543. Elevate Earth: Consciousness & EMF Solutions

Philipp & Ian from Quantum Upgrade

June 11, 2024

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

We’re getting the band back together! Welcome back, Ian Mitchell and Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling of Quantum Upgrade (visit lukestorey.com/quantumupgrade and use code LUKE15 for 15 days free), for another tripod experience.

Philipp Von Holtzendorff-Fehling is the founder and CEO at Leela Quantum Tech. He's also a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer. During his business career, he worked as an executive for several well-known companies, including T-Mobile International and T-Mobile US, where he served as vice president. At this time, he constantly worked through blockages and barriers that prevented him from authentically connecting with his true self. With that, he also started to see energy fields and developed his unique skills as a healer and went through two decades of training in shamanic and other energy healing practices.

Over the past decade, lan Mitchell has developed a series of novel therapeutics using Lipofullerene-Conjugates and holds multiple patents across a host of different scientific disciplines such as nano-medicine and materials science. He is the lead scientist at Wizard Sciences, Chief Science Officer at Redbud Brands, Scientific Advisor at Satori Neuro and is the Chief Scientific Advisor for Leela Quantum.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

We’re getting the band back together! In today’s episode, we dig into the complex realms of human consciousness, cutting-edge science, and quantum technology with two brilliant minds you know and love. Welcome back, Ian Mitchell and Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling of Quantum Upgrade (visit lukestorey.com/quantumupgrade and use code LUKE15 for 15 days free), for another tripod experience.

To refresh your memory, lan Mitchell holds multiple patents across a host of different scientific disciplines such as nano-medicine and materials science. His expertise extends to developing gamma ray shielding systems for space habitats and carbon-negative concrete. Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling is a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer. He has spent decades mastering shamanic and other energy healing practices, developing his unique ability to see energy fields and guide others in overcoming personal barriers. 

We go deep on the profound plant medicine lessons we’ve experienced, including insights from practicing with indigenous facilitators, the feeling of oneness, and its trauma healing benefits. Philipp provides a unique perspective on the integration of expanded consciousness, the challenges of post-experience integration, and the limitless potential of human consciousness. 

Then, we get straight into the power of quantum technology for wound healing and EMF support, offering practical advice on managing EMF exposure and leveraging biohacking technologies for enhanced wellbeing. We explore the many new studies that prove the positive impact of quantum energy on everything from EMF in electric vehicles to increasing consciousness.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation that bridges the gap between advanced science and ancient wisdom, stay for the actionable insights on holistic health and expanded consciousness.

(00:00:47) Lessons from Plant Medicine: Indigenous Insights, Oneness & Trauma Healing 

  • Links to Philipp and Ian’s past episodes listed below
  • Why Phillip is quantum charging his tennis equipment
  • Blaine McConnell’s Instagram: @storipabbi
  • Ian’s first experience with 5-MeO-DMT
  • Why certain people don’t feel as intense effects as others
  • Ceremonial plant medicine in the U.S. vs. Mexico/Costa Rica
  • What Phillip has learned from plant medicine facilitators in Costa Rica
  • Verbalizing the feeling of oneness and infinity
  • Can you experience physical changes after a Bufo?
  • Recreational drugs vs. plant medicine for trauma healing

(00:25:53) Exploring Human Consciousness: Limits, Expansion & Integration

  • Disintegration of the ego structure with a Bufo experience
  • Why post-consciousness expansion integration can be difficult 
  • Can you become too enlightened?
  • Read: Power vs. Force By Dr. David Hawkins
  • The limitlessness of human consciousness 
  • We can’t live off of older concepts on consciousness
  • Is it possible to hold levels of consciousness higher than 1,000?
  • New merch release: lukestoreymerch.com 
  • New update on Infinity Blocs to combat EMF radiation

(00:56:13) Leveraging Quantum Technology for Wound Healing & EMF Support

  • Explaining Quantum Upgrade as a service
  • What it means to be the manager of your own field
  • Wizard Sciences Mitocure Rx 
  • Smart ways to habit stack biohacking technologies
  • How Blushield technology has helped Luke combat EMF effects
  • Reviewing EMF studies from Quantum Upgrade 
  • Results of their wound healing experiments using quantum tech
  • ATP production study + powerful healing results
  • How can you measure an increase of consciousness?

(01:28:17) EMF Protection: Harmonizing, Electric Vehicles, EMF Clothing & New Research

(01:59:05) Enjoy the Benefits of Quantum Upgrade on Your Home, Self & Loved Ones 

  • How to sign up for the service + how to cancel
  • Explaining available bundle options 
  • Two key things that drive them to invest in studies and provide this service
  • Telegram: Quantum Upgrade Community, Quantum Power Group
  • The importance of micro communities 
  • Gifting quantum energy to loved ones and using it while traveling

[00:00:00] Luke: All right, guys. So we're putting the band back together. So fun talking to both of you at once. I've talked to each of you individually, and then we did one trifecta before. So you guys listening and watching, you'll find the show notes at lukestorey.com/quantum2, where you will find links to episodes 340, 373, and 414, and 461 with Ian.

[00:00:30] So if you want to hear more from these guys, that's where you find it, and we'll put those all in the show notes at lukestorey.com/quantum2 along with everything else we talk about. Philipp, you are, which I'm just learning, a tennis and chess player. Tell me about that. I've known you for a few years, and I never knew that. So I'm curious. Is that a new thing or did I just miss that before?

[00:00:53] Philipp: Well, tennis is quite an old thing. I started when I was six, but I stopped in between. So I had an injury when I was 18. Then it lasted for eight weeks. And then I didn't feel like playing for nine years. So I frequently asked, did I play in college? No, I didn't. But then in 2004, I picked it up again, and then at some point made it to the US Nationals, finished top eight.

[00:01:17] Luke: Really?

[00:01:18] Philipp: Yeah.

[00:01:19] Luke: Oh, so you're legit.

[00:01:20] Ian: I didn't realize that. That is legit. Wow.

[00:01:23] Philipp: Well, I can hit at least. But I said to myself I'd do it every five years, as long as I feel like it, because what I lost over the time is really this competitiveness. So now I compete with myself. I try to see how good can I get and how good shape can I be. And if I play well, that's really my goal. And if I then win or lose, that's secondary. That's more Olympic for me. And this year is one of those years I turn 50, so I can play with the 50s and older.

[00:01:56] Luke: And beat their ass probably. You're quantum charged in doing all the things.

[00:02:03] Philipp: Those things come in.

[00:02:04] Luke: Are you quantum charging your rackets?

[00:02:06] Philipp: Yeah, indeed. My rackets are quantum charged indeed. And then I leveraged the Quantum Upgrade Booster and the Olympic Performance Frequency, plus his Olympic RX supplement. Those are the things that I leverage to actually be in full mode. And it works, no doubt about it.

[00:02:26] Luke: That's cool. I like that distinction between competing with your opponents versus yourself. I think that's the one reason-- I've never liked any sports to be honest, but anything remotely related to sports, skiing, whatever, that I've done throughout my life is always what they would call individual sports.

[00:02:46] And I just thought that's because I didn't want to be a team player. But I think more of it is just, I don't like that sense of like, we're going to beat them. It doesn't fit my personality, but I like your perspective of challenging yourself. That's cool.

[00:03:03] Ian: There are a couple of other athletes like Blaine McConnell, I know leverages both of those technologies, and he does power lifting. His handle on Instagram is @storipabbi, and he does the most ridiculous lifts. He did a clean jerk for a competition of 400 pounds just straight up over his head, which would break most humans.

[00:03:29] Philipp: It's ridiculous. He's going for various world records, that guy.

[00:03:33] Luke: Yeah.

[00:03:33] Ian: Yeah. It's amazing to watch. And he's doing that. Most everything he's using. He's using Quantum Upgrade. He's using the blocks. Yeah, he's making a big difference.

[00:03:43] Luke: I saw a video this morning of Lenny Kravitz working out. He's 59, and he's on one of those incline benches or decline benches where he's laying back on a bench, has a massive barbell in his hand, and he's doing sit ups and throwing it up in the air and catching it, going back down. Big ass weights. I'm like, this guy is psycho. He's so freaking in shape just for any normal human, but I'm like, 59, that's a few years older than I, and he's just crushing it.

[00:04:16] Ian: Yeah, goals.

[00:04:17] Luke: Yeah. I don't get it. A, I don't know why he would want to do that, and b, I don't know how. Oh, Lord. What about the chess?

[00:04:28] Philipp: Yeah. So I started, I think, when I was 14, then stopped playing for decades, honestly. And I picked it up as an adult at some point, again, having fun doing it, this mental exercise. I like the game, the strategic part about it. I think I'm fascinated also by how old this game is, that it's been played for ages, frankly.

[00:04:51] And I just love it. So I don't always play it, but I love to play it. So sometimes the very fast five-minute chess that you can even play online, but I love the most if you're really sitting there with someone in person and you're just taking your time to play.

[00:05:07] Luke: Yeah.

[00:05:07] Philipp: Yeah.

[00:05:07] Luke: I like watching the old guys at the park. Sometimes in New York city, different places, you walk by, and there'll be a whole squad of old dudes playing chess.

[00:05:18] Ian: A lot of them are great.

[00:05:20] Luke: Are they?

[00:05:21] Ian: Yeah.

[00:05:21] Luke: Yeah. I wouldn't know, but I just think, man, that's a cool way to commune. It's a cool way to just spend time with fellows and not be by yourself, but also just keeping your brain sharp. Anything you can do that's challenging to the mind is good. All right. Now we're going to talk about my favorite thing in the whole world.

[00:05:41] And I haven't had an update from either of you on this, but I feel like I heard in the ether somewhere that individually you guys have worked with 5-MeO-DMT. Have both of you done that at this point?

[00:05:55] Ian: Yes.

[00:05:56] Luke: Okay. So that's all we need to talk about for the next two hours. Let's start with that because anyone listening knows when I've discussed that particular topic, it's just by leaps and bounds, the most meaningful, profound, supernatural experiences of my life, to the point where I'm terrified of it because it's just so immense of an experience.

[00:06:23] I think about it, and I go, yeah, I should do that again. And then the ego is like, fuck, no, you're not. We're not going away again. So that's what happens. So when and how, and what was your experience?

[00:06:36] Ian: Actually mine was recent. It was actually because of the stuff that Philipp had told me about it. I thought it was something that I would just try out because I actually wanted to go to Costa Rica and give it a whirl and just couldn't get it to line up. So I just tried it here. It's surprisingly not that hard to get your hands on. And just did it. For me, I think it was a little less impactful.

[00:07:02] It was a great feeling, and it was interesting, but I don't think I had the standard experience. I did not lose my sense of self. The floor moved. That was cool. And I tried. I diligently tried. I took three, the normal handshake thing, and then a much larger one, and then I tried to hold as much as I could possibly get, and it still did not have the same effect.

[00:07:28] Philipp and I have talked about it, and I think there's something to his approach of grounding out with the earth and being in a different environment. The environment I was in was fine, but I know that my experience was different. And it was great. I found myself laughing a ton, which I'm not shy. I do that anyway.

[00:07:52] Yeah, it was different. Actually, I think at some point I'm probably going to bop down to Costa Rica and do it with Philipp in a slightly different environment. But yeah, I mainly wanted to do it because I was curious to see how much it would or would not take me out of my normal state.

[00:08:14] It was just a curiosity because there's a lot that I've read about and experienced when your states of consciousness at certain points don't get knocked out as much. You can try. And again, like I said, the floor wiggled. That was awesome. But that was the extent of it.

[00:08:39] So I think the next time I give it a whirl, I'll try again with a huge dose, ground it out on a beach, and do the whole thing, and see if that actually takes me out of myself. Not that that's a bad space to be in. I'm pretty much in love with humanity, and I don't really have any problems with that.

[00:09:00] So I'm in a good space there, but I was expecting to see something a little like, shooting out of the end of the cannon kind of a thing, which is what I had heard from everybody. And that was very much not my experience.

[00:09:13] Luke: That's so interesting. I've not heard that with that particular medicine.

[00:09:19] Ian: Yeah. I actually thought that would be the case. I just figured it would be like all of my friends. All of you guys have said it's like this. And so I thought, okay, let's check it out. And it just wasn't.

[00:09:31] Luke: I have witnessed a couple of people not experiencing the full send, just from being in the space with people. But in the times that I've seen that, maybe two or three, they just didn't take a very big hit. And that's fine. Not everyone wants or is ready for the full dissolution of all reality that can happen.

[00:09:54] But I just love watching when that happens, when someone just comes out of it and they're like, what the fuck was that? But if you just take a little bit, it's not going to take you there if there's a lot of resistance. So I think what's interesting is that you did a couple of handshake.

[00:10:11] Ian: Yeah. I was really trying. I wanted to see just how far blown out of myself it could go. And it was just different, whether that's internal resistance or something else. I don't know that I'll know.

[00:10:24] Luke: Well, maybe you're already there. There's the famous story of Ram Dass and his guru on two occasions where he gave him, I think, the first one was a few hundred micrograms, so a few hits of LSD, liquid LSD. Gave it to him. Nothing happened. He goes back to India sometime later.

[00:10:44] Guru says, hey, do you have more of that yogi medicine? And Ram Dass had thought that the first time since nothing happened at all, there was no state change, that maybe he had faked it and not actually taken-- I think they were in tablets. And so when he asked again, Ram Dass said he watched intently to make sure that he took it.

[00:11:02] And he gave him, I think the second time was 900 micrograms, which is-- nine hits of acid will make an average person probably go insane for the rest of their life. I would never do that. And again, zero happened. And Ram Dass extracted from that, I think he said like, if you're already in Detroit, then taking a train to Detroit doesn't do anything, or something like that. You know what I mean?

[00:11:29] It's like he was already at a certain level of consciousness where it was just, I guess, neutralize the effects of it because there was nowhere to go because he was already in that dream space.

[00:11:44] Ian: Well, I did when I was at the Biohacking Conference a couple of years ago in Florida. Ted Achacoso had made the enlightenment trochee, and I took that. Boomer Anderson gave me some, and it had no effect. So he said, oh, it's got to be a dose dependent function, and so he tripled the dose, and I was still rocking the same way.

[00:12:06] Luke: Really?

[00:12:07] Ian: Yeah, he kept checking on me throughout the day. I can remember that, I think, because we were there, and I was just like, that's just the space I'm rocking in.

[00:12:14] Luke: He gave me one of those trochee on that trip, and he's like, oh, just take a quarter or a half, and I'm like, these edibles ain't shit. I took the whole thing, went to my room, and I was like, oops. Definitely feeling it. And I was just there by myself. I called Alyson. It was just like, I'm weirded out. I need a friend right now. I'm way higher than I thought I was going to be.

[00:12:33] But interestingly enough, he didn't tell me what was in it. It's proprietary. And when we did a podcast after that, I was like, all right, let me guess. I think it was ketamine, 2C-B, and whatever. And he's like, you've nailed it. It's just some tweaks to the molecules to make it more legal or something like that. But yeah, there was definitely an essence of that mixture that was familiar but much stronger than I thought.

[00:12:56] Ian: Yeah, I think they were actually a little annoyed that nothing changed.

[00:13:00] Luke: Yeah, right.

[00:13:01] Ian: They kept checking up on me.

[00:13:03] Philipp: Which will be different with your next Bufo experience if you come to Costa Rica, I can promise you that. I don't see that at all, that you're at this state where you're not affected by the real Bufo experience. It's just, you just haven't had it yet. And so that's the difference. That's one of the main differences.

[00:13:22] First of all, in the US 95% of the practitioners don't serve the way that they would serve you in Mexico or in Costa Rica, for example, because they're scared or they don't set up for it. One thing is, obviously, the laws around that, so you can't really set it up the way that it's set up there.

[00:13:43] Then it's micro dosing, and even a big dose in the US is a micro dose if you end up in Mexico, Costa Rica, and you couldn't even facilitate on your own. If you go, you take Bufo somewhere and you have one person there doing that for you, you already know, unless you've done it many times, they know what they're getting into with you.

[00:14:11] Then they're not facilitating the way you actually should from the perspective of really the ones in Mexico or Costa Rica facilitating it. Because if you really facilitate that way and people really get into the oneness, that's the ultimate experience, to be one with everything that is.

[00:14:36] And at that point, you're not an individual. You're not in your very limited consciousness. And as expanded as that may be in this reality, it still wouldn't be all that is. But to really get there, it's a different way to facilitate, and then you need a team. We facilitated for two years now on our land in Costa Rica.

[00:15:05] I learned for almost these two years from the number one facilitator in Costa Rica how he does it. And not saying that that is the best in the world. It's just different ways of working with the medicine, but I've seen it in all different ways. And I see actually value in also even micro dosing and smaller doses, but in a different way, because then you can, for example, with smaller doses, work through chakras, for example, specific topics that you can address and work through because you're still somewhat conscious, and you're also very connected.

[00:15:47] But if you want to go into the oneness experience, then you need a different facilitation, and you need a team because people could roll over. You couldn't even do it inside somewhere. We facilitate only on grass, only on grass, so that no one gets hurt, even though we have four people there, three or four people, literally to do that.

[00:16:12] And that's the most beautiful experience that one can have. It's also in a way the scariest because at that point, you can't control it anymore. And that's what humans are typically afraid of, to give up the control. That's this ego death that people describe where-- and we all know this.

[00:16:41] It's not a physical death at all. It could be further from the truth because you couldn't even overdose before. It's like, you could shuffle it down someone's throat as much as you want, wouldn't do anything, but this is giving up and then dissolving into all that is, and then there's only that. And you realize that point that you're eternal.

[00:17:05] And you realize what infinity is. And those are, I think, the most profound things. And when I had experienced that the first time, people ask me, okay, so what did that do? And I think for me, it was the remembering of home. That's really what it was. And that you don't lose anymore. And you can get distracted in this reality with all kinds of different things, or you can have a bad day and things like that, of course.

[00:17:36] But deep down, there's this realization that you're all that is and that you're part of all that is. And that is this experience. And so with the facilitation that we provide, that is the goal, really, to release as much trauma as you can while you do it and to get to breakthrough experience as quickly as possible.

[00:18:01] So we usually facilitate in two days in a row. Very important because on the first day, especially if people come the first time, the first day, you walk 75% up the mountain. That's the hard work. That's going through the resistance. Everyone is different, of course, but usually, that's 75% of the work done.

[00:18:25] And then next morning, most people are like, oh my God, again. And then after they're like, oh my God, I'm so glad I did it. And even after two days, not everyone has been there at the breakthrough experience because you have different situations.

[00:18:48] Especially very addicted people that have done lots of medical pharma abuse and smoked weed all the time and all that, those people usually have a harder time, and they need to get those toxins out first. But I would say 80% of the people, they'll have had a breakthrough experience after these two ceremonies basically.

[00:19:16] Ian: Did you have any physical changes afterwards? And the reason I ask is our mutual friend, Todd, we're all friends with Todd, he told me afterwards it was the most profound experience he's ever had in his life. Todd's an ultra-marathoner. He runs 100-mile races. He dropped 50 pounds, which I honestly don't know where he had 50 pounds. But seriously, it was two feet.

[00:19:42] Luke: Shorter now.

[00:19:44] Ian: Right. When it came back, it was just remarkable because after he was out there with you, he did. He just said, this was the most profound thing I've ever felt.

[00:19:53] Philipp: Yeah. Because there's nothing to it really, if you can remember that also, and that really happened for him. So he realized that, and then coming back also, you have so much gratitude also to be able to live this life in this reality, and you're not frustrated about all the things that are happening.

[00:20:15] You're actually, wow, I get to live this, and I want to live it to the best of my abilities and do the best I can, and whatever I really want to do to be happy, I want to do that. And obviously, he realized certain things where he was on a track that didn't really resonate with his true essence.

[00:20:36] So the true essence really came out and then started to overrule some of the things. He lived his life up to that point. I think that's what happens. And that's what Bufo does in the end of the day. So I'm often asked by people, especially that have no idea about any of this, it's like a drug or something.

[00:21:01] For me, it's a huge difference between weed, any type of MDMA or whatever. Usually, especially when things are used in a recreational fashion, it's used to either have just a great time and just don't worry about it. Just have a great time. Or to run away.

[00:21:21] And that's, I think, the most frequent use of all those drugs, to run away from yourself. You can't face yourself. There's stuff inside that's so hurtful that you can't face it. You need to be in a different state. Then you take that stuff, and you feel good, which makes it worse because you never solve what's inside.

[00:21:44] Bufo, actually, makes you go inside, and there's no other destiny other than your true essence. So you're getting closer and closer to that, and that's really what it is. So if someone has fear of doing that, that's just the fear of themselves.

[00:22:04] Luke: Totally. That's the thing I run into. Part of it is following intuition and wisdom of like, what is my motive? If I hear about it in the periphery, there's a part of me that's like, oh yeah, I got to go do that again. But there's always a louder part that's like, hell no, we're not doing that.

[00:22:24] And the part of it that's like, hell no, is maybe a little wisdom and intuition, but mostly the ego just going, we are not letting our guard down again to that degree because there is such a disintegration of the entire persona, and intellect, and ego structure. It is just annihilated at least for a few minutes.

[00:22:47] Maybe it's five minutes or 10 minutes that you're in that space of totality. And then the in between phase of when it's wearing off for the next 20 minutes or so, for me, like what has happened is the persona starts to reestablish itself, but in the interim, there's a cognitive awareness of ideas, healing, things to work through, realizations, whether there is a me that's the witness observer has joined the conversation again, but there's still magic happening.

[00:23:25] But in the initial blast, it's like, there's no you there to even experience it. That's why you go deaf. I remember in the couple of ceremonies, they would hit a drum. They play a song. You do your prayer. You take the hit, or a couple, and then they start hitting that drum, and then afterward they go, did you hear the drum? I'm like, drum? I wasn't hearing anything.

[00:23:52] But I love what you said about experiencing yourself as eternal. And I think one of the biggest takeaways for me and the experiences I've had with that particular medicine is a much less tight grasp on the world, the material, physical world, and also on my fear of death and that I need to cling to this body and this experience that I'm having.

[00:24:19] There's just a looser relationship with all of it, looking at the problems in the world and politics and all the things wrong with culture and society. It's just like, eh, just do good. Just do good. Just keep doing what I've been doing, which is be the best and most moral loving person I can be, and 99.999% of everything else is totally out of my control. And it's nice to know that.

[00:24:47] But to Ian's experience, the first time I did it was back in LA, a few years ago. I had the full send, but the magnitude of that experience I think was so big that I didn't really. And I'm not saying this is what happened to you, but I didn't even get it. It was at my friend Harry's house in Venice, and it happened. It was beautiful. There was a few of us that went in in turns, so it was beautiful to witness people's experience, and they were so diverse in how they reacted to it.

[00:25:23] I remember Harry, Harry the healer, he's been on the show. He's a psilocybin shaman. He took the hit. He laid back. I had the biggest shitting grin, and his body just undulated in waves. He was just in complete presence and peace. And one of the other people there got up, was looking around, freaking out. It was really trippy. And everyone had their own thing.

[00:25:48] But then I got in my car and drove back to the East side, to the Hollywood Hills, and it was like, ah, whatever. I didn't get it. It just was like I couldn't contextualize it. Whereas the subsequent times after that, I think I had an awareness that, wow, I was just in a really rarefied state. And actually had Clayton from FLFE. This is a few years ago.

[00:26:17] I sent him the timestamps and the dates when I had those experiences, and I was like, hey, I have no attachment to this, but I'm so curious what the level of consciousness that I experienced was, and he would calibrate it, and I forget. I have him in a note somewhere, but the highest level for more than 60 seconds was 875 or something on the Hawkins scale, and I'm just like, whoa. Well, how can you experience that even for 60 seconds and not have your life completely change?

[00:26:46] Ian: I think that would completely change.

[00:26:48] Luke: Yeah. People have meditated and been devotional for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime and never even experienced that for a second. So that was a really interesting part of it, too, to get empirical evidence in terms of what actually transpired and why the magnitude of it was almost too big to even hold. It's like, how do you even integrate that?

[00:27:10] Ian: I think that's actually one of the hard parts, is integrating. When your consciousness spikes through periods like that, the integration is harder, in my experience. It's easier to have the experience than it is to reintegrate back here. Because you can have a really profound experience like that, and I did a couple of years ago. Went through an entire period, which is why I eat meat now. I didn't for 28 years, and then in order to ground myself out so I could stick around, I started eating meat.

[00:27:39] And during that period, I found that it was harder to be and act normal than it was to just be completely disassociated and checked out. Actually, it was disturbing to a certain degree because you really don't you know. I was joking about earlier like, oh, my legs on fire. Maybe put that out at some point.

[00:27:59] You're in such a different space that if you want to actually do something and impact this particular place, you have to reintegrate. Otherwise, you're off in la la land That's why I think a lot of times, with reference like the Hawkins, people who lead things like Joe Dispenza and the guys who are leading Buddhism and stuff like that, their consciousness is generally around 570, 580. Because you don't want them to be enlightened. You want them to still be people people. Because once you cross that threshold, it's an entirely different experience.

[00:28:34] Luke: You might sell all your shit and give up your career and family and literally go live in the woods.

[00:28:42] Ian: Yeah. Literally. Like Hawkins. He had the largest psychiatric practice in the US, and he bounced to Sedona and lived in a little--

[00:28:49] Luke: In a truck. Yeah, yeah. I love that story, but it also scares me because I think my purpose here is to achieve higher states of consciousness, enlightenment, self-realization. What else is there to do? But yeah, it scares me if you do hit that point, because then you lose all attachment to all worldly drives, and you could just wander off.

[00:29:14] Philipp: It doesn't scare me at all anymore, and I actually do not agree that that would happen. That may have happened with some people. And it's a great point because you say you lose the attachments. But then you start to play. You start to play more, and you start to just live out of the inside.

[00:29:38] Whatever's in your heart, whatever's in your impulse, you do that. It's not that you can't do that. And the more you're already tuned in, the less actually anything will change. You love what you're doing, for example. That's what I'm assuming. If that's the case, then if you have these deep, profound experiences, it's not that next day you'll be like, oh, God damn. I'm going to be a monk now in Thailand. And sit at the lake every day and don't do anything. It's just not going to happen because we start already to live from the inside.

[00:30:16] And also, things have shifted so much on Earth. One of the reasons why Paul vs. Force needs to be rewritten, as amazing as Dr. David Hawkins was, he could not foresee at the time, and probably no one could really foresee at the time of the writing of the book, what would happen on Earth now. And actually, since about 10, 15 years, because Earth became a conscious creator, that was about 10 to 15 years ago.

[00:30:48] What does that mean when I say that? It means that Earth literally broke out of the limitation in that most humans are still in, where you're very focused just on this, I'm just a thought in a body. That's what I am. Once you get into the higher levels of consciousness, you start to expand and realize the vastness of everything.

[00:31:15] And Earth broke through that already at that time. That literally lifted the chains that the whole environment here had. So when Hawkins looked at it at the time, he, for example, said one thing that's absolutely false nowadays, that a human could just increase their own consciousness level by a few points, 15, 20 points over lifetime.

[00:31:42] And yeah, that's a whole lot on a scale from zero to 1,000. It's just simply false nowadays. It was great then. It was valid then, but it's not anymore. Also, the level of 1,000 on the Hawkins scale doesn't exist anymore. And everyone that believes that or wants that to still be true is living in a concept, in a construct, in just a theoretical construct, and is not living in the energy that is.

[00:32:13] And the energy that is is that on earth right now, there is no limit anymore. It's also not at 3,000 or 4,000 or 5,000. It is literally unlimited now. Because that's actually what consciousness is to begin with. It is unlimited. And with our brain, with our 3d mentality, we cannot comprehend what that even means. But it literally is infinite.

[00:32:37] And that is also now possible here in the earth realm. That is the amazing, fascinating thing. When we come out with new levels of consciousness, stuff we come out with now, a year ago would have blown people away, literally blown away, and we couldn't have done it. Frankly, we also even had to come up with certain buffers because there's different ways and how you can deliver a high consciousness field.

[00:33:07] One is the rough way, and that's what we see out there if we look elsewhere. And then at some point, you say, well, we're 650. That's just going to be too hard to have rough for people. That's like, you're jumping from, I don't know, 10 feet into the water. It's still soft. Now go up a hundred feet. It's going to get hard.

[00:33:34] And at some point, it's going to be like cement when you're jumping down, so you wouldn't advise anyone to do that. But what if you could build a buffer that actually you still drop in the water as if you just dove into the water from six feet. So that's what I'm talking about.

[00:33:54] And so these levels of consciousness are possible now. We're waking up as humanity. The whole vibration changes and increases rapidly. And I'll tell you another thing. So does also the other stuff like the EMF. We have seen things in the last 12 months that I wouldn't even have imagined two years ago. Levels of EMF that we're not even talking about yet, way beyond 5g we're seeing. I don't know if this is for the show, the heart waves.

[00:34:30] And I don't want to go into that because I'm actually not interested in pointing fingers or saying, well, it's also so bad, but there is radiation out there that people have no clue we're being hit with, to levels that far exceed anything we've seen a year ago. And we need higher levels of consciousness and delivery mechanisms, so people can actually receive it in harmony to combat that stuff.

[00:35:00] And that's pretty much what we're doing. And that's what we're seeing. And so I must say really to everyone that says, well, 1,000 is the limit, and I can just increase my unconscious level by 15 points a year. No, you can't. And if you still believe that, then you just don't allow yourself to really look into the.

[00:35:19] And again, I want to say that now that people misunderstand me, Hawkins was amazing, and I love that guy. I love his books. It's just amazing, but we can't live just off concepts or something that was written at some point. We need to adjust things as we go. And in 50 years, what I'm telling you today will also have changed, and we'll need to adapt then.

[00:35:42] Luke: Excellent. Power vs Force, I think, was written in the early '90s or something. It's an older book, and it's my least favorite of his books. It's a good intro, but it's much more intellectual than some of his other work, I think, just because he was presenting his model, and he wanted it to be validated and such, but some of the other writings are books that it's taken me years to even grasp a paragraph. Like the, what's the eye--

[00:36:20] Ian: The Eye of the I.

[00:36:20] Luke: The Eye of the I. I had that book for years, and I can only read a couple of sentences and be like, okay, brain's full.

[00:36:28] Brain's full. That's a good way to put it.

[00:36:29] It's a good way to gauge your progression though, I think, because now I can read that and actually understand and embody a lot of it. Some of it's still beyond, and I'll go back to and be like, oh man, I totally had a really superficial understanding of this concept. But to your point, Philipp, I wonder because when he was talking about 1,000 being the cap, and that was the top of the scale, the thing that made sense to me, and I wonder if this is still true, not that there can't be energies over 1,000, but what he would talk about was that the human nervous system is only capable of handling a certain amount of energy before it just turns to light or something.

[00:37:13] And that's why you had Krishna, Buddha, Christ, these avatar figures throughout history that were able to somehow stay in their body while that level of energy is flowing through them. For humans now or emerging humans, these kids that we're seeing come in that are just super awake, do you think it's possible for bodies now or in the near future to hold more than 1,000?

[00:37:40] Philipp: Well, absolutely. So he's still right with the concept in general that at a certain point, and that's very individual by the way. That's not really a generalized thing because it really depends on the individual because we have all these different stories and prerequisites in preparations for a high state of consciousness.

[00:38:02] And yeah, at some point it's too much. And the too much, though, has changed when that happens. But for me, it doesn't really matter. There's no limit, and you can go way above 1,000 and actually take that. And most people could, especially if you have a delivery mechanism that is so harmonious with the human cells that it's going to be really hard to actually overwhelm the nervous system.

[00:38:38] At some point, you could of course do that though, but it happens at different levels. So the idea of what he was seeing there, I totally get that, and I think it still has validity today. And that's something we always need to take into account, of course. And as an example, with the Quantum Upgrade some of these-- I'm jumping ahead.

[00:39:02] We'll come to that again, but we have some absolutely significant booster levels available that are way above and beyond anything that we've offered like a year ago. Way above. But the highest level are only available for the people that also have had it for quite some time.

[00:39:22] And we make exceptions if someone, I don't know, has been a Buddhist monk for 15 years, meditating every day, and been in this void a lot, for example. Of course, write us an email and say, hey, I have this experience, and I'm ready for these levels because of these and these reasons. And certainly, we're making exceptions, but we couldn't do it for the general public just because it just would be too much.

[00:39:46] Luke: They won't be able to drive.

[00:39:47] Philipp: Yeah. Or they would not stop driving.

[00:39:51] Ian: I think they'd have physical consequences. I've actually seen that quite a few times. We had the Gen 8 block at a conference, and a fella pulled me aside, Larry Pham, walking in one morning, and said, hey, can you tell me why my heart rate keeps jumping 20 beats a minute when I walk to that side of the room? And that was it. It was literally just when he hit proximity to the block, his heart rate jumped 20 beats a minute.

[00:40:14] Luke: When he was near a Leela block.

[00:40:16] Ian: Yeah.

[00:40:16] Luke: Interesting.

[00:40:17] Ian: And then he'd walk back, and we did it. He was wearing a monitor, so we just tracked it. It was funny because people, a lot of times, when you can't see something, it doesn't exist. It's just basic humanity.

[00:40:28] Luke: That was really the point of what I wanted to talk to you guys about. And then I saw Jarrod put the Bufo on my notes, and I'm like, oh, here we go. Every time I'm thinking, okay, well, these guys have been on before. 90 minutes. It'll be good. And then you start, and it isn't.

[00:40:45] Back to what you were saying about the EMF, and I appreciate that you don't want to dwell on the evil and negativity in the world. Let's just focus on solutions. But the thing that I intuit around that, and you come from the telecommunications industry, you were a VP at T-Mobile, was it?

[00:41:05] Ian: Correct. Yeah.

[00:41:06] Luke: So you know what's happening to a degree on the inside, on the other team, when you were on the other team, to tribalize it. But the thing about it is that we're all concerned as we should be about our Wi-Fi routers, and Bluetooth things in our homes, and the cell tower down the street. But many people aren't aware of HAARP living near an airport or a military base where there's radar. There's way worse levels.

[00:41:35] And adding to that, the way technology is revealed to the public is 20, 30, 40 years behind. So when we talk about free energy or levitating aircraft that don't use propulsion, all this stuff that's like, oh, someday we'll figure this out, it's like, that means we've already been doing it for 50 years.

[00:41:56] So when we're talking about, ooh, the big 5G rollout, that just means that we're already at 7G and just no one's telling the public of that. So that's just my paranoid conspiracy realist perspective, or as I like to call it, what is it? Pattern recognitionist. I made a t-shirt. You can get it at lukestoreymerch.com, where it has conspiracy theorists crossed out and says pattern recognitionist because that's what it really is. But anyway, I digress.

[00:42:29] So are you seeing the levels that you talked about that are higher than we would prefer and that most people are unaware of? Are you guys doing testing and things like that where you're getting meters out going, wait, holy shit, the needle's buried on my meter, and you're seeing higher levels, or how are you coming to that understanding?

[00:42:49] Philipp: It's not really with meters, to be honest, because that stuff, and also you couldn't just find with meters. It's different type of stuff that you would have to measure in a different way. We see it energetically. And frankly, sometimes we just do regular checks and look at what's going on. And in some cases, we bumped into that because of very individual work.

[00:43:16] There were two instances actually that happened over the last seven, eight months. One was in Germany where someone reported, and that was actually a lady we worked with. She's in a clinic that was doing some testing with our technology and reported some amazing stuff and all that, and then she reached out and said something is going on in my clinic, and I don't know what it is. Can you guys take a look?

[00:43:45] So we took a look, and what was actually happening is that underneath her clinic, and in that case, we did the session with Roman Haffner, that I talked about before in the show. They call him the Wunderkind in Europe. And he said, underground, they've been turning on for about 10, 14 hours a day some absolute massive electromagnetic field, and that is what is overpowering everything.

[00:44:23] And you get a headache and things like that. And then she said, damn, you're right. And then he even said, since when that was happening, I don't know, it was maybe three months, four months, something like that. She just said, damn, yeah, they've been working on the subway actually since that time. And so she actually knew something was going on, but didn't know that it would turn on these things. So that was one thing. And then we looked at what it is actually, and what could be done, how, at what point, and at what level this would be completely neutralized.

[00:45:03] Not that only it is partially neutralized, but fully neutralized. And then we had an instance with someone in the US that was a customer that reached out, and she said, I don't know, she went to some healer, and that healer told her there's some crazy radiation going on with her, but that healer didn't know what to do.

[00:45:29] And so she reached out to us, and she was a customer, and then we said, okay, we don't do that with everybody. Sorry. It's not possible because it takes a lot of time. But again, went in, and that was indeed HAARP. She lived literally within a mile and a half from a HAARP field and no clue where is. But it wasn't a living zone.

[00:45:56] It's not like she lived next to a military base or something, so that may also have been underground or something like that, but it's something that was overpowering the regular Infinity block that she had. And that would take off maybe 40% of all those issues in 100% of the--

[00:46:16] Luke: One of these guys over here.

[00:46:17] Philipp: Yeah. Whereas you have an upgraded one though, that is already way more powerful. She didn't. And then we had literally to check, okay, so what does it need to be at? What level does it need to be? And we even saw additional features that it would take to neutralize also that level of activity.

[00:46:39] And frankly, not everyone is exposed to something like that, but we rather take the highest possible exposure we can detect currently, and then make sure that people can protect themselves. And that's how we renewed also our Infinity blocks. In January 1st, we launched an updated version of that that now has all these new features and is ridiculous on the Hawkins scale.

[00:47:05] But it works for that. I don't want to talk too much about that because we're really talking about Quantum Upgrade today, but with that, now we have all those levels. We have all those levels available. I think you can go to up to 1,100 on the Hawkins scale on a regular level, and Booster is up to 2,200.

[00:47:30] That is what's possible for the ones that have been there. So you have access to 2,200, for example. Yeah, you can do that. And you can book in different frequencies. I think we have about 20 different frequencies by now. And I think eight new ones are coming out when actually this is launched, this podcast is launched. They'll already be out.

[00:47:51] And yeah, you can help yourself that way. You can help your neighborhood, your friends and family, if need be, and yourself. And then you can live your life and make sure you do the best out of your life you can without being hit constantly into the ground that you feel like crap because of stuff that you don't see that it's there, but it's still affecting you.

[00:48:19] Luke: Havana syndrome. Who knows what these people are up to, man. But thankfully there are solutions. That's the thing. Having a bit of a negativity bias, I think sometimes some of us that have PTSD and trauma. It's like your limbic brain is just wired to think about the problems, and the threats, and protecting you, and being safe.

[00:48:45] And so I'm always working on, oh yeah, okay. That's all there. They have the 10G, the HAARP, all the things. But it's more important. It's good to be aware of that. Turn your Wi-Fi off at night, at least. We have everything hardware. There's things you could do in the physics realm.

[00:49:05] But what's really exciting, why I love talking to you guys, and why we keep doing podcasts is because you guys keep innovating in the realm of quantum physics. The, there are no limits. It's literally infinite. And so it's like a double-edged sword, I think, because when you talk about something like EMF, it's invisible, therefore it's hard to really sound the alarm for some people because they're like, what? I feel fine. Wi Fi is awesome.

[00:49:32] And then if the solution is also invisible, like what we're talking about in the quantum realm, then the whole thing is in the realm of spookiness and things that the logical mind can't understand, a, and b, it's easier for the bad guys to hide what they're doing because it's invisible.

[00:49:49] It also creates a marketplace for quantum solutions that might not be viable and in some cases be totally phony, like some of these phone stickers and stuff. I'm sure some of them are good, some aren't, but anyone can like come out with something and go, it's invisible. It's quantum. Just pay us this money.

[00:50:08] And it's like, can we prove it? No. And that's one thing that I really appreciate about what you guys do too, is you're constantly not only innovating, but you're producing studies, and you're bringing in scientists so that you can quantify and verify scientifically that what you're doing in the energetic realm is actually having a positive impact, rather than just saying, hey, we made a magic block or an invisible service that you put on your home address that does X, Y, and Z.

[00:50:36] Anyone could say that. I could launch something today. It's the ecstasy program. You just put in your credit card and your home address, and everyone in the house is enlightened today. It's real easy for people to make claims and produce energetic snake oil in that space.

