276. Plandemic Power Play: Challenging The Media & Big Pharma Virus Narrative

Rashid A. Buttar

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar helps us get to the root of the strange coincidences in the mainstream media’s narrative around the current pandemic and see if we can uncover just a little bit of that ever-so-elusive truth.

Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM, graduated from Washington University with a double major in Biology and Theology and went on to attend medical school at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery. He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon and Director of Emergency Medicine while serving in the U.S. Army. Dr. Buttar is board certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology, Preventive Medicine, is board eligible in Emergency Medicine and has achieved fellowship status in three separate medical societies. He serves as the Medical Director for The Centers for Advanced Medicine with clinics in California and North Carolina, with planned expansion into more states. These clinics specialize in the need of patients with immune dysfunctions and toxicity issues, usually manifesting in various conditions such as cancer, heart disease, autism and more. Many of the patients that come to The Centers have been refractory to conventional medical treatments. In the past, Dr. Buttar was extensively involved in polypeptide research and development of innovative drug delivery mechanisms. He has lectured worldwide to physicians, been featured on national and international news media including TV, radio and newspaper and has testified in front of the North Carolina State Congress as well as the US Congressional Sub-Committee on Human Rights and Wellness at the federal level. Dr. Buttar has served at the highest level of leadership in a number of different medical societies in the past, including 6 years as President of the North Carolina Integrative Medical Society, as well as the Chairman of the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology for 8 years.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

There are three sides to every story: their side, your side, and the truth.

So, no matter what you’re reading, watching, or listening to, I encourage you to always use your own heart, gut, and intuition to come to your own conclusions. My goal in this and every episode is just to present information that challenges the mainstream narrative that we’re being force-fed.

That isn’t to say all information coming from the mainstream is incorrect or misleading, or that all people working within that paradigm have nefarious intentions, but you have to admit that there are some anomalies in the official story we’re being fed about COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic.

So, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar joins me today to help us get to the root of these strange coincidences and see if we can uncover just a little bit of that ever-so-elusive truth. And you can learn even more about the research that Dr. Buttar has done on the subject at www.askdrbuttar.com/lukestorey.

11:40 — The cost of speaking out

  • Speaking out to protect our children’s and our children’s children’s future
  • We’re at a turning point for our society and species
  • Dr. Buttar’s military background
  • Sowing division and discontent
  • 9/11, The Gulf War, and other times the government lied to us about at least part of the truth

26:21 — Dr. Buttar’s background

  • Being trained to be a part of the traditional medical model and then realizing that so much of it doesn’t make sense
  • Wanting to be a doctor, not a drug dealer
  • The psychology of healing

36:15 — Dr. Buttar’s thoughts on COVID-19

  • Why Dr. Buttar started questioning the mainstream narrative on COVID-19
  • What happened with H1N1
  • There was an accident in Wuhan, and then opportunists capitalized on it
  • Changing the standard for what we consider a COVID-19-related death and altering death certificates
  • The flawed COVID-19 testing and widespread false positives
  • Dr. Buttar’s live streams on the coronavirus — you can get them for free at www.askdrbuttar.com/lukestorey
  • How many people who have died of COVID-19 had an adult vaccine?
  • There should be a vaccine due to the way it was made
  • How effortless it was to shut down the economy

56:00 — 5G and COVID-19

  • Are 5G or EMF radiation related to the pandemic?
  • The hotbeds for the coronavirus are areas with a lot of 5G
  • The reason for so many cases of COVID-19 in places where 5G has not been activated
  • The 3 things that make you susceptible to COVID-19
  • EMFs and cancer
  • Problems with the treatment process, if we were treating a viral infection
  • Masking the problems created by the medical establishment with one-fourth truths
  • Doctors and nurses reporting people being admitted with what looks like altitude sickness
  • The conflicting personal accounts from healthcare workers and citizens who report widespread cases and full hospitals (while, at the same time, many report empty hospitals and few cases)

01:12:10 — Fauci’s shady background and why he might be compromised

  • Dr. Ron Paul saying Dr. Fauci should be fired
  • The tie between Fauci and Bill Gates

01:14:45 — How the vaccine for COVID-19 will create a real problem

  • Is the end goal of this scenario widespread vaccinations?
  • Can we really trust the CDC and the WHO? If not, why not?
  • Why is the HHS the defendant if you file a lawsuit against vaccine manufacturers?
  • Vaccines aren’t all bad, but our vaccine schedule doesn’t make sense

01:36:45 — Draconian tech censorship

  • Misinformation on EMFs and 5G

01:45:30 — Toxicity everywhere

  • Intentional toxins from vaccines
  • Environmental toxins
  • Radiation
  • Doctors who don’t give their own children vaccines
  • Fort Detrick

02:01:05 — Is it possible that COVID-19 is a bioweapon?

  • Dr. Buttar doesn’t think it was intentional
  • What happened in Wuhan was probably an accident, but the powers that be in the U.S. are capitalizing on it
  • There are no cases in an area of West Virginia that has no cellular signals
  • Why do U.S. leaders and the U.S. media now sound exactly like the communist Chinese leaders and media?
  • How the mayor of LA has recently provided incentives for snitching
  • There’s nothing to fear about COVID-19, but there is danger

02:14:10 — Draconian tech censorship

  • Alex Jones
  • An upcoming platform that will allow anyone to broadcast without censorship

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[00:00:00]Luke Storey:  All right. And we are live. All right, man. Here we go. We're about to jump off the deep end into a rabbit hole, doc. You ready for this?

[00:00:19]Rashid Buttar:  I served at the 5th Special Forces Group and the 2nd Infantry Division, and was attached to the 101st Air Assault for a while, and even though with being with some of these units, the motto that I remember the most was not the De Oppresso Liber, which was part of the 5th Special Forces Group, but the thing that I remember the most is from Boy Scouts, be prepared. So, I'm prepared, locked and loaded, ready to rock and roll.

[00:00:44]Luke Storey:  Right on, man. We put out some great information. And in the midst of this, I mean, it's just a crisis on so many levels, I'm not even calling it a pandemic. It's just, there are so many different elements to what we're facing right now. It has so much more to do with the physical illness component. It's now turned into this complete government overreach, and it's very difficult to tell how much of that overreach is necessary, how much of it's appropriate, how much is not. And then, when we get into the censorship part, which I'm sure we're going to talk about, that's an overreach that I feel is completely uncalled for and inappropriate.

[00:01:26] And you're someone who's been censored a lot, so I feel privileged to be able to have this conversation with you in an unadulterated way, and really speak freely. And we're going to put it out as many places as we can. And I'll use coded language in the titles and try to evade the censorship algorithms, but I'm going out fighting. I can't live with myself if I don't at least have intelligent conversations and ask tough questions. So, thank you for your bravery and willingness to do that at whatever cost because there is a cost for many of us that are speaking out and just asking questions. So, for listeners-

[00:02:00]Rashid Buttar:  I appreciate you getting the word out, too. I appreciate that. Thank you.

[00:02:02]Luke Storey:  Yeah. I got to do it, man. I mean, honestly, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I just rolled over and just said, okay, whatever they tell me on the news, I'm going to listen to, and just do that.

[00:02:11]Rashid Buttar:  Well, do you have kids?

[00:02:13]Luke Storey:  No, I don't.

[00:02:13]Rashid Buttar:  Okay. Well, I think that's probably the greatest motivation for me. In fact, 99% of my motivation is that if we die, we die. To me, it's one of those things that once you've been in the service and once you've been in certain situations, a movie called Savages that I saw, there was a great line, and he said, "When you realize from the moment that you are born, you're in the slow process of dying, suddenly, death isn't that big of a deal."

[00:02:40] And honestly, I feel that way, but I have children, and I want to have my children be able to have grandchildren. And this is the future of not just my children or my grandchildren and your potential grandchildren, children. I guess you have to have children before you can have grandchildren, but my point is that it's talking about the real risk to survival on this planet, about what's going on right now. And these evolutionary processes that take place and their key processes that in retrospect, you can see how critical that time was.

[00:03:16] But during the process, when you're in that process, you may not recognize it. I believe right now, we're at one of those critical processes that future history would remember that if man had done what they should have done at this critical juncture, things could have been different. And so, between you and me, Luke, I see the future as being either extremely, extremely bright, which is about 99% of where my body is feeling it or it's going to be Mad Max time.

[00:03:42] And that's only maybe, I can feel that less than 1%. But that's my biggest incentive, to get this information out, and the censorship aspect, and all the sheer volume of how absurd this reaction has been goes back to something I learned a long, long time ago. And that is that every time you deal with an obstacle, and the greater the obstacle, it's more the universe testing your resolve and how committed you are to that next step.

[00:04:12] So, there's that old story of the man that was climbing the mountain. He was a blind guy and he was climbing Mount Everest. I don't know if this is true or not. I don't think it's true. But he said, at no costs would he give up. He would continue to climb if he died. And he continues to climb, continues to climb, and then, they basically have a weather issue warning and they say, "You're not going to be able to make it." And long story short, he gets right to the brink, but he doesn't know how much further he has to go.

[00:04:37] And he just basically, at the last minute, stops because he thinks he's going to die, and he marks the place, and then, retreats. Well, after the weather cleared, they sent a chopper up there and they found that he was only like 15 feet away from the crest, and had he not quit. So, my belief is that the only way you can ever fail in life is if you quit. My kids and I talked about this, my sons and I've talked about this, "Well, dad, what if you're bleeding, and you're dying, and you don't hit your target, but you still go there, then haven't you failed because you don't hit the target?" 

[00:05:05] And in my opinion, no, you didn't fail because you didn't quit. The only way you can ever fail is quit. So, as long as we don't quit, and we continue to strive forward, and we don't let these bastards oppress mankind because that's really what they're doing, that this is just a false flag. I mean, we'll get into that. But as long as we never quit and we see what the target is, the target is a more evolved society, a better way of us connecting and understanding, that no matter what we think or believe, there's been constant division, Muslim against Jew, Christian against Muslim, Black against White, man against woman, old against young, Democrat against Republican. It's a divisiveness.

[00:05:45] That's what they're creating, this divisiveness. And it's always been because if you divide and conquer, then you can control people, right? And that's really what it comes down to. Now, this is a unifying event if you think about it. From a global standpoint, it's unifying us. And that's actually something that the powers that be that are orchestrating this may not have actually expected. And I think that that's another positive.

[00:06:06]Luke Storey:  Well, that's a great way to look at it. And I so agree with you because there's always the law of duality and law of opposites, right? So, as dark as some of these seemingly possessed humans are that are these control freaks that are running the planet, the 1%, it's like as dark as that energy is, and who knows what the ultimate agenda truly is other than the people perpetrating the agenda, but as dark as that is, it really forces more and more people to wake up.

[00:06:36] And I've observed this throughout my adult life, starting with 9/11. And when that happened, it wasn't obvious to me at first that there were anomalies in the official story. And there were things that just didn't add up. I remember when it happened, I was watching the news. My girlfriend ran in the room and got me. I came out, oh, my God, I can't believe this, and then watched the news reports after that and just took it for granted that the story being reported was, in fact, what had transpired.

[00:07:05] Shortly after that, within a few months, a friend of mine sent me some YouTube video, and it was just about the Pentagon. And the video said essentially, hey, do you remember when in the event of 9/11, the plane hit the Pentagon? And I'm thinking, yeah, yeah, I remember that. I mean, it was right on the news. I saw the whole thing, and then said, did you really see the plane, and so on, right? And then, you come to find there's no plane there. There's no footage of a plane. There's no parts of the plane. It didn't happen.

[00:07:32] Now, I don't know what did happen. Well, that was the break in the matrix for me. And then, so ensues all of these independent documentaries that they're questioning not only that event, but other events, as you mentioned, false flag events, and such throughout history. And that's like they went too far to where the veil was lifted and too many people became awakened. And, man, this is like that times a freaking thousand because now, people that were relatively ignorant of the media in general, and didn't even pay that much attention because their life's been so disrupted by this, are now going, huh, something about this doesn't add up just on a gut level.

[00:08:09] Even people that aren't medically informed, politically informed, et cetera. I mean, most people I talked to are afraid and concerned, but they also don't trust the story that were being told. And that is the other side of that darkness that's the awakening that you speak of, is that people are sort of being forced out of their slumber and having to question some of their preconceived ideas or some of the narratives that are being fed to us by the powers that be.

[00:08:36]Rashid Buttar:  So, Luke, can I warm us up then a little bit with the 9/11 thing?

[00:08:39]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[00:08:39]Rashid Buttar:  Because I don't normally talk about 9/11, but it's actually interesting because it is very similar. For me, I was married at the time. So, I was watching it also live and my, now, ex-wife had run in the room and same thing that you were kind of talking about. And then, my lab partner, he called me and he's pro-military too. He's about 22 years my senior. And I was watching this. And very calmly, he says, "Well, this wouldn't be the first time that a nation has fired on its own people." And I said, "What? What the hell are you talking about, Dean?" And he said, "You wait." And I'm like, "Man, you're crazy. I don't know what you're talking about." 

[00:09:23] Now, I make a call to one of my buddies that served with me in 5th Group. And 5th Group covers Northern Africa and the Middle East, okay? And I didn't get a call back. I called another one of my friends, didn't get a call back. I didn't get called back for another two weeks because basically, some of these units that I had served with, they were on ground within Afghanistan within 24 hours of the second tower hitting the ground. 

[00:09:50] So, when they called me back, they were coming back because they go in, they set everything up, and then the troops come in. Okay. So, at this point, I'm trying to now figure out what's going on. And some people say it's an oxymoron when you talk about military intelligence, but if you think about this, and I want you to really understand this concept because so many people don't understand this concept. When this whole thing happened with 9/11, and you have to understand the background of this, do you know what a SAC unit is?

[00:10:21]Luke Storey:  No, I don't.

[00:10:22]Rashid Buttar:  SAC unit, it stands for Strategic Air Command. It's an acronym for the Air Force that is called Strategic Air Command. And SAC units are positioned all over the continental United States to cover airspace so that, God forbid, if there was ever an invasion of the US, what they call scramblers, they can scramble one of the fighters, whatever plane type it is, but they call them scramblers, and they can basically intercept each other from each strategic air command. Within 60 seconds, they will intercept.

[00:10:54] So, you scramble one from one place to another SAC. They're called Strategic Air Command because they're positioned so that these interceptors can scramble and intercept within 60 seconds. There is no place over the continental United States that cannot be intercepted from the time an alert goes out within 60 seconds. Our airspace is covered, okay? This is a standard military component in the Air Force. Now, you're telling me that they lost a jet for some 22 minutes and didn't know where the location of that jet was after the first and second towers went down? It's ludicrous. Okay? And when this whole thing went off, I was in active duty at that time. I'd gotten out in 1996. Okay?

[00:11:32] When this thing happened, there were alerts everywhere, "Stand down. This is only a drill." I mean, people were getting removed. "Stand down. This is only a drill." Okay. I have personal knowledge of a close, close friend of mine that said, "Man, we everything was moving. We were told it was a drill. So, everybody stood down." Now, last thing I'm going to say, and I will say the name of this person, because he's already told me, "Sir, I don't give a crap. You can say my name all you want." First Sergeant Rafael Medina who served with me in Korea. All right? Why do we go into the Gulf War? What was the reason that we went to the Gulf War? Do you remember the original Gulf War?

