476. The End of COVID: Did It Ever Exist? Are Viruses Real? Germ Theory Scientism w/ Alec Zeck

Alec Zeck

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Alec Zeck shares illuminating insight on the past three years of medical tyranny and mass media deception and dissolving illusions and systemic conditioning, while realigning mankind toward a path to freedom, health, and awareness with his upcoming project, The End of Covid.

Alec Zeck received his B.S. in Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is a speaker, writer, podcaster, and former Army Captain. He is the former Executive Director and Founder of Health Freedom for Humanity and is the founder of The Way Forward.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Today, we are in the business of narrative nuking with Alec Zeck. Alec is a speaker, writer, podcaster, and former Army Captain. He is also the founder of The Way Forward, a grassroots movement focused on dissolving illusions and systemic conditioning, while realigning mankind toward a path to freedom, health, and awareness. 

Hang in there with us as this back-and-forth conversation is chock full of mind-bending, paradigm shattering topics, beginning with when he first realized that con-vid was a hoax and why he created the biggest media event in the history of alternative health movements with his upcoming project, The End of Covid.

We also cover his extensive and quite hilarious censorship journey, lab leak theory and gain of function research, the dualistic human experience of good vs. evil, and so much more which pesky platform character limits prevent me from listing here.

Never fear – in the end, Alec offers a vision of hope for the future and how we can hold our heads high despite the struggles humanity faces. As always, we're looking to stretch the envelope of our preconceived ideas, so I'll invite you to listen with an open mind. Take what lands, and leave the rest for the contemplation of mystery. And of course, you can find all of Alec’s information and more at lukestorey.com/endofcovid.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

00:06:02 — Empowering Health Freedom & Decentralizing Control Systems

00:33:26 — How We Become Indoctrinated & The Truth Unveiled by CDC Stats

  • The End of Covid: lukestorey.com/endofcovid 
  • Understanding and using statutory and common law 
  • The role of consent and compliance in indoctrination
  • CDC data re: deaths from COVID and comorbidities
  • The lack of alternative lifestyle health recommendations during this time
  • The impact of the pharmaceutical industry's corruption
  • A different take on hydroxychloroquine ivermectin

00:58:04 — How Compassionate Communication Inspires Change

  • Why we are trauma bonded to the government 
  • Projecting our own altruism on the government
  • Analyzing human behavior and inherent obedience to authority 
  • Stanford Prison experiment
  • Asch Conformity experiment
  • Milgram experiment 
  • Discussing the paradox of duality, oneness and consciousness 
  • Approaching conversations with compassion in order to create change

01:32:36 — Exploring Terrain Theory & Critiques of Virology

  • An overview and exploration of terrain theory versus germ theory
  • Seeing beyond the veil/illusion of virality
  • Alec explains why there’s no proof viruses exist 
  • The problem with the scientific procedure of identifying viruses 
  • The Proof of Contagion & the Roseau Experiments 
  • Why Alec claims that virology is a pseudoscience based on the scientific method

02:14:56 — The Narrative Discrepancies & Perpetuation of Vaccine Paradigms

  • How fear and anxiety played a role in deaths attributed to the virus
  • The phenomenon of contagion and dissolving false belief around germs
  • Deconstructing the gain of function narrative 
  • Discrepancies in the narrative of different leaders in the space of vaccinology
  • Why doctors and health professionals seem to keep this paradigm alive 

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Luke Storey: [00:00:09]All right, start your engines. Here we go, my fellow freedom-loving homies andhelmets. We're back with another firestorm of an episode, this time with AlecZeck for number 476. And I'll go ahead and issue a standard trigger warning onthis one because Alec shares some information here that might be very new toyou. In fact, much of it was new to me. But as always, we're looking to stretchthe envelope of our preconceived ideas and even, dare I say, in some cases,indoctrination. So I'll invite you to listen with an open mind. Take what landsand leave the rest for the contemplation of mystery. 

I personally find it tobe a healthy practice to question my long-held assumptions, and I encourage youto do the same. But before we get down to the business of narrative nuking,I've got an important announcement for you. Please join me and Dr. ChristianeNorthrup next Friday for our free webinar on real money. And by real money, I'mtalking about OG, gold, and silver. 

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All right. Today'sguest, Alec Zeck, is a speaker, writer, mind-body-spirit coach, and a formerArmy captain. He's the executive director and founder of Health Freedom forHumanity, a nonprofit, whose mission is to unite people from all walks of lifeunder one common purpose, the reclamation and defense of health freedom. He'salso the co-founder of The Way Forward, a grassroots movement focused ondissolving illusions and systemic conditioning while realigning mankind towarda path to freedom, health, and awareness. He's also just an awesome guy, and awonderful father and husband, and someone who I now consider a friend. 

And here's what's aboutto go down for those of you that enjoy some foreshadowing. We spent the firsthour or so catching up on what transpired over the past three years of medicaltyranny and mass media deception and where things are headed in terms ofhumanity's fight for freedom. Then around the 1:20 mark, we get into thefascinating and very controversial world of germ versus terrain theory, whereinAlec makes a very strong case against the very existence of viruses, SARS-CoV-2included, and how the field of virology as a whole has not and does not followthe scientific method.

So I encourage you tohang in there with us as this back and forth conversation is chockful ofmind-bending, paradigm-shattering topics such as, but not limited to thefollowing: when he figured out Convid was a hoax, and why he created thebiggest media event in the history of alternative health movements with hisupcoming project, The End of COVID, which you can access, by the way, atlukestorey.com/endofcovid.

We also cover hisextensive and really quite hilarious censorship journey and the great lengthshe's gone to to get his message out despite being widely banned; the future ofIndymedia, the myth of the government caring about our health, and whywell-meaning people continue to be duped by false flags and psyops; why Convidand other propaganda targets compassionate people like you and me; fraudulentPCR tests; summarizing the germ versus terrain theories; debunking virology;origins of the germ theory of disease; and why even the best anti-vaxxers aremisled by the fraudulence of virology and why leading health freedompersonalities like Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy, and Robert Malone refused toentertain conversations about virology with Alec; how the lab leak theory andGain-of-Function research could be yet another psyop; the mystery of how theflu magically disappeared during the Convid era.

And of course, thisinformation begs the question, what were people falling ill to or dying from ifConvid wasn't the real cause; how to play along with the dualistic humanexperience of good versus evil without giving up or giving in; the foley ofjudging people who hold different views even if they're wrong; and finally,Alec offers a vision of hope for the future, and how we can hold our heads highdespite the struggles humanity faces. 

As you might haveguessed from the topics laid out there, we referenced a lot of differentsources in this one, so make sure to check out the show notes and links atlukestorey.com/alec. I mean, we cover some super far out stuff, and fortunatelyfor us, Alec has receipts, man. He's got all of this research and data backedup and available, so we'll put as much as we can in the show notes atlukestorey.com/alec, A-L-E-C. All right, y'all. The candles are lit and thetable is set. So get ready to enter the fascinating world of Alec Zeck. 

Alec Zeck: [00:08:58]I'm Alec Zeck, and this is the Life Stylist Podcast.

Luke Storey: [00:09:06]All right. So Alec, what was the first clue you had that Convid was a hoax?

Alec Zeck: [00:09:14]That's a tough one to answer because I was aware of the corruption of thepharmaceutical industry and was aware of government corruption to a certainlevel prior to the whole charade. So I was following a couple of Reddit subs inDecember of 2019 that we're talking about how there's this lab in Wuhan, China,that they think a bioweapon escaped out of. That was in 2019, before anyone--

Luke Storey: [00:09:48]Damn, you're OG. Early adopter.

Alec Zeck: [00:09:49]Early, but I was wrong on several fronts which is what we'll get into duringthis. But I was-- I'll say this, I made a video on February 29th, 2020, and youcan tell it's in February 29th, 2020, because I was still in the army, so cleanshaven, and I look like I'm 10 years younger, so I've aged so much in the lastthree years. But I made a video saying that this was no doubt going to be usedfor mandatory shots for everyone. I knew that back then. But what I thought wasthey had successfully created a bioweapon in a lab. And now I've come to form acompletely different perspective on that. But I could see right through it fromthe beginning.

Luke Storey: [00:10:30]I was living in LA at the time, and right when-- God, I don't even like usingthe word lockdowns because that should have sounded the alarm on all ofhumanity. What do you mean lockdown? It's bad branding, in the first place. Butright when that happened, my wife had moved in 2 or 3 days before that. And wewere friends for many years. And anyway, as things happen, she moved in. It wasgreat.

And then that wentdown, and I don't watch CNN and whatever, but I'm on the Internet. I'm seeingvideos from different news sources, and I see these people just dropping likezombies in China. And so we were like, it's embarrassing now to think that Ifell for the psyop even for that long. But we were, I don't know if I waswearing a mask, really, but we would disinfect our groceries when they weredelivered, and washing our hands. And I'm like, what the fuck is going on here?

But then I started tosee holes in it because of the apparatus of control that started to soaggressively be implemented, and it came with it. And we'll talk about all ofthese because I feel like we're out of it, but we're not really out of it becausethe powers that be are just changing to climate change or whatever they'regoing to swap the catastrophe to next. But it's like all of the things thatwe're starting to be implemented were the things the conspiracy theorists weretalking about 20, 25, 30 years ago.

You're saying, okay, Istarted hearing about this lab, and my foresight is that whatever's happeningis going to be an excuse for forced, if not coerced, fake vaccines. And so I'mwatching all this stuff roll out and I'm like, something's fishy with this. Andso we just abandon all of that. And then I started doing deeper research in thegray to dark web realm and was like, okay, no, I'm not having this. And thatwas the first time I ever talked about anything remotely conspiratorial on thepodcast because it wasn't my lane.

I'm talking aboutconsciousness, and plant medicines, and meditation, and breathwork, andbiohacking, and I don't have any business talking about this 2016 election. Youknow what I'm saying? It's just not my lane. I'm not really interested in iteither because I think it's all a giant psyop and totally fake anyway. But thenit came into my lane because we're talking about health now, and there aremeasures being forced upon the populace against our will, and I don't agreewith that.
And so I had, I think Tom Cowan, who is a friend of yours, I believe, someoneyou've interviewed as well. I had him on, and then David Eick, and RashidButtar, and all kinds of people that were very outspoken. I had already had DelBigtree on years before that talking about vaccines and stuff.

Alec Zeck: [00:13:39]I can say that on here openly? I just want to make sure.

Luke Storey: [00:13:41]I think we can now.

Alec Zeck: [00:13:42]Okay. I've said it on my-- oddly enough, and we'll get to this, the onlyepisode I've ever had removed from Spotify for my show is when I was callingout how Gain-of-Function is a psyop, the only episode.

Luke Storey: [00:13:54]That's interesting. That's telling. So anyway, I'm giving you a summary of myinitiation into this realm. And I even had, very early on, Robert Kennedy Jr,who of course is now wanting to get the nomination to run for president, andall of these people on. And it's interesting to see there was a little bit ofperceivable blowback from my audience who were like, who are you, Alex Jonesall of a sudden? 

But I think whathappened is it really catalyzed the people that are regular listeners of thisshow, at least because they're like-- I got so much positive feedback. Dude,finally, someone who has a sizable platform is being honest about theirperspective and not just hiding to avoid censorship. And I was censored mostlyon YouTube. I think Cowan's interview was taken down and David Eick'sinterview. But as far as the audio, what I started to do to evade censorshipwas just not use the words, the forbidden word, and find other ways to veryobviously describe what it was that I was talking about.

But anyway, I feel likenow, for the time being, not so much on social media, but on the podcast, Ifeel like I can be a little less laborious about trying to cloak what I'msaying. Anyway, enough about my journey. That was my journey. So you start tosee this. What motivated you to start to speak out on your platforms and becomethe guy now who I would consider to be one of the forerunners in the healthfreedom movement and someone who's wildly outspoken? 

And we'll talk aboutsome of your various beliefs and opinions today that are going to becontroversial to some people. I haven't heard you really say anything thatdoesn't make sense to me so far, even though some of the shit you're saying isgoing to be pretty far out to some people. So what was the rest of the journey,and your relationship to censorship, and being de-platformed, and all thatearly on?

Alec Zeck: [00:15:58]Yeah, it's interesting. And I feel like to some level, I was attracting thecensorship into my life by focusing so heavily on it because, without gettinginto too many details of my upbringing, I never really felt like I could trulybe me. And I always felt like I was walking on eggshells around my authorityfigures, my parents. And then that transitioned to being a West Point cadet andhaving to be worried about what that authority system thought of me to being anArmy officer. 

I was a captain in theArmy when this whole charade happened, and of course, was having to tiptoearound my thoughts of what was going on, especially around March or April of2020, when I realized, okay, the whole bioweapon narrative that I had boughtonto, despite also thinking that that bioweapon would be used for mandatoryshots, I realized that was a psyop, but I was speaking out very carefully to mycolleagues in the Army but doing it in such a way that I was really censoringwhat I really, really thought about stuff. 

And at that point, Ihad already had a religious accommodation for vaccines in the Army, but I knewthat I wanted to get out of the Army. Before that, I actually only intended toserve five years. And after you graduate from West Point, you have to serve aminimum of five years on active duty. But once this whole charade happened,that was my final straw. I need to get the F out. I'm done with this corruptorganization. I had done my research on 9/11 and things like this. I knew thefraud that was the war on terror. 

And I justified in mymind staying in the Army because as long as I have a religious accommodationfor shots and as long as X, Y, and Z, and as long as I don't work a combat job,I can justify staying a part of this corrupt organization. But then when thiswhole charade happened, it was really eating inside of me that I could nolonger be a part of this, but that censorship of what I truly thought was stillprevalent because I was in the army and I couldn't really share my thoughts, sositting back watching. 

Luke Storey: [00:18:23]You're a government employee. It must be difficult to be like, fuck thegovernment. So that's who you're working for.

Alec Zeck: [00:18:32]Dude, so funny you say that because I started using my platform to speak out onInstagram and on Facebook in May of 2020, and I was still a captain in the Armyat this time. So I had to censor my own speech in the way that I spoke outabout things, knowing that I had at least 11 months left in Army. I got out inApril of 2021, so I had 11 months left in the Army. I could see what was goingon. I knew that I wanted no part of it. I knew I wanted to get the hellout. 

I knew that I had somuch knowledge to share about the nature of the pharmaceutical industry andother things like this because I'd already done so much research starting in2016 that I had to share it, but I had to do it in a very careful way. So thatwas a big point of censorship in my life. And then finally, when I got out ofthe Army in April of 2021, I was able to speak very clearly to what was goingon. But then what happened around that time, April 2021, right as I'm gettingout of the Army, this reporter contacts me from The Guardian, and I had juststarted my former organization, Health Freedom for Humanity, at the time. Weexploded.

There's so many peoplejoining along with us. We had chapters all over the country. And so we grewreally quickly. And because we grew so quickly as an organization, a lot ofmainstream news sources caught on to us. And so one was The Guardian. Thisreporter contacts me. He's like, hi Alec, this is your right to reply to thefollowing article that I'm writing about you. You are a former Army officer,X,Y,Z, then you're a conspiracy theorist. And he said former Army officer, andI was not a former army officer. I was a current army officer. I'm like, thankGod he thinks I'm a former Army officer. I'm good to go.

And then a week later,I didn't respond. A week later, contacts me again and is like, Alec, thearticle is coming out tomorrow. We have contacted the Army Public AffairsOffice and confirmed that you are currently serving at the rank of captain onactive duty. And I was like, oh my God, and had this fear of this authoritycoming down on me that I was already having to censor my speech for. 

And luckily, I hadformed a good relationship with my commander, and he was aware mostly of mythoughts on health and the whole charade. He just didn't know that I wasrunning what he called an anti-vaccine conspiracy theory organization becausehe texted me once the Army PAO contacted him and said, you have a soldierrunning an anti-vaccine conspiracy theory organization. He texted me, W-T-F,what the fuck? Why am I getting this from the army PAO? And I was like, sir,these are my thoughts. And we feature doctors on our show and all this stuff.And he was like, okay, just keep your head low till you get out. 

And so as I'm gettingout, okay, this censorship is no longer part of my life. Then, boom, that'swhen I start being censored on social media like crazy. And I think it wasbecause of that article that came out in The Guardian. Yeah. So then that'swhen that started my social media censorship journey where I started beingdeleted repeatedly, having to go get a new phone. And it's like, okay, theyfigured out that this phone is attached to me, and then go get another newphone, and start a new account, and just keep coming back and coming back. AndI've been deleted from Instagram seven times, Twitter, a few, YouTube,Eventbrite.

Luke Storey: [00:21:43]Oh my God, dude.

Alec Zeck: [00:21:44]What have I not been deleted from? Yeah, Apple podcast is the only thing Ihaven't been censored on. Knock on wood.

Luke Storey: [00:21:51]I mean, I remember when you were reappearing on Instagram, I didn't realizethere was that many times, but there was backup accounts, and then you'd, hey,I'm back. They got my other one. I was like, oh my God. But honestly, watchingpeople like you just get nuked, not that I ever hid, but I became more mindfulabout the way I worded things, and became aware of keywords especially doingvideos. 

When I was doing lives,there were a number of times where it would mysteriously crash and just end thelive on me, and I was like, oh, what are we talking about? Chem trails. That'sright. One thing Instagram would do is I would post something aboutgeoengineering, a photo, and the photo would be fine but if I put the C word inthere, it would get the fact checking shit. And if I put a link to somethinglike geoengineeringwatch.org, which I highly recommend people check out if youstill think that's a conspiracy theory, if I put that link, it would just getdeleted. 

And I was like, okay,I'm starting to get the rules of the game here. And it was a balance, for me,of wanting to maintain my integrity and speak my mind, but also knowing if Ireach zero people with the other 90% of the content I'm doing, which I hope isbeneficial to people in different ways, on different topics, it's like, okay,so I get kicked off all the main platforms, and then I become just subversiveand underground, and I can totally speak my mind on Rumble or whatever,BitChute, or something, I'm going to be reaching 90% fewer people. So I--

Alec Zeck: [00:23:34]You're never going to reach someone who isn't currently seeing through thewhole charade. You're only going to reach an echo chamber on Rumble, andBitChute, and these other places.

Luke Storey: [00:23:43]Right. So anyway, that was, knock on wood, for me, managed to find a happymedium where I didn't feel like a sellout and phony, but I also didn't justimplode my whole platform because I got to speak my mind. So it was interestingwatching people like you being the canaries in the coal mine and just pushingit as far as you can push it and in fact, getting removed. It's like, shit. ButI didn't-- 

Alec Zeck: [00:24:09]I was the example for you to be like, okay, I don't want that to happen to me,so I'm going to back up a little bit.

Luke Storey: [00:24:13]Those are the keywords to avoid. Yeah.

Alec Zeck: [00:24:15]Well, what's crazy, though, is on my fifth, sixth, and seventh account, I wascareful. I would block out words. I would never even use the word virus. I wasvery careful not to say certain things. And I wonder if it's the algorithmbecause they had already recognized this name and these people that follow him.Who knows what the algorithm can do, dude? 

I  had thisarticle that I wrote for GreenMedInfo. It's called Censorship and the WayForward, if anyone wants to look it up, and it talks about how when I wascreating a new account after I'd just been deleted, I'm on a new device, and anew location, using a VPN, and go to create the account with a new emailaddress, and it immediately gets deleted. And then, dude, I shit you not, Icover up my camera and do the same thing, and it worked.

Luke Storey: [00:25:07]What?

Alec Zeck: [00:25:07]And then I confirm-- 

Luke Storey: [00:25:10]Where's my phone? I'm turning my phone off right now.

Alec Zeck: [00:25:13]Dude, I already know they're watching. Yeah. They already listen to whatever. Idon't care. I just flip them off all the time. But then to confirm that itwasn't a fluke, my business partner in Health Freedom for Humanity, she is mydeputy executive director for Health Freedom for Humanity, she ran ourInstagram account, and we had just been deleted, she tried to make an account,deleted. She tried the same thing, covered up the camera, and it worked. And Iwas like, oh my God. So again, I think it's just like they are using facialrecognition technology without telling us, and that's how they're able to knowthat was me. 

And then remember thefirst few Instagram lives I did on that new account, I'm wearing-- I wouldnever wear a mask, and I was wearing a hoodie, tucking my face in, and I'mlike, yeah, it's me, you guys. It's actually me. I'm like, what am I doing,man? Slowly, over time peeked my head back out. But yeah, it's nuts. And nowI've gotten to the point that I don't care if I'm censored. I genuinely don't.I almost think it's laughable at this point because I know people will find meand become a running joke. 

I don't know if you seethe subtitle, the sub name on my Instagram right now, I'm titled As a PettingZoo. And before that, I was a Taxidermy Place. And before that, I was a DiscGolf Course. So I just make fun of it, man. And  I'm just concerned withspeaking what I authentically think. And luckily, I have a podcast that I canspeak about these things, and they don't really censor.

Luke Storey: [00:26:35]Yeah, it's interesting how podcasts have generally, and I don't want to bringthis down upon us by pointing it out, but for some reason, podcasts seem to be,out of all the social media channels, the least censored.

Alec Zeck: [00:26:53]Have you thought about why that is?

Luke Storey: [00:26:55]I've tried to think about it and I come up with nothing, but I listen to someweird shit. I'm not even going to tell you what I listen to, but I listen toall kinds of trippy ass podcasts and I'm like, how are these guys-- I mean,they're very fringe. It's just very few people probably listen, maybe that'sone of the reasons. But I'm like, I'm hearing people talk about some crazy assshit, and their podcasts are still up on Apple. It's interesting. I mean,thankfully, that's the case, and I'll ride it out as long as I can, but yeah.

I remember one. I thinkit was the-- it might have been the Cowan one. I already knew you couldn't usecertain words on YouTube, so I would misspell everything in the title. I putthe Mexican beer virus spelled with the Y, just anything I could say to conveywhat it was about. It was so-- I'm like, I'm an adult. It's like, I feel likeI'm like a kid trying to hide my playboys from my parents. It's like, what am Idoing? This is ridiculous. 

But eventually, theygot to those two, I think just because of the people who were the guests. Itdidn't matter what I called the David Eick episode. It was just like, waking uphumanity, or something. It had nothing to do with this stuff that we're talkingabout, but still they were just like, oh, David Eick, dang. And that just gotdeleted. 

Anywho, I want to geton to some other things. Thanks for sharing your experience with that, andthank you for your commitment and the very few fucks that you give aboutspeaking your mind. Where do you think we are now in terms of independentmedia? We've got Telegram. You've got the ones we mentioned that would bealternatives to YouTube that are video platforms. I mean, do you think there'sgoing to be or are there ones that I maybe don't know about viable means bywhich we can communicate and are free from the clutches of whoever's runningthese platforms?

Alec Zeck: [00:28:54]Yeah. There's one that I really like. It's created by Sergey, the founder ofGreenMedInfo. It's Unite.Live. The problem right now is that we have to have a mindsetshift while also recognizing that a lot of people that we're wanting to reachhave not had that mindset shift. And what I mean by that specifically is weneed to decentralize our lives in every way possible from control systems. AndYouTube has the overwhelming majority of video-based audiences. 

And there's so manyalternative platforms, and that's how it needs to be, but I still think we'rebringing in this mindset of wanting, okay, what is the next big one thateveryone's going to move to? When I think that, the mindset shift that'srequired is getting out of that trap, that it has to be this one big next thingthat we move to.

It has to bedecentralized. We need to decentralize our platforms and be speaking on variousplatforms. And that's what I'm really trying to do with my approach now,especially because, I guess, I could consider myself a pioneer in that respectbecause I was censored on all the big platforms. I've checked out so manyalternatives.

Luke Storey: [00:30:13]You had to diversify.

Alec Zeck: [00:30:15]I had to diversify, dude. Yeah. So I don't-- we were speaking a little bitabout analytics, and not that I really give two shits about that earlier, but Idon't know what my true analytics are because I'm on like so many differentplatforms with my message. And that's the mindset shift that I think we need tohave. But one that I personally really like, and I use a lot of them is,Unite.Live, and that platform, it's a really good one.

Luke Storey: [00:30:40]Do you have-- one thing I did just preemptively in case I got nuked off thecommunist platforms was made a Telegram channel. There's 4,500 people in thereor something. I noticed that it was up to 48 a couple of months ago. And thenthere's so many bots on there pretending to be me. I mean, maybe people justdon't like the negative shit that I post on there, but I saw it go down by afew hundred and I'm like, I think people think it's me. Hey, join my Bitcointhing or whatever. They're trying to get-- It's like a picture of me with myname. And even though it's my channel, I can't delete them.  I can reportthem as spam, but I'm like, why can't I just delete that comment? So I'm alwaysposting screenshots of the fake accounts telling people like, hey--

Alec Zeck: [00:31:27]They're messaging people saying, hey, patriot.

Luke Storey: [00:31:29]Yeah. Hey, patriot. Exactly. I'm like, when in my life have I ever referred tosomeone as patriot? Never. I never will. 

Alec Zeck: [00:31:36]Never once said that.

Luke Storey: [00:31:37]Yeah. So I lost a few heads, presumably because they're like, what a dick. Whyis he trying to scam me into some thing? But mine's Lukestorey.com/telegram.What's yours?

Alec Zeck: [00:31:48]Mine's t.me\thewayforwardformankind.

Luke Storey: [00:31:53]The way forward for mankind. Okay, cool.

Alec Zeck: [00:31:55]Yeah. And it's interesting you bring that up about consistently losing. Sothat's happened to Kelly Brogan's Telegram channel, my channel, Krystal Tini'schannel, Joe Ye's channel, your channel. It's happening across Telegram. It'sreally weird. And this may be my conspiracy mind turned on, but it's like,Telegram seemed like the safe haven of safe havens for social media platformsto really broadcast your message. That's why we have broadcast channels onthere to a group of people. And I think that in a way, it could be a trap. Nota trap in terms of they're mining your data. We know they're doing that. 

I mean Telegram wascreated by a World Economic Forum, Young Global Leaders, so I mean, that'sknown. He's a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, but what I mean is thatI don't think it is the safe haven that people think it is. And slowly overtime-- I originally had 40,000 subscribers on my account because I was pushingso many people to my telegram like, hey, if I get deleted again, I'm going toshare a message on my telegram channel so you know what my new Instagramaccount is. And over time, it's gone down. Now it's at 28,000. So it's reallyinteresting, just consistently losing.

Luke Storey: [00:33:03]Yeah. I've never had any accounts ever grow in reverse. That's why I was like,oh, this is weird.

Luke Storey: [00:33:09]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [00:33:10]Of course, my ego, I'm just like, I can't fathom the idea that someone justdoesn't want to be there. So I'm like, it must have been because of all thespamming. But I think there's also probably people, to be fair, that go onthere and they're like, God, this is doomscrolling because it's the catch allfor anything that would be censored for on the other ones. Therefore, I mean,it's mostly memes and stuff like that. I mean, I think they're funny.

Alec Zeck: [00:33:31]The angel and demon on your shoulder that-- 

Luke Storey: [00:33:33]Yeah, exactly.

Alec Zeck: [00:33:34]Your podcast, and then the demon on your shoulder--

Luke Storey: [00:33:36]The love and light stuff goes to Instagram, and the bad news goes to Telegram.So I understand that people don't want to be subjected to that.

Alec Zeck: [00:33:44]Have you noticed that you have different audiences on each of those platforms,different types of people tuning in?

Luke Storey: [00:33:51]Not really, because any time I post something to Instagram that's a little moresubversive, I get a lot of great response on that, and people are like, thankyou for not being a fake ass or a sheeple. I mean, I'm sure there are a lot ofpeople I don't hear from that are like, fuck that guy, and they just unfollowme. But the ones that do, it's pretty much shared sentiment, I would say, interms of DMs and just comments on things that I post on the two platforms,which is interesting to me because they are quite different. 

And I think I know theboundaries of what I can get away with on Instagram, and I'm pretty mindfulabout not getting myself in trouble, because I've been shadow banned a bunch oftimes, and that sucks because then I put out a podcast about meditation orsomething and it gets shadow banned because I was a smart ass and had someonelike you on there, you know what I mean? So I'm trying to find thebalance. 

But anyways, so okay,we're up to speed on your journey, and I want to hear about this project you'reworking on at the End of COVID, which sounds super cool, and that's one of themain things I wanted to talk to you about because here we are three years intothis thing. And I think many people, even people that were hook, line, andsinker on it, to some degree, are like, something was off here. 

At this point, you havea lot of people who are very obviously being injured by the fake medicationthat was brought to market. And I see people in the periphery waking up. Youonly have, I think, a small sect of people that are diehards that are just like,I trust the government no matter what. And anyone else is a conspiracytheorist. So in this series you've got, and this episode that we're recordingnow will come out on May 26th, 2023, on June 20th, this End of COVID massivemedia onslaught starts. But what is the date when people can actually sign upfor it and get certified?

Alec Zeck: [00:35:44]They can start signing up June 5th.

Luke Storey: [00:35:47]Okay, cool. Awesome. June 5th. So that'll be after this one airs. So you've gotover 80 pieces of long-form content, 100 hours of recorded interviews,presentations, conversations with an extensive cast of doctors, authors andindependent researchers. And I'm just telling you what I know, what I have inmy notes here. You're featuring some of my favorite people-- David Eick, KellyBrogan, Amanda Vollmer, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, and Christiane Northrup.

So that's what I knowabout it. It's just a media onslaught of all the people that have beenoutspoken since the beginning. But give us more details on that because I'msuper excited about it. Because we got to-- like your brand, The Way Forward,your podcast, like, okay, we know everything's screwed up. What do we do aboutit? That's what I want to know. And how do we prevent this from happeningagain?

Alec Zeck: [00:36:37]Yes, and that's a key point here, is that, yes, we know that the WHO and theWhite House have announced that COVID is officially over. But the real--

Luke Storey: [00:36:47]For some of us, it was over in March 2020.

Alec Zeck: [00:36:49]Exactly. And that's the whole point is, it's like, did it ever really actuallybegin? And what do I mean by that, though? Did it really actually begin?Because for some people, they'll take that and be like, yeah, it wasn't thatbig of a deal. The virus wasn't that infectious. But they're creating thisbioweapon in a lab or they have this Gain-of-Function thing going on that wereally need to put an end to. And when I say that it never really began, Iliterally mean that in reality, it never really actually, physicallybegin. 

There was no physicalthreat associated with anything that happened in the last three years. Andthere was the Spanish flu at one point. That ended. HIV/AIDS at one point. Thatended. But this story keeps on being spun up. They tried with SARS 1. Theytried with bird flu. They're talking about bird flu now, again. Who knows whatthey're going to talk about next. The point is that this is called the End ofCOVID, but really, it's a misnomer. And it's because we're using COVID as ameans to educate people on the whole fraudulent pandemic industrial complex iswhat we could probably call it.

Luke Storey: [00:37:55]You forgot monkeypox.

Alec Zeck: [00:37:56]Monkeypox. That one's another.

Luke Storey: [00:37:57]That one's back in the news as of two days ago. And if you notice, I forgetwhat it was, it was some shenanigans, the Biden shit, or something. It's likewhen someone gets in some heat, or the border, or whatever it is, it's likewhen something starts leaking through that the media doesn't want people to payattention to, then they're like, monkeypox. Get the spotlight over here. It'sjust like, God, you guys are becoming so predictable.

Alec Zeck: [00:38:21]Yeah. And that's the point, is that this extends into every other possiblenarrative in some form. I know a lot of people are worried about our foodsupply right now as an example. And this, what we're talking about with the Endof COVID, getting down to the granular details of everything you need to knowof how they manufacture this whole situation and most importantly, how we putan end to it individually and collectively, giving you all the information youcould possibly know.

And that's why we haveover 80 recorded sessions that consists of presentations, interviews, minifilms, and roundtable discussions, getting down to the granular details ofeverything that happened the last three years and beyond. Because with bird fluas an example, that does impact our food supply. There's been multiple casesover the past 2 to 3 years where they'll just give one bird a PCR test, and weget into the details of the so-called PCR test of every single detail duringthe End of COVID. 

But they'll do that forone bird and say, oh, this is a PCR positive case for bird flu, therefore weneed to cull this entire flock of chickens and kill them because all of themare likely to be infected with bird flu. It does have real implications gettinginto other areas other than just health of human beings. And in order toprevent this nonsense from happening again in the future, we need to be fullyinformed on exactly what happened over the last three years and beyond. 

I fully believe that ifpeople watch the End of COVID and what we've put together, there will be nostone left unturned in their mind, all the what if questions or what aboutquestions? Well, what about this? What about that? What about Gain-of-Function?Well, what about people getting sick around each other? How do you explainthat? We're explaining everything, every detail, leaving no stone left unturnedso that we can be fully informed and prevent this nonsense from happening againin the future.

Luke Storey: [00:40:19]Awesome. I'm pumped. I mean, I haven't talked about this topic in a while becauseit's just like so many of us, I'm just burned out on it. You're just like aboxer that's just in the ninth round. It's just like, okay, I'm on the ropes,man. I can't fight anymore. I'm just going to hang out with my little familyand friends and just live my best life. But the thing that inspires me aboutwhat you're doing, people like you that are more engaged in the fight is, okay,cool. So we're through it, and we can just relax now, and I can get on anairplane like a normal person and not put a face diaper on and all that. 

But they're going to doit again. That's the thing. Whatever this conglomerate of entities are thatseem to be in control of the human population, whatever they are, and you mighthave insights into that, I don't really know or pretend to know, but there seemto be a powerful group of people that run things. And not only do they not havethe best interests of humanity at large in mind, they seem to really be againstus. 

I mean, I feel likewe're in a war, really. And so even though this battle has subsided and thingsare quieting down a little bit and getting back to "normal". What isnormal if you live in the matrix anyway? I mean, before COVID, it wasn'tnormal. Try not paying taxes and watch how normal your life is. But it's justlike, they're taking a breath, they're stepping back and planning their nextthing. 

And so that's the thingthat compels me to share people like you and just try to wake up a few morepeople, so that next time we can actually peacefully not comply. It's like, I'mnot doing this again. I wasn't doing it the first time. I'm definitely notgoing to do it this time. And so that's what I think is exciting. And forpeople that are also like me, just burned out on this whole conversation, weall are. 

But it takes someeducation for us to understand the game plan and just value our connection toone another as people who are actually compassionate, caring people that careabout not only ourselves, but our family and our communities and humanity as awhole. And if we do, and I'm assuming people listening to this share thatsentiment, then some education is in order so that there are steps that we cantake individually to protect our sovereignty. It's super important.

Alec Zeck: [00:42:48]Yeah. Well, I mean, one of the things that we cover, so obviously, we'recovering the granular details of the science behind what happened in the lastfew years, but we're also covering all of the political, socioeconomicimplications of what's gone on. When I say we're covering everything, it'severything. And one of the big pieces that we're covering is not only educatingpeople on various ways, both using statutory and common law, to counteract whatany of these agents of the state, the government are trying to do, but also weare educating people on a more high level, or I guess you could say morefoundational principle of the illusion of authority.

Because with respect towhat happened in the last three years, overwhelmingly, in Western countries,and especially the United States, they didn't do anything to us physically. Didthey coerce us? Did they threaten us? Did they fearmonger? Were some peoplefired in some cases? Absolutely. But had all of the people who authenticallydid not want to comply just simply acted on that authenticity and stood up andsaid no, which doesn't require belligerence, doesn't require hostility, itdoesn't require you to go stand outside your local government courthouse andsay, hey, I don't like what you're doing to us, it just requires you to live anauthentic life, none of this would have happened. 

Imagine if all thepeople who had some inkling to not actually comply with this stuff just said,no, that's not for me. I'm not going to do any of that. I'm going to continueto live my life as a free man or a free woman, and none of this would havehappened. I really think that. Because they require our consent. Do they trickus into giving our consent? Do they manipulate us? Do they coerce us? Do theythreaten us? Absolutely. But speaking specifically to the United States andmost other Western countries, they didn't physically force us to doanything. 

Of course, there aresome examples where they physically did things to people, but had enough of usjust said, no, I'm not doing that, this is nonsense, then none of this wouldhave ever happened in the first place. And that's also a huge thing that we'recovering in the End of COVID, getting down to the granular details of that too.

Luke Storey: [00:44:57]Awesome. And for people that want to get on board with that, again, theirregistration starts on June 5th, you said?

Alec Zeck: [00:45:04]It'll probably start a little bit before that. But yeah, June 5th is theofficial pre-launch period.

Luke Storey: [00:45:08]So basically if you're listening to this in the first week, it's going to behappening now.

Alec Zeck: [00:45:13]Yeah, exactly.

Luke Storey: [00:45:14]And then people get access to all the material on June 20th. That's when thebig--

Alec Zeck: [00:45:18]June 20th, we'll be trickling out because there's a lot of stuff to sortthrough. We'll be trickling out four or five sessions per day. And it'schronological in the way that it's laid out, either in terms of literal time,chronological for some of the pieces, but then some of the pieces, it's like,okay, building out a story of making sense of a certain specific topic, whetherthat be vaccines, or making sense of virology, which I'm happy to share thatyou can't wait to hear.

Luke Storey: [00:45:47]I can't wait to get into that. Because that's the big what about is like, wellwhat were all those people sick with? Which we'll get into momentarily, but I'msure many people listening to this already are like what do you mean it was allfake? My grandma got sick or died, and I want to make sure to give space forthat.

Alec Zeck: [00:46:05]People say that, though, too. There's almost this weird schizophrenia in thehealth freedom/truther community where they're like, oh, it was a bioweaponthat was harmful that was creating a lab, but it was just the flu. Or they'llsay, oh, it was all a fluke, but there was this bioweapon that was reallyharmful to people. I'm like, which one is it?

Luke Storey: [00:46:25]It's confusing. I mean, I think the whole thing is meant to be confusing. Imean, that's why there were so many things that just the rational mind couldnot grasp. I mean, the stickers on the floor at the coffee shop and just like,what? Going to the airport and the six feet apart stickers all the way untilyou walk on the plane, and then you're sitting six inches from someone next toyou who could be a carrier of the-- it's just like--

Alec Zeck: [00:46:58]So absurd.

Luke Storey: [00:46:59]Anyone rational like me was made crazy by that because you're just like, butwait. All of the messaging and all of the control apparatus, there's no way itwasn't meant to be confusing because there was so much orchestration in it. Itcould have been made much smoother and easier for people to swallow, but itwasn't. It was made crazy to make us crazy. So anyway, End of COVID, you guyscan go to lukestorey.com/endofcovid. We'll put that in the show notes, ofcourse. How much is this thing for people that want to get in on it?

Alec Zeck: [00:47:38]So it's free for 21 days.

Luke Storey: [00:47:39]Oh, sick.

Alec Zeck: [00:47:40]Yeah. And then after that-- the goal here is to get this out to as many peopleas possible, and especially the alternative community, because there's a lot ofpeople who have woken up to what's gone on to certain levels, but they aresubject to various other fraudulent schemes that are being put forth by theseperpetrators for years to come. And I think that what we're presenting here atthe End of COVID, again, it's called the End of COVID because all of thischarade is coming to a close, but we're covering so many other things thatreally the End of COVID is not entirely a correct name. 

We're just using COVIDitself as a Trojan horse to introduce all of these ideas to really stop all ofthese frauds for years to come. And that's why we're targeting the alternativecommunity to do so. And so after that initial 21-day free period, because wewant to get this out to as many people as possible, we have one price pointthat's 77 bucks, and then another price point that's 111 bucks. And for eitherprice point, you get the same material. 

But we just put forthboth saying, hey, we've put a lot of effort, intention, and attention on this,creating what we've created, and we want you to pick what feels most resonantwith you to choose for a price point. And 77 amounts to less than $1 persession for all the content that we have, and you're going to be properlyinformed.

Luke Storey: [00:49:02]Awesome. I'd say cancel Netflix for a couple of months.

Alec Zeck: [00:49:05]Yeah, exactly.

Luke Storey: [00:49:06]Become unindoctrinated and maybe re-informed. All right, so one of the thingsthat was most apparent to me about this in the beginning, I think that openedmy eyes was the messaging was, we are the government. We are the medicalindustry, and we care about your health. It's like, oh, well, they should. Wepay taxes for them to care about us and take care of them. The nanny state. Notalk of the fentanyl crisis. No talk about living a healthy lifestyle, eatingright, exercising, human connection, drinking plenty of water, getting goodsleep, and just basic recommendations on how a human being can have somesemblance of health. Zero recommendations on that.

The onlyrecommendations were, we got this medicine. Come and take that. Wear a mask.Don't touch people. Don't go to granny's funeral. That's where I was reallylost. I'm like, okay. You don't have to be a health expert to understand thatif someone tries to help you, they would say, hey, eat organic food, and workout a little bit. So that was the first thing for me.

Alec Zeck: [00:50:17]Can I comment on that real quick?

Luke Storey: [00:50:18]Yeah, please.

Alec Zeck: [00:50:19]Because this is one that frustrates me to no end because it's so obvious, evenaccording to the CDC's own data, that what you're saying is true. 95% of COVIDdeaths had an average of four comorbidities, most being lifestyle nutrition related.What that means is that 95% of people who died with a COVID label had anaverage of four other conditions that led to their death. So only 5% of COVIDdeaths had an average of one or had no comorbidities, essentially. 79% ofhospitalizations were in overweight or obese people. This one is the huge oneto me. 

The second strongestrisk factor for death, according to a study published by the CDC in July of2021 that was studied 500,000 people across various hospital systems that diedof COVID, and we'll get into that, but the second strongest risk factor fordeath was fear/anxiety-related disorders. So those three data points indicateto me and really anyone who has any critical thought ability left that youshould probably focus on lifestyle, mindfulness, and nutrition given all ofthose data points directly from the CDC's own data. 

And then what did wehave happen? I don't know what the stat is now, but remember in the fall of2021, the Biden administration at that point had dished out $40 billion toimprove vaccine infrastructure and improve vaccine messaging to combat"vaccine hesitancy" especially in low-income communities. So theselow-income communities that don't have access to a lot of the things thatpeople like you and I like, and that is a huge problem. 

But when people say,well, you're privileged, you have access to this, I'm like, yeah, and you thinkthat the government is going to help you? And the government is righteous, andthey're spending $40 billion to combat vaccine hesitancy when their own datashows the importance of lifestyle, mindfulness, and nutrition? What's withthat? And I have not heard one person that could give me a clear answer onthat. I went on to--

Luke Storey: [00:52:18]Did you say 40 billion?

Alec Zeck: [00:52:21]Billion.

Luke Storey: [00:52:22]Think about just that number. I'm picturing in every low-income neighborhood inthe country, you could have 10 farmers' markets going seven days a week.

Alec Zeck: [00:52:32]Exactly.

Luke Storey: [00:52:34]And pop-up gyms and health education.

Alec Zeck: [00:52:37]Think of what you could do with $40 billion, dude. It's absurd.

Luke Storey: [00:52:42]Yeah. One thing I like about you, and I don't share this quality, is to be ableto remember facts. And I know you're a big sauce guy because people be like,oh, show me a source.

Alec Zeck: [00:52:51]I'll send them. Throw them in the show notes.

Luke Storey: [00:52:53]Yeah. You have links to all the receipts.

Alec Zeck: [00:52:55]Keep receipts, baby.

Luke Storey: [00:52:56]Yeah, you do, which is great. I just do broad strokes based on my underlyingsentiment.

Luke Storey: [00:53:02]The other thing was, maybe you could add to this, is the, not only the lack ofpromotion of lifestyle changes but also the suppression of alternativetreatments-- the ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, I mean, God forbid, Ozonetherapy or things like that. I remember there was one point Trump saidsomething about-- the fake news took what he said, said, Trump said injectbleach. 

I think he was talkingabout ultraviolet, blood irradiation, things that are actually in thealternative medical field now that people use for all kinds of things. Soanything that could have worked that wasn't this mRNA fake vaccine were justcompletely squashed and everyone was demonized and laughed at that waspromoting them.

Alec Zeck: [00:53:53]Yeah, I have an interesting nuanced take on that. And while I acknowledge thatpeople had short term seemingly positive effects from hydroxychloroquine andivermectin-- I'll give you an example here. My wife, nine years prior to usgetting married, was diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. One of thedrugs she was on was Plaquenil, which was hydroxychloroquine. And she wasconsistently becoming sicker and sicker, more chronically inflamed. And this isactually what woke me up to the pharmaceutical industry's corruption. 

By way of variouspeople, we found Dr. Kelly Brogan, and Dr. Kelly Brogan helped my mom with someof her issues, and completely reversed some of my mom's issues. And once we sawthat happen with my mom, we tried the same thing with my wife, and we taperedher off all of her immunosuppressive drugs, Plaquenil being one of them and afew other things that she was on, and just adopted a very natural approach tohealth. And my wife reversed all of her autoimmune conditions in a matter ofthree months that she had suffered with for nine years. And she sustained thatremission now for seven years, really incredible. So that's what woke me up toseeing those two examples. 

But the reason I bringthat up is because, one, that got me on this journey, but two, becausehydroxychloroquine, yes, it could have seemingly positive effects initially,but the position that I've come to, and we get into great detail about this, wehave a whole session on hydroxychloroquine ivermectin, it's calledHydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, A Different Take, because it is a differenttake. But we get into the science of these two things. 

And what's happening isit is suppressing symptoms, and that may alleviate the symptoms that you'redealing with temporarily, but ultimately, I would say that it's likelysuppressing and pushing that toxicity that needed to come out of you justdeeper into the tissue. So would I advocate for that over the mRNA shots?Absolutely. But I don't think that this, what I would like to call the earlytreatment brigade is really getting to the root of this issue becausehydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, people will say that they're anti-parasitic,especially with ivermectin, but they'll say that it's treating the virus. It'sstopping the replication of the virus. 

And if we understandwhat viruses have been mistaken to be, we can understand that it's simplystopping the cell from experiencing what is called a cytopathic effect, whichis the cells process of getting rid of toxicity and decaying tissue. So we cantalk about that.

Luke Storey: [00:56:28]Cool. What I love about you, dude, is your alternative to the alternativepeople.

Alec Zeck: [00:56:34]Yeah, dude.

Luke Storey: [00:56:35]I see you on Twitter just putting all these guys on blast and stuff, and I'mlike, wait, I thought they were the good guys. And you're like, wrong.

Alec Zeck: [00:56:41]Well, that's the thing, is I want to be clear on this. I try not to single outspecific people. It's that when there are people-- and I want to be carefulabout what I mean. You could go look at my Twitter and you could see what I sayvery openly. But when you are running a large organization that is receivingdonations, that is based on the premise of covering the truth about science andcorruption and the truth on health and things like this, and that is themessage that you're putting forth, but you refuse to touch this issue, at leasthave a conversation on it, just one, or a couple of conversations on it toshow, hey, here's another perspective, when this issue happens to be the foundationalpremise, the discussion surrounding the existence of viruses happens to be thefoundational thing that your entire organization is based on, I feel likethat's pretty important for you to cover it. 

And when you don'tcover it, that raises some red flags for me, especially when you have chapterleaders as part of your organization for one of these organizations, or youhave your audience begging you to touch these topics, and you consistentlyavoid discussing these topics. And you could say the excuse, well, we're not anorganization that discusses virus history. We're just discussing whethervaccines are safe or not. And we're advocates for safe vaccines, but thefoundation of vaccinology is virology. So that's an importantconversation. 

And at the same time,these organizations that I'm loosely alluding to are constantly pumping theGain-of-Function narrative, which I'm happy to get into why it's important,that if they're going to cover that, which, okay, totally fine to do so, it'simportant to also have the conversation on the table whether viruses even existat all or not, or whether Gain-of-Function is even possible with virusesspecifically.

Luke Storey: [00:58:28]Love it. Yeah, well, I don't perceive you as, on Twitter, for example, being adick. It's more of a red flag to me that you're politely asking questions, andthese people block you and stuff. I'm just like, huh, well, then that makes mewant to listen to what you have to say because these people that, and I'm surethey're all waking up tons of people and doing great work, but the fact that noone will touch the germ theory and terrain theory conversation is suspect tome, to say the least. So we'll definitely get into that. 

Another thing I wantedto talk about was, why we as a peoples outsource our authority to thegovernment and subsidiary agencies of the government when they have such a vasthistory of maiming and killing vast numbers of people. Why do we do that? Imean, just a psychology question.

Alec Zeck: [00:59:31]Yeah. I think there's a really interesting session during the End of COVID withMeredith Miller, who talks about the state of captivity that people are in,almost trauma-bonded to the government. And it's done in a very manipulativeway. But to comment on it briefly, it's because so many of us that are adultsare walking around as children in adults' bodies. And we've transferred ourlooking up to mommy and daddy for answers, to looking up to mommy and daddygovernment for answers. And it's too scary for so many of us to take control ofour own lives and step into our own power. 

A lot of people, evenin the alternative health space, say, oh, I'm a freedom fighter. I want to befree, but they're so focused on what the government is doing. And it's just theflip side of the coin of being so focused on what the government is doing totell you what to do. It's like they've become the rebel kids. And I'm like,rather than play the game of monopoly with them forever, just take yourself offof the monopoly board and stop playing the game altogether. 

Stop trying to take ondifferent roles and different ways to approach the government, and just takeyourself off of the monopoly board altogether. And for some people, you may beaware of status correction, things like this, and of course, yeah, that's aroute you can take, but I'm talking about internally first. Stop looking atthem as a legitimate authority figure in your life, because they only requireour belief that they have legitimate power.
The men and women who comprise the government rely on our conditioned beliefthat they have legitimate power to tell us what to do with our lives. And ifall of the alternative community understood this, instead of saying, oh, if wejust get the right guy in office this time, we'll turn the ship around, theyunderstood that they require our belief in the legitimacy of their authority tooperate and do what they do, their authority would cease to exist. It would begone. It'd be completely gone.

Luke Storey: [01:01:30]Absolutely. And it seems like this authoritative body that we just call"them" really capitalize on the vulnerability of compassionatepeople.

Alec Zeck: [01:01:45]Oh, yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:01:46]This is something that I found to just be so disturbing about the psyop elementof this, is you have, I don't know, the people that are more emotionallycentered, which would typically lean more liberal, politically versus more ofyour analytical mind based person that might just stick with the facts and bemore conservative and right-leaning, and just broadly speaking here. What'sbeen so interesting to me is to see-- and I started to notice this withmeditation centers and stuff like that were requiring that you have thevaccine. 

And I'm going, you guys,but this is where Ram Dass used to speak, and Alan Watts, I'm like, you guysare now becoming authoritarians. And it's a really a psychological puzzle forme. And I think what it is is that so much of the media manipulation istargeted at well-meaning, kind, compassionate people. Because the other peoplethat are just more logical and linear in their thinking are like, oh, thisdoesn't make sense because the facts don't add up. I'm out. And then they'relabeled granny killers by the compassionate people, who, let's just, broadly,again, speak like, left versus right kind of thing, which I don't even believein. 

But just for the sakeof this topic and the question I'm trying to pose, but it's so freaking evilthat the most kind, feeling, compassionate, altruistic people were brainwashedinto becoming these totalitarian Karens that are out there demonizing all thepeople that aren't agreeing with the media narrative and manipulation. What doyou think about that? Our susceptibility to mind control seems to be based inour level of compassion, not just in our seeking of some authority after ourparents have relinquished that role.

Alec Zeck: [01:03:35]For sure. No, I think that's totally valid too. I think that-- have you heardof the concept of the big lie from the Nazi regime?

Luke Storey: [01:03:47]Uh-uh.

Alec Zeck: [01:03:47]I forget the exact quote, but it's something to the effect of, tell them thebig lie because they could never fathom telling a lie that big themselves, sothey'll definitely believe you when you tell the big lie. And I think--

Luke Storey: [01:04:01]The cognitive dissonance principle then. 

Alec Zeck: [01:04:04]Yeah. Essentially.

Luke Storey: [01:04:04]It's like, I can't imagine this to be true, therefore, it's not.

Alec Zeck: [01:04:07]It's, well, I can't imagine that they would lie about something this bigbecause I would never lie about something this big. Sure, so many people telllittle lies here and there, but something of this magnitude, I could notimagine lying about myself. They project their altruism onto the government,and they think because I would never lie about that, there's no way they could.Therefore, all these conspiracy theorists and what they're saying can'tpossibly be true. Even if all the evidence is on their side, there's no way,because I just don't want to believe that someone could do something likethis. 
And that's what I think they play on. I think that people cannot fathom thelevel of evil that is required to do what's been done to people for the lastyears. And it's not just COVID. It extends far beyond that, especially withrespect to the subset of the conversation, health. That they cannot imaginethat happening because they would not do that themselves. And I think you'retotally right. They play on that altruistic, really well-intentioned nature ofmany people. And I would say, yeah, especially the left. And they manipulatethem to buy into what they're doing because so many people cannot possiblyfathom that level of evil occurring because they wouldn't do it themselves.

Luke Storey: [01:05:29]Yeah, totally. I had that part of the conversation with my wife early on when Iwas-- I mean, she's just not someone who's ever been interested in any of this.It's not her lane. She's just a good person and does her thing in her ownbeautiful way. But when this started happening, that was the question she'llask. But why? Why are they doing this? They wouldn't do that. You mean all thepoliticians are lying? All the media is lying. They're trying to harm people?Why? She just couldn't fathom that. And I would tell her, honey, it's becauseyou're not a psychopath. 

Alec Zeck: [01:06:02]Well, and this is-- 

Luke Storey: [01:06:03]You have empathy, so you can't imagine that there are people who have power andcontrol in our culture, in our society that are psychopaths and do seek to harmpeople for their own selfish interests. It's like, if you're not that way, youcan't-- it's like trying to put yourself in the shoes of a serial killer. It'slike, people do that? I would never do that. Therefore, you can't believe it,but you see the evidence of some dead bodies, and then you go, oh, okay. Shit.There are people that are that evil.

Alec Zeck: [01:06:32]Absolutely.

Luke Storey: [01:06:33]But it's a really interesting social psychological phenomenon to me, thecognitive dissonance that is born out of you being a good person, therefore,you literally can't put yourself in the shoes of a psychopath because you can'timagine why would one be motivated to hurt other people? Because you wouldn'tbe. Because you're a cool person.

Alec Zeck: [01:06:54]Exactly. And the problem with that too is that then people will look at thatdynamic and say, okay, so you're saying that all doctors, all politicians, all[insert any other people that are part of that system] are all in on it? Andthat's not the case either. So many people are conditioned to buy into things.And I think there's several experiments that have been done just analyzinghuman behavior that underpin and give credence to that notion. 

And one of them is theMilgram experiments. Another one is the Stanford Prison experiments. And thenanother one is the Asch experiment. So the Milgram experiments were done to tryto see-- they're essentially testing obedience to authority. And what happenedin those set of experiments was there was an actor behind a wall that theperson couldn't see, but he was hooked up to a microphone so you could hearthis person behind the wall.

And this person thatwas actually the subject, but he thought he was just taking part in theexperiment, and the other person behind the wall was the person beingexperimented on, was ordered to give a certain amount of shock based on somethings that were happening. I forget the exact nature of it, but what wasdiscovered is that upwards of like 65% of people would give what appeared to bea death level of shock because the actor behind the wall was like, oh, stop,I'm going to fucking die if you give me any more. 

And he would look up tothe authority figure like, are you sure I'm okay to do this? And it's like,yeah. He signed up for the experiment. He signed waivers. Okay. So he would doit. And over 65% of people would do it. So over 65% of people would be obedientto authority despite giving a death-level shock to someone. 

And then the Aschexperiments set to determine groupthink mentality, essentially. And what thatfound is that over, I think one of them, 65%, one of 75%. But the point is, theoverwhelming majority of people would go with the group consensus on a certainthing, like maybe they would flash a certain card, I forget exactly how it wasdone, but would go with the group's consensus and face of their ownobservations and experiences telling them, no, that's not-- the whole group wasin on it for the experiment, you know what I'm saying?

Luke Storey: [01:09:10]Yeah, totally.

Alec Zeck: [01:09:10]And they would go with the group consensus, fall to groupthink despite theirown observations and experience telling them otherwise. And then the StanfordPrison experiment really showed that when people are given a certain amount ofauthority, they will wield that authority against their subjects in a way thatis very clearly harmful and inhumane. So taking those three things and puttingthem together, and I'm sure there's other experiments that have been done,really gives you insight into human behavior and you can relate it to thiswhole situation that happened with COVID.

And I think that theillusion of authority, that's what a lot of people that are more voluntaristsor libertarian minded call it, the illusion of authority really is foundationalto everything that's happened in the last three years because how many examplesdo we have of people who are just like, oh, I was just following orders, or Iwas just following protocols? Like these protocols that were done in hospitalswith remdesivir and ventilators, doctors were just following protocols. Andit's because of all of those experiments that have been done on human beingsthat give you insight into how humans behave in the face of authority.

Luke Storey: [01:10:27]Amazing. I love stuff like that. And I think many of us are also unaware thatgovernment agencies and across all sectors have known about the human psychefor a very, very long time. It's like they're way more advanced than we areaware of or that we give them credit for. So when there's an initiative to gaincontrol or whatever it is, I mean, who knows what really motivates thesepsychos. But when they want to do their thing to the populace and there's veryfew of them and very many of us, it takes getting into the mind of the populacein order to subjugate them, exploit them, and control them.

Alec Zeck: [01:11:10]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:11:10]So when we call them psyops or psychological operations, they're exactly thatbecause of these experiments. And those are the ones that we know about. That theyhave a window into the human psyche. They know what makes us tick, andtherefore using the power of the media, which they, of course, now we all see,hopefully, control 100%, except for maybe some of the independent media, it'snot hard for them to convince people to act on their behalf, even the peoplethat, intuitively, in their heart know that it's wrong because of thisallegiance to authority and them knowing the groupthink dynamic, and cognitivedissonance, and using people's compassion and empathy against them, andweaponizing them against the people who are in resistance. And it's just crazy.I mean, you got to step back sometimes and just go, at least life'sinteresting.

Alec Zeck: [01:12:02]It's very interesting.

Luke Storey: [01:12:03]It's like, it would be really maybe boring to be here on Earth if none of thisshit was happening. It's just like every day we're just inundated with so manyinteresting aspects of humanity on all sides. What do you think about this? Assomeone who is very proactive in your life about-- you're a Luke Skywalker.You're an Obi-Wan. You’re fighting against the Death Star. 

Sometimes I catchmyself in a moment of clarity and just realize that all of this duality that'shere in the human experience is God. I don't know how else to say it. And it'stotally a game. And I don't know how to articulate this. It's like, I don'tthink anything is wrong with the world. If the purpose of the world and humanincarnation is to burn karma and earn positive karma, then everything isperfect because it's a perfect playing field by which to do that. 

You have a spectrum ofexperience and possibilities available to you. You can be a serial killer. Youcan be a saint. And it's up to your free will, your decisions in life that aregoing to indicate which way you go. So if it's all a game, there's a part of methat's like, fuck it. I'm just going to live my life and not try to do anythingabout it. 

But do you think assomeone who's very proactive, much more so, I'd say, than I am in many ways, atleast, that part of the game, even though you might have an awareness that thisis a duality, and that it's all set up as this monopoly board, that you'restill going to play your part, even though you know it's a part? So what's yourtake on-- that's kind of where I'm at. What's your take on that?

Alec Zeck: [01:13:55]It's funny you brought up something like, I don't know how long we've beengoing now, but 20 or so minutes ago, that pops into my head all the time, thatat the highest level, the people, these are the easy ones like Fauci, and BillGates, and Klaus Schwab and all these people, they're playing a role. And Ithink back to what I was doing prior to this whole charade, prior to this wholeexperience of COVID, and like I said, I was considering staying in the Army, apart of a corrupt organization that I knew was corrupt because I wascomfortable. 

And I look at them as,you could say light workers. I think that's like a cliché buzzword now in thenew-age spiritual community. But in a way, they are light workers because theyushered in for so many of us who were willing to go there, having to look atour lives and what we were doing in our lives and reanalyze our values, what webelieved in, and what we had come to accept, and just complete paradigm shiftsin so many ways. And that's what it did for me. And I think in this duality,like, we're sitting here, and of course, when I get in meditative states, orwhen I do qigong. I do qigong every morning.

I have that experienceof oneness. But we're still, as individuated portions of consciousnessexperiencing duality for a purpose. And there are an infinite number of roles,just as you said. And some of those roles may be that some people go meditatein a cave for their whole life and experience oneness for basically theentirety of their life, and that's great. And we need those roles. We also needthe roles of Fauci. We need all of those roles because I look at it like, allof these are catalysts, all of these traumatic experiences, if you use themappropriately, if you understand what they are, are catalysts for growth, forthe growth of our individual portions of consciousness that we are. 

And that's afoundational belief for me. I don't have anything to say that that isobjectively true, but that's what I believe. It sounds like that's what youbelieve too. And it's weird when you're saying I think everything is allperfect. It's like, at the highest level, absolutely, everything is allperfect, and everything is as it should be. But at this level, with thatunderstanding in the background, does that mean we don't strive to make thisplace a better place to some level? And that's for each man and woman todecide. And for me, it looks like, okay, I'm aware of the game that's beingplayed at the highest level, and I always have that to fall back on.

Do I get pulled intoduality too much sometimes? And I guess you could say rage against the machine,although I wouldn't say, I do that because I think my message is all of it's anillusion. Stop buying into their BS. But I'm still pointing to the BS and doingso. So that is dualistic in some way. But I'm not like standing outside thecourthouse saying, you have power over me, and I don't like it. My thing is getthe hell off of the monopoly board. But in order to contextualize that, youhave to point to the monopoly board. 

And so the roles andthe dynamics that you're pointing to, I think, absolutely exist and everythingis perfect, but in duality, it's like, we are striving to be the good change inthe world. And I look at the phrase, the new normal. The normal that we hadbefore this whole charade was that great. A lot of people were saying, I wantto go back to the old way. I'm like, hell no, dude. Not a chance. So we couldflip the new normal phrase on its head and bring in a better new normal that isour new normal that we want to create.

And I think that thisdance that I'm in between going into the foundational oneness that underpinseverything, at least that's my belief, and then going back into you, but I'mhere to play a specific role. You said like Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan. Thank you.I don't take that lightly. That's a role that I think I am playing, ushering inreally paradigm shifting things, helping to usher those things in. And I thinkthat, like you said, I'm the alternative of the alternative of thealternative. 

And it's like, peopleare settling on, okay, the virus wasn't that big of a deal. And it's like, no,we can go even deeper than that. People are settling on, maybe if we just getthe right guy in office, then we'll be done. I'm like, no, we can go evendeeper in that. Authority itself is an illusion. I think that's the role thatI'm playing, is to help dissolve all of these illusions and get people to godeeper. And will everyone go deeper? No. That's for them to decide. But this isthe role that I'm playing in this life, and I feel very comfortable with it.

Luke Storey: [01:18:43]Thank you for that. Yeah, I think for me, it's been heavy, the past few years.I mean, it was heavy before when I started looking into alternative newsources. It was heavy for me starting, I mean, not just my own life experiencebut the world, and all of it. When I saw my first 9/11 video, that unequivocallyshowed that there was no plane that had ever hit the Pentagon-- I mean, I dareanyone listening, try to find evidence of a plane on that property that day. Itain't there. It doesn't exist. The rest of it, I don't know. Look up that inBuilding 7. Okay. I'll leave it at that. The rest of all these, they wereholograms. I don't know what happened. I don't pretend to know what happened.

But when I saw that, itwas like, okay. We're in a real pickle here because these fuckers lied aboutsomething big. And that wasn't even the biggest. There's been the Gulf ofTonkin. And there's all kinds of stuff going on. But it started to get heavythe more I learned about that. So it was always like a balance of like, ooh,how much do I really want to pay attention to all of that? And humantrafficking, and just all of the darkness in the world. But it got real heavywith this.

And so I've had to gowithin and really reconcile what this is all about, and like, how can I stillbe happy and useful to society and my friends and family and have a good life,and have some lightness about my experience and also stay awake and stay aware?And it's always this balance. And that's why I asked you about that duality,and like, if we know we're just playing a role, then playing the role canbecome fun and less heavy. It's like you know this whole thing is just set upas a school, an Earth school. And I love how you said these players are playingtheir role perfectly. 

And I had thisexperience, dude, in a 5-MeO-DMT journey. And for anyone that's had thatexperience, you'll know there's a portion of it, if you were lucky enough andhad the courage to go deep enough, where all duality melts away and you're justin pure consciousness. It's really ineffable. It's ridiculous to try todescribe it because it's beyond anything.

Alec Zeck: [01:20:58]Beyond words.

Luke Storey: [01:20:58]Words just could never take you there. But anyway, having experienced that afew times, and one particular time I saw that these evil characters throughouthistory, many of them still live today, a couple that you mentioned, I saw thebeauty in them, and the perfection in them, that they're playing their rolejust so perfectly, and that, like you said, we do need them because we needsomething to push up against.

Alec Zeck: [01:21:26]Yeah, exactly.

Luke Storey: [01:21:27]It's like, if everyone on earth was an enlightened being, and it was all justperfection, and there was no that side of duality, there was no evil, nodarkness, no wrongdoing, no violence, etc, it would be pointless to be here. Soyou need entities or people playing those roles so that you, if you're drivento do so, like I am and like you are, to do good in the world to the best ofour ability, you have to have bad in order to do good. 

And it's hard for me toarticulate, but it's like, that gives me the ability to wear the world as alooser garment. And just I look on Telegram, and there's a part, it's like, ohno, they're coming to kill us. And it's like, okay, relax. This is all a dream.And if you know you're in the dream, you can be the best player that you canbe, and that's the best you can do. And just leave it at that.

Alec Zeck: [01:22:21]Dude, I think at least for me, I'll speak for myself, and it sounds like foryou as well, it's like staying in that constant flow of understanding, in theback of your mind always have it lingering, or really in your heart, that weare all one, that these people are just playing roles, but still, that doesn'tmean that-- I have two kids. That doesn't mean I'm just going to let whateverthe fuck happened to them. You know what I mean? 

I'm still going to notfight, but I'm going to work for a better future for them and help to educateother people so that they can have better futures for themselves, and theirkids, and their lives, and their families. It's staying in that flow and thatbalance of understanding that we are all one, but we're living in aperceptively separate reality for a reason. There's a reason that we're hereexperiencing this. We're here. We're doing it.

Luke Storey: [01:23:15]Exactly. In pure consciousness, where there's no differentiation of a you and ame, then we don't get to experience a you and a me. So if we are a you and ame, even though you and I know that we're both actually one thing,consciousness, being expressed as two apparent individual things, but if weweren't expressed, then we wouldn't know that we exist.

Alec Zeck: [01:23:38]Exactly.

Luke Storey: [01:23:39]It's so cool.

Alec Zeck: [01:23:40]It's just like weird paradox.

Luke Storey: [01:23:42]It's crazy.

Alec Zeck: [01:23:42]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:23:43]So that helps me too when I look at Hillary Clinton or any of these people thatI vilify and judge. It's like, I can look at them as people that were likelytraumatized. They were likely indoctrinated. They were chosen to play thatrole, or elected to play that role, and I can have compassion for them, eventhe worst doers of evil, yet still stand against them, and refuse to complywith the harm that they're attempting or succeeding in perpetuating on myfellow humans. So it's like, I don't have to hate them. I just refuse to accepttheir behavior or their rules, for that matter.

Alec Zeck: [01:24:24]For me, it obviously helps with like those larger players, but it definitelyhelps for the people who are not "awake" to what's going on. When I lookat people who are still complying or really trying to coerce me to comply,calling me a grandma killer and things like this. I had one dude-- we were inTopeka, Kansas, I was living in Kansas City at the time. We were coming backfrom a road trip, and Kylie and I, my wife, we walked into a restaurant withour kids, and we weren't wearing masks. And we were in a pretty left leaningpart of Topeka. And they tried to kick us out. And we stood our ground. 

We were just like, youknow what? It's not even worth it. We're too hungry. We've been on the road forfive hours. We have two kids. We got to get them fed. So we just walked out,and there's this guy sitting outside the restaurant. He looks at me, he says,"You're a fucking narcissist." I just immediately cussed him out. Butthen I left and I'm like, dude, why did I do that? This dude is so conditionedto believe that what he's doing, playing off of what we were talking aboutearlier, that that is the altruistic position.

And this is what Ialways fall back on, for me. Had I not had the experience I had in 2016, seeingtwo people I love that were chronically ill, my mom and my wife, inside theconventional allopathic system drastically heal by the grace of God, because wemet Dr. Kelly Brogan, and then that changed the whole trajectory of our familybecause they, my wife and my mom, did the work to begin to heal naturally, hadI not seen that with my own two eyes, would I be able to see through what'sgoing on right now? 

Because a lot of myWest Point friends who now think I'm batshit crazy, who were groomsmen in mywedding, ushers in my wedding, some of my best friends don't speak to meanymore, and I have compassion for them because I'm like, dude, had I not hadthis experience, I probably wouldn't think this way. And that's what brings meback to-- the heaviness falls away, just as you're saying.

Luke Storey: [01:26:16]Yeah. And the pain of living in an us and them paradigm too. Because again,down here on Earth, in the duality, there often is an us and them, but at thehigher level, there's not. And I love that, you putting yourself in the shoesof that man who berated you. I like to think about, when someone is accostingme or I perceive them to be trying to harm or attack me, or just even not me,just people, bad actors in the world, if I had lived in that person's shoesfrom the moment they were born and had every experience that they had, I wouldbe the same. 

It's like, if youhadn't seen your mom and your wife heal, you would probably have an opinion andviewpoints like that man, and maybe even some of the same behavior. That'salways a good thing to remember when I'm judging someone. It's like, I don'tknow anything about their life, and if I had their life, I would be them bydefault. I'm only me because I had my life.

Alec Zeck: [01:27:10]And you know what's really-- 

Luke Storey: [01:27:10]And I've only made the mistakes and fuck ups in my life because of the lifethat I had.

Alec Zeck: [01:27:15]Yes.

Luke Storey: [01:27:17]I've done a lot of shitty stuff in my life. I mean, I don't think in manyyears, but when I was an addict, I mean, I was not a good person. Underneath,there was a good person. But the pain, and the trauma, and the things I wasgoing through made me--

Alec Zeck: [01:27:30]A traumatized person.

Luke Storey: [01:27:31]It made me very selfish. So if you would have looked at me at 22 years old, 25years old, you'd be like, wow, that guy's a real selfish asshole. Well, that'sthe best I could do with the life that I had lived up until that point. Sothat's why I don't judge myself for my past transgressions and just-- I mean,it's embarrassing, a lot of it. And I've had to make amends to probably acouple of hundred people that I harmed inadvertently or not, but I don't lookback and go, oh man, I was such a screw up. It's like, well, of course, I wasthe way I was, and of course, George Soros is the way he is. Who knows whathappened to him that made him make the choices that he makes?

Alec Zeck: [01:28:12]And what's amazing about coming back to that compassion and putting yourselvesin the shoes of other people, having empathy or sympathy for where they're atis that you can actually approach them, and effectuate change, and help themsee a little bit better when you're understanding where they're coming from,rather than just like pointing to people and calling them sheep. I've neveronce called anyone a sheep. I've actually been outspoken against those whohave. 

Luke Storey: [01:28:40]Shit, I have.

Alec Zeck: [01:28:40]Well, it's okay to--

Luke Storey: [01:28:41]I'm going to stop.

Alec Zeck: [01:28:42]It's okay. But it's like--

Luke Storey: [01:28:43]That's a judgment. It's not helpful.

Alec Zeck: [01:28:46]I mean, dude, I cussed that dude out outside of the restaurant in Topeka. Soall of us are prone to it. But when I can come back to that compassion andunderstand that if my goal in approaching these conversations is, first, to getthem to understand where I'm coming from, at the least, at a minimum, maybe notget them to see and share my perspective, but understand where I'm coming from,then I need to be the one to show that I understand where they're coming from.At the least, what I can do. 

Maybe that doesn'trequire me to like, sit down and hear them out. Not everyone has the time to dothat, but I can go through that mental game in my head of putting myself intheir shoes. That allows me to approach them with more compassion, and at the least,that will have more of a positive impact than shaming them, or mocking them, orsaying, you damn sheep, you vaxtard, or any things like this. I just don'tthink that's helpful. That's not going to help people see.

If you want just anecho chamber of people who share the same ideas with you, which leads tostagnation, leads to no growth for yourself, sure, do that. That's fine. But ifyou want to constantly challenge your own paradigm, which I think everyoneshould do, and if you want to help other people come to see your perspective alittle bit, you need to be the one to initiate and approach people in acompassionate way. And I think that's actually how we create change, to getpeople who can't see through what's going on, not that that's our role, but ifwe want that to be our role, if we want people to at least understand wherewe're coming from, approaching them compassionately will do wonders.

Luke Storey: [01:30:19]Amen, brother. All right, I want to get into some crazy shit now. How long havewe been? Okay. Hour and 22 minutes. This has been the PG portion of the show.And so when I do the intro, I'll do my best to remember, like, hey. Becausesometimes I make a title for these, and then it takes me a while to get to thetopic that was actually mentioned in the title. But one of the things I findmost interesting about your voice is this idea, and I don't have a position onit, like I told you earlier before we recorded, I don't have time to figure itout. So I'll leave it up to you and talk to people like you. 

But as we've discussed,people are caught up in, did the PCR tests work. Did people die with COVID orof COVID? There's still a very wide belief, the lab leak, Gain-of-Function.We're still in the conversation, considering the assumption that there areviruses in the world that can be spread from one person to another, that cancause diseases, and in some cases kill you. And your perspective, and theperspective of many other people with whom you share this opinion is that youdon't accept that assumption at all. 

And this could broadlybe stated, the conversation, the paradigm we're going into as those thatbelieve in terrain theory versus germ theory. And I talked a little bit aboutthis with Kelly Brogan on her last interview, but I've not really covered thisjust because I'm so ignorant about it. I don't even know how to form aconversation around it. But when I hear you talk about it, it's verycompelling. So I want to just encourage people listening, have an open mind anda beginner's mind. And you don't have to agree with Alec's perspective on this,I don't know that I agree with it or disagree with it, but it's veryinteresting to me. 

And I would say, ifanything, it's like when I think about the moon landing. It only takes melooking into that for about a half an hour, I'm like, that shit was fake. Sohow many other things have I been led to believe that are not true? How was Ieducated? I was educated by the Rockefeller school system that this wholemachine, this whole apparatus that we've seen in the past three years is a partof. So who am I to think, well, all of the scientists could be wrong, all ofthe astronomers. All the astronomers, and all the experts in space, are theyall wrong about the moon landing? Yeah. And maybe they're not bad people, butthey've been indoctrinated into a false belief system. So if the moon landingis fake, and people listening are probably think I'm crazy, do some research.It'll take probably take you about-- 

Alec Zeck: [01:33:09]Stanley Kubrick.

Luke Storey: [01:33:10]Yeah. I mean, it's like, dude.

Alec Zeck: [01:33:11]That's one of the biggest ones. Or Buzz Aldrin recently, literally saying wedidn't-- when he was talking to that little kid. You saw that clip? Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:33:18]He's like, we didn't go. I mean, the whole thing, it's just like, once you getpast a certain level of the veil, it becomes so farcical. I mean, on that one,it's just like, are you fucking kidding me? How did anyone fall for this? Theselittle spacecraft--

Alec Zeck: [01:33:31]Freaking Nixon's on a landline phone, talking to someone on the moon. Like, onthe moon, and I can't even get good signal when I'm in an open city, come on.

Luke Storey: [01:33:40]Dude. And the spacecraft made out of tin foil. And I mean, it's just like, ohmy God. I was watching one a couple of days ago, a guy on Twitter posted avideo and it's footage of the supposed moon landing, and they're showing thehatch that they climb in and out of, and they're in the vacuum of space. Thehatch is made of-- it's like one of those things you put in your windshield toblock the sun from hitting your dash. It's like this tinfoil, flimsy thing. Andhe's in the vacuum of space, climbing in and out of the craft to the moon. Imean, dude, come on. It's like, I can't believe that people believe it.

Alec Zeck: [01:34:17]You know what's funny is--

Luke Storey: [01:34:18]And I'm willing to be judged as the crazy guy. I'm just like, dude, that one isso absurd. I don't care. Judge me all you want because it's just--anyway. 

Alec Zeck: [01:34:28]It's funny. I'm about laughing because the end of-- we're having thisexperience right now. When you do see through the illusion and you see beyondthe veil, you see just how absurd, the moon landing as an example, it's like,oh my God, this is so unbelievably absurd. I had the same experience whenrecording this session on virus isolation for the End of COVID. And we have onejust on virus isolation, one on just the SARS-CoV-2 genome, one just onHIV/AIDS. We have one just on the PCR test. Again, we're coveringeverything. 

But on the session withCowan and Kaufman for virus isolation, when I was interviewing them, I wouldask a rhetorical question, because it has become rhetorical for me at thispoint. I can regurgitate this stuff like you see me here. I'm not going tobring up anything in front of me, and I'm going to just spit off all thisstuff. But when I asked these questions, I would literally mute my mic, andturn away, and just start crying, laughing as I'm asking them. Because it'slike, this is so absurd when you really get to the root of virology. It isabsurd that we've been conditioned into this belief.

Luke Storey: [01:35:33]I love it.

Alec Zeck: [01:35:34]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:35:35]Well, let's start it off for people that are just totally new to the concept orlike, what are you guys talking about? Give us just a brief overview of thehistory of terrain theory. Define it, where it came from, who were the proponentsof it, versus germ theory.

Alec Zeck: [01:35:53]Yeah. So I think this starts way back when, in the 1800s with Béchamp versusPasteur. And so the prevailing scientific community has really taken on theposition of Louis Pasteur, and that there are these infectious microbes thatare causing disease from person to person, that are being transmitted fromperson to person-- bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses. And it turns out-- andwe get into the details on this. We have a section called Béchamp versusPasteur for the End of COVID. That Pasteur, his science was entirelyfraudulent, and Béchamp was actually the one that was correct. But we coveredthat part in the End of COVID.

So germ theoryessentially says, and this is what underpins all of Western medicine and even alot of alternative approaches to health, that there are these microbes beingpassed from person to person that cause disease. And there's actually, whatI've come to understand, two subsets of terrain, the terrain theory side. Andone is that if you take care of your mind, your body, your health, and you'rein good health overall, these microbes won't cause you any issues. And if youare a toxic person, you have toxic thoughts, you're eating toxic food, you'reexposed to large amounts of environmental toxins, you're malnourished, thenthose germs will cause illness in you.

Luke Storey: [01:37:24]So that's where I fall personally, I think, because I don't get sick. I haven'tbeen sick, and I had COVID. No, I'm just kidding. But mid 2020, I had what Iwould have always just called the worst flu of my life. And I haven't been sicksince then. And I attribute that to-- I care about my health, and do all thesethings. So I would say my terrain is in pretty good shape. Knock on wood.Again, I'm going to knock on wood a lot of times during this conversation. So Iget that premise. Not that I think I'm impervious to any illness. I have myproblems, but they just don't happen to be getting colds and flus, or otherdiseases or illnesses.

Alec Zeck: [01:38:06]Yeah. And so that's where most people fall that are in the alternative healthspace that are aware of terrain theory. And to be clear here, germ theory andterrain theory are almost incorrect titles. And I can get into why specificallyfor germ theory, but let's call it the terrain model. So the deeper elements ofthe terrain model that I personally believe in or have come to understand isthat there's actually no proof whatsoever that viruses even exist, and forbacteria, and really this could extend to some other microorganisms too, thereis no proof that they are the cause of illness. And let's focus on virusesfirst.

Luke Storey: [01:38:56]I love this. I'm imagining people sit in their car going, what the fuck? I wishI could see like, you know, when you get on a Zoom and there's 100 people, orwhatever, sometimes--

Alec Zeck: [01:39:07]See your audience.

Luke Storey: [01:39:07]Yeah, I wish I could see the minute they click play and make it to an hour and20 minutes or whatever and like, wait, what? See the little emoji mind blownsign, or they just turn it off and go, these guys are crazy. 

Alec Zeck: [01:39:18]Yeah. And I hope people don't turn it off because I'm going to get into thedetails. Because I'm sure even that statement alone, without any propercontext, viruses don't exist. people are like, what the fuck is this dudetalking about? This dude wearing a-- I wore Jordans over here. And I have ahat. I'm not wearing a white lab coat. I'm not a scientist. I don't have anycredentials.

Luke Storey: [01:39:38]If you would have just worn a stethoscope around your neck, we would have beengood to go. So next time, keep that in mind.

Alec Zeck: [01:39:44]I'll do that for the next one. So that claim without context sounds nuts. Buthere's the deal. If I were to tell you that SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated,or proven to exist, or it's never been proven that it's a pathogenicdisease-causing entity, or the term virus is known as obligate intracellularparasite that consists of a nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coat, so RNAor DNA surrounded by a protein shell. And they say for this, it's the spikeprotein. 

If I were to tell youthat it has never been shown to exist or cause any sort of disease, what youwould likely do is go on Google Scholar or PubMed and you type in virusisolation. You'd find thousands of studies. You'd pick one of them, or all ofthem, send them to me, and say, what the fuck are you talking about, dude? I'vefound thousands of studies saying that the virus has been isolated. They're allpeer-reviewed studies. Who are you to say that it's never been isolated, provento exist, or cause disease? 

The issue with that,though, is if you read the methods section of that paper or any virus isolationpaper, you will find that the following procedure was done. They take snot froma sick person that they assume contains virus particles. They then add thatsnot to what's called viral transport medium, and there's different types ofviral transport medium, but the most common one from Thermo Fisher has at aminimum inside of it, amphotericin B and gentamicin. Amphotericin B is a-- forgentamicin is an antibiotic. And gentamicin, if you look it up, it is known tobe toxic specifically to kidneys. And we'll get to that in a minute.Amphotericin B is antimycotic, so they're in viral transport medium, andvirologists will say that they're in there to keep the sample free of bacteriaand fungi. So amphotericin B and gentamicin. But this snot from a sick personthat they assume contains a virus is added to viral transport medium which hasamphotericin B, gentamicin.

They then take thatmixture and add it to a monkey kidney cell, typically, which is a Vero E6 or aVero CCL 81 kidney cell coming from an adult green monkey. And then they alsoadd what's called fetal bovine serum. They also add more amphotericin B, moregentamicin. They sometimes add trypsin. They'll add Dulbecco's minimal,essential medium, or Dulbecco's modified Eagle medium.

They're adding allthese substances, and of course, all those substances, according to theirprocedures, have what they say is a necessity. They're not just randomly addingthese things, and don't think that all virologists are in on this grand scheme.But this method of isolation, this procedure is what they've been taught toisolate viruses. So again, assumption, that there is a virus particle insidethe fluids. They never validate that there's a virus particle or particlespresent inside the fluids. They assume that they're present. 

Atom to viral transportmedium, viral transport medium is then added to a monkey kidney cell alongsideall of these other substances. The cell breaks down, experiencing what iscalled a cytopathic effect. They then take that byproduct of the cell brokendown, prepare it for electron microscopy, which requires heating, staining,being bombarded with electron beams, and then they produce these electronmicrograph images.

They point to theparticles on those images and say, voila, these are viruses. This is what wasinside of the fluids of that sick person. This must be what caused them tobecome ill. This must be what was the cause of the cell experiencing thecytopathic effect. That's nonsense.

Luke Storey: [01:43:28]Is this where we get the cartoon pictures of the spike protein, SARS-CoV-2virus?

Alec Zeck: [01:43:35]No. So they-- 

Luke Storey: [01:43:36]You know they have pictures of it, which to me look as realistic as thepictures of the moon landing.

Alec Zeck: [01:43:41]Those are like the CGI mock-up cartoons that they create. But if you see theblack and white images of what looks like something that was found under amicroscope, those images, every single one of those images comes from theprocedure that I just described. No virus in history of virology has ever beenfound directly from the fluids of a sick person, ever.

Luke Storey: [01:44:09]Say that again, because this is an important part here, without this crazyprocedure and all of these antibiotics and chemicals and stuff.

Alec Zeck: [01:44:16]In the history of virology, no virus has ever been taken directly from thefluids of a sick person without first adding the fluids that they assumecontains the virus to this toxic soup of other substances. Every electronmicrograph image you see of a "virus", comes as a result of theprocedure that I just described, where they're taking snot from a sick personthey assume contains a virus, adding it to viral transport medium, adding thatmixture to a foreign cell culture, usually a monkey kidney cell, adding moreamphotericin B, more gentamycin, adding trypsin, adding Dulbecco's modifiedEagle medium, fetal bovine serum, all these substances. 

All these substancesare added to the cell, the cell breaks down, experiencing what is called thecytopathic effect. They take those fragments, prepare them for electronmicroscopy, which has a bunch of assumptions in and of itself, produces what'scalled artifacts, and they point to the particles on those electron micrographimages and say, that's proof of a virus. These are viruses. This is what wasinside the fluids of a sick person, that they assumed was there, and neverfound inside the fluids of a sick person. They just assumed that this is whatmust have caused the cell to die. And here's the problem with-- I mean, there'sseveral problems, but-- 

Luke Storey: [01:45:31]This is crazy, dude.

Alec Zeck: [01:45:33]Here's one of the main problems with that. Again, amphotericin B and gentamicinare known to be cytotoxic to kidneys. Anyone listening to this, you couldGoogle this yourself. Google amphotericin B, toxic, kidneys, as keywords, orGoogle, gentamicin, toxic, kidneys. And what you will find is amphotericin B isknown to be cytotoxic to kidney cells. They're adding amphotericin B to a kidneycell for what they say is to keep the culture sterile and free of fungi.They're adding gentamicin or sometimes Geneticin to the culture to keep theculture sterile and free of bacteria.

But the problem is, inthat assumption, these substances that anyone listening or watching this canGoogle, are known to be cytotoxic to kidney cells. And they're making theassumption that those things, let alone all the other things that are added,have no effect on the culture except for that it's there to keep it free ofbacteria and fungi. They don't know that it's causing the monkey kidney cell todie and experience the cytopathic effect itself.

And the problem withthis is we'll say, okay, well, don't they conduct control experiments on thisprocess? Don't they do the same procedure except for they maybe take fluid froma healthy person and add to the culture and see if the same thing happens? Butin these virology papers, they'll do what's called a mock-infected culture someof the times. And in the description, if you read the paper, they just say amock-infected culture was done.

But if you-- in thepapers, we have found where they've described what happens in the mock-infectedculture, what they do is they deliver a less amount of amphotericin B, a lessamount of gentamicin, and it's all based on the assumption that, well, we'renot adding snot from a sick person to this control experiment.

So because we're notadding snot from a sick person, there's no need to have as much amphotericin Band gentamicin, so we'll decrease the amount of amphotericin B and gentamicinwe put in the control experiment. And then the cytopathic effect does not occurin that control experiment, and they say that's proof that there is a virus inthe experimental group. Does that make sense?

So the problem withthis whole procedure, now let's talk of it in terms of the scientific method.The scientific method is clear in that it is employed when you have an observednatural phenomenon. In the case of so-called infectious disease, you could saythe observed natural phenomenon is multiple people getting sick in the samespace with similar symptoms, maybe multiple people getting sick in the samespace with a cough. So then you come up with a hypothesis for that observednatural phenomenon. 

This hypothesis couldbe, I think there is an infectious particle that is being passed between thesepeople that is the cause of this observed natural phenomenon. Pretty simple. Welearned this all in grade school. But the problem with that is in order toproceed with experimentation to test your hypothesis, again, in this case, yourhypothesis is I think this particle is the cause of this disease, this observednatural phenomenon that I'm witnessing. In order to proceed, you have to havethe thing you think is the cause of the observed natural phenomenon in order toproceed with experimentation. 

What virologists do isthey assume that their independent variable is inside the fluids of a sickperson. They then take that and add it to a bunch of other confoundingvariables amphotericin B, gentamicin, etc, and they proceed withexperimentation before ever validating that they even have the independentvariable, the alleged cause, the most important part of the experiment, thething you think is producing the effect. They just proceed with experimentationwithout ever validating that they ever have the virus in the first place. 

And when you call themon this, which myself, Cowan, Kaufman, all these other people do thisconstantly, they'll come up with a number of excuses for why they can't take avirus directly from the fluids of a sick person. I want to reiterate this onemore time because I know it's mind blowing for people. Every image of a virusyou have ever seen, ever, all those electron micrograph images or lightmicroscope images of a cell experiencing cell death, come from the experimentthat I just described. No virus in history has ever been shown to existdirectly inside the fluids of a sick person where they allegedly exist.

Luke Storey: [01:50:16]That's crazy.

Alec Zeck: [01:50:17]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:50:18]What's really strange about that, and I'm not that scientifically minded, soI'm doing my best to hang on here, but we were led to believe in the past threeyears that our breath, objects that we touch, the virus is everywhere, and it'sso powerful that it'll get in your body and give you this thing called COVID.Yet, if this virus is so robust, then why does it have to go through all ofthese procedures, even just to be proven to exist and documented?

Alec Zeck: [01:50:54]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:50:55]You know what I'm saying?

Alec Zeck: [01:50:55]That'd be the logical question.

Luke Storey: [01:50:56]I mean, couldn't you-- I have COVID, and I cough on this railing, and then youjust take a swab and put it on a microscope and you see, well, there's thevirus. If it's that virile and survivable, then why do you have to jump throughall of these hoops in order to actually observe it and identify it?

Alec Zeck: [01:51:14]You just teed up the perfect question. I love that you naturally came to thatquestion because that should be the question that you would ask when you learnthis stuff. And that's what I started asking. And this is what I was actuallygoing to discuss next, why can't you take the virus directly from the fluids ofa sick person if you say that it's there, if it's this pathogenic thing? Andthere's articles all over the Internet that you can find where the scientificcommunity is saying that there's over 200 million virus particles in onesneeze. And it's like, if there's that many of them, why can't you take itdirectly from the fluids? 

And here's the excusesthat we're given. The virus is too weak to isolate or purify directly from thefluids of a sick person. That's literally what virologists will say. And theysay that, but then on the other hand, they'll say that a virus travels freelythrough the air, lands on a surface, survives on a surface for upwards of 2 to3 days, makes it to a body, makes it all the way to a cell, breaks into thecell, hijacks the cell's machinery and begins a replication process where itoverwhelms that person, is excreted out of them, and it repeats the sameprocess over.

So it's too weak toisolate and purify directly from the fluids of a sick person where you claimthat it is, but then on the other hand, it does all these other things. Orthey'll say, there's not enough virus particles present to isolate and purify.And we have this technology, centrifugation filtration in order to do this. Andchemists do this all the time. They isolate particles much smaller than virusesall the time. We have the technology to do it, which should lead one to ask,why aren't they doing this with viruses? And they come up with all theseexcuses for why they can't. There's not enough present inside the fluids orit's too weak to isolate or purify directly from the fluids. 

And the other thingthat so many people don't realize is we're walking around, living this life,thinking that it's an accepted fact that disease is passed via the fluids of asick person, that we know that disease is passed, that there's these microbesthat are passed via the fluids of the sick person that cause illness, andothers. But that's not the case either. And we go into great detail during theEnd of COVID for this specific thing as well.

We have a sessioncalled the Proof of Contagion. I'll just share one of the studies because thisis one of the most popular ones. And during the height of the Spanish flu,there is a set of experiments done called the Rosenow experiments. They weredone by Milton Rosenow on two different quarantine stations. And 100 volunteersfrom the Navy who are not presently sick with the Spanish flu were exposed, viavarious methods, to fluids from a sick person or from fluids from people whoare sick with the Spanish flu.

What that looked likeis they took swabs from the back of the throats of Spanish flu patients andswabbed the back of these healthy people's throats. They took infected blood,injected it directly into these healthy patients. Several of them had the mucusfrom sick people sprayed into their mouth, and then in their nose. Others weretaken directly into a Spanish flu ward where they shook hands with multiplepeople. They had them talk at close range. They had them literally cough intheir mouth. And the end result of this experiment done on 100 people was thatzero of them became ill.

Luke Storey: [01:54:27]What?

Alec Zeck: [01:54:28]None.

Luke Storey: [01:54:29]And this is real, documented?

Alec Zeck: [01:54:30]This is real, documented.

Luke Storey: [01:54:31]Searchable?

Alec Zeck: [01:54:32]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:54:33]Okay. This is getting interesting. And I mean, it's these presumptions that wehave, myself include. I mean, you're just taught from the moment you canunderstand your native language that this is how it works. I mean, it's like,you're a little kid, you go to school. Oh, one kid was sick, then all the restof the kids are sick.

Alec Zeck: [01:54:52]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:54:52]Or chickenpox. Everything.

Alec Zeck: [01:54:54]Yeah, absolutely. And we have a session on chickenpox too, actually. But yeah.So when I say we're covering everything, it's literally everything. But. Butthe point is on this. When it comes to so-called infectious diseases is we'rewalking around thinking that we know that disease is passed via the fluids ofsick person, but in that session for the End of COVID, Proof of Contagion, wedocument several studies that have been done showing that disease is absolutelynot passed from person to person via the fluids of a sick person.

Luke Storey: [01:55:21]So how do we how do we explain, and a lot of people with kids, like you havekids, I think they're a bit older, but the phenomenon of, okay, there's athere's a family of four, two babies, two young kids, two parents. No one'ssick, the kid goes to school. There's a bunch of kids at school that are sick.Kid comes home, and then the whole family now has a cold.

Alec Zeck: [01:55:42]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:55:43]If that's not scientifically provable, what is happening?

Alec Zeck: [01:55:47]Yeah. And so that's the thing that we need to be comfortable with. First off, Iwant to comment on specifically what I was talking about with respect to theindependent variable and all that stuff. And we have a whole session on thiscalled the Science and Logic of Virology, where we go into all the logicalfallacies that are used to help virology maintain its status amongst society,but then also show that virology is by definition pseudoscience, because inorder to be scientific, that means you adhere to the scientific method. 

Virology has noproperly identified independent variable, meaning their alleged cause, theirpresumed cause, the thing they think is causing disease in other people isproducing this observed phenomenon. They have never shown it to exist in itsnatural state. They assume that it's there and add it to all these things, likeI shared earlier. So by definition, virology is pseudoscience.

They don't conductproper control experiments. But when it comes to making an assertion aboutsomething, we have to be careful because virology is claiming to be scientific,which is why we can point to them and say, your pseudoscience because you'remaking a scientific claim, but you're not adhering to the scientific method.Therefore, that is pseudoscientific. 

When it comes to thephenomenon of two or more people getting sick in the same space, we can come upwith our own hypotheses on what's causing them, but of course, we need to testthose hypotheses according to the scientific method in order to say that thisis what is the cause of that phenomenon. And the problem is there are so manyfactors at play. And this is what I was sharing earlier when it comes to the 5Gthing, is that people who come to understand that virology is pseudosciencewill then say, oh, it must be 5G that is causing this phenomenon. 

But ultimately, becausewe are all so unique and we all have multiple inputs and outputs in our dailylives, in rare cases can we say that one single thing is the cause of anothersingle thing? So there are so many factors at play, but some ideas-- you've hadVeda Austin on your show, and you're really interested in water. Knowing thatour cells are likely comprised of fourth phase water, and knowing by Veda'swork and the work of Gilbert Ling and Gerald Park, and other people that fourthphase water is almost like a receptor for information. 
It can hold memory. It can retain memory. It can reflect back to us ourenvironment. It can receive information. Is it that farfetched to say that whenmy body, which is comprised of this fourth phase, water is undergoing adetoxification protocol, that it will communicate to bodies around me who mayneed to go through a detoxification protocol. And if they do need to, they gothrough it as well. And if they don't need to, then they don't go through it.And that could possibly look like what we call people who have immunityalready, our concept of immunity.

Luke Storey: [01:58:45]That's interesting. And again, it hasn't been subjected to the true scientificmethod. But think about women who spend time together and their cycles sync,phenomenon like this. It's like this hive reaction that different species havewhen they're around one another.

Alec Zeck: [01:59:03]Absolutely.

Luke Storey: [01:59:03]I mean, it doesn't sound any more crazy than what you just described. Butagain, it needs to be vetted. But that takes me to, and I think people wayearlier in this conversation when we were alluding to it's quite likely,perhaps, that there never was a thing called COVID. So it's not over because itnever was.

Alec Zeck: [01:59:25]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:59:26]Of course, there are people going, well, I know this person that got it. Itested for it, blah, blah, blah. And I'll just say, sincere respect andreverence to anyone who has lost anyone for any reason, whether you believe itto be COVID or not, and anyone that is ill or has been ill. I'm never makinglight of the human experience. As I said, a couple of years ago, I was supersick. It sucked. I mean, I wouldn't wish that upon-- well, I don't haveenemies, but if I did, I wouldn't wish it upon them. Not even Bill Gates.Maybe, on a bad day. Taste of his own medicine, dammit. Literally. 
But in thinking-- when I've questioned this, well, the PCR tests we know isbogus now. I mean, hopefully, people understand. The guy that invented it saidyou can't use it to test for viruses. And then he mysteriously disappeared.That's another conversation. But the big elephant in the room is like, okay,why were all these people sick? 

First thing I notice isbased on official statistics from the CDC, the flu magically disappeared. Ifyou look at a graph of what the flu does every year in our population, it comesand goes. And there are seasons where it comes, and magically, for two and ahalf years, it was completely eradicated, and there were all these "COVIDcases." So that's a pretty big clue, that something has been rebranded forthe convenience of the control.

Alec Zeck: [02:00:54]And they'll say that's viral interference.

Luke Storey: [02:00:56]All right. But if you ask me like, well, why are people sick? And I've heardyou talk about this EMF radiation, toxins in the water, toxins in the food,unhealed trauma. I mean, I've heard you rattle off a list, like, just zoom outwhere we are now as a species and just take it back a couple of thousand years.I mean, you probably don't have to go that far, but if you go pre-agriculture,then people are pretty damn robust. 

But let's just say likepost-agricultural revolution, after the industrialization of our food with theadvent of indoor electricity. There's been all these touch points in our livingenvironment and the environment outside the home, the things we put in ourbodies. What do humans do now that doesn't make you sick? That's what I want toknow. The assault on our biology is multifaceted. It is nonstop, and it takesbeing someone like me that spends so much time and energy to just be normal.

Alec Zeck: [02:02:00]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [02:02:01]And people look at me, and my lifestyle is being very extreme. I'm just tryingto get to baseline because of all the things working against us. So why didthose people end up in the hospital, on ventilators, and counted as dying fromCOVID? I mean, I don't know. Maybe it's the way we're living. And it was framedin a way that was easy to pin on this supposed virus. What's your take-- whatwould you say to someone who's like, someone I loved died or was ill, and Ibelieve it was COVID?

Alec Zeck: [02:02:33]I would first say, I'm sorry that that happened. Of course, death is somethingserious. And of course, when it's a family member, that's really tough to dealwith, especially when it's something like this. And especially so for someonewho is more alternative leaning, that's listening to this, it's like, yeah, Iacknowledge that the shots are probably harmful, but there was something goingon here, dude. You can't possibly say that there wasn't anything going on.

But the problem withthis, and I'm going to use an analogy, and this may seem childlike, but you'llsee how it relates, is that from the time I'm a young kid, I'm told that SantaClaus exists. And multiple things in my environment reify the existence ofSanta Claus, the presents under the tree, the piece of beard found in thefireplace on Christmas morning, the half-eaten cookies and milk found onChristmas morning, the reindeer tracks in my front yard, the Santa Claus sleightracking app that I have on my phone, or I watch CNN or Fox News and they'refollowing Santas trajectory across the sky, the songs, the decorations, all myfriends talking about how they're excited about Santa, the fear that Iexperience when my family says, hey, you're not behaving. Santa is going tobring you coal. Or the joy that I experience when my parents are like, hey,you've been a really good kid this year, Santa is going to bring you some extragifts.

All of those things inmy environment must mean that Santa Claus is real.  And of course, theanswer to that is no. All of those things may fit the model of Santa Claus butthere is other explanations for them. So when it comes to illness, when we'remaking an assertion that X causes Y, we need to have proof of X, and we need tosee that X causes Y in order to make that claim. So when someone says, hey, myfamily member died of COVID, like, okay, what is COVID? They're like, they hadX, Y, and Z symptoms. I'm like, okay, are any of those symptoms new? 

And some people wouldsay loss of taste and smell is a new symptom. It's not a new symptom. There mayhave been higher prevalence for loss of taste and smell, but it's not a newsymptom. If you look at archived Google searches from prior to this whole era,you would find that 1 in 3 people who had the common cold had loss of taste andsmell. 

You can chalk that upto prolonged exposure to non-native EMFs. You could chalk that up to zincdeficiency. You could even chalk it up to some psychosomatic phenomenon wherebecause that's been put into your mind and you know, other people areexperiencing it, when you get sick, you experience it too. There's so many otherexplanations. But I would ask, okay, those symptoms that they experience, andmost people would say that it was like the flu, but it was really bad.

I'm like, okay. AndCOVID carries the connotation that it was caused by SARS-CoV-2. It's like,yeah, absolutely. I'm like, okay, I'm sorry for the death that you had, thatyou experienced. That's really sad. But where is the proof of the alleged causeof COVID? Where is the proof that SARS-CoV-2 exists and causes any disease? Andyou could take that a step up. Where's the proof that disease is passed via thefluids of a sick person? Because what they use as proof that disease is passedvia the fluids of a sick person is studies like this. They'll take a rat thatwas raised in a lab environment eating an unnatural diet, not in a community ofother rats--

Luke Storey: [02:05:56]Under blue light.

Luke Storey: [02:05:56]Under a blue light, in a laboratory, not in a natural environment, not eating adiet rats are supposed to eat, probably subject to other experiments, andintense perpetual state of fight or flight. They'll then take unfiltered fluidfrom a sick person and just pump it in its stomach. The rat will get sick.Sometimes the rat will die, and they'll say, voila, that's proof ofcontagion. 

Any of the studies thathave been done naturally, according to what they say, how they say disease ispassed, they say that it's passed via the fluids of a sick person, viacoughing, sneezing, and things like this. Any studies attempting to replicatethat have shown the exact opposite.

And another study thatwe highlighted is a study that was done where they did do a control. Theyinjected people with saline. More people became sick in the control experimentbeing injected with a saline placebo than those that were injected with thefluids from a sick person. So again, I feel for the people who say they have aloved one that died of COVID, but where is the proof that it was caused by avirus? I'm not denying that people get sick. People get sick all the time. Peopledie. And it's really a traumatic thing. But there's no proof that it was causedby a virus. 

And then I go back tothose statistics. 75% of COVID deaths were in people aged 65 and up. 50% ofCOVID deaths were in people aged 75 and up. 95% of deaths had an average offour comorbidities, like I shared earlier, 79% of hospitalizations were inoverweight or obese people. 

And again, this is thebiggest one to me. We cannot discount the level at which even those of us inthe alternative community were subject to perpetual fear. I'm sure youexperienced at some point. I did, too. I mean, think back to the time where youwere wiping down everything. There's a lot of uncertainty and fear goingaround. And even when we started to wake up, we were then fearful of tyranny atsome points.

Luke Storey: [02:07:45]Oh, dude, it's funny you mentioned that because I happen to look at my Ourascores for my HRV, and my sleep, and my readiness score, heart rate whileyou're sleeping, and stuff. And you can look at it from yesterday, a week, amonth, or by the year. And I looked at it this morning, actually. And I thinkit was my readiness score, because today it was a little low, but I slept 9.5hours and crushed my sleep last night, but I was a little low oxygen. Maybe Iwas mouth breathing or something. Who knows what? Anyway, I was like, oh, letme look at the year thing. Dude, beginning of 2020, my readiness score tanks.Beginning of '23, goes back up to where it was in '19.

Alec Zeck: [02:08:26]Three years.

Luke Storey: [02:08:27]Crazy.

Alec Zeck: [02:08:27]And you're someone who's conscious and aware of that. Think of the people whoare alternative leaning, who aren't even aware of the-- dude, I have moments ofthat too, where I notice my shoulders can go up and I'm like, oh my God, I needto chill out. And that's why for me, qigong in the morning, I have to do that.If I'm going to have a good day, I have to. I have to do qigong to really resetand come back to being centered. But so many people have that low level offight or flight that's constantly in the background. 

And a lot of people,again, even in the alternative truther community have it at a heightened level,basically all the time. And again, the second strongest risk factor for COVIDdeath was fear/anxiety-related disorders. So that implies those are people whohad already had a diagnosed fear/anxiety-related disorder, not even countingthe number of people who are simply just in a perpetual state of fight orflight wound up in the hospital being put on remdesivir. 

I mean, think, again,in the alternative space. I'm speaking to that because I'm assuming most of thepeople that listen to your show are that. For people who had loved ones whodied of COVID, they were already fearful of, a, a bioweapon virus, even if theybelieve that most of the data was manipulated, and they didn't want to wear amask, and things like this, or at the least, maybe they didn't subscribe tothat. 

They knew that it wasjust the flu rebranded. They were so fearful of the hospital protocols, butthey're like, fuck, I'm feeling really sick. And maybe they weren't thathealthy of a person, or maybe they were pretty healthy and they wound up in thehospital and they were put on these protocols. And we have a session calledHospital Iatrogenesis where this lady, Carolyn Blakeman, has documented over700 cases of, let's call it what it is, hospital homicide. People were justkilled. One dude went into the hospital with just hiccups after having sex withhis wife. Went in the hospital with freaking hiccups, dude.

Luke Storey: [02:10:20]It must have been good sex.

Alec Zeck: [02:10:21]It must have been good sex. And unfortunately, it was his last one though. It'sfucked because it's like he went in the hospital with hiccups and then was puton the protocols because he "tested positive" for COVID. Remdesivir,a ventilator, and he died. And we have a whole session discussing just that.And that's the point, is that the hospital protocols and then the lingeringfear. There are so many factors at play here. And ultimately all of this can bedescribed very well, articulated very well, laid out very clearly, which iswhat we do at the End of COVID, without there ever being an alleged virus inthe first place. 

And that's what we showvery clearly throughout this. We have the first two modules are focusedspecifically on the narrative surrounding the virus and the details surroundingthe virus, going into details showing that the so-called SARS-CoV-2 genome, theso-called variants, the PCR tests that were developed based on the primers thatwere developed because of the so-called assembled genome. And all of thesethings can be explained very clearly. And then all of the what if and whatabout questions after you dissolve the belief in virology are also answered aswell.

And then moreimportantly, the last three modules for the End of COVID, we go into solutions.And even health solutions based on dissolving this false germ paradigm, andeven contextualize how the phenomenon of contagion might work. And of course,we put a disclaimer at the beginning of these last two modules like, hey, a lotof these things have not been tested in accordance with the scientific method,and further testing needs to be done. But here's a framework of what healthmight look like, or some framework, some ways to approach health after thefalse germ paradigm. 

And it's reallybeautiful. And I think that it's so important to dissolve the false beliefssurrounding germs because they will weaponize that against us forever. And whatI see happening right now that really, this is what propelled me to create theEnd of COVID, I had the initial idea a year ago, was I saw the Gain-of-Functionnarrative picking up steam.

Luke Storey: [02:12:31]Oh God. That's still on the monopoly board.

Alec Zeck: [02:12:35]It's still on the monopoly board. And here's why. And so many people in thealternative community are latching on to that. And I want you to thinkabout-- 

Luke Storey: [02:12:43]The lab leak theory.

Alec Zeck: [02:12:44]Yeah, the lab leak theory. And I want you to-- well, and we have a sessioncalled the Gain-of-Function narrative, where we go into details on theGain-of-Function experiments to show you exactly what's occurring with that.And it's, again, a bunch of assumptions where they take what they're saying isH5N1 virus, which is, again, just a cell culture. It's all the stuff that'sinside that cell culture with the experiment that I described earlier, theyinject it into a ferret. They couldn't get the ferret to become sick because ofthat.

So then they take thatferret, kill it, analyze its tissue, and then take some of its like nasalsecretions, grind it up, and then inject that into another ferret. They couldn'tget that ferret to die, but they got it a little bit sick. And then they gothrough this process. And when you watch this, you'll see how absurd it is tolatch on to the idea of Gain-of-Function. And that's all they're doing. Andit's all based on assumptions in a lab. But I'll save that for the End of COVIDbecause we go into great detail on that.

Luke Storey: [02:13:39]Well, this is good news then in terms of that category of bioweapon. If that'sa psyop, then that's one less thing to worry about.

Alec Zeck: [02:13:49]That's the whole point. Yeah.

Luke Storey: [02:13:51]I mean, because I'm still like, oh, okay. Well, maybe the official story ofwhat COVID was is fake, which seems to be quite clear at this point, I mean,even prior to having this conversation. But maybe they made it in this lab, andit just didn't really succeed in its goal of decimating the population down tothe desired goal of the Illuminati or whatever.

Alec Zeck: [02:14:12]Yeah.

Luke Storey: [02:14:13]But then I'm thinking, well, what if they do it better next time? I mean,personally, I think the real bioweapon is up in the sky every day.

Alec Zeck: [02:14:22]I think so too.

Luke Storey: [02:14:22]We're breathing the bioweapon. But it's good to know that the bioweapons of theviral nature might just be a boogeyman.

Alec Zeck: [02:14:29]Well, and that's the whole point, is that, like I said, this is what propelledme to create the End of COVID, again, covering everything. But what propelledme to create it was I saw the alternative community latching on to the idea ofGain-of-Function viruses. And it was so clever in the way that I think thatthey did it in that, remember, speaking back to the beginning of thisconversation, when I was following this in December of 2019, what I initiallysaw being shared all over Reddit was people talking about a so-called bioweaponthat leaked from a lab. 

And then right afterthat, what do we see? The propaganda that's now very clear that it's propagandaof people dropping dead in the streets in China. And then there was a fewmainstream articles talking about the importance of no longer allowingGain-of-Function experiments or the possibility of a virus leaking from a lab.There were, and we document that during the end of COVID too, where at thebeginning of 2020, there were multiple mainstream news outlets talking aboutinserting the idea of Gain-of-Function. And then what happened?

Luke Storey: [02:15:34]Wow, dude. 

Alec Zeck: [02:15:35]Then what happened?

Luke Storey: [02:15:36]So the Gain-of-Function thing was the seed of the psyop in the beginning.

Alec Zeck: [02:15:40]Exactly. Wow. Because think of the effect--

Luke Storey: [02:15:42]God, they're so good.

Alec Zeck: [02:15:43]Dude, they're so good. Think of the effect.

Luke Storey: [02:15:45]I wish they were just more dumb. It's like, the apparatus, whatever you want tocall it, God, they're good.

Alec Zeck: [02:15:54]They understand human psychology so well, man. They understand it so well. Andthink of that. So that happened to me initially. Thank God I found the work ofKaren Kaufman, and began reading the virus isolation papers myself, and beganwrapping my head around the cognitive dissonance. Well, what about this? Whatabout that? What causes this? All these things. But had I not done that, Iwould have stuck with the Gain-of-Function thing because that's what I sawinitially, and it inserted that idea into the minds of most people. 

And even for thosepeople who went along with the entire narrative, it was still probablylingering in the back of their mind like, shit, there's a lot of people talkingabout how this might be a Gain-of-Function virus. I'm a little bit more scaredof this now because this could be a manmade thing in a lab that does God knowswhat's down the line. There's that lingering level of fear. And remember howbig fear played into this. 

And then what happened?That narrative that was in the mainstream initially was suppressed, was pushedaway, and all these alternative voices that were speaking about it werecensored. So it's like, holy shit, it is true. They're covering it up. Thismust be the truth.

Luke Storey: [02:17:02]Right. Because if you talked about the Gain-of-Function, the lab leak, you'dget shut down and censored. Therefore, ooh, that's the information they don'twant us to know. But if you go deeper into the psyop, that was the firstinformation they let out. They squashed it, and then waited till it was"safe" to start letting people talk about it again because now it hasbeen proven.

Alec Zeck: [02:17:21]Well, now we're revealing the truth. Now we're finally letting the truth out.Remember the FBI a couple of months ago? Like, yeah, we've come to theconclusion that this virus likely came from a lab. And it's like, oh my God.Now all of these alternative voices that were censored are being vindicated.Finally, the truth is coming out. We know all there is to know about COVID. Buthere's the problem with that. 

I'll pose this questionto you. What sounds scarier for the future? The idea that a one in a gazillionoff chance that a virus jumps from a bat, to a pangolin, to a lady eating batsoup or whatever the fuck the story is, that happens in one in a gazillionchance, naturally.

Luke Storey: [02:18:01]It's like a bad comic book script.

Alec Zeck: [02:18:04]Yeah, exactly. Or the other side of that, that there are a bunch of nefariouspeople who have taken this naturally occurring thing and weaponized it in alab. And it's shrouded in mystery and secrecy. And there's a bunch of funding.And there's a dark group of people that are doing this. And God knows whatthey'll create for the future. Which one carries more fear?

Luke Storey: [02:18:24]The latter, by far.

Alec Zeck: [02:18:25]The latter, by far. And again, both of them are completely unproven. And all ofthis can be explained via other ways. And that's the whole point is we candissolve fear surrounding the entirety of it. But what's happening is as themainstream position loses steam, because who the fuck could possibly believe itat this point? There are so many people that know in the back of their mind,and even though they won't admit it because they're too prideful, like, yeah, Ibelieve that shit, and something's clearly wrong here. At the least, just alittle bit something's wrong. 

The mainstream positionis losing its steam, and I think it's intentional. People are now latching onto the prevailing alternative narrative, and that's becoming like the new hipthing to believe in, and the based thing to be a part of. That's when everyonethrows that term around. So people are latching on to that prevailingalternative narrative now, and that actually has scarier implications for thefuture, believing in the idea of Gain-of-Function lab-made viruses when thereality is neither of those narratives have ever been proven scientifically orlogically.

Luke Storey: [02:19:29]Wow, dude, this is crazy. I knew we were going to have fun. This is really funand terrifying. Okay. I had a question that was percolating to the top of mybrain there. Let me see if I can articulate this. Okay. It's like the moonlanding. All of these experts in space, these theoretical physicists, theseastrologers, astronomers, anyone that knows anything about space, how come thevast majority of them aren't refuting the obviously fake moon landing? And takethat model.

I mean, I'm justthinking about the thousands, if not tens of thousands of people that believein virology that you propose to debunk because they have not followed thescientific method. These are all, I'm sure, brilliant people, thatintellectually could run circles around either of us, no offense to you, but Imean, these are smart, smart people that have studied for years and years. 

And we're just, for thesake of this conversation, making the argument that they're great,well-intentioned people, many of them. They're very intelligent, but becausethey're on the monopoly board, and they've been indoctrinated into a certainnumber of assumptions that their whole field is just inherently corrupt becauseit's following that model. 

This is tricky whenyou're looking at the heroes of the health freedom movement. Kennedy, andMalone, and McCullough, and these people that we're like, yeah, finally theseguys are getting a voice. And Rand Paul in Congress busting on Fauci. And thenyou put a meme with the Snoop Dogg music and the glasses, we're like, yeah,we're winning. It's like this false hope that we're getting somewhere, and we'remaking progress, and that things are being exposed. 

And it's like-- I mean,I've interviewed Robert Kennedy Jr. Great guy. I believe he has integrity. Ibelieve he's a truthful, honest, integrous man. And also a highly intelligentman, and a guy that's been on the legal side of fighting for human rights for avery long time. And it's like, I just don't understand why he wouldn't be like,hey, who's this Alec kid? He sounds crazy, but let me--

Alec Zeck: [02:22:04]Not even me. Dr. Cowan or Dr. Kaufman.

Luke Storey: [02:22:06]I mean, yeah. Did these guys know? And I think they're doing a lot of good too,even if they're maybe misguided on some of this. I mean, do they know this andthey just don't want to put their necks out on the chopping block? Or are theytoo afraid to consider it or they just they don't want to get involved in theconversation because it's so far out of the commonly held belief system that itwould discredit the rest of the good work that they're doing, and the rest oftheir message?

Alec Zeck: [02:22:36]Yeah. Dude, that's a question that I've asked myself quite a bit.

Luke Storey: [02:22:39]Why are they blocking you on Twitter when you ask them this question?

Alec Zeck: [02:22:43]Speaking about Robert Malone there when I--

Luke Storey: [02:22:46]I saw that.

Alec Zeck: [02:22:47]That's the thing, is he made a claim that those carrying the no virus positionare disinformation agency, said that a few months ago. And I was like, okay,I'll let that slide, whatever. Who cares what he's saying? But then he said,yes, the virus has been isolated 10,000 times. Of course, it has. Quit thenonsense. And I simply replied, and I said, Robert, I would love to interviewyou about this. Come on my show. And he said, no need. You should go to thesource. And I said, Robert, you made the claim that the virus has been isolated10,000 times. Are you ready to defend that on my show? And then he blockedme. 

And again, what'sawesome, for the End of COVID, we took that paper that he was referring to asour example for the virus isolation session and dissect that paper and show whyit's complete nonsense what he's saying. So we'll save that for the End ofCOVID. But when it comes to Robert Malone, I will say publicly, I don't care.I'm very skeptical of that guy. I mean, he worked with DARPA. He was endorsinganother COVID vaccine. And of course, it could be conditioning that is leadingthem to still be-- and I think that's the case for the overwhelming majority ofpeople. 

But I've had some otherinteractions with him, and the way he responds, and the way he acts, and theway he just blocked me while he's the one calling us disinformation agents, I'mlike, let's talk about it, and then he blocks me, it's a little weird. And thenthe DARPA thing, the CIA thing, endorsing the creation of an alternative COVIDvaccine, a lot of other stuff. But with RFK and Del--

Luke Storey: [02:24:14]Oh, Del, he's another one. I mean, he's the first guy ever interviewed aboutvaccines. And I mean, he lives here in town, and I've run into him. We'refriendly.

Alec Zeck: [02:24:22]Yeah, dude. And I want to say this. They were instrumental, RFK and Del, in myinitial awakening journey surrounding vaccines. They were instrumental. I wantto say that upfront. I did write an open letter to them on my Substack roughlyfour months ago now. And this letter has 40,000 plus views at this point. Andit was inviting them to have this conversation, essentially, inviting them tohave this conversation to broach this topic on their platforms. 

Because this is what Iwas loosely referring to earlier, if you are an organization, ICAN orChildren's Health Defense, that is charged with exposing the corruption inscience, and covering the truth, and all these things that are in their missionstatements, and you're centered around vaccines, and vaccine safety, and allthese things, the foundation for vaccinology is virology. So this conversationis instrumental, at least the conversation.

Luke Storey: [02:25:25]So one couldn't claim, well, that's not my lane, because the vaccines andvirology are inherently in the same lane.

Alec Zeck: [02:25:32]Exactly.

Luke Storey: [02:25:32]On the same road at least.

Alec Zeck: [02:25:33]Yeah, exactly. And both of them have repeatedly said that they want safervaccines. But again, we don't even need to have the discussion of safervaccines if the foundational premise for which vaccines are established iscompletely nonsense itself. And I'm not asking them to take a stance on this,I'm just asking that they cover it. And that's the thing, is they won't coverit. They still have not covered it. I think, with Del, He had on Andrew Kaufmanonce, two and a half years ago. 

And aside from that, hehas not covered this topic, but he's gotten on stage. I mean, I spoke at theGreater Reset here in Austin, Bastrop, a few months ago, and Del spoke twotimeslots after me. I gave my full presentation with the slides on this topic.It's called Reframing the Infectious Disease paradigm. And Del got on stage,two slots after me, and I could tell he was talking about my presentationwithout naming me. 

And he was like,there's a lot of people talking about germ versus terrain. Here's what I think.I think it's all bullshit. I think if you're well and in mind and body andspirit, you can't catch any disease. And I'm like, Great. I agree with that.Del totally agrees with that. But then the problem is, why are you continuallypumping this fear-inducing Gain-of-Function narrative on your platform absentof even covering a little bit the side that says, wait a minute, there mightnot be any need to be fearful of any so-called microbe or any so-called virusat all. Isn't it a little weird that you're saying that on stage, but then onyour platform you're going to talk in fear?

Luke Storey: [02:27:09]I'm going to text Del and be like, you got to come back on the show, and I wantto talk about this, have you guys on here.

Alec Zeck: [02:27:14]Yeah, I would love to talk with him.

Luke Storey: [02:27:16]And that's the thing. It's like with all of these leaders that have emerged inthe past three year, and many of them, like Del, were doing their work beforebut sounding the alarm on, something's off here. It's like everyone's on thesame team going for the same goal, which is health--

Alec Zeck: [02:27:32]Freedom from tyranny and health.

Luke Storey: [02:27:33]Yeah. Health. Freedom. I mean, I don't know. It seems strange to me that peopledon't want to have the conversation. I mean, maybe it's just the paradigm isjust too established. And even if someone has suspicions that there's holes inthis, they haven't followed the scientific method that, well, let's at leasttalk about it. But maybe it's just like, oh man, it's just too much. This AlecZeck kid's coming up in my feed, blowing up my DMs. 

It's just too much. Ijust can't deal with it, which honestly, for me, it's why I want to have thisconversation with you. I've been aware of your work, and others that you'vementioned, and I have a peripheral awareness of the germ theory, terrain theorything. I'm just too busy. I'm like, I got other fish to fry. I got otherbattles to fight. And so it's just like, oh God, I don't know if I have thetime to devote to just removing myself from a completely ingrained beliefsystem.

Alec Zeck: [02:28:35]This is a very timely thing.

Luke Storey: [02:28:36]I'm down there using my ozone machine, thinking I'm getting rid of themicrobes. I mean, I'm still in that, so it's like, well, I don't even know if Iwant to learn that that's not even a thing.

Alec Zeck: [02:28:45]Well, I mean, you could reframe some of these common things in a completelydifferent way and be like, okay, I'm not getting rid of the microbes. Maybe I'mhelping maintain the health of my cellular structure. You could reframe it.

Luke Storey: [02:29:00]Speaking of ozone, there are a number of other benefits, but that's one that iscommonly believed. On contact, ozone neutralizes all pathogens. I mean, I tellpeople that all the time, because I believe in pathogens, because I've beentaught to believe in them.

Alec Zeck: [02:29:13]Yeah. And it's tough because-- this is timely for two reasons. One is you'retalking about how you haven't really had this conversation on your platformthat much yet. And it's like, I literally just shared this on Twitter, andFacebook, and elsewhere yesterday, is that I acknowledge that there are peoplelike you who are doing great work to lead people to true health principleswithout even covering this topic, and you are in no way required to broach thistopic.
In my mind, and this is my personal opinion, where I make an exception on thatis that if you have a mission statement that is specifically focused onvaccines and covering the corruption in science, etc, like I shared earlier,then I think you have an obligation to at least cover this topic.

Luke Storey: [02:30:01]Not even agree with it.

Alec Zeck: [02:30:02]Not even agree with it.

Luke Storey: [02:30:03]But just to open the conversation.

Alec Zeck: [02:30:04]Just cover it.

Luke Storey: [02:30:04]I think that's fair.

Alec Zeck: [02:30:05]Yeah. I think it's totally fair. And it's interesting because people are like,okay, well, here's this guy in a hat that's talking about this. He talked aboutthe stethoscope thing earlier, but it's not just me. You look at theorganization, Weston Price, which is a really big organization that so manypeople know, Weston Price Foundation, and Dr. Cowan's on their board, andseveral other people that I know, at the least behind the scenes know the truthabout virology. 

I mean, they have severalpeople on their board or that are part of their organization. Sally Fallon,Morrell Hilda, Dr. Tom Cowan, Leslie Manookian, who know that viruses havenever been proven to exist or cause disease and are outspoken about it, andthey're professional, credentialed people. So the excuse that, oh, this is somefringe thing, doesn't hold water.

Luke Storey: [02:30:52]There's this rogue Army vet.

Alec Zeck: [02:30:54]Yeah, this rogue Army vet in a hat on the podcast.

Luke Storey: [02:30:57]With no stethoscope.

Alec Zeck: [02:30:58]Been deleted from Instagram seven times. It's not just me. It's so many otherpeople talking about this. I mean, we feature a lot of them during the End ofCOVID. Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Sam Bailey, Dr. Amanda Vollmer, Dr. Kelly Broganand Dr. Tom Cowan, and Dr. Andy Kaufman. Two molecular biologists. I mean, wehave people coming from various fields of study that are professional,credentialed people who are on this tip, and are--

Luke Storey: [02:31:23]What's the motivation for keeping this paradigm alive? Is it the medicalindustrial complex, the pharmaceutical industrial complex that can put in themind of humanity that we have this enemy called pathogens that cause diseaseand make us sick, therefore, we have the solution, which is our drugs and oursurgery? I mean, is that the underpinning of why it's kept alive?

Alec Zeck: [02:31:52]Yeah, I think at the tippy top, I would guess that that's the case. I think atthe tippy top people are aware of this, but I think overwhelmingly mostdoctors, scientists, etc, have been conditioned into this belief, and reallybelieve inside that paradigm. It's just the brave ones who have dissolved theirown cognitive dissonance and been willing to go look at these foundationalpapers and question the foundational premises regarding virology that have cometo this conclusion.

Many of them have hadto go against the so-called scientific consensus, and lose their license, andbe outcast as like freaks, and quacks, and pseudoscientific idiots, etc. Butthey're very brave people. And that's how we shift paradigms. It's those bravepeople who are willing to look at the things that no one else wants to look at.Because could you imagine being a virologist for, what, 30 years or somethinglike that, and I approached you and said, hey, I think that viruses may notexist or cause any disease, you should probably go back and read yourfoundational papers? Your natural inclination would be, shut the fuck up. Whothe hell are you, first off?

And then second, if youdid go read those papers and you're like, oh man, this is a little shaky, thisis weird, what would your natural inclination to be? Your whole career isriding on this. You have money involved in this. You've spent your whole life.You've formed an identity around this. Would you want to dissolve that beliefin your mind? Probably not. But I mean, we talk about the foundational papersthat establish this method of isolation during the End of COVID. And that was JohnFranklin Enders in 1954. 

And again, we cover itduring the End of COVID. When you read those papers, it's very clear that evenhe realized the methods by which he "isolated measles virus" were alittle bit ridiculous. And he's quoted multiple times in his paper as sayingsuch, but somehow this was ushered in as accepted science. But to your point,this underpins virtually all of allopathic medicine, of Western medicine, thisidea that there are these invisible boogeyman particles being passed from personto person. It's like all of it, man.

Luke Storey: [02:34:00]Oh, man. Wow. This is a lot to take in.

Alec Zeck: [02:34:05]Yeah, it's a lot.

Luke Storey: [02:34:07]I knew we were going to have a mind-expanding conversation, but holy shit, thisis a lot. What a ride, dude. Well, I think at this point, for people thathaven't had enough of us two in the topics we're talking about, I'll recommendthey go to lukestorey.com/endofcovid. Get yourself registered, watch it forfree for a while, then later on, if you want to keep going, you pay a littlebit of money. 

I also want to--because I'm not going to cut an outro for this because I got a deadline thisafternoon, I just want to let everyone know what's coming up next for the LifeStylist. While I look that up, you go ahead and give any other links to yourpodcast, social media, the ones that you haven't been kicked off of, and letpeople know where they can learn more about you.

Alec Zeck: [02:34:54]Yeah, I would recommend going to my website, thewayfwrd.com, and that's spelledthe way, and then forward is spelled F-W-R-D, so thewayfwrd.com. You can findmy podcast on Apple, Spotify, everywhere else. And that's just The Way Forwardwith Alec Zeck. And I'd say the safest place, although we just shared that it'sprobably not that safe is my Telegram channel. I have never been kicked offthere. Knock on wood.

Luke Storey: [02:35:21]Do you get bots imitating?

Alec Zeck: [02:35:22]Oh my God, dude, all the time. I'm constantly having--

Luke Storey: [02:35:25]Hey, patriot.

Alec Zeck: [02:35:26]Yeah. Hey, patriot, you want some bitcoin? It is my Telegram channel, though.And that's The Way Forward for Mankind. And I'll just send all those to you.

Luke Storey: [02:35:36]Okay. Dope. Well, thank you so much for taking the drive over here today. I'mso happy that you live nearby, in Texas. And I've been wanting to connect withyou and meet for a while. And we have so many mutual friends and seem to run inthe same circles and have very similar points of view about a number of things.So it's really great to finally meet you. You were much bigger than I thoughtyou were. Dude, I didn't even know you were in the Army. I hugged you and I waslike, oh, this dude's fucking ripped. I don't know why I pictured you being asmaller guy. When you walked in, I was like, oh, shit, he's--

Alec Zeck: [02:36:03]I'm going to cut that up and send it to Ben Tapper, Krystal Tini, and a bunchof other my friends, because every single person, dude, that I meet, or thatI've been friends with online says the exact same thing.

Luke Storey: [02:36:13]I mean, I've only seen you on webcams. Maybe webcams shrink you. It's not likeI thought you were a pygmy or something. You're just a bigger guy. I didn'texpect it.

Alec Zeck: [02:36:22]6'2, burly boy.

Luke Storey: [02:36:23]Yeah. Right on. So for those who want to tune in next week, that are still withus, we've got number 477 featuring an incredible lady named Connie Zak. Andthat is all about infrared sauna. So I've got the sunlight and sauna sittingback there, and I've been into sauna therapy for, I don't know, since I was akid. My dad used to take me his health spa and stuff. So I've done a couple ofpodcasts on sauna therapy, but it's been quite a while, and I needed an update.So you guys can tune in next Tuesday for that one. And if there's anythingyou've ever wondered about saunas in your life, I guarantee we answer it inthat episode. And with that, my friend, let's get out of here, go get somethingto eat.

Alec Zeck: [02:37:07]Thanks, brother. Thanks for having me. It's an honor. Thank you, man.



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