[00:50:54] So having said that, really, the point of this conversation was to talk about what you guys have been up to, latest developments. But I think for people that haven't heard from you guys and heard our prior podcasts, explain what Quantum Upgrade is as a service, and what the offering is, and how it works. And then Ian, you're really great at bringing the massive topic of quantum energy into regular person parlance. So perhaps you could assist us in understanding that too.

[00:51:30] Philipp: Yeah. Okay. A great question, of course, for anyone out there. So Quantum Upgrade is a huge analog system that we developed over time that we were able to connect to digital front end so that--

[00:51:50] Luke: Pardon me, but analog system, meaning there is a piece of technology somewhere.

[00:51:54] Philipp: There's technology out there that is not digital. Why is that important? Because it can't be hacked. You cannot access it from anywhere.

[00:52:04] Luke: So DARPA can't hack in and make the frequencies all negative. Make everyone on the planet bipolar overnight or something.

[00:52:12] Philipp: It would be nice if they leveraged our technology, frankly, because then whatever they do would have a positive spin suddenly. So that's why I mentioned that it's analog, and then digital front end. Why is that important? Digital front end means that on your phone, on your laptop, PC, you have a web application basically, and you can set different levels. So first of all, you can book the Quantum Upgrade for yourself, for your pet, for your business, for your home, for your car, or for your phone.

[00:52:49] Luke: We have all of them.

[00:52:50] There you go. There you go.

[00:52:52] I love it on the car, man, because I get smoked driving. I get jet lag from driving around. It's crazy. Maybe it's all the cell towers, the EMF in the car. So I love--

[00:53:04] Ian: Residual electro stress.

[00:53:06] Luke: Right.

[00:53:07] Philipp: But what does that mean then? That you can have it for you, for your car, and so on? It means basically that if you have it for you, and that's actually very unique out there, then you are in the field. It's also not that we're sending the energy then like a cell phone signal to you. The way it works is that you're literally in the field. And as long as you have it turned on, you are in the field.

[00:53:34] It doesn't matter where you go. You could travel to Australia. You can go to a grocery store. You are in the field. And it works because we always need a unique identifier. The unique identifier for you, for example, would be your name, your birth date, your city, where you were born, and then the country you live in.

[00:53:55] Then even a John Smith or multiple John Smiths could be identified to the exact person that he is. And then you can set different levels. You can say, okay, for the night, I want a low level on the Hawkins. Let's say 500. That's what I personally choose. Then you can say, okay, I want 700 or 800 throughout the day, or whatever.

[00:54:24] And then I can set boosters. So for my tennis match, for example, if I play tournament, I'm going to set it on the highest booster available, and I don't recommend anyone else does that because just you have to feel for yourself. But it depends on where you add. And it may be the highest level, but maybe you have to go for the lowest booster level first to feel into that. And then I can book in specific frequencies. And so that means I can have an interpiece frequency for the night, for example, that helps me relax more.

[00:54:56] Luke: That's the one I have. Yeah.

[00:54:57] Philipp: Yeah. No, that's for the night, especially good. Then for tennis, I would choose the Olympic Performance frequency. No, I don't know. If I feel it's a bad day somehow and something happened in my life that frustrates me, well, maybe I'm ready for the Gratitude frequency, so that helps you more to get back into the state of gratitude. Those different levels are available. You can have specific frequencies for your pets, like a H.E.A.L frequency for dogs, or a calm for animals, if you have to go to the vet and things like that.

[00:55:30] Those are all frequencies, but you do that, and that's the important part. You're the manager of the field. You're in the field at any point. You can click a button and pause it. And within five minutes, it's paused. If you want that. Or if you say, oh, I forgot to set my booster, but my tennis match is coming up in 10 minutes, you can just do it real quick. Click a button, and within five minutes, because it works in almost real time, it's set up that way.

[00:55:58] So that's how it works. You are in the field, and you can do all these amazing things. And it's not that it's static. You literally can make these changes all the time, and you don't need to pay for making changes. It's just available, and you can do that on your end. And we managed to just be able to operate that way that it is available that quickly. We have that system running in three different continents at the same time for security reasons.

[00:56:26] Luke: Really?

[00:56:26] Philipp: Yeah.

[00:56:27] Luke: Wow. I love this. This is some James Bond shit. That's cool.

[00:56:35] Philipp: We could think that way, that maybe someone has an interest in this not running, but that's not really why we do it. We do it because of our customers. We feel an obligation that this is always available, and we rather run it three times at the same time in parallel. It doesn't increase anything, by the way, to make sure that never anything can really be down. If a meteor hits one location, there's still two other locations running. Yeah.

[00:57:09] Luke: I really love the booster effect. I have one set for, I think it's 4:00 to 5:00 PM every day because that's when I'll either meditate, or I just get sleepy, and I'll take a nap, but that's my normal crash point where my brain doesn't work as well. So I crank it up during that so if I do relax, I don't get too relaxed, because then I won't come back at 5:00 and start working again or whatever.

[00:57:35] So yeah, that one I really like, and also the ability, as you said, to set different settings for day and night too, because you don't want like a lot of energy when you're trying to go parasympathetic and relax, but at least me, I do want that during the day. And the pause feature too is really important because there have been times where I have a bunch of these Leela blocks in the house. I got a Quantum Upgrade running. I have FLFE running, the Soma Vedic things, the Blushield things, all this EMF shit.

[00:58:07] And at certain points, Alyson will be like, dude, too much energy. Turn all this shit off. Take everything back. I had this out in the garage for the past couple of weeks. She's just like, I want to feel the house just as normal. She's very sensitive. And so yeah, it's rad. I log into my Quantum Upgrade. Just click the pause button. And then it's off until I choose to turn it back on again.

[00:58:30] I think it is interesting to take those breaks because, especially if you're stacking all these different energy technologies, a, it can be overwhelming probably to some people like her that are super sensitive, but you also don't really know what's working and what's not working when there's so many things going on.

[00:58:46] It's like we were talking, Ian, about my supplement regimen, and I love all the wizard sciences stuff. And I take that. And you sent me your new methylene blue resveratrol thing or whatever. I took it for a couple of weeks, and then I'm thinking, oh shit, we have a podcast. I want to honestly speak to the efficacy of it, and I can't. Too many other damn supplements.

[00:59:11] It's like you really want to do isolated experiments to find your sweet spot with things. So I love the pause feature. And also because it's not a physical product, you don't actually have to haul anything out to the garage or change anything in your house or car. It's just on or off, which is super cool.

[00:59:31] Ian: There's like frequency polypharmacy where you get so many different frequencies going. That's literally like playing every string of the guitar at the same time.

[00:59:40] Luke: Right. Do you think there's any potential for discord if you're using different energy companies or devices all at once? Is there any potential where it could create a lack of harmony when what you're trying to do is just add more?

[01:00:00] Philipp: So I don't want to step on anyone's toes, and you have a lot of other great people here in the show, so I'm just not going to comment on this. I personally think if you have the one with the best energy, that's what you should go with.

[01:00:17] And then also if that neutralizes 100% of the negative effects of EMFs, then you realistically do not need anything else, frankly. But it's everyone's choice, and I also don't want to make recommendations, but it depends then on how good that other technology is in terms of its energy and consciousness level, because it may just remain as a signal that doesn't have any real value.

[01:00:47] It doesn't really do anything, but it also doesn't hurt. So let's say, if you have FLFE on, it literally doesn't add anything, but it also doesn't hurt. And there's no negative interaction because it is good energy, but there's nothing you gain from it. But then if you have something that's also more than electromagnetic spectrum, for example, then that may create a stress signal, frankly.

[01:01:12] Luke: I wish there was a way to test that because I have these Blushield devices, these scalar wave generators, and I know they work for EMF because I learned the hard way of having radiation sickness. I didn't know it. Told the story many times, so sorry for listeners that are like, oh my God, this fucking cell tower story again?

[01:01:32] But it's a cool experiment because it was blind placebo because I didn't know. That's why I was sick. I didn't know that I was living next to these cell towers, and I got the Blushield thing just because I was like, well, there's ambient EMF living in LA, so of course it's going to be good.

[01:01:49] My symptoms got way worse when I put it in my house for about two weeks. I called them. I was like, what the hell? And they're like, yeah, dude, you're detoxing because you're finally parasympathetic when you sleep. And then those symptoms went away. Then I felt better than ever, and then I found the cell towers next door.

[01:02:05] So I was like, this freaking thing works 100%. Because there was no potential for placebo because I didn't know that's what was wrong with me, so therefore the thing that fixes EMF wouldn't have that effect. I forgot about it. I just put it in the corner, plugged it in, and that was it.

[01:02:20] But now they've come out with these multi band scalar generators, and they've advanced since the early days, and they're quite powerful. So I've had those more than you need plugged in at the house at the same time as the Quantum Upgrade. And it's like, I believe you guys. Yeah, I really do.

[01:02:38] I trust your heart and your intellect, and the testing you do, but still, I'm like, ah, but there's so much EMF. I probably need to have all the things at once, which is not a great way to think, but I don't know. It's like, as much as I trust the product or the people behind it, I'm like, I don't know. EMF is just so pervasive and so damaging that I feel like I just want to do everything possible at once.

[01:03:04] Philipp: Maybe it's time to actually mention the studies because that's one of the reasons why we do that, so that people can actually look at that stuff. Often you can look at websites and then you go to the research tab, and then you see something about studies, and what you actually find if you really take the time to look into that, you find some stuff about plants, or you find some stuff about, okay, I interviewed a few of my customers, or I don't know.

[01:03:32] There was just 12 people, and there was just something that happened, and it was reported that it happened, and that was pretty much it. So by now we have over 60 studies that were done in all kinds of different research areas, 48 plus of those placebo-controlled/randomized and blinded, which is gold standard study with humans.

[01:03:58] Yeah, we had a few pet studies as well. Maybe we had three, four pet studies, but really, the rest is all humans, and we're talking gold standard studies that, by the way, and now I'm handing over to Ian maybe in regards to the wound healing experiments and the ATP production studies because it couldn't get more physical, frankly, if you measure that type of stuff.

[01:04:24] And that's, I think, important to look at. So we've done, I don't even know how many EMF studies were done. It's just so much. It's hundreds of pages of documents, and in all cases, it shows 100% of the visible negative effects, whether measured in the blood and the heart rate variability, anything, frankly, it is being neutralized.