[00:12:09]Luke Storey:  No, I don't actually. I don't-

[00:12:09]Rashid Buttar:  1991. It was because the Kuwaiti oil fields were being set on fire by the Iraqis. So, we went in there to protect the Kuwaiti oil fields, and of course, for our own self-interest. Now, here's the problem with that. First Sergeant Rafael Medina, with his 11 soldiers, they were assigned six dune buggies, and he told me, in 1993, while we sit with the crew one night, he said, "Sir, I don't know about all the oil fires, but I can tell you that over 300 of them, me and my team set those damn fires." 

[00:12:42]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[00:12:43]Rashid Buttar:  He was part of the, I can't remember, 1st Ranger Battalion or something. Anyway, and I can go on and on with this. I can tell you that I've had to take off my US flag off my uniform, take off my dog tags, because, God forbid, if unforeseen circumstances were to occur, US forces could not be acknowledged in those areas. And you're young, and you're patriotic, and you're doing it for God and country, then later on, you start thinking of something, wait a second, if I'm doing it for God and country, then why do I have to take my freaking flag off my uniform? Why do I have to take my dog tags off? Right? 

[00:13:17] So, there's a lot of stuff that we're told to do that we do, and young soldiers do it, and then we find out later on, I had a conversation with Ron Paul in Acapulco about two months ago. It was at a conference and he was keynote there. And Ron Paul says it so beautifully, he says, "Our foreign policy is so screwed up", and I know we're down here talking about foreign policy, but, "we're the only nation that takes a crap on the front yard of 736 some bases all over the world in other countries. And then, they wonder why do they hate Americans so much? And then, the politicians, they said, they hate Americans because we love freedom and they don't.

[00:13:54] Wait a second. You really think people don't love freedom? They all love freedom. That's why they hate Americans because we're imposing and infringing on their land. We've got bases there to provide our own self-interests." And this comes back right to what we're going to be talking about. I'll let you ask me. I'll shut up and let you ask me because there's a reason that New York has more people that have died of COVID-19, supposedly. We'll talk about that, for New York than everywhere else in world. They just announced that today that New York has been hardest hit than all the other places in the world. Well, there's always a reason for that. And we'll talk about that if you choose to engage into that conversation.

[00:14:35]Luke Storey:  Of course, I will. Okay. We're going to bookmark that because down the line, some of the questioning was around these hot spots that we're seeing and why are some spots relatively untouched, et cetera, which is just one little sliver of the mystery of this thing. Well, we've got a little bit of your background there, Doctor, in terms of your military. Give us a bit about your medical professional background and kind of how you got your start, what kind of work you do. It seems like you're in kind of alignment with a lot of the other guests we've had on more of the integrative functional medicine side, but I don't know that much about your practice and points of view other than that. Where do you come from before this thing all happened and you started speaking out?

[00:15:21]Rashid Buttar:  Well, my form of training was in general surgery, and I trained at Brooke Army Medical Center at the Institute of Surgical Research. And I've been involved with a lot of acute care medicine for over 20 years even when I moved into integrative medicine, which was in 1996, is when I got out of the army, and actually on a wing, and a prayer opened up, subleased another doctor's office that had a small little space.

[00:15:45] Even then, I continued teaching advanced trauma life support to the American College of Surgeons and advanced cardiac life support to the American College of Cardiology. These are all courses that are taught to doctors how to deal with trauma patients, how to deal with heart attack patients that are coming to an emergency setting or in a pediatric advanced life support, which is also through the American College of Pediatrics and American College of Cardiology.

[00:16:04] So, these are all kind of training, trauma, blunt trauma, acute cardiac events, that type of stuff. So, a lot of acute care medicine, a lot of intensive care, post-operative, surgical intensive care training that's just part of general surgery. And so, that's where I come from. And as I basically evolved in my education, I just realized that there's so many things that we do that don't make any sense. When we see a cancer, we cut it out. 

[00:16:33] And you see it in your hand, you throw it on the ground, you stomp on it, you spit on it, you kick it down the down underneath the table, it's gone, it's done, it's over, it's finished, and now, this person is going to be better. And six months later, it recurs. And you start thinking, well, it was created for some reason. It came into being because of some factor. And when you cut it out, and you think it's gone, the first superficial thought is, well, it's gone. 

[00:17:00] Well, a little bit more introspection into that, you start thinking, wait a second, whatever created it isn't gone. Yeah, you took out the cancer, but what was that cancer before it became cancer? It was a normal, healthy cell. And so, whatever component that created that normal cell to get into an abnormal state and increase basically the uncontrolled cellular proliferation, and the suppression of apoptosis, and all the other definitions of cancer, if you want to call them that, something happened. 

[00:17:33] And when you cut out a cancer, you throw it away, you didn't negate that process, you didn't unravel that process, you didn't undo that process. And that's where the problem lies. We have to start to understand what created that cascade. And so, my evolution personally was we're not doing the right things. And so, I went down a different path. And the rest is history. We have patients from 93 countries. I've never really thought about social media up until about a year, year-and-a-half ago, two years ago. 

[00:17:59] I went through kind of a tough divorce, which created some problems that were created from the divorce, which affected my business aspect. And we were talking about expanding anyway, but it was interesting that I've never, ever, ever even thought about any kind of marketing. We've never advertised. We have patients from 93 countries, and then started looking at social media because of this change in my life circumstance. And it's been kind of crazy, boom, it just took off like that. 

[00:18:32] And letting people know the truth, it's amazing how people resonate with the truth. When people asked me, the medical board, I fought them every year, basically, since 1999 for 21 years. And I was accused in 2005 to 2010 for taking advantage of terminally ill patients doing treatments that weren't effective. And I'll just tell you reall quick this story because Bruce Lipton asked me about this story when I first met him, and I came on stage and talked for a couple of minutes. He ended up giving me a kiss on stage. And Bruce and I've become a really good friend since then. 

[00:19:07] But what's interesting is that the medical board brought me up on these ethical charges. We had 43 Stage IV cancer patients ready to testify. Now, remember, Stage IV is terminal. And they basically said no at first. We went to superior court. And then, they granted us to have five witnesses that we could use, five Stage IV cancer patients that had gone through our treatment. Now, off Stage IV is considered terminal. There's nothing left.

[00:19:31] All five had been referred to hospice, which means that just to transition them to the next phase, which is death. All five had Stage IV, four out of five had already failed chemo and radiation. One refused to take chemo and radiation. All five were told to get their affairs in order. And all five were told that there was nothing left for them. And at the time of testimony, three of those patients were three-and-a-half years out from our treatment, one was five years out from our treatment, and one was eight years out from our treatment.

[00:19:59] One was actually a doctor himself, internal medicine doctor, and one was an oncological nurse. So, out of the 43 people that we had ready to testify, they only allowed five. I picked the doctor, nurse, and three people, and they were all three-and-a-half years or more out from our treatment of their disease. And the medical board, after 14 hours of testimony, had a one-word response. That one word was, get this, irrelevant. It was irrelevant that they brought me up unethical charges, doing a treatment that didn't work, and now, I have proof, scientific proof.

[00:20:29] I mean, I talked about lymphocytes of population and natural killer cell counts and apoptosis and cell cycles, and the most absurd comment from the president of the medical board was like, what relevance does that have to your treatments in cancer? I'm like, what relevance does the immune system have to—here's before and here is after, and you just asked me what the relevance is. Maybe if you idiots started looking at what the relevance of the immune system was in cancer, maybe we'd actually be able to see some success in the treatment of cancer.

[00:20:57] So, anyway, that's my background. I'm very cynical on my own profession. I think it's in public. I don't tell people I'm a doctor. It's kind of funny. When people sometimes have asked me, "What do you do?", and I'll say, "I'm a drug dealer," nobody bats an eye tonight. Technically, I don't prescribe anymore. But when I used to prescribe, if I say I'm a drug dealer, technically, that's accurate, and people don't bat an eye. If I say I'm a doctor, nobody believes me, I'm a doctor. So, I don't even talk about it anymore. I'm probably a little bit too combative for the thought process that people have of doctors, but it's only because I just see so much incompetence in my field. 

[00:21:35] And I've gotten all these accolades and I've had the blessing and privilege of hearing a lot of people tell me, oh, well, over 1,700, 1,800 people now in my lifetime tell me that I've saved a life. And first of all, God's the only healer, Creator is the only healer, and all credit belongs to him. But I always tell people that I get all the accolades, but it's not really that I'm such a good doctor, is that I'm in a field surrounded by such level of incompetence. If you just do your job, you just look like a superhero, and that's really what it comes down to.

[00:22:04]Luke Storey:  That's hilarious. Very, very well said. Yeah, not hard to stand out. And I think that's true of so many brilliant doctors that I've interviewed, and Bruce Lipton, and people, Joe Dispenza, people even working in more of the quantum realm, and dealing with the psychology of healing and the kind of non-linear approach to it, all of them, I think, stand out so much because of that very fact, that there is such a broken system, and people unknowingly are indoctrinated, no pun intended, into that system because they want to help.

[00:22:37] And so, I always like to give all medical professionals props because, hey, at least they're trying. But I think when you go through the standard system, and you don't think critically, and ask questions, and I know there's so much pressure on doctors to pay their med school loans, and they've got to open up a practice, and they have to put in all these hours, and there's not really time to further develop their knowledge base, and study, and look for alternatives. They seem to get caught in a rut. And so, I think-

[00:23:04]Rashid Buttar:  Yeah. Luke, I appreciate what you're saying, but I've been told that I need to be kinder, more compassionate to doctors, but I'll tell you, I understand what you're saying, and you're 100% right about all those things, but that's still no justification. Like if you make a mistake on one of your podcasts, okay, you'd take it back; or accountant makes a mistake, and somebody pays some extra taxes; or a lawyer makes mistakes, somebody goes to jail. Okay.

[00:23:27] That's not a good thing. But when my profession makes a mistake, we count our mistakes in body bags, right? When you start having statistics like that the third leading cause of death in the United States is iatrogenic causes. You've got heart disease, and cancer, and then iatrogenic causes and fourth, neurodegenerative disease. And you start looking at these statistics, and people go, oh, my god, yeah, iatrogenic, but people don't even know what iatrogenic means because we have our own language to define our own incompetence. Iatrogenic death is doctor-induced death. 

[00:23:57] And then, this is, by the way, John Hopkins data that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, what, 15 years ago in 2004, 2005 time frame. And when the defense comes out, that, "No, doctors and medicine are not the third leading cause of death." "Okay. What is it then?" "It's only the fifth leading cause of death." That's a defense, that it's only the fifth leading cause of death? 

[00:24:19] I mean, the people that are supposed to be keeping you alive, that's a fifth leading cause of death? And when I say iatrogenic, that means prescription drug usage and all this other stuff. I mean, there have been three times in history where doctors have gone on strike. One was an Israel. One was in California. And I don't remember where the third one was. But every time doctors went to strike, the death rate decreased. And when they came back, it rose back up. I mean, it's just ludicrous. It's just absurd.

[00:24:47]Luke Storey:  It is absurd. Speaking of absurd, what was the first indication you had, the first clue, when we started seeing news reports of this virus emerging m from China? What was the first thing that struck you as, huh, this isn't adding up already. Was it early on or was it as the thing progressed for a while? What was the first kind of thing that started you asking questions about that?

[00:25:13]Rashid Buttar:  Well, that's actually a really interesting question. I actually put a post out because I had some patients that were asking me questions, and they were privately sending me an email or people that I've that care of over two decades now. So, we've just gone through a retrospective analysis in our clinic in the North Carolina Clinic, and we are in the process of expanding. We have one in West Coast that's opening up soon. And we had gone through our data, and we have 14 Stage IV cancer patients that are now 15 years out from their treatment, that have been told that they were going to die, and they're 15 years out. 

[00:25:54] And a couple of those people, two of those people specifically sent me a message and just basically said, "What should we do? Is there something we need to worry about? And I was like, guys, it doesn't make any difference whatever it is, we've got it covered. And even my own youngest son was worried. And I said, "Honey, it's going to be fine. You have nothing to worry about." He has said, "Dad, but they're saying this and that."

[00:26:13] And I said, "Boo, listen, this is what I do. This is what your dad does. There's nothing to worry about. We got it covered." So, he and I were talking with these messages that were coming in. So, I just put an Instagram post out, I said, "If anybody wants to know, let me know and I'll do a video on it." It was just like that. To me, honestly, it didn't really make any difference. It's another Zika, it's H1N1. I put out a video on H1N1 10 years ago that basically exposed a lot of the truth and some people, there was one guy, and he basically said that because of me, that one video, David Wilcock, I think his name is, said that because of me, a billion people were saved because of that video. 

[00:26:55] Now, I didn't understand what he was talking about. But the video basically had shown how H1N1 is the Eurasian strain and the America strain come together. And there's no way that in nature, that can come together, and that happened to be put up by an Australian virologist who was the guy who developed Tamiflu. And then, of course, he put the video out. I happen to see that, screen-captured it, and boom, it's gone. And then, there was a couple other things like that.

[00:27:17] And I put this video basically together to talk about H1, I exposed that there was a patent filed on H1N1 10 months before the first case was ever reported. And a patent was filed, I believe it was by Baxter in Austria. So, I was asking, how the hell do you file a patent on a virus, not the treatment, but of the virus itself. And then, things like that started coming out. I believe it was Martin Luther King Hospital in Los Angeles, had a massive 64 people that died at one point, like in a very quick time frame, they all died, confirmed H1N1. 

[00:27:54] And Los Angeles Times was asking in an uproar, why isn't the world talking about this? Why isn't the media talking about this? Sixty-four people died in one hospital from H1N1 confirmed, blah, blah, blah. And then, suddenly, the story went dead. Well, I happen to have a friend of mine that worked in the hospital, he told me, he said, "All 64 people were confirmed to have gotten the H1N1 vaccine."

[00:28:12] So, my message was, "Guys, the H1N1 isn't the problem. You take the vaccine, now, you're going to set yourself up." And I think it's going to be a precursor to something else coming down the pipeline. And then, finally, of course, H1N1, if you remember the predictions that Obama made, 60 million Americans were going to die, 20% of the US population is going to die, I remember traveling through the airport at the time and people were literally laughing, saying, "Yeah, whatever." 

[00:28:36] There was mass protests in Germany and I believe in the UK, in the United States, the Washington State Nursing Association, and New York State Nursing Association, went all the way, either they got to the Supreme Court or they were going to the Supreme Court to contest the unconstitutionality of being forced to take a vaccine that hadn't been supported and hadn't been studied enough yet to be introduced into the public. And so, basically, the reason that H1N1 wasn't this catastrophic epidemic that they said that was going to be was because people, in mass, refused to take the vaccine. And otherwise, a lot more people would die. Well, what happens, fast forward now, 10 years later, when I was asked—you asked me a question, I'm already off on a tangent.

[00:29:25]Luke Storey:  That's okay.

[00:29:25]Rashid Buttar:  I'm the one speaking of tangents. 

[00:29:27]Luke Storey:  This is all great background and foreshadowing for where this is going to go, so it makes perfect sense. Thank you.

[00:29:34]Rashid Buttar:  Absolutely. So, basically, what happened in 2020, when a couple of people asked me about this coronavirus thing, and I said, "Don't worry about it." And I put on Instagram, "If you want me to do a video, I'll do a video." And boom, I got hit like 700, 800 requests within a couple of hours. So, I said, "Okay, I'll do a video on it. Okay. I better just make sure I know a little bit about the coronavirus because it's going to be no different than all the rest of the stuff."

[00:30:03] And that's when it basically opened up. I just want to learn a bit more about coronavirus. So, I mean, coronavirus has been around since 1968. And part five of our video that I released, I show all the studies. And I'm talking for 45 seconds as I'm scrolling down as fast as I can, and you can see all the studies there. And if anybody wants, a Dr. Sherry Tenpenny shared that with me. There's so much research that's been done on coronavirus. 

[00:30:26] But the more I delved into it and the more I learned about it, the more I realized, this should be like the subject of Saturday Night Live, okay? It is such an absurd thing to be worried about. And all the deaths that are occurring from coronavirus, look, the facts are the facts, they have first changed the requirement on death certificates of what constitutes a COVID-19 death. So, now, if anybody dies of any kind of respiratory condition, COVID-19 first, then the respiratory condition second.

[00:31:00] Second thing, they're altering death certificates. I showed this. I documented this in Part 5 video, the one that all these videos that got censored, but now, more and more doctors are coming out. I think Michigan State senator who's a doctor just said that exposes just yesterday, the day before yesterday, a couple of doctors out that are talking about the altering of the death certificates, meaning nursing staff, doctors go in, said they do their regular shift, they sign off on the death certificate, come in the next day, the death certificates have been altered. 

[00:31:27] Okay. Then, they start saying. All this testing, all these people testing positive, well, now, don't even go get the testing, just assume that you have coronavirus because they can't justify it. So, they're altering the cause of death. They're changing the lab criteria. And then, look at PCR testing, first of all, right? PCR testing, the RT-PCR, stands for real-time polymerase chain reaction testing. The guy who developed this in the 1980s, his name is Mullis, he even said, you cannot use PCR testing for viruses.

[00:31:56] You can only do it for a genomic sequence that has been identified. These viruses are in a DNA fragment, so you can't even use it for that. And then, the big thing for me was on that particular Part 5, I showed a study that shows that anybody that's gotten to trivalent flu shot is testing positive of COVID-19, even though no exposure to it. So, that stuff that they've been introducing into the human body, you really want to know what the real question should be. Show me the cause of death of these people. 

[00:32:24] First of all, there are already doctors out there saying, "Well, we haven't even seen a COVID-19 virus yet, but we know it's a synthetic virus." I already exposed that in Part 3, okay? Corrupted science. It was developed in North Carolina or the technology was developed in the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Dr. Wu, who is a main person from Wuhan, was studying in North Carolina. I won't talk about all the details. I guess you've already seen the videos. I assume you've already seen them, right?

[00:32:48]Luke Storey:  I've seen number five, but not number three, but I'm somewhat familiar with this process, but keep going. This is all good stuff. And take it and take your time. This is really important stuff for people to know because as I'm asking questions and not, of course, knowing the answers, I don't have a medical background. I mean, I'm just watching the media and watching everything that's going on.

[00:33:10] And my reaction is, huh, this doesn't seem true, you know what I mean? Like I don't know what is true. So, I think people are very curious to understand some of the background and the chimaera changes to the virus and all these kinds of things. I mean, for people that aren't scientific or educated around this, I think it's very confusing. So, I'm happy and I welcome the explanation.

[00:33:33]Rashid Buttar:  Well, chimeric process is essentially a mutation process. Okay? It's when we go in, take genetic components, put them together. So, that's all been established. It's in the Nature magazine. All the studies that were published on this, I show the studies. And even then, I was attacked, "Well, there's no scientific evidence." I'm like, okay, obviously, that person didn't watch the video. You say there's no scientific evidence, that I'm showing one of the most premier journals, Nature magazine. 

[00:33:54] And even the very first paragraph, now that they've got an editor's note in there, if you remember that I said the first file, you didn't see the video, but you may want to see that because I basically said whoever wrote this editor's note on the top, this was published in 2015, now, there's a March 2020 editor's note on the top, and it says, "We are aware that this study is being used to justify the conspiracy theories. However, there is no scientific basis", blah, blah, blah. 

[00:34:21] And then, you read the first paragraph, and the first part of the study, there is opposition to doing this chimeric process to take the—basically, what they did was they took a coronavirus, they took one that's got SHC014 strain, a wild type strain with the surface antigen that took the backbone from the coronavirus that started SARS. So, they take the backbone on the surface and combine them together into a synthetic new virus, and then infused portions of HIV and merged into this thing to make it even more virulent. 

[00:34:49] So, when I was attacked, I was attacked, "Well, you're just making all these claims. You haven't shown anything." Well, I did show everything, but the one study I couldn't find was an HIV study. They're putting the studies off. That's the amazing thing. Luckily, a very well-connected patient of mine that lives in Hong Kong sent it to me. I was like, "How'd you get this?" He goes, "Don't worry about it. You wanted it, here it is." So, I've got that, and I've actually put that on Part 5. And you can see, just stamped across it, now, says withdrawn, but the study was already published, and it's a good study.

[00:35:19] So, my point is all the stuff was substantiated. Now, coming back to the real question we should be asking, the people that died of COVID-19, I want to know how many of those people because they have all the metrics, they have all the history of these people, right? They know everything about us. I want to know how many of those people have had an adult vaccination in the last 10 years. And I would bet you $10 million, $100 million, I would bet you Bill Gates fortune that there is—and there's a reason I'm betting his fortune, there's a reason that-

[00:35:50]Luke Storey:  We'll get to that.

[00:35:51]Rashid Buttar:  Yeah. I would bet you that 99.9% of those people that have died of the COVID-19 have had these vaccines, a combination of them. And the point .1% that haven't, it's only because of data error that they didn't record it that they had those things. There's definitely a direct correlation with what's been set up and what's happening now. When I say what's been set up, the mandation of vaccines or the fear mongering, if you're an adult over 70 years old, and you have concern that you could get shingles, herpes zoster, very painful, take your zoster shot now or the adult flu shot or this or that.

[00:36:30] I mean, my own father, against my advice, my mom had him take the flu shot. I was like, don't take—my dad will do whatever my mom says, but he ended up having a stroke within like two months after that, three months after that. And there's so many people that can give you this kind of history. Italy already came out and said that 99% of their people that supposedly died of COVID-19 had major underlying chronic disease. There are reports that I showed in 3, and I think in 4 and 5, and maybe it was in part 5.

[00:37:00] If you saw Part 5, maybe you can help me because they're getting all mixed up now, where I talked about the ERs, the doctors from the emergency rooms are talking about how slow their ERs are or the media reporting that such and such person. In fact, where I did my training at BAMC, at Brooke Army Medical Center, they said, the first COVID death reported in San Antonio, Texas. And then, the family came out and said, "You guys are such liars. My grandmother did not die from COVID-19. She died of aspiration pneumonia. And she was in a hospice setting."

[00:37:30] So, I mean, there's so much misinformation. Candace Owens just asked two days ago for not only the resignation of the governor from Connecticut, but his criminal prosecution because he said this child died, a baby that died of COVID-19, and then came to find out the child died of suffocation, the caretaker admitted it, but they're blaming because they can't justify this pandemic, so they're taking any cause of death. I don't know whether you saw that thing on Instagram, would show the guy jumping out of a plane, parachute, died of COVID-19. And that's literally what's happening.

[00:38:00]Luke Storey:  I shared that meme yesterday. 

[00:38:00]Rashid Buttar:  They're finding any cause of death, it's anything, you can trip and fall and bust your head on a concrete block, you died of COVID-19. And they are trying to increase the number of deaths of COVID-19 to justify this. They're trying to suppress the information from coming out. Meanwhile, there's other very subversive things that are going on that I'm getting reports from people, people personally that I know and people that I don't know through social media. 

[00:38:24] What are these things that they're putting up on top of schools? There's a whole orchestration going around of what is happening to us. We are basically frogs being cooked in warm water, and we need to be more aware so we can jump out of this hot water and know that we're being cooked because that's literally what's happening right now. And that's what my agenda is. My agenda is for people to ask the right question. And if you're feeling like something's wrong, there's a reason for it. 

[00:38:49] The rest of the planet is feeling that there's something wrong, and it's not COVID-19. Okay. It's just not COVID-19. What's going to happen downstream, and I think this is a reason that these videos became viral is because I didn't start off the first three videos by giving my opinions. And I'm still going to try to refrain from giving my opinions in Part 6 and Part 7. But you probably saw in Part 5, I was getting a little sarcastic because once you get to a certain point, it's hard to stay detached.

[00:39:13] But the first couple of videos, I simply asked a question and I said, "I'm not going to give you the answer. I don't want to put thoughts in your mind. I don't want to put words in your mouth. All I want to do is I want to present you the information that I have found, and then let you make your decision. You be the judge. You be the jury. You decide what's true and what's not true. And that's it." And I think that anybody with any type of judicious attempt at looking at the data with any logic that's applied to this is going to come to the same conclusion. 

[00:39:52] Anybody of reasonable intellect that doesn't have a suspect agenda, that doesn't have some type of hidden motivation to oppress us, meaning that some of the people that have attacked me, and I'm sure they've attacked you and attacked other people, a lot of these people are trolls. They're people that they're coming out and they have to be paid. To me, I don't understand, and maybe you can answer this since you know about social media a lot better than I do, why would you, if you don't believe in something or don't agree with somebody, why would you be on their site attacking that person and engaging with their subscribers? 

[00:40:24] I don't have to do anything because people that are following me, they pounce, and in fact, one of these guys who was attacking me had like 20 people attack them back, and basically like pouncing so hard. And I'm just reading this chain a couple days later. And basically, the guy accused these followers and me that this is nothing more than a cult, "You people are just cultists", right? I only get cult because they defended me and it was obvious the guy hadn't watched the videos because he's saying there's no scientific evidence provided.

[00:40:52] I'm like, okay, so when you show the studies, that's not science? I don't think there's a single piece of video that's come out or anybody that's come out against what's happening right now that's provided as much science as I have. I mean, people have talked, and that's great. But I mean, I'm showing study after study after study. This trivalent flu shot study that was done in cats in 2017, why aren't they talking about that? I mean, it shows clearly that there's no way that—first of all, COVID-19 isn't going to have a vaccine possible because the way it was made, it's not going to have a vaccine, impossible, right? That's the first thing. 

[00:41:25] Second, it's like worrying about a bowl of water and you're standing in the middle of a tsunami. Now, I've had people say like "Dr. Buttar, you've said it's man-made, it's got that MERS component, HIV component, it's mutated, it's resistant, it's highly virulent, and then you're saying don't worry about it." Here's why you don't worry about it. It's like somebody is trying to develop a zero-to-60-car, and everything's four seconds, four-and-a-half seconds, three seconds, now, they've broken the two-second barrier, and everybody's like, we're going to break this.

[00:41:57] It's going to be even more dangerous, it's going to be even faster. This is like 0-60 in .1 second. It's that bad, but there's no staying power. It's like a one-song wonder. I equated it on one of the videos to a premature ejaculation. This is like the worst case of premature ejaculation. It's not going to hurt anybody with an intact immune system. And if they have a compromised immune system, then it only has a potential for it. I believe that COVID-19 in itself has absolutely, virtually no power, whatsoever.

[00:42:29] But when in combination with somebody who's had these precursor vaccines, when it's put into the right radio frequency, electromagnetic field that's generating this contamination of these electromagnetic fields, whatever the case is, when their systems have been already suppressed, their immune systems are already low, if they're nutritionally deficient, it's going to be devastating. And this is what brings us back to what's happening in New York and why it's affecting some of these people.

[00:42:55] The misinformation, the propaganda, and on top of it, the censorship to prevent people from knowing the truth. That is the truth. That's 99.9% of the freaking danger. And I don't even know what the other .1% is because it's not COVID-19. It's so absurd, Luke. And what bothers me, this is amusing, okay, to me, it's kind of like watching Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. That's more real than what's happening right now. What's bothering me is that the ease of which they shut down the economy, how effortless it was. 

[00:43:33] And if you want to start talking about a political agenda, and I don't care whether the person's Democrat or Republican, it certainly seems like they could have been a reason that impeachment failed, and then they went to this portion, whether it's that or not, and what does it got to do to the rest of the world? Well, I don't think that this was necessarily a pre-planned-out process. I think that there was an accident that happened in Wuhan.

[00:43:59] And then, there were opportunists that saw this as an opportunity for them to jump on the bandwagon. And now, they're saying that the US has been hit hardest than anybody else. And New York is the epicenter of all this. If, really, it was China, if it really was, then are you saying that that virus jumped from Wuhan all the way to New York City and bypassed Beijing and Shanghai? I mean, it doesn't make any sense. And so, that's just all propaganda, BS, you know what I'm saying?

[00:44:27]Luke Storey:  That's a really good point.

[00:44:30]Rashid Buttar:  I want you to watch part four because Part 4 is very key. It's about 5G and immunity. So, people keep on saying, "Well, that's not true, Dr. Buttar. Because if that was true, then these other countries that didn't have-", People open up your freaking mind, open up your eyes, just read. I mean, I show Iran, I show Italy, and I show Wuhan, those three areas, all three of those theories had 5G launched. Okay? People saying, "Well, Spain has had a big problem, and Spain didn't have 5G." Yes, they do. They launched that.

[00:44:57] And you can even spend these hours and hours of deep research by typing it in Google and, boom, it pops up, and you can see the evidence right there in front of you. I mean, the certain things that they have suppressed, but then, they haven't been smart enough to suppress the ability to research some of this stuff. And now, that's one reason they're seeing people going in and researching, they're taking things off the websites. Google is now starting to censor things, too.

[00:45:20] But Italy, as far back as September of 2018. And I show the different websites that talked about this, how they were rolling out. Even with all the sanctions against Iran, Iran wanted to be at the forefront of the 5G roll-out. Italy was vying for the number one spot in the world of 5G roll-out in September of 2018, October of 2018. There are different websites that were talking about. I mean, it's not just one. I showed three for each country.

[00:45:47] And of course, Wuhan was announced in 2018. So, Iran, Italy, and Wuhan as far back as 2018 were talking about how they were going to be at the forefront of this roll-out. Now, let's go back to Wuhan, number one, the first video that I did, which is facts versus fiction, you've got three things that are going to make a person susceptible to this. Okay? First, it's toxicology. CDC always sends out two teams, infectious disease and toxicology teams, when they try to figure out what the causes of death were. 

[00:46:15] The glorification always goes to the infectious disease team. Nobody gives the glorification to the toxicology team. Well, there's a reason for it, there's a political reason for that. If you can blame a pandemic or a disaster or whatever on a naturally occurring thing like a bacteria, virus, become, factionally, the virus hunters, the bacteria hunters, then it's natural and nobody can be blamed. But if you blame it on a toxin like, say, DDT or dioxin, you remember back in—not that I'm this old, but there were ads that I saw, you mentioned the word official stories, there was a guy by the name of Liam Scheff who wrote a book called Official Stories.

