like we're missing the biggest part of what we came here for, and that is to master the body.

[00:14:49] And our body has an intelligence, and for me, that intelligence is transcribed in our DNA. And once we start to turn that on, we start to turn on a quantum field, and our body starts to move into that quantum field. And if we can put our consciousness there, it's one to 10. There's no more looping. You're in a different reality because you're being held in a field that has an intelligence outside of not just the programming of your mind but of your body too.

[00:15:23] Luke: That's interesting because there are so many spiritual traditions, thinking of just Eastern mysticism and different things that renounces day-to-day life as a citizen of what they are also diminishes the value of the body. That's like we're trying in meditation and different practices to get out of the confines of the physical body to ascend physicality and get into the spiritual realm.

[00:15:57] And therefore, the body is just discounted as pain in the ass, necessary part of our vehicle that we need to get from here to there in terms of our evolution. So it's interesting that you look at the body more as a necessary and integral part and more of a tool that one can use to explore consciousness versus just leaving the body behind and minimizing its relevance and trying to escape it for lack of a better term.

[00:16:27] Jewels: What I would respond to that is, if it worked to just do this consciously, then we wouldn't keep looping the way that we are, whether you want to say it's reincarnation, the life into cycle. If you just see how many cycles we play out every single day, and most of us just do it unconsciously, but we're also only focusing on 10% of what our body can do.

[00:16:56] We pay attention to what we see, what we physically feel, what we hear, what we taste, all the basic five senses, but then there's this other sixth sense, if you want to call it, or this other level that is more on a quantum field that we just don't even pay attention to. And we think that if we go somewhere outside of our body consciously, but that frequency is actually inside of us.

[00:17:24] Right now, most people's bodies on a physical level are measured right around 7.5 hertz. The DNA is holding a frequency of 963 when it's turned on, those DNA codes that are dormant. Just think what your body would be if you were physically holding the frequency of 963 from 7.5. That's a huge difference.

[00:17:55] And then where's your consciousness? It's in your body. So eventually, for me, once we are so conscious, we turn on the body, we hold that frequency. Our body's already in that frequency. We're just not aware of it because we're not able to hold consciousness there.

[00:18:14] But when we start to attune to that, the intelligence, and we get really, really good at it, and we start to raise up until we actually start to experience the quantum body, then we no longer need consciousness. We just become the intelligence. And at that point, we did it. Isn't that the point? Let's find out just how powerful we are. We're missing out on the biggest part, and that's the body.

[00:18:41] Luke: I wonder if the mystics of history that have been able to bilocate, levitate these things that sound like fantasy-- I haven't seen those things with my own two eyes, but I've met people who have that are trustworthy and not insane, and I've been around a few mystics and masters that have had cities, powers, and done things that you just can't explain in the world of rationality or "science."

[00:19:12] I wonder if that's what's happening for the mystic who dematerializes instead of the body physically dying. They just, poof, are gone. I wonder if that DNA code has been so activated within their physicality that the physicality loses all of its density. And therefore, they can be in two places at once, and all of these mysterious things we hear about going on.

[00:19:36] Jewels: That sounds accurate to me.

[00:19:39] Luke: Yeah. Wow. Life is such a trip. I love talking to people like you. The more far out someone is, the more interesting it is to be, which you're not far out to me, but maybe some people listening that are like, wait, what? You touched on frequency versus emotion.

[00:19:58] And that was really interesting to me because when I think about different ways in which I experience love, for example, throughout my life, I think my early interpretations of that, speaking of romantic love, not so much familial love, but in romantic love, when you're younger, so much of that is driven by hormones and neurotransmitters, and nature has these bonds for us to procreate. And then it's so powerful that we think this must be love.

[00:20:28] I'm no spring chicken, and so I've been around for a while now and had different permutations of that experience. And I would say, the love I share with my wife, Alyson, who I think you'll meet in a little bit if she gets home in time, it's so not even an emotional love. It's almost ineffable.

[00:20:50] In your description, it's more of an energy field or frequency than it is an attachment, or a neediness, or, oh my God, baby, I love you. I would die without you. It's more based on alignment. It's two people with shared values.

[00:21:06] We're going to the same destination however different our paths might be in their details, but it's totally different, and it's so much more powerful being unified in that field than it is just in the excitement of being in love in the classical sense. So maybe you could touch on what you think the difference between an emotion, whether it be love or rage on the other side of the scale, and how that differs from frequency.

[00:21:38] Jewels: I think that the easiest way I like to say it is that an emotion is more a hertz wave. So you have these guitars in here. If you were to strum it, after a little while, that frequency would leave the room because it diminishes over time and space. And then once we move into a frequency of, we'll say love, it's in scalar wave. So in that case, it doesn't diminish over time and space, and it doesn't matter what's going on around it. It's still going to hold that frequency.

[00:22:14] So that's what we would call the field. So once you're in that field, you're going to hold that frequency of 528 in a scalar frequency, versus if you're doing it through a motion or a chemical in the way that we consider love, especially when we're younger, then it is going to diminish. And it's also going to diminish if something happens that alters that frequency. And a lot of times, that's our programming that alters the frequency because we're more identified in the chemical body, is what I call it, or the programmed body, the primal body.

[00:22:53] Luke: Awesome. So right now, in the world, from my perspective, and we touched on this little when we were chatting downstairs, I, for some reason, can't resist looking at, sometimes, the oppression and the darkness in the duality world that we live in. And the powers that be, the people or entities that have somehow wrestled control of civilization over the past few thousand years and superimposed this artificial grid of what we would just broadly term as civilization, even though it's not that-- it's decivilization really-- they're pushing really hard over the past three years.

[00:23:39] What used to be in the realm of conspiracy theories when I got into conspiracy theories back around the time of 911, even I used to think some of the predictions were crazy just in terms of the monetary system, and immigration, and all of the ways in which the populace of humanity as a whole is being manipulated and controlled through the media, and wars, and all this craziness, and it used to be in the shadows, and only conspiracy theorists were aware of it, and they were ridiculed and called crazy.

[00:24:12] And then three years ago or so, it was like, oh, no, this is really happening. Maybe on the far extreme that satanic pedophiles control the world, and on the more tame side, there's some people that are devoid of love that have amassed great wealth and power. So depending on how your views lie, I would probably lean more toward the former with what I've learned.

[00:24:36] But my question is this. As these shadowy figures and systems become exposed, on one hand, it's really scary because we see what we're really up against. There really are forces that are against life. They're anti-life. Then, at the same time, you have people like you and so many other amazing awake people out in the world that are just ascending to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

[00:25:04] And that's also spreading at the same time. Being a really positive person, as I've labeled you, what's your prognosis of humanity? Are we going to make it through this portal of matrix domination and control? Is there a way out, or do you see the world devolving into communism, and more war, and less sovereignty and freedom for us people?

[00:25:31] Jewels: I say, where's your focus? We're creating reality right now, and I feel like this isn't something that we're just making up. Science is proving now that what you focus on creates reality. And that's why I choose not to watch the news and do all these things. And it doesn't mean I don't know what's happening in the world, but there are things I don't know.

[00:25:56] But what is my focus? My focus is ascending the body. It's getting to the highest frequency in the body. And why is that important? All of the things that we're "being controlled" by is what? It's all survival. Everything is based on survival. If we're ascending the body, and we hit that 963, at that point, we're not eating. We're not drinking. We don't need shelter.

[00:26:30] Everything we need is already there. We've neutralized any separation. But if you think about the journey, let's say, between here, where we are, into that point, we're taking anything that's in separation and bringing into one frequency, 963. And that frequency is the intelligence of source.

[00:26:54] And if we're just doing that as an individual, then everything around us is going to do that too. So one reality of a person that's focusing on that is going to be way different than somebody's that's focusing on this. And it doesn't mean don't focus on it. It doesn't mean pretend like it's not there.

[00:27:17] Know that it's there and ascend it. How do you do that? Because if we're meeting it in the frequency that it's in, we're not doing our job. We look at it, and then we ask, okay, this is what I'm able to see in the level of consciousness that I'm holding right now, but what is it really? And then we turn on that frequency.

[00:27:37] It turns on on a DNA level. We attune our consciousness to what it's saying, and then we see the level of truth that we can see at that point, but it's not matching the frequency of what we're seeing. It's always going to be higher. And by doing that, we're doing our job. That's how we ascend the world, if you want to say, and however you want to say it. But when we're meeting the frequency of the chaos, we're not doing any good.

[00:28:05] Luke: Yeah, good point. I like that. Where you put your energy is what you get more of. It's the reality that you create. I think that's the thing I struggle with because part of me is just so fascinated at the human condition and the point at which we've arrived. It's unprecedented. We've never seen a world that is this insane.

[00:28:26] It's just like, I don't know if I could ignore it even if I know it's better for my mental health and my own ascension and well-being to just put that to the side. It's so fascinating, but that there also is an addictive nature to bad news. It's that negativity bias. There's also a pull from my chemistry that's like, I need to be on alert for them coming to get me and my people. So it's like I'm often dancing with that. How do I keep the awareness of the goings on in the matrix world in the periphery and not just totally ignore it because if I had no idea what they're up to, then I feel like I would be somewhat easier to victimize.

[00:29:11] Jewels: Agreed.

[00:29:12] Luke: But at the same time, it's like giving energy to those fearful thoughts just creates more of the same. And maybe by one worrying about military police knocking on the door and wanting to see your papers, you're more likely to manifest that reality if you're sitting around worrying about it, or if you're like fighting against that apparatus.

[00:29:36] Jewels: Yeah, that's so interesting that you say that because immediately, I want to say that even that is old paradigm. It is because I feel like a lot of people teach-- I'm almost like going against what I just said, but when we say that we're manifesting our reality by what we focus on, a lot of times, it's going to be more of, what level of consciousness are we holding in the reality that we're agreeing to?

[00:30:02] And when we have this chaos going on, there comes a time where we really do master the matrix. And we can see it as the illusion, and we aren't triggered by it because we know it's an illusion. And I even had this bizarre conversation with my daughter, and we were talking about how we can trace consciousness and actually get to a place where everything is the illusion.

[00:30:30] And I would say, I hold my consciousness there the majority of the time. And in that moment, she's like, yeah, but mom, what if they come in, control you, and you die? And I'm like, so what? So that's the biggest thing that they have over me, is that I'm going to suffer and die? That's the beauty at that point of being in a body because we don't have to stay there.

[00:30:56] And I'm just saying, if we really, really think about it, is it really going to be that bad? And that doesn't mean that we don't try to stop it, but if we look at the reality, and we're not doing it from that primal part of us that will do anything in order to survive, and we shift that into the frequency of the intelligence, knowing that our body has the ability to bypass all of this if we choose. And if that becomes our focus, we move into a frequency and in a pattern where our body can't be controlled on a primal level. And at that point, you can only imagine.

[00:31:42] Luke: Yeah, that makes sense. Also, it's like the apparatus or the system to which I point is also fueled by fear. That's its currency. And that's the only thing really that is able to be used as leverage to control the populace. It's like if people weren't afraid of them and what they could do and what they are doing, it's like the Wizard of Oz.

[00:32:09] They would just evaporate. It is the fear of them that keeps us enslaved. Say there are 10,000 people that are naughty, that are controlling the world, and then you have 8 billion people that are generally good people. We outnumber them by such vast numbers. And not to get into us versus them, but in the world of duality, this exists.

[00:32:37] Of course, when we supersede and rise above that, we see that it is all illusion. We're going to talk about DMT eventually, which is the topic I really want to get into, but take a hit of DMT, and you will see that all of this is totally made up, the physical version of DMT. But then you come back into your waking state, and then you're feeling subject to participating and playing your role in that duality.

[00:33:04] But I like the perspective that you share of not feeding into that and giving that energy and just keeping one toe in the water, as I like to say, where you're not just totally oblivious and spiritually bypassing that it's all love and light when on one level, it is all love and light, but it's a few levels above where we are in the 3D reality. It's like, yeah, it's true we are all one, and this is all a mirage, but still, we're here, and we're in the game, so how do we do that with some equanimity and a lightness of being?

[00:33:42] Jewels: We master the game. That's really what it's about. I have this thing about spiritual bypassing too because for me, I trust so much in the intelligence that's stored within me. I trust in it over anything else. And I know, if there's something that I need to know, that I will know, and I don't have to go searching for it.

[00:34:11] And so I'll get it in some way. It always happens every single time. If I need to know something, it's right there. And what that does is it keeps me so focused in the frequency that I am supposed to be putting my energy into, that there's very little interference. And then also what happens is that when something does come to me to be seen, I know that it's there for me to ascend.

[00:34:40] It's not, oh, I have to look at this, and I have to fix this, and there's all, oh my God, the whole world is-- it's just, this is your part. And it's your part because it came to you. I don't have to know everything. I just have to know this. And if I do my part, then I've done it for the whole.

[00:34:58] Luke: Love it. That's the answer to all of our limitations, is higher consciousness. That's all it takes. Speaking of when you went to AA, I spent many, many years in recovery groups, and I don't know that I knew what was happening at the time, but in retrospect, it's clear that when I was in a lower state of consciousness and that survival animal-addicted nature, I lacked the power to pull myself out of it.

[00:35:27] And all that really had to happen, which I wish I would have known sooner, was to go into a room full of people that had collectively a higher level of consciousness, and that level of consciousness may be like-- you know the work of David Hawkins at all?

[00:35:41] Jewels: Mm-mm.

[00:35:42] Luke: He created a scale of consciousness based on a numerical values, and 540 is the number he put at the level of love. And so when you walk in a room full of people and collectively that level is 540, you can take a crack-addicted homeless person off the street for 10 years, and they walk in, and, poof, they're sober. It's really a phenomenon that's just wild and beautiful. But it speaks to the inertia of higher states of consciousness and the magnetic field that they have to draw something else into it, and fold it in, and envelop it in its own consciousness.

[00:36:20] It's why love overcomes what we would consider the opposite of hate, which to me is just a lack of love. It's just a gradient of love. And the more love you have in your frequency, the more easily you can overcome what we would term to be hate or violence, and things like that.

[00:36:36] Jewels: I had this vision as you were talking about that. They had to go somewhere where the room was measured in that frequency. So what if everybody focused on holding that frequency in their body, and then their consciousness-- so instead of having to go take a drug dealer and put them somewhere, you would just activate that frequency in their body.

[00:37:00] What if more than 15%, even 20% of the population chose to do that? Then all of a sudden, the environment around each one of those people would also do so. Then you're taking the drug dealer and just putting it into an environment where people are naturally holding that frequency. And then more and more people are starting to hold that higher frequency. We'll now put somebody that's trying to control everybody in that frequency. They become the drug dealer, right?

[00:37:34] Luke: Yeah.

[00:37:34] Jewels: I like this.

[00:37:36] Luke: Totally. That's what we're doing here today. Hopefully for people listening, they go, oh, boom, maybe there's a little boost. This episode, the show notes, by the way, folks, will be lukestorey.com/dmt. And prior to us beginning the conversation, I really wanted to talk about that because it's a huge part of your work, but you're coming at it more from the frequency codes of DMT than encouraging everyone to get a DMT vape pen and blast off all the time.

[00:38:09] How did you first become aware of DMT in either form? And then maybe you could differentiate what I just glossed over, the difference between the molecule and the frequency, and how you got into this particular topic.

[00:38:23] And you have a skincare line I've been using that is just wild wizard shit with Ormus and DMT codes. I'm super into it. I'm digging it. People watching one of the video frames can see it here, and we'll get into that for sure, but anytime I hear the word, or, I guess, the acronym DMT, it piques my interest. And so when I found your work, I was like, oh, what's she up to? And I want to learn more about your whole perspective.

[00:38:50] Jewels: I love it. Yeah, so DMT is a chemical that is released when you're born and when you die, and then, of course, small amounts when you're dreaming, sometimes when you're having sex. And of course, you can activate it with either plant medicine or the DMT pen, of course, too. And I actually did an apprenticeship with a Lakota medicine woman from, I think, about 17 till almost 25, when I moved out to Colorado. And she taught us how to release DMT naturally.

[00:39:29] She was against plant medicine, which I was a little bummed about at the time because I really loved it. But what I found is that it actually worked, and I was able to elevate in consciousness. And it was my first big push into that world of DMT. And then I forgot about it. And I honored her.

[00:39:51] I never did plant medicine again. I really honored her in that. And then my girls actually came to me and were like, mom, we want to experience the psychedelics. And so we got some mushrooms. We did it together. And what I realized is this is so easy. I would just move through the plant, and then I'd get on top of it, and I would be totally normal.

[00:40:12] And I'm like, what is the point of all of this? But what I realized is the field that's on top of the plant is the same field that's in our DNA. So now I'm going to go into the little story of where I really found that this is where we need to be going, is a friend of ours passed away on his 22nd birthday. His name is Vale. Super amazing guy, master, for sure.

[00:40:40] And he came to me a few days after he passed away. Yes, I talk to dead people. And he said, it's not supposed to be this way. And we didn't really have to say anything more because I knew he was saying that we're not supposed to die. And he had me sit down, and I started writing out all these equations, and he was showing me all the different loops.

[00:41:07] And when I was done, it was almost like I had this graph of the flower of life, and each loop in it was showing a looping cycle of how the DNA isn't functioning correctly. And then he showed me, okay, so this is the illusion of how the body is being held right now, but this is what it really is. And so he showed me that when we're born and the chemical of DMT is released, a frequency is released at the same time because our body is 90% frequency when we're totally quantum.

[00:41:42] And that frequency is transcribed into our DNA. And that frequency is 963, or source intelligence. If you measure the frequency of DMT, it is also 963. So on a chemical level, our consciousness or intelligence can be stored in our DNA, which is physical. But then also, what he showed me is that when that happens and we're put into a 3D structure, consciousness connected to the electrons of the body, so that we had the tool to actually become the frequency that was transcribed in our DNA.

[00:42:25] Then when we die, the same thing happens. The chemical is released. That information is taken out of the DNA, and then the electrons that are holding our consciousness also leave the body. And it takes about two hours actually for all of the electrons to actually leave the body.

[00:42:41] It reconnects into that frequency, and you come one source. And so then he had me redraw the flower of life and broke it all up, and he showed me, this is how you can connect consciousness to that intelligence that's stored in the DNA to where you can actually become a 100% source as the body.

[00:43:04] Luke: Damn.

[00:43:04] Jewels: I know that's intense.

[00:43:08] Luke: Was there any preparation on your behalf to create the space in which he could communicate this to you? You said you didn't meditate. Were you driving down the road, or--

[00:43:20] Jewels: I'm just really, really good at listening. I've been listening to the intelligence for my whole life. Even when I was young, that's what I was doing. And I just got really, really good at it. And it's always ironic that now I'm probably going back to this place where you're like, oh, you're big-- a lot of people have their biggest awakenings through things that happen.

[00:43:47] And we consider those things bad. I've never considered them bad, but I've definitely had pivotal moments where information got really intense. And both times actually were when somebody that was close to me passed away. And I always just listened, and I don't know why, but that's just how I am.

[00:44:08] Luke: I'm picturing you with giant post-it notes, or a whiteboard, or something.

[00:44:13] Jewels: Totally. I had two whiteboards.

[00:44:15] Luke: Were you taking notes? If you're getting equations, and codes, and things like that that need to be deciphered, did you write them down? And is that how you--

[00:44:24] Jewels: I did. I wrote them down, and I still have a couple that I haven't been able to break, but I have a feeling after I do my journey and release, sit deeply into the DMT code. So the technology that's on the bottles, you'll see that symbol. That's the scalar technology. So what that technology is doing is the first symbol is basically taking something and putting it into neutrality.

[00:44:55] So it's putting it at zero point. The second symbol is allowing consciousness to be held in zero point. And then the third symbol is putting whatever it is. So on a cellular level is where we would go with that. It's pushing it into an expression to where the cell is no longer observing its environment.

[00:45:16] It's only an expression of that 963 frequency that has the intelligence. So it's literally teaching the body to move out of observation of its reality and into the frequency of source and expression. So it's no longer in primal anymore. It's in the intelligence.

[00:45:41] And then when we start to do that on a cellular level, naturally, our consciousness stops looking for information in its environment and starts moving into the frequency and identifying as the frequency. And then all of a sudden, you're just identifying in frequency instead of looking for the truth in the illusion.

[00:46:03] Luke: Would another way of saying that be that the observer merges with the observed?

[00:46:14] Jewels: I like to say that consciousness becomes the intelligence, that tool. So when we were put into a third dimensional being, if you want to say, the tool was the electrons that are holding our consciousness. And then when that frequency is released, the electrons naturally start to move back into it because it is part of that. Because once we become a 100% intelligence, we don't have consciousness anymore. So I see it as the tool. I don't know if that quite answered your question, but--

[00:46:50] Luke: Yeah, enough to let me keep going. When you talked about your Lakota teacher and that she wasn't an advocate for plant medicines and whatnot and taught you other ways to release or generate the DMT, what were those techniques like?

[00:47:09] Jewels: So we did things like sweat lodges and a lot of just ceremony things, chanting, and that sort of thing. I did a day on the hill, where you sit three days and three nights without food and water. So basically, putting you into that altered state. It wasn't like we just went into the sweat lodge.

[00:47:33] We were trained how to, just like when you're doing plant medicine, when you start to get sucked in to a certain journey that it wants to take you on, instead of going into the journey, she would teach us how to move up on top of it so that we knew that the journey was there but we're held in a field above it.

[00:47:55] So in that case, if you were in a sweat lodge, when you started to get hot, you would know that it was going to pull you consciously into the heat. But then she would teach you how to pull back out of it and actually move on top of the heat, the same as you would do with a plant medicine, but you were doing it through the heat.

[00:48:13] Luke: Cool. I have a sweat lodge coming up in a couple of weeks. I'm going to remember that.

[00:48:17] Jewels: Awesome.

[00:48:17] Luke: Give that a try. Yeah, I'm pretty good at tolerating heat, but sweat lodges, that's another level. I take saunas all the time, and I'm like, sweat lodge done properly, it will rock your world. Where were you on the planet when this was happening?

[00:48:33] Jewels: She was located in Nevada, but I was in Kansas. I grew up in Kansas City, and it was in Baldwin, Kansas. There was some land there that a lady let her come, and we would go and work with her for however long she was in town, and I did the apprenticeship she would give me. Obviously, things to do. So when I left the land, then I would be out in the real world on my missions.

[00:49:00] Luke: Cool, cool. All right. Let's get into some of the behind the scenes nuts and bolts of how you work with scalar frequencies and Ormus and create-- you have one. You guys sent me one physical supplement, which I recognize most of the ingredients, things I've seen before. Glutathione, resveratrol, and things like that.

[00:49:32] Oh, cool. I like to take all this stuff, but there is something unique about this in that it's been infused with these other frequencies, which to some people listening will sound like crazy talk. To me, it makes perfect sense. And I have frequency things all over the house. Probably too many in one house, but I'm a more is more kind of guy.

[00:49:54] But then you've infused the frequencies, not the molecular dimethyltryptamine, but the frequency of DMT into these serums and enormous potions. Some of them are sublingual. Some of them are topical. And so I was just fascinated by that concept, and I've enjoyed using your stuff, but I'm always curious, like, what's under the hood, behind the curtain? Do you have a scalar machine? Are you making Ormus in your garage? What does it look like on the back end before I get a bottle in the mail?

[00:50:27] Jewels: I love this question. So yes, there is a scalar device, and it's gotten to a place where the products are really held in a field. Now it's running all the time and is transmitted through the symbol at this point. But it took a long time to get there. From the very baseline, it was measuring the frequency, putting it into the computer, letting it go through the device. And it was a lot. It took a lot to get to where it is now.

[00:51:01] Luke: So you would have to manually blast each product with the frequencies.

[00:51:05] Jewels: Oh, yeah. And then it got to a place where I was, oh, I'll just put it in the Ormus. And then that sped things up. And so the last eight years, it's definitely evolved. It just like anything else. Once you get to a place where it's been done enough times and it's been held in a state of consciousness that it's solid, it creates a field.

[00:51:29] And that field is definitely there. So now it's almost like it doesn't matter what it is. Whatever product it is, you just basically say yes to it, and it's holding the field. But having said that, each product is a little bit different in that it's holding a different DMT code.

[00:51:49] So the supplement, for example, is holding codes that are based on the equations that I was given for cell ascension. So it actually has very specific frequencies that are working with the cells to move into a higher frequency, a higher spin state, and literally start to turn off the way the cell is identifying in its environment.

[00:52:17] And then another way of saying that is turning off epigenetic codes, if you want to say, and start to identify in that one specific frequency of 963. It's like, how can you do that? It's not actually that hard. That's what's so crazy, is that we make all of this stuff seem so abstract, and, oh, it's so hard to understand, but is it?

[00:52:39] Just because you can't see it doesn't mean that it has to be hard, doesn't mean that has to be scary, and it doesn't mean that it's not real. We're just so trained to only look at what we can actually measure, and see, and manipulate, and this is no different. It's just in a field of frequency instead.

[00:52:58] Luke: Yeah, it's one of my frustrations in life, is that-- I love science. I'm a tinkerer. When I work with the many brands I work with, I go on their site. I want to look at the studies. I'm somewhat linear in that way because some things are measurable and provable, and that makes my job easy as a consumer because I can see the proof that it's a real thing, and it's doing what it says it's going to do.

[00:53:24] But it's also frustrating because science in the Newtonian realm of physics has a certain limitation in terms of its capacity to not only be understood, but to also function. And then you have the unseen quantum spiritual realm, the field, which is beyond the level of consciousness that can be measured, the non-physical realm.

[00:53:55] And so it's like trying to explain something that is non-linear, and non-physical, and totally true and valid to someone who is locked into the paradigm of physicality, and provability, and measurability is like trying to explain to a fish that the sky exists. It's like it's real, but it's not real to the fish because the fish is under the surface of the water.

[00:54:23] Likewise, trying to explain to a bird, oh, there's this whole world called the ocean and underwaterness. It doesn't exist to them because they're not there. And so I think we're at an exciting time now where the scientific community is starting to catch up. And obviously, quantum physics is the most researched realm of science in the world right now, which is really exciting, but it still is frustrating from the consumer side and also just an information advocate such as myself, because I find people like you doing cool things.

[00:54:53] And it's like, ah, God, yeah, but we can't prove it, prove it. And so it's like it's, I don't know. It's sometimes a little bit frustrating. I myself don't have much of a problem with things in the energetic realm because I just have had experiences that have led me to understand that there's so much more than what meets the eye.

[00:55:14] Furthermore, when I try something new, like taking these capsules you have or trying the face serums, and the Ormus, and the DMT codes, and all this, it's like if I was morally and intellectually honest and someone said, oh, do you feel it? I don't know that I could validate that. Not because I'm not feeling it, but because I'm doing so many things. I'm a really crappy test subject.

[00:55:42] If you saw my supplement cabinet and all the devices I have around the house, it's like I honestly don't have the discipline to just, okay, I'm going to wake up, eat a couple of eggs and some water and not do anything else. No ice bath, no sauna, no BioCharger, whatever, and I'm just going to take these capsules for a week and see how I feel. I literally just can't do it because I'm so full-on and just compulsive about all the shit that I do.

[00:56:10] So I'm curious the experience of people for whom are maybe tapped into subtle energies and can really feel shifts within themselves more than I can. I don't know that I'm that attuned. My wife is much more so, for example. And someone who just lives a standardized life and starts using some of your serums, and creams, and supplement, and things like that, what are you seeing for yourself or other people that are better test subjects than I-- I guess is my question.

[00:56:42] Jewels: I think you nailed it too. I just want to say that, yes, you can't measure it, and it can't be proven, but we can have the experience of it. And that is, for me, I feel is a proof. If people are actually living it, then you can't deny that. So I would say the biggest thing is that not everybody is a feeler. We all have different levels.

[00:57:07] I call them intuitive powers. So some of us don't feel. We sense, or we see. We know that that's probably the hardest one, is the people that just know, and they don't know how they know, but they know something that's not their programming. And so if you're not a feeler, you may not feel it, but you're going to know something is happening.

[00:57:33] But I'm more on the other way. It's definitely raising consciousness. But if you go more on a physical level, it's things like diabetes going away, losing weight. It's really bringing the body into that optimum performance, but I'm going to say, probably the thing that I hear all the time is, I don't know how it happened.

[00:57:54] They're just like, one day, I was that way, and now I'm not. And I don't even know how I got here. I hear that all the time. And then once they're there, they forgot what it was like to be the other place because they moved into the field. Once you're in the field, you know it.

[00:58:11] But you also know it when you're not there. And that gets so fine that when you're not there, you immediately move back in. And then you start to diminish all of the timelines, and the loops, and all of the things that we experience. I shared this with you before we got on, but I'm going to share it with-- I think that it's worth saying out loud, is that I feel like now we do have ways of measuring what these things are doing.

[00:58:37] And so a year ago, by Tree Diagnostic, I had my DNA tested, the telomere length and pace of aging. My business partner, Leanne, she's like, let's do the Tree Diagnostic. And I was like, oh, I just did it like 10 and a half months ago. But, all right, I'll do it again. I haven't really changed anything except for add the DMT codes.

[00:59:01] That's the only thing I changed in the supplement. Because everything else, I had already been doing. So when I did it, my telomere age was 37. And I was like, eh, that's decent. I'm 50. And so I was thinking, yeah, it's probably going to be-- I'm a year older almost. It's probably the same. My telomere length was 19. That's a big difference.

[00:59:26] Luke: Yeah, it's a massive difference.

[00:59:27] Jewels: That's a big difference. And I think I was probably shocked more than anyone. And I don't even really understand all those tests, and they find them interesting. So I don't even know how big of a deal it is, but it feels like a big deal in my body because my body is almost like, see, told you. Let's do this. And now I'm full-on, let's go. I'm going to take it down to zero, 100% pace of aging down to zero.

[00:59:57] Luke: What's that test called?

[00:59:59] Jewels: So True diagnostic is the name of the company. I like that company because they have their own lab. So they don't send out the samples anyway.

[01:00:08] Luke: Oh, nice.

[01:00:08] Jewels: They keep everything in-house.

[01:00:10] Luke: I'm going to put that in the show notes. Again, the show notes, you guys, will be lukestorey.com/dmt. Yeah, that'd be cool. It'd be fun. That's the one thing, like I was saying, in the linear physical scientific realm, I do like doing experiments where I get some labs, and then I take on a different protocol, and I get labs again, and everything's improved.

[01:00:30] It's fun because then it shows the time, energy, and money. You're investing in your body and your health. It's actually doing something. When I look at my labs from-- when was that? I think the first functional medicine doctors I started seeing was maybe around 2011, 2012. And from the way I've been living, my labs now are exponentially improved on every single level of everything.

[01:00:57] And I was already living a pretty healthy lifestyle then. I tweaked a few things, and it's like, I think I'm aging backwards really in terms of blood work. So it'd be interesting to see the telomere situation. So in terms of the delivery of these codes, if we know, what was at it? 963, the DMT one. Each person has their own little scalar wave generator that's set to that frequency, or just take a supplement or something.

[01:01:32] I'm curious why you chose to deliver the frequency in a skincare line, which is interesting. Normally, someone would be like, ooh, I make this magic potion, a serum, or a pill, or powder, whatever it is, or just something physical that blasts you or your space with a frequency, like FLFE or Quantum Upgrade. They have these generators in some remote location, and they are programmed with the unique identifier of your house.

[01:01:59] There's a bunch of that stuff turned on in this house. And so there's things like that. But why did you go with so much focus on the transdermal element? Is it a micro dosing of the frequency of DMT or something like that?

[01:02:14] Jewels: I love that. Yeah, it is. But I also say that it's a working with the cells. So the skin is the biggest organ, and you're doing it twice a day anyways. You're going to be bringing that frequency in anyways, but it's so much more than that because, really, I feel that the frequency in this is different than the ones that you just talked about.

[01:02:42] This is very specifically working on a DNA level to turn on that frequency and shift the cell from observation to expression, let's just say. So once it's an expression, it only can identify as 963. It can't identify as anything else. And then we start to shift the environment of our body, which is the environment of our consciousness. And then they start to merge together until we hit 100%. It's turning on that other 90% that's not just the experience of our five senses. It's all of this.

[01:03:18] Luke: And you think this had a big part to play in your telomeres dramatically decreasing in signs of aging or however they measure it?

[01:03:28] Jewels: Vale passed away in March of 2022, I believe, so it's been a little over a year. So it took a while to get a way to communicate with the body in that frequency so that it was doing the specific things that he was showing me through the equations. And finally, it came through as these 12 codes.

[01:03:54] And so each 12 code, it's all in the 963, but it's almost like you could see it as Googling in the same frequency, but pulling up information in that same frequency, but each information is saying something a little different. I don't know if that makes sense, but that's the way you can see these codes. So once I got to a place where it was able to do that, that's when I got really specific and what exactly is it doing to the cells.

[01:04:24] Luke: Are you talking about these numbers? So those watching my camera, these numbers are then associated with symbols.

[01:04:34] Jewels: Yes.

[01:04:35] Luke: And is this the information that you downloaded?

[01:04:39] Jewels: Yeah. So each code, it's working on an epigenetic level, a coded nutrient. One of the laws of the universe, because we're breaking those, because once we actually move into one frequency, the laws don't exist. And if you think about the way the laws of the universe are set up, really, really think about it, it's keeping you in a looping cycle. We'll not go too much into that.

[01:05:03] Luke: The looping cycle of reincarnation?

