Kyle Kingsbury is a former professional mixed martial artist and current Director of Human Optimization at Onnit. His focus is primarily on improving quality of life through diet/nutrition, mindset/meditation/breathwork, biohacks, and plant medicines.

Kyle Kingsbury is a former professional mixed martial artist and current Director of Human Optimization at Onnit. His focus is primarily on improving quality of life through diet/nutrition, mindset/meditation/breathwork, biohacks, and plant medicines.

For a lot of us, pain is a necessary catalyst for change. For me, it was hitting rock bottom with my drug addiction. For Kyle Kingsbury, it was watching his parents’ abusive relationship and years of struggling with suicidal thoughts.

But while standing naked on the ledge of a parking garage, Kyle felt, for the first time in his life, that he wasn’t alone, that there was more to life, and that he was loved.

It was on that ledge that Kyle realized that whatever needs to be done, needs to be done internally – he wasn’t going to fix his mind or body with any pill.

Not long after that experience, Kyle started his career in professional mixed martial arts with the UFC. He had an outlet, he had a team, and he had something bigger than him to work towards... Plus, he was good at it, and that doesn’t hurt! (This primal warrior won his first two fights in under 30 seconds.)

While fighting, Kyle dove deep into health, wellness, nutrition, and biohacking, with some detours into the world of plant medicine. All of this prepared him for his current role as Director of Human Optimization (AKA the company guinea pig) at Onnit, an incredible company dedicated to Total Human Optimization (and a biohacker’s best friend).

Once you experience the power of diet, supplements, nootropics, cold thermogenesis, breathwork, and even microdosing in the pursuit of Total Human Optimization, you’ll feel the difference – and you’ll know that this biohacking stuff is more than just a bunch of trends.


  • How Kyle used fighting as a coping mechanism, early and often
  • Advocating for the right drugs & against the wrong drugs
  • Learning to quiet the noise without drugs
  • What it’s like to struggle with suicidal thoughts as early as 7 years old
  • The respectful camaraderie between professional fighters
  • How getting put on the bench in college football fueled Kyle’s fighting
  • The pain of truly believing that no one will ever love you
  • When Kyle realized he wasn’t alone & there was more to life... while standing on a ledge
  • The boxing coach that brought Kyle to traditional sweat lodges before and after every fight camp
  • Discovering the world of plant medicines: psilocybin, ayahuasca, and more
  • How diet, supplements, nootropics, and even microdosing play a role in Total Human Optimization
  • Why Kyle had to be a bouncer and bartender at a titty bar almost the entire time he was in the UFC
  • What it’s like to experience a life of Total Human Optimization
  • A day in the life of Kyle Kingsbury: breathwork, cold thermogenesis, killer workouts, and more
  • The transformative plant medicine experiences that Kyle has gone through with his wife (and the insane sex that they have had while using various substances)
  • Teaching your kids the right & wrong ways to use plant medicines + other parenting insights



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