[00:46:48] And he had some posters that he'd made. And back in the 1920s, 1930s, sometime in that timeframe, way before I was born, they had these posters of babies. And these babies would say, "Flies don't land on me because I've had my DDT." Now, we know how dangerous that stuff is. Even when I was a kid, I remember seeing these things, when I was like five, six, seven years old, I remember these ads where they'd have, it was cool for the doctors to smoke cigarettes, right? A cigarette a day keeps a doctor away. You remember that kind of crap, right?

[00:47:17]Luke Storey:  Yeah, for sure.

[00:47:17]Rashid Buttar:  So, there's all this misinformation that's been propagated over the years. Now, you start looking at what the real issue at hand is right now, and that is that these vaccines and all these different things that they've been promoting for us to do from a prevention standpoint, they are supposed to be helping us stay alive, but nobody talks about the toxicology aspects. So, the toxicology division, if they find something wrong when they go out for the CDC, now, a company, an industry, a corporation, an individual has to be held responsible because they created it, they propagated it, they got into global commerce, whatever.

[00:47:56] If you start looking at the history of the dirty dozen, these are the top 12 worst chemicals known to man and has been banned now across the world from being used in global commerce. The dirty dozen, every one of them, the least amount of time that we used in global commerce was 50 years. Most of them went over 75 years before they were targeted as being dangerous. So, now, let's come back, what's this got to do with COVID-19? Wuhan, 2016, 2017, public outcry to the point that it garnered international attention, and CNN and BBC covered the outgassing from the incinerators burning and the level of pollution in Wuhan. Okay? 

[00:48:37] Perfect setup. Going on. It's been going on since 2013, 2016, 2017. Now, the world recognizes the 2018, 2019 riots going on because of incinerators burning and the outgassing from these chemicals. So, these people are already polluted. Second, in 2018, Wuhan has been picked as a city to launch 5G at 12,000 towers, I don't know how many thousands of towers. But in December, they launched, turned on like 2,000 of them. So, now, you've got a toxicological component. By the way, the second video, Part 2, is toxicology ignored. All right? That's the name of the title. Guess what's been the most unwatched video of the, so far, five series? Toxicology ignored, it's number two.

[00:49:20]Luke Storey:  It's been ignored.

[00:49:22]Rashid Buttar:  It's been ignored. And it's just an important part, right? Because the people that are dying, they're dying because they're toxic. So, their immune systems are suppressed. So, that's the first thing in Wuhan. Second thing, now, we've got the 5G aspect, and where the people say, "Oh, 5G is superficial, it's not this, it's not that, it's not-", there's so many different people that have so many different opinions on this, but it's not scientifically based.

[00:49:41] So, let's look at the science. Your phone is at around 900 hertz. All right? A thousand hertz is a megahertz. A thousand megahertz is a kilohertz. A thousand kilohertz is a gigahertz. So, a billion, that's nine zeros, three zeros, three zeroes, three zeros. So, a billion hertz, right? A billion hertz. So, your phone is at 900 hertz. That's 4G. A billion hertz is one gigahertz. The science has shown that at 1.8 gigahertz, you have an extremely high, more than statistically significant rate of cancers developing in the brain, in the adrenals, in the heart. 

[00:50:22] A heart cancer is very rare. It's not that commonly seen. And you have all sorts of other neurological implications, and suppression of immune system, and all sorts of other stuff, not even mentioning the physiological changes, the voltage-gated calcium channels get disrupted, and allows an influx of calcium into the cell, which is now causing a suppression of apoptosis. And that suppression of apoptosis is consistent and congruent with cancers. It also causes all sorts of other components. And there's this hemoglobin shift that it causes. And I haven't gone in and delved into that yet deeply enough. That's actually one of the things I was doing today because today, I'm supposed to finish Part 6, and hopefully, it's going to be released tomorrow.

[00:51:04]Luke Storey:  Oh, good.

[00:51:04]Rashid Buttar:  But there's a lot of information around this concept of what 5G is doing. Now, here's where 5G is going. Remember, I said at 1.8 gigahertz or 1.8 billion hertz, that's where the studies have shown. There are over 2000 studies that have been published on this. You know what, 5G is going to be rolled out, what the goal is for 5G to be rolled out at? 

[00:51:24]Luke Storey:  60 gigahertz? 

[00:51:25]Rashid Buttar:  30 to 300 gigahertz, that range. 

[00:51:26]Luke Storey:  Oh, the range, 30 to 300, right.

[00:51:28]Rashid Buttar:  Thirty to 300. So, remember, at 1.8 gigahertz, that's where the cancer start. The 5G that's been rolled out is anywhere between 1 to 2.5 gigahertz, but the goal is 30 to 300. Now, when people say that there's no scientific evidence, either they just don't know how to read or they don't know what scientific evidence means. And I'm so damn tired of hearing the medical profession and scientists saying that there's no scientific evidence.

[00:52:03] Okay. So, 2020, when they first interviewed me, it was interesting because they took different portions. I've learned never to have national media coverage unless I'm on cameras rolling to make sure to maintain journalistic integrity, because that's a one thing journalist don't have, integrity, anymore. But they basically said, "Dr. Buttar, what do you say about these people that that say that all these videos that you put out, there's no scientific basis to them?"

[00:52:29] I'm like, "What videos?" And they said, "All, with the patients before and after." So, I said, "First of all, I didn't put those videos out. Some of them, we did, but most of them, patients put out themselves. But second, who said that these videos don't have any scientific basis?", that I was saying that videos from patients are not based on science. Well, they took my stuff out of context and they asked me a question of scientific context.

[00:52:50] So, I answered the question, and then took this portion so that it seems like that I'm saying that my science isn't based on scientific evidence. And what the question that asked me was, "Dr. Buttar, well, what about the people that they say that this is not based on scientific evidence?" I said, "What scientific evidence are you talking about? Like what do you mean?" "The prevailing scientific model, Dr. Buttar." I said, "What do you mean?" "The accepted evidence-based model. That's what we're talking about."

[00:53:18] And my response was, "Excuse me, are you talking about the double-blind placebo control crossover multi-centered, evidence-based trials that led to the advent of such drugs as Vioxx that had to kill 55,000 people before they took it off the damn market? Is that the type of evidence-based model that you're talking about?" And of course, he changed the subject and went onto something else, but they took the two segments and put it together to make it seem like I'm saying that, who said that my stuff is scientifically based.

[00:53:40] So, this model, when you're talking about science, and people say, "But there's no scientific evidence." There's scientific evidence all around. The true definition of science according to, I apologize, it's either Socrates or Plato, one of the two, but I think it was Socrates that said, true science is based on observation. And when you observe something, then you form a hypothesis, and then you retest that hypothesis, and if you have a consistent recurring phenomenon, then you can call that science.

[00:54:11] That's basically the definition of science, is observation, and then test it. The fall, too, for the medical community and the scientific community that have an agenda is to say that if it's not something that's been published using their biased methodology, it's not scientifically based. But the double-blind placebo control crossover centered trials, if you want to call that evidence-based, first of all, you like the word where they use the word evidence based, which means based on the evidence. And yet, they never base it on the evidence, they base it on some other thing.

[00:54:44] So, they call it the double-blind placebo control crossover multi-centered trials as evidence-based. That's their definition. But evidence-based, I do want to paint an analogy for you. Think of a house. A house is built up of bricks. Okay? Similarly, science is built up on facts. But a pile of bricks does not make a house. And what they're doing with the double-blind crossover multi-centered trial, placebo control trial is accumulating a bunch of facts, but they accumulate a bunch of facts, and you throw them down, that's not science. You follow what I'm saying? 

[00:55:19]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[00:55:20]Rashid Buttar:  So, science built upon facts is true, but a pile of facts is no more science, which is all they're doing. That's all they're discovering when they do these double-blind studies. A pile of facts is no more science than a pile of bricks is a house. That's what it comes down to. And yet, they say that there's no scientific evidence. My God, 2,000 studies have been shown that this is going to cause a mass effect on every type of living system, we've seen what it does to the calcium channel blocks and we've seen the cause of cancer or how many people get cancer. 

[00:55:51] Not people, I'm sorry, mice, rats. Maybe some people are rats, I don't know. Maybe some of these people are rats, I have no idea. My point being that it has been shown in multiple, multiple studies how dangerous this is. And again, if you start looking at the history of the viral chasers, the CDC sending out two teams, toxicology team and infectious disease team, then it makes sense that there's something big that's about to happen. They can't blame it on the industry.

[00:56:16] So, to cover up for the industry, let's blame it on this COVID-19, shut everything down so people can't see, really, around themselves what's going on. I mean, we're living in the age of social media that everybody has a freaking camera, right? Where are all these people that are dying? And when they do show somebody dying, they're using freaking mannequins to show it. You've seen the videos, it just doesn't make any sense. You could trip and fall and people see the video everywhere of the person tripping and falling, and yet, they've got tens of thousands of people dying of COVID-19. 

[00:56:50] Where are these people? Show me these people. I haven't seen them. And I'm going to share something with you that not too many people know, I'm going to be releasing this in Part 6, I have friends that are doctors in New York City. I have relatives that are doctors that have been communicating with me or that I've been in touch with in New York. And yes, there are more stranger things going on in New York, higher rate of respiratory distress, but it is not a viral phenomenon.

[00:57:24] And if you treat it as a viral phenomenon, those people are going to die faster. In fact, there's a certain protocol. I hope this isn't considered, what I'm going to say now, people don't take it the wrong way, but I'll try to be as blunt as I can, Luke, so the people can understand. Sometimes, when you use analogies, people can understand the analogies. So, if a person is going to go to the bathroom, there's usually a sequence of events. 

[00:57:55] They walk in the bathroom, they shut the door, they unzip their pants, they pull them down, then they sit down on the toilet, and then they do their business. That's relatively the right order, right? Nobody goes into the bathroom, then takes a crap in their pants, then locks the door, then pulls down their pants. And I don't think people do that, but that's exactly what's happening. And the reason that all these respiratory issues are going on, all the ventilator issues are going on is there's a certain protocol that when people have airway compromised, that airway compromise is dealt with.

[00:58:27] Okay. You first put people on two liters of nasal cannula, then you put them on five liters, 10 liters, then you go to assisted airway, you put them on BPAP, then you support their airway, and then you intubate them. Then, you go to the last route, is endotracheal intubation. That's the last thing that you do. And that's to stabilize the airway. One of the problems is right now, they're going straight from that first thing to the last thing, they're not going through the normal sequence in between that they would normally do with the person that has airway compromised or that needs some assistance.

[00:58:57] They're not taking people through BPAP, they're going straight to the endotracheal intubation. Well, they're not set up to have this many people on ventilators and this many people endotracheally intubated because that's just not what happens. I mean, you're going to have a lot of people, and even in like massive war situations and everything, you're not going to have that type of issue. So, they're bypassing all the normal steps, and then creating this elevated, synthetic desperation of need for ventilators. 

[00:59:25] If they were just doing the stuff like they normally would, you wouldn't have that issue. That's the first thing. So, it's all made up BS. That's the first thing. Second, as soon as you intubate an individual, you've got other issues you've got to deal with. You've got mechanical dysfunction. You've got aspiration, pneumonia issues. You've got trauma issues, where it's not done the correct way, and it can cause trauma. Then, you've got the pressure that's from the ventilators called barotrauma that many of these people die from barotrauma in New York.

[00:59:52] So, they've created a problem and they're trying to mask that issue by pointing out one-fourth truths. Okay. I don't know what a good analogy would be, but it's basically like if I took a little box of hay and dried it all out, and then I set it on fire, and I have cameras all around, and say, this is the worst fire ever known to man, and you see this burning inferno, but it's a little box that's controlled and you're filming it; and everything else around is green and normal.

[01:00:26] And that's what they're doing. They're creating this illusion. And their illusion is now there are too many people asking questions, and their illusion, they haven't done a very good job. If they'd gone to Disney and tried to get some special effects, and maybe they could've made it look better, but they didn't. And that's a problem because the story is falling apart, and the media is fueling it to keep this thing going. Dr. Ron Paul, he's a great guy and his philosophies are right on track, and again, I'm not a political person, but I'm talking about him.

[01:01:00] But Ron Paul yesterday came out and said, "Fauci should be fired." Okay. "Fauci has done more harm for mankind, not just this time-", that people didn't know, Fauci started his antics in 1980. In 1981, he called homosexuality the gay disease, and he was the one who propagated the drug for prophylaxis to prevent HIV three years before even the HIV virus had been supposedly identified because that didn't happen to 1984.

[01:01:36] He was pushing a drug in 1981 and so many people were hurt, so many people were damaged by that drug, but people don't remember that. That's when Fauci started. He's been playing this game for 40 years. And Dr. Ron Paul said he should be fired, I think something more should be done. It should be more than fired. Okay? And then, we start seeing how almost affectionately and lovingly Gates talks about Fauci in CNN. It's almost like he's like caressing him. 

[01:02:05]Luke Storey:  Well, I did see a tie between Fauci, the other woman-

[01:02:11]Rashid Buttar:  Birx?

[01:02:12]Luke Storey:  Yeah. Between both of them and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And once I saw that, it was like, oh, really? Okay.

[01:02:19]Rashid Buttar:  Well, Birx, because it's been interesting that she's been saying that these deaths aren't—her message, at least the ones that I've heard so far are that these numbers are not justified and the death rate is a lot lower. But= if you're trying to show an epidemic and you're saying, well, this is not even—like people are saying, well, this is a bad case of the flu. It's not like a bad case of the flu, the flu has killed more people. 

[01:02:42] The first video that I put out showed how many people died of the seasonal flu from January 1, 2020 until March 23rd when that video came out. And it was 110,000 people worldwide that had died of the seasonal flu compared to only 16,000 people or 13,000 from COVID-19. So, the seasonal flu is actually a lot worse. But again, you got to compare apples to apples. The way that they're doing it, they're throwing every type of fruit; and then finding hubcaps, and wheels, and tires; and throwing that into the mix; and saying this is the number of apples that people are dying from.

[01:03:14] It's not true. They're not reporting the facts. And if you report the facts, you would see that virtually, COVID-19 probably, of all the different things, has been the least—it's very virulent. It spreads fast, but you've not probably been exposed to it, well, you do not probably even have it. It's just that it rapidly spreads, but there's not much to it. And if a person gets the vaccine coming down, that's where the damage is going. That's where the hundreds of millions of people are going to be affected. That's where the tens of millions of people are going to die. 

[01:03:43] Because now, they've introduced something into you, and then the mandated RF chip, who knows what the field that's generating? Who knows what the 5G is going to generate to that and create a field? We don't know. We don't know what they're going to be injecting. Already, we know that regular vaccines have DNA added, and human-mutated cell lines, and formaldehyde, and such positive healthy elements such as mercury, the second most toxic substance known to man, according to the EPA, and nickel, and God knows all this crap that's been put in vaccines over the years.

[01:04:10] Now that you tell me that they're going to come up with another vaccine that takes normally five years to develop, in three months, they are going to come up, and the person that has the patents for all those vaccines and the patents for all the original viruses is behind all this stuff, that's going to be the danger. When they start putting these chips in us, when they start doing these mandated vaccines, and I'm telling people right now, look, I don't promote violence.