[01:05:05] Jewels: A looping cycle of whatever it is, cause and effect. That's one of them. Law of gender that we have to-- everything is based in separation. And you can even go, okay, what about the law of oneness? Saying that we are one is still in duality because you're naming what it is. It's still a loop.

[01:05:29] Luke: Interesting.

[01:05:30] Jewels: Isn't that crazy? Yeah. So there's a couple of different things that it's doing, but I think there's five or six things that it's doing on a cellular level.

[01:05:38] Luke: And so in practical application with these cards that have all of these different codes, it came with this guidebook that explains each of the different codes with just numeric value and then a description of them. So in practical application, if one wanted to get to know these codes and frequencies, is it a matter of meditating on the symbol, or is this just representative so you have a visual of what the codes are that are within the products?

[01:06:12] Jewels: Right. It's both. So one of the reasons that it was put in a code that's not a specific number is because you're actually learning a language. So the code has a language of 963. So when you actually learn what each code is, and then you learn what it's doing, if you want to say, how it's breaking law and it's doing all these things, when you're looking at the code, you're learning to communicate in this new language in the frequency of 963.

[01:06:49] So if you think about if anybody's ever learned a new language, when you submerge yourself in that new language, you actually start to think in that language. This is no different than when you submerge yourself in the language, the codes are holding, you start to think in that language. And when you "think in that language," it creates a frequency because your thoughts have frequency. So when you're literally thinking in the frequency of 963, it totally shifts the way you see consciousness.

[01:07:21] Luke: Wow, this is fun.

[01:07:24] Jewels: I know, right?

[01:07:25] Luke: I love this stuff. I love this stuff. There's woo woo, and there's woo true. There's categories here. And I think in the realm of the quantum stuff, and frequencies, and energetics too, one of the other things that's challenging about it is in the realm of Newtonian measurable physics, things are very easily proven or disproven.

[01:07:51] And so the validity of something can be set pretty quickly with relatively little effort. But in this realm, it's open season for charlatans and disingenuous healers and creators of products and things like that to claim because anyone knew, oh, it's invisible. You can't see it, so therefore, just give me your money.

[01:08:13] So it's also like, unfortunately, the realm in which a lot of snake oil proliferates is just human nature. There are certain types of people that are going to take advantage, and they'll seize on a concept or a philosophy like quantum energy and say, ooh, I can make money off this, and make claims about it because it can't be proven anyway.

[01:08:37] You know what I mean? So I think that's one of the things that's a little bit challenging in that realm. But I am an optimistic person. So I think most people generally believe what they're sharing, and what they're sharing has some validity. The interesting thing about it is, in the case of your telomere testing, that there is something within the physical that is quantifiable, that is a result of playing in the realms of frequency.

[01:09:08] I think that's really interesting. Those guys at FLFE and Quantum Upgrade, they can't test and prove that that frequency is in your house, but they can turn that frequency on on two plants, or two bowls of sprouts, or something. Or you can show live blood cell analysis. There's different ways that you can measure the effects of something, even though if that thing you're measuring can't be measured. You can measure its impact in the physical realm, even though it's coming from the quantum unseen, non-physical realm.

[01:09:42] Jewels: I love that you said that because we ended up getting-- Brain Tap has a neurofeedback machine.

[01:09:51] Luke: Oh, with the little clips you put on?

[01:09:53] Jewels: Yeah.

[01:09:53] Luke: I have one of those.

[01:09:54] Jewels: Really? I almost brought mine. So I did something--

[01:09:57] Luke: Maybe you can show me how to use because--

[01:09:59] Jewels: Oh my gosh, that's why I didn't bring it.

[01:10:00] Luke: I bought a PC because it only works on a non-Apple computer, and then the battery didn't work. I got it on eBay, and then sent it back. I got a new one. And then when I started plugging in, I couldn't get it to work, so I lost interest, but that's a great example of one of those diagnostic tools. So I would test myself then go run the BioCharger, the amp coil, or breathe hydrogen gas, or whatever, and then I go back and test to see if my HRV got better and things like that, and I was looking forward to starting to do some self-quantification, and then I just ran out of steam.

[01:10:36] Jewels: I can get it to work. I don't know how to read all of them, but I actually did this on my daughter. So my daughter's 22. She's the most fit person I know. She is amazing. She's very into physical fitness and that sort of thing, and she came over one day, and I was like oh, let's hook you up onto this thing. And I was like girl, you're half-dead. What's going on? And so I had her do the coded, that one. Yeah.

[01:11:04] Luke: The copper metal card.

[01:11:05] Jewels: Yeah, it's a scalar card, so it's holding the same frequency. So I just had to put her back on three of the symbols. And so what took a minute, maybe not even 45 seconds. And we did it again, and her life force, it shows how far out your life force went from, I think it was '42 to '99. Her chakras opened almost a 100%. And that was in a minute. I was like, oh my gosh, this thing is genius. But then I too just got to this place where it's just a pain to have to carry that thing around to prove to people that it's doing something.

[01:11:47] Luke: Yeah. Something can also be proven, just like you said, with sensitive people that are feelers, just subjectively, you can get feedback from them. Along with the show notes, you guys, if you want to check out some of the BioQuantum stuff, you can go to becoming bioquantum.com/luke.

[01:12:07] And if you use the code LUKE22 over there, you get, guess how much off. 22%. becomingbioquantum.com/luke. And we'll also link to that in the show description, so you can click away. So I'd love for people to try your stuff. I want to hear feedback. That's one of the most fun things when creators and inventors come on the show and talk about their things.

[01:12:29] There's going to be a lot of people out there. They're like, oh, cool. I'll give it a try. And then oftentimes, people will send me a DM saying, oh my God, that thing's amazing. I tried it. I had a guy on who has a product called Manna, which has actually Ormus from the Dead Sea and Shilajit.

[01:12:44] It's a beautiful, really potent product, very unique. And he came on and just talked about his life and about that. And I get messaging people all the time. Oh my God, this stuff's amazing. Just today, I was actually checking my messages. No, it was on a post that I had done about it and be like, I got it. This stuff's amazing. Raving reviews, and that doesn't need any other qualification. It's like either people are delusional and think it's making them feel better, or it is. If they're taking the time to come to my post and like, oh my God, this shit is rad, then I must be doing something.

[01:13:19] Jewels: That's amazing.

[01:13:20] Luke: Yeah, it's fun to get people's feedback. That's one of the things I really enjoy about this. And it's very rare that when I have someone come on, because I really vet people carefully, I have to be interested in them and what they do anyway. Otherwise, we're not doing it. But even though I vet them, I'm always waiting for someone like, oh, that thing sucked.

[01:13:40] It didn't do anything. It's very rare that someone has a non-experience, or a negative one. So it's a fun way for me to get feedback. Can you talk a little bit about the Ormus element? I remember hearing about Ormus, I think from David Wolfe, man, back in like early 2000s or something.

[01:13:59] And the way he would explain it was you have the periodic table of elements and all these minerals, and then you have these other states that minerals and metals like gold can exist in the-- conspiratorial-- that they were left out of the periodic table of elements. So it's this other table of-- this is my interpretation based on memory from a long time ago.

[01:14:23] Ormus exists in a state that is both physical and non-physical with monoatomic gold and things like that where there isn't physical gold present in it. It's the alchemy. That's the word I'm looking for. So I don't know a lot about Ormus. I've always been drawn to it, and I try different Ormus products and things like that. It's just something that I'm always drawn to, but how did you find out about Ormus? Do you have a better way to describe it than what I just did? And are you making it in your garage? There is a physical element to Ormus.

[01:14:59] Jewels: Oh, for sure.

[01:15:00] Luke: Where does it come from? Give me the whole Ormus download.

[01:15:02] Jewels: Okay, so I didn't know what Ormus was until about 2015 when my friend passed away. And that was actually, I believe, the first thing that came through, was Ormus. And it was a really hard thing to-- everything is always in equations because I read the world through the frequency of numbers.

[01:15:27] And so it took a while for me to understand what it was. And then once I got to a place where, oh, it's this thing called white gold or Ormus, I was like, okay, that's really interesting and everything, but I have no idea what that is. And so the next thing I got was the alchemy of how to make it. So I started making it, and I finally--

[01:15:52] Luke: Did you say you got the alchemy, like another download, or--

[01:15:54] Jewels: Yeah.

[01:15:55] Luke: Did you look at a YouTube video?

[01:15:57] Jewels: No, the alchemy came from the guidance.

[01:16:00] Luke: The spiritual Internet.

[01:16:01] Jewels: The Internet. Yeah.

