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If you're reading this, the chances are that you're relatively interested in your health. You know, taking your vitamins, eating organic, hitting the gym, or some yoga here and there, right? Or perhaps you've chosen to make your health a top priority, and taken your lifestyle to the level of a legit biohacker? That's when things get exciting right? You know, all the fancy gadgets, exotic herbs, weird breathing techniques, and endless bottles of costly 'magic bullet' supplements. With each new device, pill, or practice, comes more guesswork, research, trial, and error, and let's face it- a grip of out-of-pocket expenses. And if you live in a big city, the toxic impact on your biology is even more significant, and thus so is the need for self-directed intervention if you want to achieve optimal health and well-being. 

But what if 90% of your efforts were in vain? What if all of your self-diagnostic, or 'Dr. Google' tests were bunk? How do you ever know if you're spending your time and energy on the stuff that works? 

Well, lucky for you our guest this episode has cracked the code of personal optimization. What makes his way of biohacking so efficient, when so many other approaches fail? Tracking. Testing. Quantifying your results. In fact, Bob Troia has become so proficient at the fine art of hacking himself that he's known all over the world as Quantified Bob. And quantify he does. Everything. Sleep, diet, exercise, gut health, hormones, nutrient saturation, stress levels, mood, and the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of just about every biohack known to man. As a long-time resident of New York City, Bob's had to perfect his detox and nourishment protocols to maintain optimal health, and he's generously joined the show to share his many coveted secrets with you. 

If you're someone who wants to get into the quantified self scene at the novice level, this episode has got the goods for you. You're going to save yourself years of futile, newbie guessing games. But if you're already well on your way to the biohacking big leagues, Bob is going to blow your mind with his innovations to the practice, and share some powerful tips that will keep you busy for a long, long time to come. 

If you have a friend that could use some insights into managing their health, pass this episode along to them. It might just peak an interest that could save their lives further on down the road.

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  • Bob's start with biohacking, and how he overcame exhaustion
  • The Bulletproof diet and analyzing his amazing results
  • Labs and base-level testing
  • Checking cortisol and adrenals for sleep and energy disorders 
  • Ketosis explained in simple terms
  • Meters for testing ketones and glucose levels
  • What are exogenous ketones?
  • The truth about ketone supplements, and how to use them safely
  • What are the best tracking devices for sleep 
  • Mastering deep ketosis, and the possible risks of doing it wrong
  • Why is the Oura Ring, and other warn tracking devices so useful for biohackers
  • The hottest current self-tracking devices 
  • Measuring indoor EMF levels, and testing the EMF levels on my podcast recording headphones
  • Does grounding or ‘earthing’ technology work?
  • The power of niacin sauna detoxes
  • Testing your indoor air and water 
  • What's best for sleep performance 
  • Experiments gone wrong
  • How do you find balance between self-obsession and caring about your health? 
  • Lifestyle recommendations


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Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith