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Over the past 22 years, I’ve dedicated to evolving and improving myself in every way imaginable - both physically and spiritually.

I’ll try pretty much anything that will improve my performance and sense of well-being. When I find a modality, practice, product, or teaching that works, I add it to my biohacking tool belt or my daily spiritual routine.

My heart’s desire is to take these experiences that have changed my life and share them with other people so that they might transform their own lives. So it’s fitting that I gave this talk on The Power of the Brain on our Bodies at #OsteoStrong (@osteostrongla), one of the few places out there focusing on helping people with their bone health, which is one of the most profound health hacks that I’ve found over these two decades.

The process helps you get stronger from the inside out, and I’m all about priming the physical body so that I can accomplish my soul’s mission of being of service in the world, growing spiritually, and sharing these experiences with others.

Want to know more about how what we think, do, and feel directly affects our physical state? Are you looking for a glimpse into my favorite spiritual and health hacks? Want to learn the most potent and influential principle I’ve learned throughout my life?

Then you’re in the right place.


  • How Luke discovered his passion for health & his soul’s mission

  • The many benefits (and names) of “box breathing” + a live breathing exercise

  • Learning to be unapologetic about your relationship with God, or the ineffable force greater than us that many of us refer to as God

  • Recontextualizing and reframing every experience in your life as love

  • How you can get in greater alignment with universal truth

  • Luke’s personal meditation practice

  • What you can do to master your mind

  • Why surrender is the most powerful principle in Luke’s life

  • The value of sunning safely, sunning often, and getting the sun on as much of your naked body as possible

  • Why I love spring water and how you can better filter the water in your home

  • The many, many dangers of artificial light

  • How you can turn your bed into a Faraday cage to protect yourself from EMFs in your sleep


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