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Do you believe that as you age, your health and energy have to decline, and that eventual disease is unavoidable? There is a widespread misconception that aging equals illness. Luckily, through lifestyle changes, alternative medicine, and various natural healing modalities, we now have the power to alter the course of our future, and defy the odds that lean toward our eventual decline into degenerative disease and premature aging.

Our guest Dr. Jane Goldberg takes us on a journey through her last 30+ years as an anti-aging enthusiast. She might just be one of the world's first female biohackers, and has such a rich history in the realm of natural healing that we could barely fit this dense interview into two full-length interviews. 

Jane and I spent over three hours in her cutting-edge La Casa Spa and Wellness Center in New York City, trying out all of the various health tech gadgets she uses in her practice, and chatting about everything she's discovered in her three decades of research. 

If you're interested in maintaining a youthful appearance, cultivating boundless energy, and remaining free of chronic illness and for many years to come, this comprehensive overview will give you years worth of habits, and lifestyle hacks that you can begin to implement right away. 

The Life Stylist Podcast is about not only looking young, but feeling young at heart, and in energy. Do someone you love a favor and share this episode with them so that they can have an easy-to-follow roadmap of alternative medicine and healing therapies to apply themselves. 

Here’s to living forever. Or at least living well for as long as we’re here.



  • The vital importance of Vitamin D3, magnesium, and the secret to why we’re all deficient 
  • How red light therapy helps your body heal and gives you energy
  • The power of hydrogen water supplements and inhalers for the ultimate anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant experience
  • Women hormones imbalances and what's causing it
  • The most accurate thyroid testing, and what to look for
  • The reason why young girls in Puerto Rico were entering early puberty 
  • The detrimental effects of factory farming on our health 
  • The top 5 most toxic foods that most of us are still eating
  • Why all wheat and gluten is toxic for everyone, not just celiacs
  • To eat dairy, or to not eat dairy: that is the question 
  • The best natural animal milks to use as a great milk alternative 
  • How your lifestyle overwrites your genes when it comes to your health 
  • Warning! The shocking truth behind "raw organic" almond milk labeling
  • How corn is loaded with fungus, 3 of which are carcinogenic
  • How to treat kidney infections naturally
  • The accuracy of frequency scanning systems 
  • The matrix decoder and how it can replace so many dangerous medical interventions
  • The science and history of Iridology 
  • The basic principals of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, and how to use them in our modern world
  • How important sleep is to allow your brain to detox

Here's PART ONE if you missed it.


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