Have you ever achieved a huge goal, or fulfilled a lifelong dream, and still felt that something was missing from your life? In those moments, did you consider what it would be like to just bail on your current life, and start a new one from scratch? To most of us, thoughts like that begin and end in fantasy. Those bold moves rarely come to fruition- except in the case of this show’s guest.

In this episode, we explore the spiritual-turned-entrepreneurial journey of Sun Potion's founder Scott Linde.

Scott moved to LA with big dreams of success in the material world, only to discover that outer success didn't ultimately deliver on the expected promise of inner fulfillment. 

After surviving a serious auto accident, Scott decided to sell or give away all of his possessions and went on to spend five years living in the country as a minimalist. It was during this time that fate would expose him to the power of medicinal plants and herbs. While studying and practicing various forms of personal development and spiritual teachings, Scott became fascinated with plant medicines and experienced profound changes in his own health, as well as the health of his friends, to whom he introduced to these transformational foods. 

In this inspiring and fascinating life story, you will learn how Scott turned his love for herbs into one of the premier supplement companies in the world. 

Scott is an excellent example of someone who not only discovered his life's purpose but also had the grit and courage to share it with the world in a profitable, yet conscious way. 

May you be inspired to do the same by this episode. My hope is that if enough people hear stories like Scott's, the world will become more and more abundant in conscious individuals who have the integrity to contribute to commerce in a meaningful way. 

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  • Life’s course of events: hitting spiritual bottom, the snapping moment, and the cellular need to escape
  • Giving up his job, success and belongings to live in nature as a minimalist recluse for 5 years
  • His plea for purpose, introduction to herbs + plant medicines, and how his company, Sun Potion, came to existence as a means to help connect the plants to the people
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine energy to be more effective in the world
  • The Yang of business: running a conscious and successful enterprise
  • Fusing success principles of the achievement gurus like Tony Robbins, with the spiritual principles
  • Trojan horse(s) that lead to motivation and purpose
  • How to use medicinal herbs to become more resilient and powerful
  • Receiving the full benefit from the plants by bringing in rituals and ceremonies
  • What is Mucuna Pruriens and where it comes from
  • Compliance and incremental changes: demystifying doses, and the power of frequency for adaptability
  • Ancient symbology and the energetic signature of remembrance
  • The secret to protecting your supplements from sun damage, Miron glass, and how Sun Potion goes the extra mile
  • Loving yourself: the struggles around starting and maintaining a daily ritual of self care
  • Lifestyle recommendations





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Intro music: Jeordie White
Show notes: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith