Building A Health & Wellness Empire with MindBodyGreen's Jason Wachob #187

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The latest and greatest happenings at MindBodyGreen

  • Why Erewhon and Whole Foods aren’t the beginning and end of wellness

  • How to begin monetizing a passion project

  • Growing from 0 to 10 million unique visitors a month

  • Why it’s so exciting that we’re living in a time where Eastern wisdom is meeting Western medical science

  • The future of medicine is functional

  • How you can avoid getting caught up in the dogma of what you’re eating (and why that’s  a problem)

  • The good and bad of supplements: marketing vs. efficacy

  • How Jason reduces stress and relaxes

  • What’s up with the CBD industry?

  • Why going outside of yourself through psychoactive drugs or “medicines” isn’t true wellness

  • How people justify things that are fun as good for you

  • The best high in the world

  • How Jason and his wife navigated the conception and birth process

  • What you can do to encourage brain health and cognition – without taking anything!

  • The yoga teachers who helped Jason heal his back

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