[01:04:29] I do not promote violence, but I'm reminding everybody, there is a reason that our forefathers gave us, one, the freedom of speech and, two, the right to bear arms. And the number of people from other parts of the world that are sending me messages, I hope you Americans understand what's at stake because if you go down, the rest of the world goes down. I hope you Americans understand that the reason that we're still not enslaved to whatever potential that is out there is because the largest civilian population that is armed exists in the US. 

[01:05:05] And this is a reason that all these events have been going on for years, these false-flag events. And there's been these mass shootings. Of course, there have been these mass shootings. But to blame it on guns? Come on. Seriously? If we're going to blame it on guns, I've been saying this, and people love this, if you're going to blame it on guns, then we need to start banning spoons because of the obesity epidemic. It's the most absurd thing to blame a tool as opposed to the person behind the tool.

[01:05:29] And so, if there is this orchestration going on with these vaccines throughout the last, whatever it's been, 20 years, the Zika, and H1N1, and all these different components are coming down the pipeline, then maybe this disarming of the public and the constant repertoire that people have to stop being armed or guns should be made illegal, all this and stuff, is to take our power to resist away. If you think about it right now, now, with the World Health Organization, President Trump said he's going to give money to them.

[01:06:01] And they came out two days ago saying that now, it seems like coronavirus has been pushed into households and now, the most spread is among family members, and it is time for us to go into these household, and remove these family members, and then segregate them out, and quarantine them in a safe place. Do you want to know what's going to happen if somebody does come to my house and tries to quarantine somebody, me or one of my kids? 

[01:06:27] You'll hear about how Dr. Buttar died out of COVID-19. That's what you're going to hear about because after they shoot me a couple of times in the head—and believe me, I'll take out a couple of them with me. But once I'm shot in the head, my cause of death will be COVID-19, just like everybody else's. I'm, again, being facetious, but that's the level where we're going. That's where we're heading if we allow this type of ridiculousness to go unchecked. 

[01:06:48] And fortunately, yesterday, I heard that President Trump has now revoked the funding to the World Health Organization, as it should be. And I believe that a member of the House of Representatives has now asked for an investigation into—their reasons are a little bit different, they're thinking that China orchestrated this, blah, blah, blah. And whatever, to me, these are what are real conspiratorial theories, right? China did this. This country did this. This is truly a conspiracy.

[01:07:18] The real word conspiracy, where people conspired to misinform and have a higher agenda. You're witnessing it right now. The science shows it. The individuals out there in the streets are seeing it now. They're sending in information when doctors are being sent home and saying, "Stand down", and nurses are told, "We need to adjust this cause of death on these death certificates. Okay. That's not giving us enough numbers. And what do we do? Let's just change the mandate then. From this point on, everybody that dies, if they have a respirator condition, put COVID-19 down."

[01:07:48] So, that'll elevate our numbers. Okay. "If that's not going to be enough, let's just say if somebody trips and falls or somebody dies of suffocation, somebody dies for anything, just put COVID-19 down." In fact, don't even got test it anymore. I can show you the medical board letters that came in from—each state is sending out letters to physicians. And I got one. It was, I think, March 30th, I think I got the letter. And it basically said, from the state epidemiologist that from this point onwards, if you suspect somebody has COVID-19, has coronavirus, don't have to test them, just send them home. 

[01:08:22] Well, of course, it makes it easy now if you don't have numbers because you're telling people to go home because you don't have a test to validate it, and the tests are false positive. And then, anybody with the flu shot in the past is going to test positive. Well, how much easier is it to elevate your numbers by saying, "Well, these people said that they had a little cough or they had whatever, and just, boom, put it up as a coronavirus, and just elevate the numbers bigger and bigger and bigger. And that's what they're reporting. That's why New York has been hit because they're just reporting, these numbers, and they're just finding every way to inflate those numbers.

[01:08:49] And the honest to God truth, as you saw in Part 5, that guy, Jason, that walked around and did the hospital, I think that was his name, I had a brief conversation with him, and he said, "Look, if my life depended on me finding a COVID-19 patient", he goes, "I would have died because I couldn't find anybody." It was that ludicrous. And yet, they're saying all these people are dying, all these people are dying. So, there are people in the hospitals that have respiratory distress, but they're being managed for more, something like an altitude-type sickness, hypoxic-type injury, which is not consistent or congruent with how you would see a virus present.

[01:09:27]Luke Storey:  I think that God, there's so many offshoots. I'm just letting you go because this is all really good stuff. But I have like a million offshoots of this, and I want to explore a couple of them. A, I want to say to anyone listening that here's all of this, and as overwhelmed and that has the sense that this is your opinion or conjecture, and like as you said, where's the science, where's the data, I really want to encourage them to watch those videos on your site. The ones that I watched to completion, number five.

[01:09:59] And I'm, of course, going to go back and watch the other ones. I'm just kind of in a sensory overload. I'm getting texts and just all these messages every day of this link and that link, I mean, it's like becoming a full-time job to fight this thing, especially with the censorship element. But I think that it's really a key part of what you're doing, is you're really documenting all of these kind of man on the street reports, as well as a lot of historical scientific data that is valid and relevant.

[01:10:25] And also, my hope with this is just, again, for people to start thinking critically and asking questions, and hopefully to ease some of the fear, and sort of the good news, bad news. It's like, well, perhaps we don't have to be as afraid of this from an illness standpoint or the pathology of it as a supposed virus, et cetera, but what we really need to be more concerned about is the loss of civil liberties that are coming as a result of this. So, I just want to throw that in there that there is-

[01:10:54]Rashid Buttar:  Luke, if I could just add to that, if I can just add real quick to that, it's not so much the loss of civil liberties that I'm concerned about, which is bad enough, that happened with 9/11 and many other things, it's the next thing after the loss of civil liberties that comes. Okay? Because there is going to be—a loss is one thing, but then, there's more infringement on other things, and it's very, very scary. If a person has any fear about COVID-19, take that fear out of that box, put it in another box that's talking about what's coming down the pipeline, and then add three more zeros to it, that's where your concern should be. 

[01:11:30] Because honestly, there's more chance that you're going to stumble, fall, stub your toe, hit your head, and then have an aneurysm from that than you getting a COVID-19. How many times does a person stab their toe, and then results in the aneurysm? Never. But if you did stab your toe, fall, hit your head, that's possible, but the chances of you winning the lottery are greater than that. So, yes, there may be some people that have something to worry about.

[01:11:55] If you were elderly person, then there will be precautions, but there would be no more precautions than normal, right? Wash your hands. And Part 6 is going to go through some of these precautions. Some of the natural treatments that can be easily done. I can show you that there's no way that COVID-19 could survive if a person's missing some basic nutritional things. And we've released that information, that's going to be Part 6. But I didn't want to interrupt you, so go on with those.

[01:12:16]Luke Storey:  No, it's fine. It's fine. And on that note, because I've been very unclear as to what's really going on, as most of us have, I mean, I definitely have been staying home. I've got an ozone generator. I'm doing that. I mean, I do that all the time anyway. My hyperbaric chamber, infrared sauna, ice baths, boosting up, everything I do for immunity because who knows what's really going on. I mean, now, with more information, I think I'm becoming less concerned with that element of it. But I think this is the funny thing.

[01:12:44]Rashid Buttar:  If you're doing all that stuff right now, Luke, the coronavirus is more afraid of you than you are of it, I could tell you that because it's not going to survive.

[01:12:50]Luke Storey:  Yeah. I mean, and I understand, it's part of my gig and my passion to explore alternative modalities of healing. And so, I feel I'm in a good position there that some people aren't. But the funny thing, well, there's so many directions I want to go as I said, so I'll try and parcel this out and we can dissect a little bit of this story, is I find it interesting and very suspicious that within the official narrative, especially when it's now, all of a sudden, this Bill Gates character, if you look into his history, you'll find there's very sordid details about his past, and his family of origin, and all of this.

[01:13:27] We maybe don't have time to get into that, but I find it interesting when someone like that comes out, and there's zero mention of a healthy lifestyle, of boosting immunity, of avoiding toxins, of getting sleep, of doing the things that make us resistant to all viruses, regardless of their degree of severity. So, it's like when the solutions being offered don't offer anything of fundamental health and an awareness of how the human biology works and how the immune system works, that in and of itself is quite suspicious. 

[01:13:59]Rashid Buttar:  Absolutely.

[01:13:59]Luke Storey:  When the only answer mentioned is like, oh, we're working on vaccine, working on a vaccine, how about we work on sending people to ozone clinics? How about that? You know what I mean?

[01:14:10]Rashid Buttar:  Yeah.

[01:14:10]Luke Storey:  But I want to go back to the 5G piece and-

[01:14:14]Rashid Buttar:  Can I make a comment on that, what you just said because you mentioned the ozones. And of course, we do ozone autohemotherapy and all these different types of treatments, but here's what's the funniest thing that I found. Hydrochloric wine, it's an immunosuppressive. Actually, I don't necessarily recommend that because it's an immunosuppressive. Plaquenil is what it is, and it's used in arthritis. But they find that the combination of that and Zithromax works and is knocking out this issue.

[01:14:40] And so, that's something that's there. It's tried, it's proven, blah, blah, blah. So, now, they've got that, and they're talking about the vaccine. So, when Trump talked about, at least do this combination because we know what that will do. We don't know what the vaccine is going to do. You know you're not going to die from Zithromax and Plaquenil, but you could die from the vaccine. We don't know however he said it. And Fauci's response to this, so they're talking about bringing out this new vaccine, but they're saying now the Zithromax and Plaquenil, which have been used for years, like Plaquenil has been on the market for 40 years and Zithromax has been on the market for at least 20-. 

[01:15:17] I mean, instead of actually saying, okay, yeah, do this, they're saying, further clinical trials are needed before you can use this, but no, we're going to take the vaccine that has no clinical trials and introduce it into you. Remember, these vaccines, nobody can be injured by vaccines. Okay. That's what they say said. They said nobody can be injured by vaccines because it's approved. I'm being facetious here, and I should probably stop being facetious, but maybe the audience won't understand if I'm being facetious, they don't know my sense of humor, my sense of frustration.

[01:15:40]Luke Storey:  Hey, we just froze right there. Are you hearing me still? They've shut us down, guys. Let me see. I'm going to-. 

[01:15:40]Rashid Buttar:  I was just going to talk about the vaccines, what the industry has had in the vaccines. And so, right now, when a person gets injured by a vaccine, you have to file a lawsuit. And when the lawsuit is filed, the defendant in that lawsuit is actually the Health and Human Services secretary. Well, how can that be? If we're filing a lawsuit against a vaccine manufacturer, why is the HHS being named as the defendant?

[01:16:05] And the reason is because in the 1980s, when the vaccine industry was causing so much mayhem, they went to Congress, and Congress was going to bail them out, and President Reagan, at the time, said, no, this is not a good idea, but they went ahead and bailed out the pharmaceutical industry, then taking over all the studies and all the safety components they were supposed to do. And, of course, the government, you know how efficient they are, so none of that stuff was done.

[01:16:28] But now, because everybody who files a lawsuit against a vaccine manufacturer is going to be actually fighting the government, and who's defending the government is the Department of Justice. So, you, as a parent, with a child that's been vaccine-injured, you, as an adult, that's been vaccine-injured, when you file a lawsuit against a vaccine company, you've got the Department of Justice that you're fighting, defending the vaccine manufacturer.

[01:16:50] And so, it's the most convoluted thing if you start looking at it from a commercial standpoint. So, anybody that manufactures anything should be held responsible for what they're manufacturing. The only industry that is not being held responsible for what they create is the vaccine industry. It is extremely, extremely disturbing. And then, you start looking at the components within the vaccine industry, I was actually attacked as an anti-vaxxer.

[01:17:20] And I'm very, very clear on the standpoint. I am not anti-vaccine, I am anti-stupidity. And I have always been anti-stupidity. And the vaccine schedule, the way it is right now is absolutely 1000%, it's not conducive to how the human physiology works. So, I made a post and somebody came out and said, "Dr. Buttar, I can't believe that you said that you're not anti-vaccine, which means you're a pro-vaccine person." Guys, I'm not pro-vaccine, I'm not anti-vaccine, I'm talking about the immune system.

[01:17:55] God designed the immune system in a beautiful way. The immune system is supposed to identify something that's foreign, and then mount a defense against it. Here's the problem with the modern-day vaccine schedule. We're giving vaccines to a baby on the first day of the planet. If we're giving vaccine on the first day of the planet, then the thought process is we're helping their immune system. But here's the problem with that. One, the body can't even zero convert till the first six months to a year of life. 

[01:18:18] So, the baby's immune system can't even convert and make an antibody. So, to introduce a vaccine, to create antibodies, it's ludicrous. Some people say it's actually two years to 14 years before the immune system work. So, that's the first thing. Second thing, if our goal is to mount the immune system, then why are we not preventing things that are suppressing the immune system, like formaldehyde, and nickel, and mercury, and all these things? 

[01:18:41] Third, the types of diseases we're trying to protect these children from, they'll never be exposed to them in the first 10 days of life. Look at hepatitis B. We know hepatitis B takes three shots, three cycles. We know that after the 10 years, you need to go through another cycle of hepatitis B vaccinations, theoretically. And if you think about this, just from a logical standpoint, if you know that vaccines are only going to be good for 10 years and you know it's going to be given every 10 years, supposedly, without doing titers, and then you look at it, well, who needs hepatitis B? 

[01:19:12] Prostitutes because they're promiscuous, IV drug users because of the exchange of needles, and health care providers because they're exposed. Some people say health care providers, but not because of the process of the pharmaceutical industry, because they are the highest risk group because they're taking care of people that have these types that are promiscuous and that are IV drug users. So, now, the question is we give a baby, newborn baby, first day in the planet, something to prevent them from getting hepatitis B. 

[01:19:40] Are we really concerned that our newborn baby, before they reach 10, is going to become an IV drug user, a health care provider, or a prostitute between the age of zero and 10? And are we really concerned that they're going to have this high-risk potential of acquiring one of these professions or these habits before the age of 10 when their immune system can't even mount a response until they're two years old? So, it just defies logic, you know. Would you fly a plane if you knew that one out of 32 chances, one out of 32 people getting on the plane would either be dead or would be maimed, without having to have a neurological deficit? Would you fly like that?

[01:20:15]Luke Storey:  Hell, no.

[01:20:16]Rashid Buttar:  No. So, we were designed to walk. God designed us to walk. But because we're men, we came up with better, more efficient ways of traveling. So, when we want to go from here to South Africa, we're not going to walk, we're going to take a plane. Okay. So, that's how we took our natural mode of traveling, walking, and then made it better by making it making more efficient by discovering flight and flying there. Similarly, the immune system works a certain way. 

[01:20:42] So, the concept of introducing a pathogen to get the immune system to start working better or faster, it's a great concept. But now, you add adjuvants that are there to design, to irritate the immune system when you're actually causing immunosuppressive agents to be introduced. So, if you're trying to get the immune system to work, why are you giving things that are immunosuppressive? And why are you giving it at the time when the body can't even make the damn antibodies?