[01:04:49] And that is not with a placebo effect because it is placebo-controlled as a study to begin with. But we went now way beyond because the ATP production and wound healing, that's way above EMF. Because for me, that's yesterday. That's the little nice, great side effect or positive side effect of our tech, that it just takes care of EMF. You need to worry about it, but it can do so much more than just--

[01:05:16] Ian: Yeah. That's one of the things that I think is fascinating. You guys know me. Probably my fav thing is quantum biology because for the past decade, people are finally starting to grasp the idea that, oh, turns out quantum effects aren't just something that happens at absolute zero in a controlled laboratory environment. Nature was sharper than we were. It's everywhere. It's the underpinning of literally everything.

[01:05:41] There's so many things that scientifically, we're intractable. We couldn't grasp. Like how do we smell well? It turns out the whole ligand binding proteins idea where you're binding to different receptors, that's totally bunk. That's not how that works. It's vibratory interaction, and we're picking up quantum fluctuations. And there have been a lot of books written about it, and it's becoming almost accepted.

[01:06:06] Genuinely, it'll probably take another generation of the old guard to die off, which, that's just how it works in science. It takes a while for new concepts to come into fruition and really see the light of day, because the guys who wrote the previous books don't want to relinquish control.

[01:06:25] It's more of an ego shot, I think, than going, ah, turns out we were all wrong. Whoops. Because that's how science progresses. In a perfect world, you do the test, you find something that's anomalous, like we've done so many times now, and you go, well, damn, that's not at all what I expected.

[01:06:43] In the case of the wound healing experiments, which are phenomenally cool, we've done it six different times. One of those I discard because there was a problem with aberrant cells, and that occasionally happens. So we're using human dermal fibroblast to mimic basically a wound.

[01:06:59] And we figured out how best to run this. Well, we'll grow the cells to confluence, which just means that they coat the entire surface of a dish, and then we'll actually put very precise cuts with markers on them and then put them under a really high-fidelity microscope so we can look at it and get really zoomed in and see exactly how the cells grow, and then do time points.

[01:07:19] And we've done that over and over, and every time it makes a profound difference. Literally, the low end was a 50% increase to the high end, twice as fast, a 100% increase. And when you see that over and over, the professor that we had doing those at first, it's great now because he's done this six times, so he's very familiar with it and is expecting to see the positive results because now we all are.

[01:07:43] But initially, when you bring something to somebody and say, okay, so it's blinded, they don't know. You don't know. I'm going to be the only person that has the data here, and we're going to do it on just random cells, and they're like, whatever. They put the cells in the incubator.

[01:07:59] They think the cells are going to all grow at the same rate. And then, in this case, the one I'm thinking of the two dishes of the four completely outpace everything else to just a profound degree. And then you do it again, and then you do it again, and then you do it again.

[01:08:15] And to keep everybody honest, only one person actually knows, so it is blinded for both sides of the equation. And then right before we analyze the data, then I would say, okay, these are the cells that were affected. And then you look at the data and go, wow, that's crazy, but every time.

[01:08:33] Luke: And so, dude, in this experiment and other studies, are you directing the Quantum Upgrade energy to those Petri dishes or to that area of the lab? How does it work?

[01:08:45] Ian: To those Petri dishes.

[01:08:47] Philipp: Correct. So that's what we then do, but we have no clue where those Petri dishes are. We don't know of any other ones.

[01:08:56] Luke: Are they numbered or something? How do you establish a unique identifier for them?

[01:08:59] Philipp: Yeah. Great question. So in that case, it's a picture. That actually works well in this specific regard. So the specific Petri dishes that would need to be in the Quantum Upgrade, we get pictures of those, and we have no clue. We just get these pictures. We place it in the system, and then we were just being told, okay, so now in five minutes, we're ready so that measurements can be taken, everything. So please place it in the system.

[01:09:29] We place in the system. And it's funny because I know it works, and of course, we've done it so many times, but still, it's always like, wow. You're like a little kid waiting for Christmas to happen. And you also, maybe I don't get a present. Maybe I don't get a present. You know what I mean? And then you're waiting. And then a few days later, here's the results. They're coming back again, and again, and again. The same thing happens. Randomized and double blind.

[01:10:00] Ian: That's important. And just full disclosure, this is something that I receive no financial benefit from. To me, this is something that I've done for years because the technology needs to be out there. People need to understand this. And so for me, we talked about this years ago, the way to keep this the most honest is for me not to have any financial relationship, period.

[01:10:28] So I go in, and I contribute with the guys that are doing the research and the testing, but that's one of the problems. If you go back and you look at Harvard and sugar, there seems like perhaps maybe an issue of people receive a lot of financial compensation that they might sway the data. Just saying. Not that it could ever happen, but to be completely upfront, just so that there's--

[01:10:50] Luke: If you look at studies on fish oil, that's one of the most corrupt areas of science. If you start following the paper trail, like who owns what, who paid for the study, who's selling the fish oil, that's one that still, and thank God I got to, I think, truth of that, that taking fish oil is not a great idea, but it's really hard for the people that believe in it because they can point to all these studies. But then if you look at what's behind the studies, they're all bunk.

[01:11:19] Ian: What's the American Dairy Council providing educational information for school kids? Ice cream is a health food.

[01:11:27] Luke: Right. Yeah. And the food pyramid? Remember the food pyramid? It was like 90% moldy glyphosate sprayed grains. Yay. Don't eat any meat or organ meats, especially. I was just like, crazy, dude.

[01:11:43] Ian: A friend of mine one time told me, if you want to understand something, follow the money. And for me, if you want to see pure, unadulterated, clean, honest science, make sure that there's not a financial interaction. It's the easiest way to keep it clean.

[01:12:00] Luke: See, I didn't know that. I figured since you've showed up--

[01:12:02] Ian: And everyone does. But that's the thing is I believe in the technology so wholeheartedly because it helps people. It makes a huge difference than it's not. You don't have to get me off of high center to show up and do something like this if it's going to help a lot of people.

[01:12:17] It makes a difference. People who have EMF stress. People who have physical ailments. And I've seen the studies. I've seen it firsthand. The effects are profound. So it's really easy when you want to beat the drum. I cannot tell you how many people I tell about this because I want to beat the drum for what Philipp is doing as loudly as I possibly can because it will change the way people function.

[01:12:45] Philipp: So to just reiterate that for the listener that may not have grasped what Ian said there, because the cells, they were scratched with a laser, you have a control group, and you have a treated group. And the set that was treated always healed faster. The very, very low end, and that was almost like an outlier, was at 50%, and the rest was rather around the 85% going up to 100%. But even 50% is huge if you think about it because we're talking about actually human cells and what that means.

[01:13:22] Luke: So you're injuring the cells with the laser?

[01:13:26] Philipp: Yeah. Not us. That's the professor doing. But the ATP production study, I think maybe I'll leave the stage for you again there because ATP production, and I say as much as that, I'm not an expert in that, but that's the currency of our body. We can live without food for a while. We can live without water for less, and if we don't have ATP production, we're pretty much dead. And that is what we need, whether we want to play chess, or tennis, or yoga, or anything, or just be here in the podcast.

[01:13:55] Luke: Or breathe.

[01:13:56] Ian: Or breathe.

[01:13:57] Philipp: Or breathe.

[01:13:58] Luke: That's why we're all taking all this methylene blue, and NAD, and stuff.

[01:14:03] Philipp: Yeah. But there's something you can do completely non-invasive with the press of a button. And take it away because we're also here talking about randomizing double-blind in statistical significance. It's not that it was just like one cell that was charged.

[01:14:20] Ian: No. And in the lab, in a randomized double-blind setup, we were showing jumps, instant jumps. And this is what's really amazing. So normally, you end up with something. When you see variability stochastic distribution is the term. And so you see just a normal distribution curve.

[01:14:39] These things, the moment the Quantum Upgrade would kick in, they would jump up 20, and the peak was 29%. So the cells start outputting 29% more ATP instantly. And we're doing literally hundreds of thousands of cells, and we're running a thing called salt hydrate glow on it, so we can see the only way it fluoresces, and you can see in the luminometers if it's actually outputting ATP.

[01:15:02] That's the only way that works. And those kinds of jumps, the first time you see, you go, okay. Wow. That's different. And then by the fourth or fifth time you've done it, you're like, yeah. Well, this is just a thing I think I'm just going to keep on all the time. Because you just function more effectively.

[01:15:20] And I'm a big proponent. I have my own things that I make, and they work in accord, and I'm a big proponent of trying to produce things that are going to legitimately move the needle for people. Because there's plenty of stuff out there that does fuck all nothing.

[01:15:36] And unfortunately, that's the case with a lot of things where you see drops in like, oh, we've made a sticker that's going to make you enlightened. Sure. Whatever. One of the things here is Philipp has integrity, and that's always been the main reason that I was here, is because you sense these sorts of things too.

[01:15:56] When you're around people who have integrity, who are moving with love, who are trying to do things that are beneficial, help. And this actually makes a difference from the most granular scientific analysis you can perform. Looking at individual photons coming off of something with an insanely high degree of specificity, I can definitively say, yeah, it makes a huge difference without any question about what I'm saying. Yeah, it works. So why wouldn't you tell people to do that?

[01:16:30] Luke: It's so interesting how-- it's not interesting actually, but from one perspective, it's interesting how something in the unmanifest as quantum energy affects something manifest. So you're talking about something that's across the world.

[01:16:47] You have some analog device, and there's software on it where you can program the picture of the cells or a unique identifier, make the thing go. It's all invisible, impossible to prove. Yet on the other end of that, in the realm of material manifest, particle, the wave is affecting it, and that you can quantify. That's super spooky and interesting.

[01:17:11] Ian: Yeah, it's beautiful. For me, from a scientific perspective, it's beautiful because that's the new boundary of our understanding. 150 years ago, it might have been magnetism and looking at what Faraday and guys like that were doing because the same thing applied then. They could see the effect.

[01:17:28] I can see the effect. Can I definitively say what specific component is being affected? Personally, my take is consciousness. Because I don't actually subscribe to the idea that we are physical beings. We have a brain, and hence we manifest consciousness. I think the epiphenomenon actually works in opposite.

[01:17:48] I think we are a consciousness who then manifests a physical form, and hence the rest of everything is expressing because of that. And it's very easy to solve a lot of biological puzzles when you approach it like that. It's almost completely intractable if you approach it from the wrong side of the equation. You just simply can't do it. It's like trying to climb a mountain by saying, simply jump to the top of the mountain, and then you're good. It's never going to happen.

[01:18:14] Luke: So true. Yeah. And thinking about just impact that guys like you two are having, to me, everything in our society, everything that we face that are problems and challenges are all downstream of consciousness. They say, I think it was Andrew Breitbart who famously said, politics are downstream from culture. And that's really true.

[01:18:44] Because our culture and the consciousness of how we roll is going to inform who we put into power and what they do. But even beyond that, what's informing culture? The consciousness. It's like, that's everything. So it seems like if you want to solve problems in the realm of gross material space on earth, people, things, the way in which we do things, the things we build, the things we tear down, all of that, it's really futile to try to affect it from matter versus matter.

[01:19:18] Each one of us, I know we're all doing our spiritual work, the work with plant medicines or whatever, however, one is doing that, meditating. It's like, as each of us works to elevate our own consciousness, those problems are naturally going to be solved eventually and sometimes quickly because they're all downstream of each of our own hearts and minds and how we're moving in the world and the level of love that we're able to receive and express. And it's, to me, like nothing else really matters other than that.

[01:19:47] Ian: Well, they're important. I think there's a physical component that's critically important because you can't just say, well, I'm going to have a quantum card for food and never eat again. Now, not to say that some people can't because some people definitively can do that.

[01:20:03] Anybody who's questioning that statement, just look up Therese Neumann. Very well documented Catholic saint who neither ate nor drank and just hummed along ducky fine because she was pulling energy from an entirely different source.

[01:20:15] Basically, at the last analysis, you just need energy. And if you're capable of pulling it through the ether, it's great. Then you've already arrived at a certain point that's golden. But for the average person, I think the kind of things that we're doing are impactful because you can put your food in a block.

[01:20:30] You can walk around with a Quantum Upgrade on. You do all these things to modulate physical things and physical activity. I work a lot on biological systems because I personally feel if I can fix someone's physiology, then I'll affect their mindset. And then that will start a positive feedback loop. But it's very hard to have people be kind and be good who are in broken organisms.

[01:20:53] Luke: True. Let's talk about EMF again. I get a lot of questions from people about my recommendations and so on because I'm so obsessed with this topic. Because I think so many people are hung up on food and other stuff. It's meaningful, but if you're sleeping next to your Wi-Fi router, I don't care if you're paleo, vegan, whatever, it's pointless. And the blue light and other EMF.

[01:21:19] But the questions I get from people are often around-- oh, and by the way, you guys, for anyone listening, I have a free EMF course. It's five and a half hours long video course, and it's totally free. We'll put in the show notes at lukestorey.com/quantum2. But you can also find it at emfmasterclass.com, I think. I forget. It's been a while that I've had it out. But when people ask me questions, I'm just like, here's five and a half hours of everything you could ever want to know. It's a really, really dense--

[01:21:52] Ian: Light reading.

[01:21:53] Luke: Yeah. It's a lot of information. But apart from that, the main thing that I think people get hung up on is the idea of blocking EMF in the realm of physics, which you can do, but it's expensive and requires professionals to do testing, and shielding paint, and materials, and all the things. Or you can do what would loosely be called harmonizing, which is the realm that you're in.

[01:22:19] And I think the challenge for people is that blocking is in the realm of physics and is therefore instantaneously provable. Because you can have an EMF meter that's testing radiation or not, or magnetic fields, electric fields, etc., and you can see if it goes up or down, if there's no change. It's instantaneous feedback. It's totally provable and repeatable.

[01:22:39] But when you get into the realm of harmonizing EMF, again, it's sketchy because anyone can claim that their thing is harmonizing the EMF. So it's like, ah, I believe in both. I do both depending on my need and just things I'm experimenting with. This house has rooms that are all Faraday cages and all that, and I still have Quantum Upgrade on and everything because I'm not always in the room that shielded.

[01:23:08] And maybe I don't even need to have the room shielded because the Quantum Upgrade is taking care of it and harmonizing it. So maybe both of you in your own way could speak to the difference between blocking and harmonizing and how that harmonizing actually works.

[01:23:23] If you still are able to come in this room with an EMF meter and it's still off the charts, how can you feel confident that, well, I've got my Quantum Upgrade activated, or I have my Leela blocks. So even though you can still read it in the physical realm, it doesn't matter because the energetics of it have changed to where it's no longer harmful.

[01:23:43] Philipp: Yeah. Great question. And the answer is also relatively simple. So first of all, we offer some EMF protective clothing, like the men's underwear, for example.

[01:23:54] Luke: I like the parka, the Leela parka, because it actually looks cool too. There's EMF underwear, the Lambs, and there's EMF clothing. It's getting better generally, but some of it, you'd be embarrassed to wear it publicly.

[01:24:11] Philipp: So we offer that. And then the additional thing with this clothing is it's also charged with all our texts. You get an additional effect of just--

[01:24:21] Luke: Oh, you guys are doing underwear.

[01:24:22] Philipp: Yeah, yeah. We do men's underwear. It's actually the most comfortable out there. Honestly, that's what people say about it.

[01:24:30] Luke: It doesn't feel like crinkled tinfoil on your wedding tackle.

[01:24:34] Philipp: Yeah, exactly.

[01:24:36] Luke: You like that one?

[01:24:39] Ian: I did. Wedding tackle. Very nice.

[01:24:45] Philipp: You mentioned the blocking-- so for example, with this underwear or the t-shirt, you could prove that right away, and it's repeatable, and that's true, but it's also true that it's absolutely provable, and repeatable, and demonstrable if you can really harmonize it and neutralize the negative effects. It's not as easy for the regular person out there because it seems that getting an EMF meter is a little bit easier than buying yourself a darkfield microscope. Or to have an advanced Decavol machine, for example, that may cost you 2,000 bucks or two and a half thousand dollars, something like that.

[01:25:32] And then there's machines out there that can measure your brain waves and actually shows very, very clearly. It's fully accepted in Europe, by the way, as it's this very scientific method to show exactly what impacts EMFs have on your brain. And it's unfortunate that no one really listens to that right in the decision making arena globally, because otherwise, they would probably not have electric cars allowed and all of that.

[01:26:04] But it's very easily provable as long as you have the technology that can do that, and it's repeatable and demonstrable. So that's why we've gone through these great lengths of working with institutes that have the capability to measure all these different things. And at that point, that's why you as the audience are there.

[01:26:30] You can't just trust some sticker that you put on the back of your phone that says, well, this harmonizes your EMF, because that's a claim maker. We tested 13 of those, and none of those actually worked, and that's what you're saying.

[01:26:45] Luke: I got a DM this morning on Instagram from someone, and this is like, I don't want to say every day, but a couple of days a week, it's one of those stickers, and someone's like, hey, have you checked this out? And I'm like, here's my EMF course. It's like everything I've checked out is in there. I don't have time to research everyone, but the little stickers to me, honestly, God bless anyone out there that's making ones that really work, but I don't know. They're always suspect to me. And to your point, there's also not data to support the claims. Anyone can make claims on anything.

[01:27:15] Philipp: Exactly. So they don't have the science, and we do have the science, tons of science, actually. And I think we haven't shared this here. We couldn't have because that just happened in the last seven months. The Bayesian Institute actually went to the next level because we've been asked, okay, what really happens in electric cars? Because that's where you're fully blasted.

[01:27:38] And so they did a specific study with the strongest, most powerful electric car on the market in Europe-- I think actually worldwide, and they tested not only when you're in the car and driving, they also tested what happens if you drive for an hour because the exposure is way higher then. What happens if you're on the phone while you're driving, and what happens while you on the phone and driving and you have a passenger that's also on the phone?

[01:28:04] And then they tested what happens when you charge the battery. All those scenarios were tested, and it actually shows that as soon as you start these things, your organs start to deregulate, and you see significant changes in your organ health very, very rapidly, within seconds and minutes, actually.

[01:28:26] That goes down into the basement, and they very granular. They can look at your lungs. They can look at your intestines, your heart, basically every organ that you have and how it reacts, and then your overall health. And in 100% of the cases, when you leave on the exposure and then you introduce our technology, it completely regulates, completely regulates all the organs. There's nothing to be found anymore.

[01:28:58] And so even in high exposure environments, which is an EMF blast, really, with everything you can find, with other people being in there being on their phones, that's about the highest exposure you can get. You could just replicate it in an airplane pretty much. And it works there as well and eliminates 100% of those negative effects.

[01:29:18] So that's very easy to do if you have the right technology to do it. And again, there were other measurements as well. The dark field microscopy, obviously, we talked about that quite a bit, but we keep doing these things just to see what else can be found. And I don't know if I'm allowed to now move on to the next one, but I would break something here that I haven't broken in any other big podcast yet, because, frankly, we haven't published these studies yet.

[01:29:52] We've had them, but we will publish them. I just made the decision we will. It's the time to do it. Two things that we found is that the parasitic load in the blood significantly decreases. And that's the link to this now because that was found in EMF studies. They looked at red blood cells and how even stage one and stage two of blood clotting was able to be reversed in 10, 15 minutes, white blood cell activity, and all of that.

[01:30:21] And then they found, I don't know how they found it because that was not the main purpose of the study, the reduction in parasitic load, and they found as much as a reduction of 80% in one case. Frankly, that was the best-case scenario, though, that they found within 15 minutes. That is quite amazing.

[01:30:43] Luke: That's crazy.

[01:30:44] Philipp: Yes. And they found a reduction in parasitic load in every case, frankly. And now I said, wow, can you go back to all of these studies that we have done in regards to the blood? And could you go and specifically analyze the reduction in parasitic load so that we can actually make a real claim and say, okay, because people haven't understood it, well, your parasitic load can decrease by 40 to 80% as an example, within 10 minutes.

[01:31:15] That would be great to give people as a guidance. So they're going back right now, looking at that. But it is somewhere in the realm of that, what I just described, because that's what we've been seeing so far. That is the one thing. And we're talking parasites, parasitic load. It's not just some EMF. It's a lot more that's happening and going on.