[01:16:03] Luke: Okay.

[01:16:04] Jewels: I call it the [Inaudible].

[01:16:06] Luke: I like that.

[01:16:08] Jewels: So the [Inaudible]. And so I made my first batch, and I was like, what do I do with it now? And so I knew that I was eventually going to ingest it, but I could also tell how high in frequency it was. And so I actually started taking baths in it. And then once I ingested it is when I actually was shown how to build a scalar device, and how to bring energy into it, and how to actually manipulate the molecules so that when they're actually spinning, that it's bringing back information into the space.

[01:16:45] So that's the way I see Ormus. I love how you said it's in both form and not form. I call it form and spirit because the molecule is spinning. So it spins. And when it spins, it's either spinning in what we would call the third dimension, or it's spinning in multi-dimensions. But it's always there.

[01:17:06] So if we're putting something like that into our bodies, then we're holding a field or inviting in an element that's also feeding the cells and doing all these wonderful things because there are micronutrients, but you're doing it in a way that the body isn't identifying it in just form, but also not form at the same time, or quantum.

[01:17:32] And so you're teaching your body, just by ingesting something like this, that it is both. And it doesn't have to identify in just form. That it can start to identify in this quantum too because in the quantum field, even though we can't "see it," it has so much power. This is where our freedom is. We're so focused on trying to break out of the entrapment of our body. What is this over here that everybody's ignoring? It's like, oh, let's go over here. Let's do this.

[01:18:10] Luke: So you're programming the Ormus material itself with the frequencies. So that's the physical carrier of the frequencies. Okay. So when I got these bottles, which thank you to whoever on your team sent me this stuff. I love getting free stuff. It's a nice perk of this job. So there's this Scalar 33 Serum.

[01:18:34] And of course, the first thing I do when I get something, before I put it in or on my body, is scan all the ingredients. And this stuff has all of every single next level thing for your skin ever imaginable. So I was like, even if none of the scalar stuff really has an impact, I'm like, this is really good skincare. But then, I was reading, okay, how do I use it? And then this bottle here, the Ormus Activator, it says to put three to five drops of that into this.

[01:19:03] And so I was like, okay, I'll take directions. And I started doing that, and it feels nice on my skin. I'm into it. And then this morning, I looked at the ingredients on the Omrus parts, structured water Ormus, Dead Sea minerals, nano-gold, advanced scaler wave frequency of the evolution technology. I thought, nothing in there is going to kill me, so I just ate some, and I feel great. I'm still alive. Don't feel sick or anything like that. Was I nuts and trying this internally, or was my intuition good that it could be taken that way?

[01:19:36] Jewels: I say always listen to your intuition.

[01:19:38] Luke: Okay. And then I don't know if this one is out yet, but I think you said earlier that this one here is actually meant as a sublingual--

[01:19:47] Jewels: Yes.

[01:19:48] Luke: Oral supplement of Ormus, basically.

[01:19:50] Jewels: Yes.

[01:19:50] Luke: What's the difference between these two?

[01:19:52] Jewels: The way that they're coded. So the Scalar 33 is basically working with the code 33, so the DMT code 33, which is mastering the body, mastering 963 as the body. So that's the frequency. So it's also doing all the other things, but that's the frequency it's focusing on. This new one is the one that I'm actually going to code on my journey that we talked about.

[01:20:19] Luke: Oh, cool, cool.

[01:20:20] Jewels: So I'll be coding it through that.

[01:20:21] Luke: Right. So that's why I should start it at the end of the month.

[01:20:26] Jewels: Yeah.

[01:20:26] Luke: Okay, cool. When you say the word 33, there's going to be a small fraction of people listening that think you're a Freemason, by the way.

[01:20:34] Jewels: I know. I always have to butt up with the programming of the illusion.

[01:20:39] Luke: Whenever I hear that number, see that number, I get all paranoid. I'm just like, oh wait, no, no, no, no.

[01:20:45] Jewels: I know you have to be really careful, but no, 33 in numerology is mastery. It's basically the ability to be in creation as the creator without separation.

[01:20:57] Luke: Maybe that's why they adopted it, because it's like 33-degree Mason, I think, is the most gangster level you can get to in their religion.

[01:21:07] Jewels: I say we break that illusion by just turning it on and all becoming our own little masters.

[01:21:13] Luke: I love that. I'm down with that. All right. And then something that I've heard about over the years and people have given me doses of this is this monoatomic gold.

[01:21:23] Jewels: It's the same thing as Ormus. It's just a different name.

[01:21:26] Luke: I see. Okay. In Ormus, usually, like yours and others that I've worked with, it's a little bit of a creamy texture, and it's gray or silvery-looking essentially.

[01:21:39] Jewels: Yes.

[01:21:40] Luke: Okay, cool. Another thing that I've been using just based on intuition is you have these essential oils that are labeled with codes like dopamine, or oxytocin, or DMT. And so just intuitively, I took the dopamine code one, and I put it in my diffuser that sits on my desk, and I just run it all day long thinking, it might help me focus by giving me access to that frequency. Tell me a little bit about how the oils are used. Do people typically use them topically or in a diffuser like I'm doing?

[01:22:17] Jewels: Yeah. Either way. A lot of times, I actually have people use them when they're-- if you think about how we create our choices, if we're creating our choices through the program body, is that we're doing it to create an emotion or to have something happen. And so instead of going and doing something, yes, you're putting an oil on, but whether-- let's say it's dopamine and you just want that quick energy fix, and you're going for sugar, or caffeine, or something. We just encourage--

[01:22:50] Luke: Nicotine's my dopamine enhance-- nicotine.

[01:22:52] Jewels: Nicotine.

[01:22:53] Luke: Yeah, these little things. I don't know if you saw me. My Lucy nicotine.

[01:22:57] Jewels: I was wondering if that's what you were doing.

[01:22:58] Luke: I always need to tell guests, if you see me digging up in my gum and pulling something gross out, it's that, but yeah. I love the microdose of nicotine, especially when you don't have to smoke it and get the negative effects of it, but yeah, it really makes me focused. It's a little mood boost, but I would say I'm also admittedly pretty dependent on it. In other words, I always know where it is in the house and how much there is of it, which to me is an indicator of some level of attachment, to be honest.

[01:23:29] Jewels: I totally agree with you on that one.

[01:23:30] Luke: If you're not addicted, or even just-- I would say, maybe attachment is a lighter, a lesser version of addiction, but if you don't know where something is and you forgot about it, you're probably not addicted to it.

[01:23:42] Jewels: I agree.

[01:23:43] Luke: If you know exactly where it is and you're concerned it's going to be gone, you might have some attachment.

[01:23:47] Jewels: That's how I feel with my macadamia nuts.

[01:23:50] Luke: Yeah. We all have something. It's like the phone. It's anything that gives the body some sort of reward or pleasure. That's the way we're designed. It's beautiful. It's just a matter of, who's the master. And for me, even though I know ultimately I'm the master, even though I'm subject to this habit at the moment, I'm also a willing participant in it.

[01:24:11] And that helps alleviate some of the guilt that I would otherwise have about it. Like, oh, why can't I not do this? It's like, apparently, I need it right now, and I'm just rolling with it. And it doesn't have any negative consequences in my life other than what I do to myself about it because I have certain beliefs that I shouldn't be doing that. Why not? Who says? Where did that information come from?

[01:24:32] Jewels: I agree.

[01:24:33] Luke: Comes my perfectionism.

[01:24:35] Jewels: Conscious choices, I feel, bypass the programming of shame, which is amazing.

[01:24:42] Luke: Yeah. It's like you with your earlier teen use of alcohol. You're like, okay, I know what I'm doing, and I know why I'm doing it, and I'm choosing to do it until it becomes problematic, which it did. Hey, where are your parents-- I've been watching again. I haven't watched this in a long time because it makes me so emotional, but the show Intervention, which I watched for years, are you familiar?

[01:25:04] The show Intervention has a documentary film team that follows an afflicted addict or alcoholic and their family for a number of weeks with the intention of setting up a covert family or friend intervention on the addict to throw their ass in rehab. And it's heartbreaking and also deeply beautiful and inspiring when the people surrender and submit to going to rehab, which they sometimes do and sometimes don't.

[01:25:31] So in watching that, what's really interesting is seeing the sickness of codependency. And you'll see some parents that have bottom lines, and they kick their kid out, like your parents did. But most of the time, in these family dynamics where there's an addict at the center of it, you see, speaking of frequency, the frequency of illness, and dependency, and trauma, and sickness spreads to the whole group of people involved with the addict.