[01:21:03] And then, on top of that, then you cause one out of 32 kids to be maimed. So, the problem is that if we ever come up with a vaccine, any type of vaccine that doesn't have adjuvants, that is given at the right time of the body, two, three, four years, given the way that the body, should it be introduced, meaning orally and I mean, nasal mucosa, not introduced parenterally, if we start having that type of stuff and there's no one out of 32 people getting damaged, then it's a great concept. 

[01:21:31] But it's a great concept, bad product, is what it comes down to. So, flight is a great concept. The planes were crashing or every 30 planes crashing, and one out of 32 passengers was getting autism or stroke or something like that, then, of course, nobody would be flying. That's the same thing with the vaccine industry. So, why are we not saying, I'm not going to tolerate this type of situation? I'm not going to get on this plane until you get your number safer.

[01:21:56] Instead, they're mandating it. They're saying you can't be exempted from it. You have to have it. Look, wait a second. There are not enough doctors to give it. Let's start giving it in grocery food stores and key airport kiosks. Okay. And into forcing people to get on this plane, essentially at gunpoint, saying you can't be educated. We're going to make it as convenient for you to get this stuff, and one out of 32 people are getting maimed. 

[01:22:16] And now, if that's not bad enough, what do they do? Let's launch this COVID-19 and mandate some type of vaccine to make sure everybody gets it. And then, of course, you've got the agenda. What is the real agenda here? Then, you can go back and look at the archives of what the person who owns a patent on the viruses and who's pushing the vaccine, what his agenda is and what his belief system is about population and all that stuff. And I don't even know if you want to get into all that, but-

[01:22:47]Luke Storey:  I do. In fact, I'm going to put a pin in that. And I want to go back a little bit to the EMF issue. And I think there's a lot of misinformation. In fact, this morning, the push back on this, it's incredible to see now that there are some things coming to light. But a friend of mine, I woke up to this from theguardian.com, which you think, oh, The Guardian, that's a reputable news source, 5G confirmed safe by radiation watchdog. I mean, it's just like, really? Wow.

[01:23:18] But I think what we're experiencing here in many ways from the people that are fighting for censorship and fighting alternative points of view, I think we're really experiencing this sort of cognitive dissonance/Stockholm syndrome, where people have been so brainwashed and so programmed to follow the mainstream medical industry, education system, the media, and take everything at face value, and see something in theguardian.com, and go, hey, they said it, it's true, that as the narrative begins to crumble, as we were discussing earlier, 9/11, there was a huge crumbling of the matrix there, and some light started to shine through.

[01:24:03] The armor was pure, so to speak, in terms of people that were formerly not interested in kind of more obscure points of view started to become interested because they had realized they'd been deceived. And then, you have the other side of people that rather than becoming more curious and more open-minded actually become more skeptical and more closed-minded. And I think what that is, is really this cognitive dissonance. It's just like they can't accept the possibility that they have been dumb enough to be misled to such a high degree, right? 

[01:24:35] And so, when it comes to this 5G thing, I follow a number of different people on Twitter, I have a private list of the people I follow because I would probably be blacklisted from California if people saw who I look at. Like someone like Candace Owens who's, I don't know what people call her. People have called her a White supremacist, which is really strange considering she's an African-American woman, but I don't know how that works. But it would be a very strange position to have at least.

[01:25:01] But following people like that and getting a different point of view because it's really easy to turn on CNN, and Fox, and CNBC, and see what everyone else is seeing, but I want to see kind of both sides of it. So, I pay a little attention to that. And what I see from the people that are on Twitter saying, "Oh, these idiots think that Wuhan, 5G created COVID-19", like the way that they even frame it isn't even what the people that are questioning are posing as possibilities. Like no one's ever really even said that. It's just like, hey, there seems to be a correlation here, and perhaps causation, but definitely some sort of correlation or at least perhaps. But I think-

[01:25:42]Rashid Buttar:  I don't think there's a causation aspect at all. In fact, the science doesn't show about the causation. But I just want to clarify that. But go ahead.

[01:25:50]Luke Storey:  Yeah. So, correlation is what people are curious about then.

[01:25:55]Rashid Buttar:  At it's an exacerbation, is what it really comes down to.

[01:25:57]Luke Storey:  Okay. Right. So-

[01:25:59]Rashid Buttar:  But you're right, the way they position those statements though, it's absurd, that makes COVID-19 and 5G, it's debunked. Debunked. There is no cause of—who said that 5G causes COVID-19? That's what people are trying to reposition.

[01:26:14]Luke Storey:  Yeah. Yeah. When I put out my Dr. Thomas Cowen episode today, at the time of this recording with you, actually, it was just released. And as I said earlier, I have changed a lot of the wording in the copy to try and get by the algorithms, SEO-wise. But when I was researching the links to put in the show notes for his videos, a bunch of them had been taken down. And I think they've all been removed now because, God forbid, you pose a question just from an arbitrary point of view, but what I did find were all of these like counterintelligence articles and websites, and the first one that popped up was from, I forget the news, I think it was newsweek.com, actually, and the title of the article was, Conspiracy Theorist on YouTube Claim that 5G Internet Causes COVID-19, which, there is no such thing as 5G Internet first off. 

[01:27:11] What people are talking about is the fifth generation of wireless technology, which is about cellular service. The 5G that you see on your router is 5 gigahertz, which is the 2.4 or 5 gigahertz, and that's just the frequency of the Wi-Fi in your house. So, they're conflating that in such a misleading and obvious way. And in the video, he never indicated that there was causation, just possible correlation because the effects of that amount of radiation on the human body suppressed the immune system, caused you to not be able to uptake oxygen, et cetera, et cetera.

[01:27:48] The hemoglobin can't carry oxygen. I mean, there's a whole thing that's been widely proven. But what I think is funny about it, too, is that people are unaware that when you were talking about the different frequencies of the fifth generation of cellular service being rolled out around the world, there are many cities that have rolled out like Los Angeles that are in a completely different frequency range.

[01:28:09] In other words, like T-Mobile, for example here is, well, it's right on their website, it's 600 megahertz, I think, is what they're using because it goes a lot farther, and they don't have to have a little mini cell towers like they would with the bigger frequencies, the more powerful frequencies that you're talking about. So, it's like, my point is 5G isn't even one thing. It's the next generation, right? It's a new roll out of a different system of towers. And a lot of the 5G service piggybacks on the old 4G networks, too. And so-

[01:28:45]Rashid Buttar:  Right now, that's the only way they can do it because they haven't rolled out the infrastructure yet for the real high hardware and stuff. You're absolutely right. 

[01:28:52]Luke Storey:  Right. So, they're introducing this next generation of service. They're increasing the number of towers. And that's part of it. The other part is that 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G are also really dangerous and harmful to all living things on the planet. And that's been unequivocally proven scientifically from the beginning of the wireless industry moving in that direction, right? And this is going back when radar was first developed and even before cell phones.

[01:29:23] And so, I think that's the part of it that's also infuriating, is the counter-intelligence moves by the mainstream media. And it's like, wow, that's interesting because so many of these outlets are owned by the telecommunication companies that are rolling out this technology, right? It's like there are so many cases of the fox guarding the hen house as you were describing in the vaccine industry, having these government agencies overseeing them and protecting them when they're the ones that are supposed to be protecting us, not big pharma.

[01:29:54] And so, when it comes to this idea of, oh, that's been debunked, 5G doesn't cause that, I think what's important for people to realize is that what we're talking about is just the global proliferation, an increase in intensity of radiation in our environment. And if you take a raw steak and put it in a microwave, under microwave radiation, which is what these towers do, what happens, it dries out. And so, the effect of-

[01:30:26]Rashid Buttar:  Microwave energy is the most detrimental energy to the human cells, to the human body. It is not congruent with how. It's not cell-resonant. And in fact, we did a little study about 20 years ago with Dr. James Hower, who has now passed, and using electrodermal screening and some other components that are considered, they're not conventional testing methods. But based upon that analysis, I haven't had anything that was made in a microwave in over 20 years.

[01:30:57] I don't have a microwave in my house. I can take this camera to show you, there's a big hole in the wall where the microwave used to be 20 years ago. I don't have a microwave in any of our offices. My kids, my youngest son is 15 years old. He's never consumed anything from a microwave before. He won't. In fact, we were in Maui once and they put a burrito in this microwave oven. He wouldn't need it.

[01:31:17] I was like, "Why aren't you eating it? You said you want it, you would need it." Then, he finally told me, he goes, "Dad, they put it in a microwave. I'm not going to eat it." That's good enough for me. So, when people realize really how dangerous microwaves are, and that's a much lower intensity, microwaves. And we were talking about 5G and this whole generation, this is a global microwave, is what we're creating.

[01:31:36]Luke Storey:  Yeah. And so, I think that for the people that are trying to debunk this as a conspiracy theory, it is wise to state that the correlation theory that we're describing isn't limited to the fifth generation of technology and it also has more to do with compromising the immune system and a number of other factors, as you alluded to earlier in terms of environmental toxicity in the air, in the water, in the vaccines, in medication, preexisting conditions that render someone more susceptible to getting ill from any number of things, let alone a mutant virus, right? 

[01:32:16] So, it's like that's what is frustrating about it because the counter-narrative is, well, as you said earlier, what about all these other places that don't have 5G? Oh, they don't have cell towers anywhere? In any major city, especially in a densely populated area, if you think about how many humans there are with a device, that's how many more cell towers you need. And that's why I think in places like New York City, you have such an abundance of this sickness. It's not just the 5G. It's just, the environment in general is more toxic.

[01:32:47]Rashid Buttar:  Well, this is a point that you're making, is so critical, right? So, you've got the toxicity not just from the toxins in your body, but the toxins that have been introduced intentionally into your body in the ward or under the pretense of prevention, i.e., vaccines. So, you start looking at those people in New York and some of the other places, look at the incidents, New York has had draconian laws already in place for 10 years. You can't do certain testing in New York.

[01:33:21] My patients in New York that have to do like heavy metal testing, they had to come to New Jersey to be able ship those tests out. You can't do certain tests in New York. And this has been not just in the last two, three years. This has been going on for five, six, seven years. So, there are more toxic people in New York without a doubt. And then those people being hit with these vaccines, that's what we really need to be looking about. 

[01:33:41] So, when you're talking about the toxicity level and any type of condition that become susceptible, you're actually right. But we shouldn't just be looking at the toxins from the things we're breathing, the things we're eating, the things we're drinking, it's also the things that are being introduced into us with the pretense of protecting us. But in actuality, further making us more susceptible. 

[01:34:04]Luke Storey:  I think something else that's a really interesting piece of the radiation, 4G, 5G, et cetera, is that the vaccines contain heavy metals in many cases, and you know more about this than I, perhaps in all cases, not to mention just the environmental load of heavy metals in the body that we're just breathing in and taking in from water, et cetera. And if you just look at the fundamental backbone of how radioactive waves go through the air, they hit metal, and metals Act as an antenna.

[01:34:40] I mean, I'm thinking back to the TVs when I was a little kid, if you couldn't get service, you'd go squeeze the antenna with your finger, and you'd be the ground, and you would increase the receptivity or the surface area of that antenna by simply touching it because, of course, the body's electric. And then, if that didn't work, you put a bunch of tin foil on it to make that even better.

[01:34:58] And we have human bodies that are also full of heavy metals from a bunch of different sources, not to mention the aluminum aerosols in the air and all that, which is the whole other conversation. We're walking around as, as antennas, we're already antennas because we're made of water, but add a bunch of metal to that water, and people were going to get sick the more of this radiation is in our environment, whether or not there's a virus or not, so add a virus to that, and it's just like, wow, we're a ticking time bomb, it seems.

[01:35:28]Rashid Buttar:  So, let me just fine-tune what you said because what you said is 95% accurate, but I just want to make sure that in order to be consistent with, I'm a very precise type of person, so I just want to make sure that we—so, what you said was absolutely true, but even without the metals, we have a lot of minerals. And minerals, it's the same type of characteristic. Certain minerals, for example, copper, iron, selenium, in too low of a dose, we'll die because we need them, but in too high of a dose, they act as a heavy metal.

[01:35:57] So, it's a heavy metal aspect that's really a concern that asks what the mechanism of action that causes damage, is oxidative stress, which goes back to the cause of all pathology, is from oxidative stress. Okay? If you can eliminate oxidative stress, you can't have cancer, you can't have heart disease, you can't have stroke, you can't have anything. So, when you made that comment that there are heavy metals in us, even if we didn't have heavy metals, just the fact, even if we were totally clean, we would still be able to conduct that because we are made up of water and minerals, and so we would be conducting anyway.

[01:36:27] So, you're actually right about that. The problem is when you add the heavy metals to it, the heavy metals now disrupt our metabolic processes. So, ourselves we have trillions and trillions and trillions and gazillions of cells in our body, it's like 2.6 with like 29 zeros at the end. I have that in my book, actually, The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away. But when you start talking about the number of cells in the body, and then you start looking at each cell, has about a hundred thousand reactions per second, and how these metals then cause a displacement of essential enzymes and co-factors that are necessary for that metabolic machinery to work on a normal way.

[01:37:06] So, now, you introduce these metals, they start blocking, it's like throwing a wrench in the engine, it's not working the right way. And it's that abnormality and that disruption times a hundred thousand reactions per cell times the 2.6 with the 29 zeros at the end. Now, you start looking at how incredible the machinery of the physiology is, not just humans, but all living organisms. It's just incredible how intricate and how beautiful and how perfectly it's designed.

[01:37:31] And now, you take one little thing like extra metal, like in mercury, formaldehyde, you introduce them to the body, and then you'd start doing it at certain critical times during the development, and then you start giving us genetically modified foods, and modernized foods, and pasteurized foods, and radiated foods, and then you start introducing more toxic substances into the air that we're breathing, and then you start having the mutated chimeric versions of these viruses that we're introducing into our environment, and then we start creating an electromagnetic field and radio frequency, it's amazing to me that there's a single human being still able to walk in this planet.

[01:38:03] That's how incredible the design of the Creator is to allow us to survive all these stupid things that we're doing to ourselves. So, it's a testament to the creator, and it's also proof, positive, how stupid man is, and how we keep on screwing things up. And the question that people ask, these people that are behind this, aren't they aware that they're going to be exposed to this, too? And that's a very, very valid question. And as you and I shared before we started this, I don't think we were recording yet, either one, they're too stupid to understand the implications or two, they already have technology to protect themselves.

[01:38:37] And like with Bill Gates, for example, his private doctor, in a closed-door meeting with other doctors, basically divulged that Gates won't vaccinate his own kids. And now, I don't have firsthand knowledge of that, but that's what I saw on some of the media reports that were coming out. And you start a Dr. Oz, for example, took a flu shot on the air. Okay? And I have one degree of separation with Oz, and I can tell you that, as a matter of fact, what he took in his arm was saline. It wasn't a vaccine.

[01:39:12] And his wife refuses to allow their kids to get vaccinated. So, there are a lot of these people that are out there talking about it publicly, endorsing it, recommending it, promoting it on a level that is like you would think it's the next discovery since sliced bread, but themselves won't partake in it. And I'll tell you something that one of my patients said to me a couple of years ago, he said, "Dr. Buttar, the thing that I appreciate about your practice is that there's nothing that is going into my body that hasn't already gone into your body."

