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How do you make a baby? You just add male and female bits together, and nine months later out pops a cute little tike right? Sure, that's accurate at its core, but what if you want to make a healthy baby? A healthy baby is a whole other story altogether. There are so many things to consider,  such as the two-year detox process the mother (and even father) need to embark on before conception, including the cessation of birth control pills. Then there's the period of gestation, when the mother needs to protect and nourish her body, to increase the likelihood of complication-free birth. Once the first nine months have passed, and the time of actual delivery arrives, there are endless, and profoundly impactful considerations regarding where and how to deliver the baby. The most meaningful decision is of course whether or not to have a home or hospital birth- a natural, or medicalized experience. Both have their risks and benefits. 

Then once the little one arrives into this world, parents are faced with a multitude of other choices around breastfeeding, vaccination, circumcision (male genital mutilation) and what to feed the kid once they've been weened. The whole ordeal is incredibly complicated and wrought with potential confusion and misinformation. 

Thanks to our guest Dr. Robin Berzin, you will learn the ins and outs (no pun intended) of the whole reproductive process directly from a new mom, who's done all of the research herself from start to finish, applying the most cutting-edge knowledge available to date to her own birthing experience.  

Dr. Berzin not only been through it herself but has spent much of her adult life in pursuit of the most effective model of medical care, from the perspective of functional and western medicine. From this episode, you will gain laser-focus clarity on the different options available to you and your family, and how to navigate some the most meaningful and vital decisions of your life. Decisions that will directly affect your offspring, and quite possibly the generations that will follow.

Do the world a favor and please share this profound episode with someone you know who’s likely to procreate at some point. The power of information like this cannot be over estimated. 

Here’s to making love. And happy, healthy babies. 



  • Possible dangers and complications of a tradition hospital birth, and those of home birth
  • What exactly does a home birth entail, and is it risky? 
  • What is a midwife, and what is their role in a home birth 
  • How do you find and work with a qualified Doula? And why Robin chose to use one for her home birthing process 
  • How the environment in the room affects the baby as it pops out: the lighting, the sounds, the smells, the people present, the energy… 
  • How she actually had to abandon home birth in the middle of labor, and rushed off in an uber to the hospital 
  • What to do if the natural approach isn’t working, and having to go with interventions like an epidural, or C-section 
  • The importance of making sure that you and your doctor are on the same page by covering important topics early on
  • The expense of a hybrid style birth such as the one Robin did 
  • Are ultrasounds dangerous? 
  • Does systematic problem with medicalized birth and pregnancy, and how the medical system is milking people for money unnecessarily 
  • Why it’s crucial to get the inside of your body clean as possible before even getting pregnant 
  • How Robin tested really high in mercury before getting pregnant, and did a heavy metal detox before having the pregnancy 
  • The risks of birth control pills, and why you should be off it for at least two years before having a baby
  • What's the deal with banking eggs, and why you might want to do this right now
  • The role of stem cell therapy in relation to birth
  • The concerns with mammograms
  • The main causes of breast cancer, and how to avoid it
  • What are the benefits of eating the placenta?
  • What is delayed umbilical cord clamping, and why you should do it
  • The issues with the male genital mutilation practice we call circumcision, and why you should’t do it to baby boys
  • To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? The controversy, the truth, and the hype
  • Why vaginal swabbing is absolutely needed if you have a C-section 
  • The vital importance of breast feeding and the benefits of the good bacteria in mothers milk 
  • Lifestyle recommendations


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