[01:25:58] It's like a cancer of the psyche. It's so interesting. And I've experienced this subjectively in my own life many, many, times, and the likelihood of someone going to rehab and staying sober when their family doesn't get help is very low. You can pretty much guarantee there's going to be a relapse if the family doesn't take care of their codependency and all the enmeshment and stuff.

[01:26:21] So my question was, how do you think your parents understood that-- I'm sure they loved you and were sad that you were misbehaving and acting out. Where do you think they got the knowledge and awareness to kick you out of the house? Which to me, in some cases, is the most loving thing you can do when someone's harming themselves, right?

[01:26:41] Jewels: Right.

[01:26:41] Luke: Whereas to coddle them and support them would be enabling and ultimately hurting them and going against their highest good.

[01:26:51] Jewels: Sure. Okay. So that's a really good question. I don't know that I can answer it. I've never really asked them. I've never asked them. And it was after, but not long after I left, they actually got a divorce. So there was a lot going on. Honestly, if I'm looking back on it, and I can't say this for sure, I just think that they were just fed up, and they were just like, we don't know what else to do. Right?

[01:27:29] Luke: Right. It wasn't some high-level psychological understanding where they're like, honey, I think we're enabling her. We should give her some tough love.

[01:27:36] Jewels: My mom was a self-help book person, so I'm guessing there's probably an element of that, and I think that actually was part of her reasoning for getting a divorce as well. So the way that they grew up and just where they were in that generation, I would say that they were both pretty awakened in their own right.

[01:28:01] Luke: Yeah. They could have very well saved your life by doing that. I think that's the thing. In the immediate, in those type of scenarios, when the family of an addict, or not that you were necessary that, but someone who's having substance abuse problems, not all of them are addicts officially.

[01:28:20] Some people just go through a phase where they're wild now. But it's counterintuitive that oftentimes the most loving thing that the family can do is to just create boundaries, and bottom lines, and cut off their credit cards, kick them out of the house, disown them, and just have to rely on the faith that if they end up out on the streets, they're going to live to tell the tale.

[01:28:44] It just probably doesn't go that way much of the time, but I have so much sympathy for parents in that situation, and just friends over the years. I've cut people off because I knew that having them in my life would only support their destructive behavior. It's a really tough decision for people to have to make.

[01:29:04] And I don't know that there's a right or wrong in every scenario, but I would say the trend overall, based on my observation and personal experiences to cut cords and let people hit a bottom, because that's what had to happen for me-- if people would have got me a credit card or started giving me money, I never would have got sober. Once I ran out of options, it was like, okay, I'll go to rehab.

[01:29:26] Jewels: Oh my gosh, you're so funny.

[01:29:28] Luke: There's just no way I would have done it. I just had to be painted into a corner through my own stupidity. What do I want to ask you? Oh, I know what I want to ask you. Have you ever heard of this technology called the Rasha?

[01:29:43] Jewels: I think I've heard of it, but I don't know what it is.

[01:29:45] Luke: Oh man, I'm going to send you a podcast about it. We had one here. They're quite expensive, so I don't own one yet. I think they're around $60,000, but they're a scalar generator of sorts and really, really incredible technology. I'll send you a podcast I did about it, and we'll put it in the show notes for people that want a deep dive on the scalar thing. Yeah, it's super cool. So I wanted to ask you. Oftentimes, people in these circles know the other people.

[01:30:13] Jewels: That's not me. I never listen to podcasts. I don't listen to it. I really am in my own lane. It's how I keep it super clean, and it works for me. You know what I'm going to say? When you were saying that, obviously, I'm all for introducing frequency into the body, but there's going to be a point where we're going to be much more powerful than anything else. We are the most advanced technology there is, for real. At some point, we're going to move into a frequency where we just don't need anything.

[01:30:54] Luke: I'll look forward to that. It'll be a lot less expensive. My wife down there. I heard her come home. She would argue that you don't need any of it right now, Luke. She's always reminding me, dude, everything you're looking for is found within.

[01:31:10] Jewels: I love that.

[01:31:11] Luke: It's endogenous. She's a shaman, so her whole paradigm is a little bit different than mine, even though we're both going after the same objective. But I think it's both. There's phases you go through in life where you're more dependent on exogenous tools than you are internal tools. And I've oscillated between both of those, but I like your perspective. I always think it's funny that you have a podcast and you don't listen to them because Alyson does the same thing. She's never listened to a podcast.

[01:31:39] Jewels: In 2015, I was told to just cut off from everything. The only time I listen to one is when I'm going to have a podcast. So I listened to one of yours.

[01:31:51] Luke: Good. Well, if you're going to listen to one, that would be the one. Damn it. Tell me a little bit about some of the other things you do. I know you do some training here. You've got BioQuantum membership, a bi-monthly online gathering with your partner. Is it Leanne?

[01:32:05] Jewels: Mm-hmm.

[01:32:07] Luke: Leanne. And then you have something called the DMT Academy which sounds like something I would like to sign up for based on our conversation. What are some of your other offerings and ways in which people can interact with you other than just trying your products out in the physical realm?

[01:32:22] Jewels: Right. So the products are turning on the body, working on the cellular levels to your body, holding 963. And then I actually have a school where it teaches you how to hold consciousness in that frequency and how to actually move consciousness into the intelligence and start to identify as the intelligence.

[01:32:40] And I actually teach you how to do that because it's not easy to hold consciousness and something that's super abstract because we've been taught otherwise. So it's basic foundation of how to do that. And then I also teach you how to basically-- I don't really like to use the word reprogram the cell, but we'll just say it for the sake of saying it. Just reprogram the cells to where it's actually an expression of that frequency versus identifying in this environment.

[01:33:12] Luke: Got it. Okay, cool. And we'll put all that, you guys, in the show notes at lukestorey.com/dmt so people don't have to keep track of a million different links and things like that. You have an upcoming event here. I have in my notes the DMT Ascension journey, September of this year, which we're in now, through January of '24. Is that an ongoing online event?

[01:33:31] Jewels: So that is the journey I was telling you about. Yes.

[01:33:35] Luke: That you're just going on your own.

[01:33:36] Jewels: I'm doing it on my own. So what I'm doing is recording. And when this goes live, I'll only be a little bit into it. And people can join at any time. It's all recorded. So I'll be basically hiking in and going to some remote places, finding certain vortexes that are holding a frequency identical to the code.

[01:34:01] So I'm going to do 12 different ones. And once I find it, I'm going to neutralize the space so that the body isn't needing anything outside of itself. So how we're dependent on the earth, and the air, and all of these different things. I'm going to be coding through the vortex, so basically through my DNA into the vortex to neutralize it so it goes into a certain space of neutrality so that there's no separation between the body and the earth.

[01:34:28] And by doing that, you're also turning on the body so it's holding 100% of that one code. So I'll be going to 12 different places. I'll be recording myself doing the actual coding, and then I'm going to be holding live reflection calls afterwards. So once everybody gets the recording and does the activation on themselves and are coding the Ormus and coding their body to have that frequency as well, we're going to meet live and talk about what their experience is and any information that they're getting through the intelligence that's turning on and that sort of thing. So it'll be a lot of fun.

[01:35:06] Luke: What a trippy life you have.

[01:35:08] Jewels: I love it. It's got to me good.

[01:35:10] Luke: It's fun. I love it. Yeah. I'm just picturing you out in the woods looking around for the vortex.

[01:35:15] Jewels: Have my bear spray.

[01:35:17] Luke: Yeah. Totally. How did you determine the exact locations of where you're going, or are they predetermined, or are you figuring out as you go?

[01:35:26] Jewels: They're pretty determined. So at one point, I knew that come October 1st, I wasn't going to be a nomad. I just knew it. So I started giving away my stuff. I was ending everything at that point. And I thought I was actually going to come down to Austin. I actually rented a place and everything because I just was like, oh, go down there. There's a lot of people that are like me.

[01:35:49] And just a few weeks ago, I started having visions of myself going to these different areas. So I started writing them down, and I was like, oh, maybe I'll go here. And I started writing them all down. And then I started getting visions of my friend Rob. I still have his ashes. And he started showing me that I was going to actually put his ashes in all these locations. And so, by the time I got it done, I marked it all out. And I was looking at it, and I was like, this is really interesting because it made a heart, exactly the way I was going.

[01:36:27] Luke: Oh, wow. Tracing a map?