[01:39:43] And that's the true statement. There's nothing that my patients get unless—I mean, 90% of the things that my patients get. I don't need it, but I still put it in my body first at a higher dose to see—because to me, it's from a safety standpoint, we just developed a new type of IV and I took it first. I had two patients that needed it, but I wouldn't give it to them until I'd taken it from a safety standpoint. And actually, it was recorded because I was on the air while they were doing this IV on me.

[01:40:08] And it wasn't about that. I was just on the air. And it was kind of funny because it hit me kind of hard. It was done a little too fast. And I had to sit back and somebody said, "Look like you fainted." I said, "I didn't faint. It kind of hit me, so I just kind of laid back for a second." But I need to know these things to make sure it's safe for my patients. And I don't have 30 years, and the patients don't have 30 years to wait until some double-blind placebo control garbage, BS type of thing is going to come back and say, "Oh, further studies are needed."

[01:40:34] I mean, I'll give you a perfect example. This is going to be part of Part 6, but I've already announced this, so I want to let it out for your listeners. If anybody is truly at this point still concerned about COVID-19, I'm going to tell you the most important thing that a person should make sure they have in the body. You can get it anywhere. You could go probably go out to a beach or go out to a parking lot and lick the ground and get enough of this. I'm being sarcastic. Don't do that.

[01:40:58] But it's selenium. All right. Selenium is a vital, vital mineral. But in too high of a dose, it can cause problems. Now, there are certain people that were out there that I would think would normally put out good information, but they're saying because of a study that came out with the ACE2, the angiotensin-converting enzyme to component with the selenium or don't take selenium, make sure you don't take selenium. So, I got a text literally at midnight from Bobby Kennedy saying, "Should I continue my dose of selenium because it's come up?" "Why would you stop, Bobby? I don't understand."

[01:41:34] And he sends me a post about do not take selenium because it's going to make you more susceptible to COVID. Now, I'm telling you right now, I will put this out there. I've made two challenges. I've said I will go anywhere in the world with his COVID-19, anywhere in the world, and you'd pay for my ticket. I'll go there, I'll spend the night there, I'll engage with whoever, play cards with them depending—I'll embrace them. I'll even kiss them. I have no problem with that because that's how insignificant COVID-19 is, but I want to be able to carry my own little arsenal with me. And one of those things would be selenium. 

[01:42:07] There is nobody, I believe, on this planet that has more experience with selenium than I do. Now, I'm taking my intravenous selenium. I've given more intravenous selenium than probably everybody else on the planet. And I can tell you that selenium, if you can maintain above a 95 micrograms per liter serum or plasma level of selenium, enveloped viruses cannot survive, and COVID-19 or coronavirus will not survive it. It just can't. I mean, to be on the safe side, maybe go to 98 micrograms per liter of plasma level. I don't even measure it.

[01:42:42] If a person is taking 250 micrograms of selenium or 300 micrograms of selenium for about 10 days, and then dropped down to 250 micrograms of selenium, it's not going to survive in your body. That's a basic fundamental thing. So, that's one reason why they talk about Plaquenil and Zithromax, we can just take selenium, Vitamin C, and silver, and it's not going to be an issue. And, God forbid, you really have a bad case of it, you really think that you're going to die? I mean, come to the clinic. In 24 hours, you going to be back out there doing whatever the hell you're doing because it's literally a non-issue. It's just not. It's just a non-issue.

[01:43:15]Luke Storey:  That's good information. I have some selenium in the kitchen, and I take it off and on, but that's a good one to remember. I think

[01:43:23]Rashid Buttar:  But the thing is this, Luke, if you're taking it, I mean, I have all sorts of selenium here in my house, in the clinic. We actually ordered, before I'd realized what was going on because I knew it was a virus, I ordered twelve times the normal amount of IV selenium that we carry in our clinic, just in case it was something. But I'm telling you right now, when people are concerned, I tell them like, "You don't have any symptoms."

[01:43:41] And if you did have symptoms, if there was only enough dose left for me, and I'd given all the patients, and it came down to the last dose, nobody's waiting for it, and I can take it, I still wouldn't take it because I would use it for somebody that may really need it. That's how insignificant and how minimal of an issue this really is. But these other issues you're talking about with the 5G and the toxicity aspect, toxicity has been going on for a long time, 5G aspect, stay at home so they can roll it out on a bigger level. But then, what comes afterwards? The mandatory vaccinations, the chips, all this other stuff, that. 

[01:44:18]Luke Storey:  I want to go back to the beginning a little bit, and then we'll eventually ease in the summary of this thing, and we'll call it a day because we've been going for a while, and I appreciate your time. I could talk about this stuff forever because I'm fascinated. But something that I think we kind of just sped through was the either fact or I guess it's a fact because you've proven in the documentation in your videos, that this is a chimeric mutated virus, meaning it's a man-made virus, not one that has come from nature. 

[01:44:50] So, first part of the question is who would make something like this? You mentioned the lab, I think, in the States. And would this be the motive of that to be a bioweapon that could be patented and owned by a government and released by the military and used against the population or something like that? In other words, what motive does someone have to make this chimeric version of a mutant virus in the first place? And does it just get leaked out unintentionally because it's in the lab and they made a mistake? And of course, you might not have the answer to this, but is it possible that it could have been released on purpose in order to cause this worldwide havoc that we're now experiencing?

[01:45:38]Rashid Buttar:  Well, first, I would recommend that you go and watch the third one, which is corrupted science. And almost everything that you ask is actually explained in there in a lot of detail.

[01:45:49]Luke Storey:  Okay. Cool.

[01:45:49]Rashid Buttar:  And the technology has been developed in University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is where this chimeric process on this particular virus was done. And the scientist that released the information saying that this is probably from bat origin is the scientist from Wuhan that was studying at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, that was involved with this research and actually published it. And it was published in Nature magazine, the exact specifics. 

[01:46:14] And to make it even worse, the constituents of the studies that they did on the coronavirus, the specimens came from Fort Detrick, which Fort Detrick has had some pretty interesting history, and the military's relationship in some of these things that have happened. If you have ever read the book Project Day Lily that was written by Garth Nicholson, who was the head of MD, Anderson's Laboratory Division. He was involved with some of that research.

[01:46:43] And Garth and I've talked about this, haven't talked to him in years now, but he was involved with some of that research, and with HIV and some of these other components. But coming back, so I'll let you and I'll let the viewers because I can say certain things, but it's going to sound so far-fetched. It's better that you watch it because that way, you can see it with your own eyes and the studies that I'm showing, and then it becomes very, very clear. 

[01:47:06] So, I show each one of those components in there. But let's go forward to what you're talking about. Is it possible as a bioweapon and was it intentionally done? Now, I don't have any firsthand knowledge of this, and I have nowhere to establish this, but I'll just tell you what I think. I think that what happened in Wuhan was a total accident. I don't think that was an intentional issue. And I'll give you my reasoning behind it.

[01:47:32] So, I'm a chess player. Okay? So, I don't advance a piece unless I have support behind it. And I think this is a good way to live your life. And there could be other possibilities here, but I believe that what happened in Wuhan with the COVID-19 was an accident. It wasn't supposed to happen that way. It happened by accident. And we, here in the United States, the powers that be saw it as an opportunity for them to fast-forward the agenda that they've been working on for some time, and they capitalized on it. 

[01:48:06] And the only reason I say that is that if they did it intentionally, then they would have released it in their own country, first of all. I don't think that they were even aware of what happened because with the 5G roll-out and this, it just happened coincidentally there, it was an accident that was waiting to happen. They got the toxic people there. I don't think they were smart enough or nobody's smart enough to say, okay, let's go ahead and get the outgassing started in 2013, then let's schedule the towers to go up in December, and then let's release the first coronavirus in December.

[01:48:36] I think it was all coincidental. And the fact that we took this opportunity and blew it up is substantiated by the fact that Shanghai and Beijing were just conveniently skipped over, and didn't have an issue, and certain other countries didn't have an issue. Even in the United States, in Part 4, which you're going to love because it's all about 5G, there's one area of the United States that did not get hit with any COVID-19 until sometime in early April, right? And that's an area in West Virginia, it's about a 13,000-square-mile area.

[01:49:07]Luke Storey:  Yeah.

[01:49:08]Rashid Buttar:  And all radio frequency, electromagnetic fields are prohibited by a federal law that was, I believe, signed into law in 1958. And it's only because there's an observatory there, and it affects all the lenses and whatever else it is, I don't know enough about it to know, but it's prohibited to have any type of radio frequency, electromagnetic field generating device or anything else there. And the first case of COVID has happened, that they've got a couple now, but they were all people from Washington DC or other areas that came in carrying it. It wasn't from people that were living there.

[01:49:44] So, I kind of go into that in detail on Part 3, in 5G. I also saw something recently posted that, hey, you've got to be careful, it takes six or seven minutes for somebody to explain that point, you got to be cautious of that person. And I'm thinking that, yeah, so that way then, you say, well, it causes this and you're done with that statement in the Newsweek or whatever can take that statement, a debunked theory that 5G causes coronavirus. 

[01:50:09] And that's exactly what would happen if you try to make a case with this in like five minutes or three minutes. You've got to be able to study it and understand it. And believe me, each video that I'm making, the reason I haven't released them all is I haven't made them yet. It takes information then to put it together. Part 5, I tell you, it was probably close to 90 hours of work to just go through the stuff, understand it, go back through it, and recognize, and say, is this something or is this not something? 

[01:50:35] And then, start to put the pieces together in the puzzle, and then just speak about it. In almost all those videos, people were concerned, they're like, "Wait, you look exhausted" because it was like 6:00 in the morning by the time I got through with it, and I couldn't even sleep. I was like, I'll do it in the morning, but I couldn't sleep. I was so angry. I was so bothered by this information. I had to do something. That's why I put it out at that time because-

[01:50:58]Luke Storey:  I'm glad you did. And another thing that I find interesting from the media point of view is that, this is so bizarre to me, but the mainstream media in the United States of America has sided with the media reports coming from communist China. And I'm going to preface this by saying, and anyone that listens to my show, I think, would get this, that I'm not racist against people from China by any stretch or against anyone for that matter, never have been, never will be. 

[01:51:31] So, I feel for the citizens of China, but you have to look at the historical context of the communist regime of that country and the fact that at least conservatively, they've put to death 80 million of their own people through this flawed system that now our media is going to communist China, controlled propaganda, and taking talking points from them, and taking the reports from China at face value.

[01:52:02] And I think that was one of the things that first alerted me, also in seeing the media coming from China of people just walking down the street, and just falling flat on their face, and just very strange things of the sprayers going down the street, and just all of this very staged-looking reporting going on there. And then, our media just like fawning over China, who, again, as a republic are much less than compassionate historically, right? 

[01:52:33] So, I think that work like you're doing and those hours you're spending is critical to creating a greater understanding in the work that we're both doing now. I mean, I was up late last night, I got stuff to do. I already have enough episodes in the calendar last May through September, like I don't need to be doing more interviews, but I'm driven to because there is so much conflicting information coming at us now.

[01:52:57] And this the last piece I kind of want to touch on, because of the authoritarian, just out of control censorship that we're now seeing, it's incumbent upon those of us that are privy to alternative points of view to share them as widely as possible because it's even more difficult now to get these points of view out, and they're so quickly debunked online through really like literal propaganda, calling other points of view propaganda and conspiracy theories.

[01:53:29] They love that word for any theory that doesn't fit the official narrative. I like to think of myself as a conspiracy analyst. I saw that in a meeting the other day and I think that's pretty appropriate. I do like to analyze conspiracies because I don't like to be misled and I don't like to see innocent people harmed needlessly because they've been led astray like sheep or lemmings to the slaughter, you know. 

[01:53:50] So, I respect the work you've put in these videos and the research, and even more so than a conversation like this, when you can watch the scientific papers be brought up right in front of you ,and you can see the empirical evidence that even, at times, might not paint a complete picture and say, hey, I know this is what's happening, but hey, here's some of the things we can look at. I think that's really important work.

[01:54:13]Rashid Buttar:  I appreciate that. I was going to just ask you, you said 80 million, China, is that actually the real number?

[01:54:19]Luke Storey:  That's the conservative number that is—I mean, you can look that up on just, you can actually use highly censored Google and that's the number you get. Yeah.

[01:54:29]Rashid Buttar:  So, if that's true, then you said that you found it to be disturbing that-

[01:54:33]Luke Storey:  In this century, within the last century, 80 million people.

[01:54:36]Rashid Buttar:  So then, you said that it's kind of concerning that the American media is now using talking points from the Chinese. So, you and everybody that's listening, it should give us all concern because that's exactly the point. If that's what China's done and they've done, and if that's the conservative number, and we know what their media, how their media operates, now, we've seen that we're mimicking that, you can see what the agenda is.

[01:55:00] Now, you know exactly why I'm concerned because is the United States going to follow that 80 million number too? Because they're following the same talking points, right? It's all fake stuff that they're doing, the mannequins, and they're taking footage from one hospital, another hospital trying to put it together. I remember seeing the New York footage. And the reason you saw that in Part 5, when I showed the New York footage. And the reason I actually showed the footage as opposed to an image was because I wanted to really see how many other doctors would be concerned about what I was seeing because I've spent a lot of time in ICUs.

[01:55:30] I've never seen an ICU like that. Okay. But the first time I saw it, it was the Italian hospital. So, I figured it's just an Italian hospital, right? And I don't know what the Italian hospitals looked like. But then, when they're showing it, New York, I was like what in God's name are they doing? So, again, the media, if that's what you're saying, 80 million deaths, and we're taking the talking points from the Chinese media now, I think you've just made the case. Are the 80 million deaths going to be following here in North America because it's the same agenda? 

[01:56:00]Luke Storey:  And the reaction to this situation, just call it that. I guess you could call it pandemic because it is in one sense, but the reaction to the situation by the authorities here is starting to follow directly in line with the policies of this oppressive Chinese government in terms of the censorship, the surveillance police state. Now, you'd text someone on WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, a link that says COVID-19 or 5G or Wuhan or any of those stuff, it will get censored from your text thread. 

[01:56:36] I mean, that's just one of many ways, obviously. I mean, Siri is probably listening, too, every word we're saying right now, it's just everywhere. You're freaking refrigerator's probably listening to you. And we've all just gone along with it because it's more convenient, faster downloads. It's like, how fast do you need your downloads to be? Like you got to talk to your phone, literally, we've been so kind of-

[01:56:55]Rashid Buttar:  That's just a valid point. 

[01:56:58]Luke Storey:  We've been so dumbed down and led into this lazy, convenience-addicted culture that we are just kind of laying ourselves out for the next steps. And this isn't being paranoid. It's just like you can watch it unfold. For example, in LA, Garcetti who's the mayor here announced a couple of days ago that they're going to offer financial incentives for people that rat out, I think he actually used the word snitch, he said, and I'm not quoting directly, but I'm paraphrasing fairly accurately, snitches used to be a bad thing, but in light of what's happening, you're going to be a good citizen and a good neighbor if you snitch on your neighbors for going out or not wearing masks or whatever it was, and we're going to give you a reward. I mean, that's straight out of-

[01:57:44]Rashid Buttar:  Yeah. This is social shaming. That's what it is. So, again, this whole thing with social distancing, too, is to prepare us because you were talking about the chips, for example, that I saw a video last night preparing for today's video that I'm going to be doing tonight for Part 6, where they're putting chips into the hands back in 2016, 2017 so that they can walk up to a door that's locked, and they can automatically open it without having to unlock it or instead of pulling out your credit card, you can pay with your hand.

[01:58:18] And they're talking about how that's going to be convenient, but they're setting us up to have those chips. And that chip is going to be a scanning device to make sure that you've had your vaccine. That's what's coming. And even the manufacturers of chips say, "Well, I don't think I've been equated to Hitler, but that's really not appropriate. This is just about convenience." Now, of course, if they start mandating it, that's a totally different thing. And that's exactly what will be coming down the pipeline.

[01:58:39] We've been dumbed down into believing that this is all for convenience, faster downloads, refrigerators are talking us to make our life easier, we can regulate the colder waters and the refrigerator, but in actuality, this next step is coming. And now, you're talking about the mayor is talking about this social shaming and snitching. That's what we need to be worried about. That is the real fear. That's a real danger. Fear is illusions we create in our heads, but danger is real.

[01:59:03] And what they're doing is they're showing us danger with the COVID-19, trying to make us fearful of that, and I'm here to realign and hopefully many other people like yourself, myself, that are going to help realign people, and letting them know, there's nothing to fear about COVID, but there is danger. And the danger is not what's coming in front of you, the danger is what's coming on your side, behind you that you're not aware of. That's what we need to be able to help people awaken and become aware.

[01:59:25]Luke Storey:  Absolutely. And I want to applaud you for being on the right side of history. I want to applaud anyone listening, other media, and content creators that are having the courage to challenge the official narrative at risk of losing their livelihood, which I probably am. And I mean, I don't have children, but as you said, you do, what are you going to tell your children and your grandchildren that you did nothing to fight back when this authoritarian roll-out was in full force as it is now?

[01:59:55] Are you going to be the one that's debunking conspiracy theories online or you're going to be the one doing the research and bravely sharing that research despite the possible consequences, and the social shaming, and the outright banning from the various tech platforms? As I was saying before we recorded, I was very concerned when I saw the beginning of this censorship start with Alex Jones. Within a 24- or 48-hour period, they took this guy, who, yeah, he's pretty fringe.

[02:00:22] What's funny, though, is now he's being proven right because shit he was talking about 20 years ago is now actually happening right before our eyes. So, some of them weren't theories, folks, they were facts. But when they banned him, they took down his podcast, his app. He got banned from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, demonetized. They kicked PayPal off his website. I mean, it was like, I don't know, how many, say, 12 different tech platforms, just instantaneously, all in a concerted effort, just unpersoned this guy a la George Orwell, 1984, I thought, man, even if I hated this guy and I did believe he was a right-wing White supremacist or whatever they call this guy to discredit him, even if I hated that guy, I would find that to be terrifying.

[02:01:08] I mean, I don't have a lot of respect for a news channel like CNN, but if they were banned from all platforms, I would be so pissed off because the only thing, as you said earlier, around the second amendment, the only thing we really have that differentiates us or protects us from having all of our liberties and personal freedom taken away is the freedom of speech, the freedom of press, and, of course, the right to bear arms.

[02:01:32] And the freedom of press and speech being obliterated is what comes right before the right to bear arms does from a historical perspective. And that's what happened in Nazi Germany. I mean, I don't even know much about history, and I know the basic fundamentals of it if you do a little research at the timeline of how this goes. So, I want to, again, applaud you for doing the work you're doing at the risk of who knows what, financially and otherwise, reputations, and all of the things that can be taken from us.

[02:02:00] And I want to encourage anyone listening to go to your site, to check out those videos, which you've very smartly put behind an email wall or whatever it is so that you can't get them taken down because they're on your own servers, et cetera, and also to share podcasts like this, not because it's mine and I need the promotion, but just to find ways to subvert the censors that we now face to share different points of view.

[02:02:24] Some ideas are going to be right. Some are going to be less right. But at least they're ideas that lead us in the right direction or open our minds to the possibilities and a new way of saying things. And I think that as a society and as species, we don't understand how powerful we are individually or collectively, and that the strength in numbers we have against these oppressive regimes that have destroyed so many people's lives over the course of history. If people just woke up and really felt their true power, we would be living a different future.

[02:02:56] And so, I thank you so much. And if you have anything to add about ways to bypass the censorship, if you have any creative ideas of ways people can continue to share information like this that challenge the narrative because it won't be long before we all need new platforms. I mean, somebody just invited me to, let me see what's it called, I thought I had the secret text app called Signal and someone said, "Oh, Signal, that's old news, we're on Telegram now." Apparently, everyone's on Telegram. So, I'm on a-

[02:03:24]Rashid Buttar:  Yeah, I'm going to take a look too, I didn't know about Telegram. 

[02:03:25]Luke Storey:  Yeah, Telegram. I'm on a couple of threads with some really prominent leaders in arts, entertainment, medicine, et cetera, who remain unnamed. I was invited into this channel. And these guys are sharing information like crazy. And it's encrypted, it's private, it's safe. No one knows what you're sending there. And so, I think more of these platforms are going to emerge. And I really want to support them and give an app like that a shoutout because it won't be long before none of us can use Instagram or Facebook or any Google site or anything close to that because we're just going to get shut down, and we have to have alternative ways to communicate with one another.

[02:04:03]Rashid Buttar:  Well, first, I would like to point out that there is going—I've been told that there's a new technology that's coming down the pipeline. We should have more clarification on it within another week. It's already been developed. It's coming from the highest source, very, very, very close personal friend and somebody I've known for many years, and he's one degree of separation, actually, zero degrees separation from the leaders of our country right now. And so, the platform is supposed to be able to give us ability to broadcast. Anybody with a subscriber base can broadcast without any censorship, without the internet, so I'm not sure, it's a disruptive technology.

[02:04:50] And so, it should be available. Within another week, we can have. I was told. I didn't know how expensive it's going to be. I was like, "Well, I hope I can afford it." And this person told me, "Don't worry, you're not going to have to worry about that. For you, it's already taken care of. But regardless for platforms, people that have, it will allow every human being to become a broadcast channel if they should so choose to broadcast to whoever they want, whoever they're following is without any censorship and without dependency on the internet. So, that's one thing I wanted to point out.

[02:05:16]Luke Storey:  Wow, that's exciting, because that's really—and again, I don't ever want to fear-monger, I just feel like I need to shake people and like, wake the fuck up, like honestly, what if your internet just gets shut off and your cell service gets shut off? You might have the answer to solve any problem or give a perspective on anything that could help so many people, and if your lines of communication digitally are shut down, like no one's going to hear you, what are you going to do?

[02:05:44]Rashid Buttar:  It's essentially like killing you.

[02:05:45]Luke Storey:  Yeah. So, it's like, how far off are we really from that? Maybe not that far. So, that's really, really encouraging. I'm excited to hear that.

[02:05:52]Rashid Buttar:  And so, I'll let you know when that thing comes down the pipeline, but it's supposed to be, I was told it's going to be two to three weeks, and that was about a week and a half ago. And again, there are people very high up in the government that want this information, too, because they're also frustrated with what's going on. So, there's always good and bad. And the CDC, we talked about all the bad people there, but there's some really good people in the CDC, too.

[02:06:15] So, pretty much everywhere, there are people that are fighting the right fight. So, the second thing I wanted to say was, I appreciate you, everything you just said for getting this information out, there are a lot of people that have put themselves out there. And I know that there was one guy from Video Advice that put a video out covering part of what I did on one of the videos, I think in the video two, and it had a million views in maybe five days.

[02:06:41] And then, his channel wasn't taken down, but that video was taken down. Anonymous apparently just did a video with us, and it's got like 1.3, 1.4 million. Our own videos that we put out, each one, when they hit a million, YouTube took them down, and then Facebook followed suit. And I know that those videos would have had 20, 30 million views by now if they'd been allowed to continue with that information. So, it is about passing that information on, paying it forward. 

[02:07:05] And I just want to thank you for that. And the last thing I want to say is that for everyone that's listening, I asked for people that had. A history either with law enforcement or military to remember that the oath that they took for the US Constitution, to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And I want you to remember that word domestic. And it's important that the difference between you in a uniform and you without a uniform is that you without a uniform is the same thing as a person that you're going to be asked to take action against.

[02:07:38] So, remember that, remember your role is to protect those that can't defend themselves, not to forget that you as a law enforcement or military person is there to defend the rights of those that are weak, not to be the agents of the oppressors. So, just remember that portion. And the last thing, Luke, I just want to say is when you were talking about people that are putting themselves out there, I want everybody else to remember that if you're not part of the solution by definition, you're part of the problem.

[02:08:10] And there was a quote, I don't know who said it, but the quote is, the only thing in order for evil to perpetuate is for good men to stand by and do nothing. So, I know there's a lot of good people out there. So, this is a time for you to rise up. Especially if you have a child, especially if you have children or grandchildren, now is the time because if we don't do something today in the next 30, 60, 90 days, the incredible world that we can be in, which I am 99% certain is going to be that incredible world could be the OP of the state.

[02:08:44] This is, I believe, an evolutionary process, as my friend Dr. Lipton likes to talk about, everything, chaos, and difficulty, and pain is part and parcel of that evolutionary process. And the beautiful thing about that evolutionary process is that even though it's painful, it's necessary for growth, it's necessary to go to the next step, that evolutionary process. And so, I just would like people, to remind them of that. And then, Luke, maybe you can share it because they can't get into advanced medicine unless they have an invitation code. So, I don't remember what your invitation code was, 42- 

[02:09:17]Luke Storey:  You know what-

[02:09:19]Rashid Buttar:  I guess how much you think about promotion, right? 

[02:09:21]Luke Storey:  I'll put it in the show notes.

[02:09:25]Rashid Buttar:  Perfect.

[02:09:26]Luke Storey:  I didn't realize that was something that could be shared. So, yeah. I'll link out to your site.

[02:09:31]Rashid Buttar:  Absolutely. Yeah. So, actually, let me do this. If people need to get an access right now, they can go to askdrbuttar, which is A-S-K-D-R-B-U-T-T-A-R, .com/livestream, but within the next hour or two, you can also go to askdrbuttar.com/lukestorey, S-T-O-R-E-Y, right?

[02:09:50]Luke Storey:  Cool. Yeah, exactly.

[02:09:51]Rashid Buttar:  So, I'll have my IT guys get that all set up so that all they could do is go to askdrbuttar.com/lukestorey. And that way, they don't even need an invitation code at all. It sequences them through. It gives them all the information. And the big thing that I want to announce is that we are going to release all these videos to everybody to download. We're trying to set that up.

[02:10:13] These are large files, two-and-a-half to three gigabytes, but I want to give them out to every single person because even putting them behind the wall was one thing, Luke, and the strategy was good, but then, one of my friends, a good friend of mine, you probably have heard of her, she's been on like so many different shows, Nia Peeples. She's a movie star. She should be in fame. And anyways, she's been in every type of show, if anybody saw her or don't know who she is.

[02:10:39] Nia had this brilliant idea. She said, "You know what you should do, Rashid? Give it to everybody. Let it out. Because now, if everybody has a copy and they can pass it around, they can't censor it, they can't prevent it, they can't stop it from being spread." And so, that's what we're going to do. I just want to get the sixth and seventh one out so everybody can download it. And you can spread it far and wide, whatever you want to do. But the more people that have it, the less censorship that they can do. And you all have the truth in your possession.

[02:11:09]Luke Storey:  Awesome. And thank you for that. And we'll definitely put that in the show notes, which will be emailed to everyone, and on my side, and everywhere where this thing shows up when we're done. And yeah, I appreciate you in closing and bringing us back to a hopeful, positive place because I know, for many people, this information can be so daunting. It can seem hopeless because the forces that we're up against are seemingly so enormous and powerful.

[02:11:34] And I truly believe that by sharing information and through compassion, and even compassion for the people that are perpetuating an agenda that's self-serving and dangerous, they're doing so out of fear also. And so, not condone the behavior of anyone that's hurting other people by any means. But I see the bigger picture personally that these are people living in fear, people that have been traumatized. People that are stuck in their limbic system. 

[02:12:01] And all they can do is grab for more control and power. And it's the nature of the human animal. When you take a ferocious beast, ape, human, and give them a prefrontal cortex, it's easy to forget that we also have a spiritual soul, and that that's truly what we are. And the message on this show is always all about love, but sometimes, love comes at the rude awakening. It also comes with a serving of wisdom and a serving of harsh truths. And I appreciate your perspective and your contribution to both of those in equal measure. So, thanks for closing on that. And-

[02:12:35]Rashid Buttar:  Thank you, Luke, I just want for people to remember, where attention goes, your energy is going to flow. So, put your attention towards the outcome that you want. And on our private IADFW membership, it stands for International Association for Disease Free World, one of our rules is that no matter what you feel, if the person is not present, you cannot attack them, you cannot say anything derogatory. If they're there and they can defend themselves, otherwise, don't do it. And then, [indiscernible] , except for Bill Gates. But then-

[02:13:03]Luke Storey:  That's exactly what just came to my mind, was like, really, even him? The compassion for him is a stretch for me. 

[02:13:09]Rashid Buttar:  Well, that's what made me think about it because you were talking about having compassion for the other side, and that's tough to do sometimes. And love and gratitude are the two greatest resources and weapons in our arsenal that we have, is love and gratitude. So, stay focused on that part of it. And once you're aware of the knowledge, then the one thing that you can never be a victim, that's really the most important thing for me, is that people are empowered with the knowledge. And so, don't allow this information to scare you. And as you said, Luke, it is meant to be a message of awareness and hope so that people know that there are things they can do.

[02:13:45] So, when you guys go to askdrbuttar.com/lukestorey or livestream, wherever you go, it's going to be a form that is going to ask for certain questions. And some of those questions are about if you're military or past military, past law enforcement, if you're an attorney so that not that I'm going to collect anybody's information, but we are creating a force to go out there, an international force to be able to help with being able to do the next thing that we need to, to take action because people are asking, "What can I do?" So, anything that you can do to participate, let us know because we are going to be reaching out.

[02:14:21] And the more people that know there's a participation aspect here, we don't need money, we're not asking for money. That's not this. It's all about resources, skills, knowledge base, things that you can help to contribute to get this word out. And hopefully, we'll be able to take some action on a mass level to negate some of these things that are coming down the pipeline that are going to make life harder and make this into the incredible planet that it already has a potential of being that we have screwed up as man, so let's get it realigned and get it set in the right path. Where attention goes, energy flows, so just keep your attention high, and then participate.

[02:14:55]Luke Storey:  Thank you, sir. I appreciate your time today. Thanks for your hard work in the battle. And I can't wait to check in with you soon.

[02:15:01]Rashid Buttar:  Sounds good. Thank you, Luke. Appreciate it.

[02:15:02]Luke Storey:  Yeah. Okay. So-



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