[01:36:28] Jewels: Yeah, so it was in the United States, and it made a heart out of all the places I was going except for one that was in the middle. And that's when I was like, oh my gosh, this is the heart of the dove. So I don't know of the people that knew the book of the Keys of Enoch, but there's a whole thing about the return of the dove. And I honestly don't really resonate with the book, but my friend Rob did. I actually read it to him when he was dying, and I had a dream where I was supposed to return to the heart of the dove. And the middle spot is actually where I was born.

[01:37:01] Luke: No way.

[01:37:01] Jewels: Yes.

[01:37:03] Luke: Trippy.

[01:37:04] Jewels: I know.

[01:37:05] Luke: Fascinating.

[01:37:06] Jewels: I know. You can't make this stuff up.

[01:37:08] Luke: Yeah. The best things in life can't be made up because they're just too crazy. You couldn't make it up. Something I've been playing with around incarnation, my worldview or philosophy is that our soul is a unique expression of God or consciousness, and it's pre-programmed to find its way back to its source. It's like boomerangs out into the universe and, through its own volition and will, eventually, find its way back. And it does that through God knows how many lifetimes. Thousands and thousands of them maybe.

[01:37:54] And each time we have an opportunity in the 3D realm to elevate our consciousness, and learn, and grow, and gain wisdom, and apply it. So that's the model I've been working with and see that there's been so much fruition in this lifetime because I've been able to evolve so much in a short period of time.

[01:38:18] So who knows how many lifetimes I was just a totally unconscious ogre? But in this time, I went through enough shit that it really gave me a deep yearning for God. And I feel like I'm on my way. And at the same time, where I've been arriving lately is this sense like, I don't know if I want to keep doing this.

[01:38:38] I don't know if I want to keep coming back here. I feel like maybe this is it, maybe this could be the one, and then I can go be of service in the celestial realms or wherever we exist when we're not in this body. You personally, where are you on that journey? Provided you even understand or fit in that worldview yourself, do you want to keep coming back here, or do you want to make this one your last trip?

[01:39:03] Jewels: So first of all, I'm pretty positive because I can literally remember when I was born, knowing it was the first time.

[01:39:13] Luke: Really?

[01:39:14] Jewels: Yes. And I knew it was the last time too.

[01:39:17] Luke: Oh, one-time shot.

[01:39:18] Jewels: Yeah, one time. So I don't know how I remember that, but I do. But I think you're right. I actually feel like this is going to be the last for a lot of people because people are waking up enough that they realize that the life and death cycle is actually a hoax, and that it isn't even supposed to be the way that we evolve consciously because, what's the point?

[01:39:42] It doesn't even make sense. If you really step back and you're like, let's just put everybody in these little matrices because when they're not in that form, they're actually source, so it's either your source or you're in this existence that we're existing now. And then how conscious we are within that existence will be our experience of that.

[01:40:02] And then we'll come up with all these different stories of why is it this, and why is it this, and it was this past life. Honestly, all the stories, the why's, they got to go. It's like you're either experiencing your programming or you're experiencing the intelligence of source. Let's just cut all the bullshit and just know which one you're in.

[01:40:26] And once you know that, you can make the choice of either this or this. It doesn't have to be hard. All of the past lives and all these different things, it's just a bunch of stories to entertain the ego of why you are the way you are. Who cares? Because why you are the way you are is your programming. This is the only thing that's real.

[01:40:46] Luke: It's interesting you describe it as a hoax because, lately, I've been getting a sense that it's possible that on the other side, in some of the astral planes that one might pass through when you leave the body, there could be tricksters in there that dupe you into coming back, go toward the light, to keep us imprisoned in the cycle of reincarnation, and dupe us into thinking that that is the path of evolution and the only path of evolution. So we're like, okay, I guess I'll go back to another body and do it again. But there could be, on those realms, some level of deception that we're not aware of.

[01:41:29] Jewels: It's so interesting that you said that about the light because that was actually the first message that Rob gave me, is don't go to the light. He said go to the darkness. Because if you think about the color black, it's every color. And light is the reflection. And that's what we're moving out of. We don't want to be in reflection anymore. We want to be in expression. We want to be all that is. So it only makes sense that we would go to the darkness.

[01:41:57] Luke: That's interesting. Wow.

[01:41:59] Jewels: That's deep.

[01:41:59] Luke: Damn, that's super deep. Yeah. I never thought about it like that because we always frame the light as illumination and knowingness. And that the darkness is an unknown void, and there's an emptiness there, and there's a fullness to the presence of light. And just thinking about dark emotions, and light emotions, and the dark arts.

[01:42:21] There's this paradigm of light and dark. I've never thought about it in that way, but I am definitely curious about, how much free will do we have in coming back around every time, and how much of it is based on some level of deception or just being misinformed on how the whole game works? Do we even need to keep coming back and playing the game?

[01:42:42] Jewels: I don't think we do, but I think they've actually done some research on this. I couldn't tell you where it is. I just remember hearing this, that they studied these people that had near-life death experiences and came back, and whatever their belief system was was their experience when they were dead.

[01:43:03] Because it does take about two hours for all the electrons to leave your body. So that makes me feel like that until all of the electrons are gone and you're completely emerged back into source, where we could have the illusion that something else is going on. But eventually, the electrons are going to hit source, and that's going to happen. That's what I'm going to say. I would much rather believe that than have a fear that, oh, I'm going to leave back. Because clearly, that hasn't happened yet.

[01:43:39] Luke: Yeah, some traditions hold that it takes three days for you to fully leave the body. Have you heard that?

[01:43:47] Jewels: I haven't, but I would back that up too, for sure.

[01:43:52] Luke: Yeah. The way that I've set up my trust, and will, and burial requests is that I'm kept in the house for three days and not put in a fucking morgue or in refrigerators. I'm like, I'm not having that. I don't know why. It's just my intuition. I don't even know if it's Hindu or where that tradition comes from exactly, but when I was put in the position to adult and lay these plans out and create a plan to make life easier, hopefully, on the people that are left here, I just knew there's no way I'm going to be put anywhere for 72 hours.

[01:44:34] Jewels: I love that. I'm going to do that too, but I'm really hoping that I'm actually going to send the body in this lifetime.

[01:44:40] Luke: It sounds like you might. You're on to some next level stuff here. I wouldn't put it past you. There's definitely stories in history, as I said, of people just dematerializing because they reach a certain levity, I guess you could say. So I'm all for it. All right. Last question for you. And you might not even have an answer because it seems like you've just been navigating your own path for a very long time and have not really subscribed to following other people and things like that, but could you name three teachers, or even teachings, or philosophies that have influenced your life and your work that you'd like to share with us?

[01:45:17] Jewels: Obviously, Eva, the Lakota I worked with. Eva White Desert Eagle was her name. I would say she had the biggest influence on me. I did work with one other lady. Her name was Debra Lord, and she was amazing as well. What she really did is showed me all of the different beliefs. It was just like messy. Like, let's go in and just look at it all. And I did some work with her for almost a year.

[01:45:49] But as far as studying where you would find like the Joe Dispenzas and alI that, I never was attracted to it. And it was actually after I worked with Debra, so I was probably 28, I knew, just cut it off. Just start doing your own thing. And I did. And I would read books here and there and do some different stuff, but not very often. I think I just always knew that the only way we're actually going to find something new is to listen to something that's not already out there.

[01:46:28] Luke: Yeah, makes sense. Maybe that would be the defining characteristic between a seeker and a finder. There's a point at which, hopefully, you find what you're looking for and just keep going deeper into that. I respect that. And I'm going to let you off with two because you--

[01:46:49] Jewels: Thanks. I would really have to rack my brain.

[01:46:52] Luke: It's just a tradition on the show. I think I've forgotten it a couple of times over the seven or eight years or however long I've been doing this, but it's always a question I love to ask because you talk to someone who has, hopefully, some expertise and wisdom to share. And I'm always curious, like, that's cool, but who came before you? You know what I mean? And I think I just started doing it when I started the podcast. And I, for some reason, just never stopped.

[01:47:17] Jewels: I think it's a great tradition.

[01:47:18] Luke: But I'll take you two, and we'll go from there. Thank you so much for joining me today. This has been really fun. I knew we were going to shave a wild ride, and that proved to be the case, so thank you.

[01:47:28] Jewels: Thanks for just being so open and relaxed. It's so nice having conversations with people that are open to talking about things that may be challenging for people to hear. And I have a saying where I just straight up am not here to make people comfortable. And I own where I am, and I love it. And if you resonate with it, I love it. It's like, let's have fun and just see how far we can go. But it's not about trying to change anyone's beliefs. It's just sharing my truth, and thank you for letting me do that.

[01:48:02] Luke: 100%.


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