[01:31:38] And again, it's consciousness. Just because we're able to influence the consciousness on the most fundamental level, it ripples through into the physical, and what happens is, that's what I need to say, that the field itself, we did not manipulate it, or we didn't create it or anything.

[01:31:58] It's just we have a way, frankly, the best way of leveraging it and making it available, so that you can tap into it. And if you tap into it, the nature of the field is that it harmonizes everything that's destructive and harmful to life and to consciousness. What that means is that suddenly, if you have these negative exposure fields and stressors, these are neutralized, and suddenly you can get into full power.

[01:32:26] So it's not that the technology or the field says, oh, you need to now suddenly reduce your blood clotting. It's not how that works. It's just, get into this zone, connect it with source energy, and then suddenly, you're moving into your optimal potential. And then suddenly, these things react.

[01:32:47] So the next thing is that, regarding Quantum Upgrade, there has been a six-month study. This one is not published yet. Probably within the next two months, we can publish it. Done in Austria, just completed, I think, a month ago. They actually looked at some things I can't really talk about in detail here. They looked at hydrogel and things like that.

[01:33:12] So whoever wants to do some research can, and they looked at, okay, so what happens over a six month period if someone has a Quantum Upgrade in the blood? Because it's great to know that within 10, 15 minutes, I have these significant changes, but what if I have it on for six months.

[01:33:30] And so they found some amazing things, but one thing they didn't really look at at first, they just found out, was that 13 people in the control group, whether vaccinated or not vaccinated, didn't matter, they found traces of the spike protein in every blood sample. And the Bayesian Institute is the most thorough institute in the world that I know of in regards to live blood analysis.

[01:33:56] They don't just take the blood always from here. They take it from all parts of the body basically so that they can find different things also. Each time, they found traces of the spike protein in the control group people, whether vaccinated or not. In none of the treated test persons, they could find any traces of the spike protein as long as they were in the Quantum Upgrade, whether they were vaccinated or not. I don't want to drive any conclusions here, but it's a pretty amazing finding.

[01:34:31] Luke: I'll draw them for you. Oh my God. It's funny. I interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough a couple of weeks ago, and I knew I was in for some shocking revelations in that conversation, but man, speaking of that particular topic that shall not be named, I hate to say, but it's much worse than any of us even could imagine the effects.

[01:34:55] As you mentioned, people that did the experiment on themselves and those that were just around them, it's different, I think, in severity, but no one is unscathed today as a result of that widespread-- I guess it's a clinical trial of all humanity without their consent, basically. So I'm very excited about anything that can help with that.

[01:35:23] Philipp: And so the last piece to it, because now you've spoken with these amazing doctors also, the one aspect that the Bayesian Institute was so excited about was that, whether it's hydrogel or something else that you can find in people, unfortunately now because of that, it's some stuff that starts to form unnatural patterns in the body and then acts as something else.

[01:35:53] And do your own research. I don't need to talk about it here, but that's a risk factor. And what they found is that if you are in high consciousness, or in this case, of course, you're leveraging a high consciousness field with the Quantum Upgrade, then while you're in it, these things do not form because consciousness overwrites it.

[01:36:20] They do not form. Then you take the blood out, and it comes out as perfectly healthy blood when you're in the Quantum Upgrade. And then over time, that's when these things instantly start to form. So that is quite amazing because if you can be in a high consciousness zone and be very connected, you're not really affected by these things. So that's the good news. And I think because we're talking so much about the bad news, there's solutions. And the best solution is, work on your consciousness.

[01:37:00] Luke: Well, this speaks to terrain theory. I've had a number of people on the show now really debunking virology and all sorts of presumptions that we've made or been led to make over the years. And that idea has always just spoken to me on a fundamental level that it's like the fish tank concept.

[01:37:22] It's like the fish don't get disease if the water's clean. And if the water's not clean, then they're prone to disease. And thinking about the parasitic load in the blood, that's a classical model for terrain theory.

[01:37:36] If consciousness and the energy that you're getting with Quantum Upgrade is affecting the terrain of your blood, it's going to be inhospitable to those pathogens, essentially. And maybe even the consciousness of the pathogens are getting affected because they're living organisms.

[01:37:52] And maybe they're, I don't know, able to live with the body more harmoniously or not replicate as quickly or be in such a survival mode where they start to proliferate so dramatically where you get this parasitic overload. Who knows? But that's pretty cool that there's evidence to support that.

[01:38:10] Ian: Yeah. Many years ago, there was a woman, a traveling saint from India, Mata Amritanandamayi Amitri, and they ran the analysis on her blood, and it was rife with pathogens.

[01:38:22] Luke: Really?

[01:38:23] Ian: Oh yeah.

[01:38:23] Luke: Is this the hugging saint?

[01:38:24] Ian: Yeah, the hugging saint.

[01:38:25] Luke: Oh, I've had a hug from her.

[01:38:26] Ian: Yeah. Her blood was something that would kill a normal person in a matter of seconds. Just horribly, horribly pathogenic. But she was just ducky fine and giving people hugs. And if you look at the course in Miracles, the people who go through the workbook on that, by the time they get to about day 90, their allergies all go away.

[01:38:46] They can have some problem with allergies, and we did that on stage, and you can find that on YouTube, where we eliminate it in real time someone's allergic reaction. And it's because histamines, as you think about them, are a compound, but it's a downstream effect of something that's non-material becoming material.

[01:39:04] You're having a problem with the vibration and the interaction with that. And the stronger you make your own core vibration, what is a Luke, what is a Philipp, you are bolstered, and nothing can grab it. You can't damage that because the signal that is you is so much stronger.

[01:39:21] If you look at the amplitude of a wave and make it larger and compare that to-- it doesn't matter what pathogen it is that finds its way there. It's not going to overpower the signal that is you. And so you're basically just impervious.

[01:39:37] Luke: That's epic. Reminds me of, back to David Hawkins, how he discovered the way he eventually used muscle testing on non-local phenomena, was in his groups where he had a number of people, and they would do muscle testing where they would hold some pesticides, be under fluorescent lights, and everyone would universally go weak.

[01:40:01] And then he had some students in the class that were, to some degree, advanced in a course in Miracles, and they wouldn't go weak under the same stimuli. And he thought, what the hell is going on? And that led to all of those years of amazing consciousness research, which is part of the reason we're sitting here today, is his work, and people like him doing that kind of work. So I just find that endlessly fascinating, how consciousness in the realm of the unseen affects things in real time. It's just bizarre.

[01:40:31] Ian: Yeah. The TriField meter thing that you mentioned, it's really easy to grab a TriField meter on Amazon and go, oh my God, EMFs. And yeah, I understand that most people don't have the capacity. I have a dark field microscope, a Zeiss axioscope in my lab, so I can actually look at stuff that most people can't.

[01:40:48] But it is doable. You can look at it and say, okay, you've got a negative effect on the cells from this EMF proliferation in a room, and you can actually watch it in real time go away if you expose it to the right harmonizing field.

[01:41:05] And so for people who don't believe the concept, I get it. It takes a better rig in terms of equipment to be able to assess it. And it's not as accessible to most people yet, but the tech is there, and it's going to be something that I'm sure over time will become more and more and more commonplace to realize, oh, you don't have to hit it.

[01:41:25] One of the things that always cracks me up is, in the biohacking space, people talk about, Bulletproof. My recollection of being bulletproof is perhaps a little different because, Superman, I don't recall hiding all the time to avoid things. He was just strong enough to take the hit and not really worry about it.

[01:41:42] You could shoot him, and it didn't really do anything. And I think that's what we're talking about, is you bolster your physical system so much that you can take a hit and it's not going to do anything to you.

[01:41:53] Luke: Well said. I remember when you were going to send me the Quantum underwear. I can't even say it with a straight face.

[01:42:02] Ian: For your wedding tackle.

[01:42:04] Luke: Yeah. It's just funny. I could see someone like, oh, this is the Luke Storey podcast. He's talking about Quantum underwear. It just sounds so absurd. But when you were going to send it, I had been trying to get pregnant. Well, not me, but trying to get the wife pregnant for some time.

[01:42:20] And then she thought, maybe we should do a sperm test just so we know. And I did, thank God. And it was in the toilet. I was like, oh shit. So I started researching, and one of the things that is known to hurt your sperm count is wearing synthetic-- well, wearing any underwear, really, that keeps your wedding tackle too close to the body, and it keeps it warm, and it can't just hang loose.

[01:42:43] So I was like, well, one solution is not wearing underwear. The other one is synthetic fabrics create this static electricity that hurts your sperms. And a number of other things that I discovered like saunas and all kinds of shit that I was doing on a regular basis.

[01:42:59] So when you said, hey, we've got this new underwear, I was like, I can't do it unless they're 100% organic cotton. And I think you said, well, we did a test on sperm count, and this actually made them go up. So you sent me some. I think I only have three pairs. So I'm like, how many days can you wear underwear without washing them? Too much information.

[01:43:16] So send me a few more so I don't have to do reruns on the briefs. But yeah, I just believed you. I don't remember what the study was, but you're like, that's not a problem, even though they have some metallic elements in it for the EMF shielding and stuff.

[01:43:31] Ian: Have you guys seen the hats, the metallic hats? It cracks me up because literally people are selling for a fair chunk of change effectively what is a tinfoil hat?

[01:43:43] Luke: Yes. Yeah.

[01:43:45] Ian: We've gotten to that place societally.

[01:43:48] Philipp: Yeah. So with the underwear, the point is that it has the beneficial silver fabric that blocks the EMF. And then on top of it, the whole underwear is charged with our tech. And we're actually thinking right now to possibly even make a testosterone underwear where, that could also be part of that because we can infuse frequencies.

[01:44:14] But right now we're just doing the testing and all of that with a regular charging, and that's also how it's being offered. And that's very beneficial. So we've had a pilot study, and that's a small pilot study. So others may claim that it's a huge study, but for us, we don't make claims based on that. It's an initial finding.

[01:44:39] And we had actually three out of the four people increase their sperm count and also increase the quality of the sperm. And there was one test person that doubled the count within three months. So that's quite significantly, frankly. And so he didn't do anything else. So we also surveyed them. So there's some at least initial evidence there, and we know that EMF, especially down there, is a factor. Yeah, so it's quite cool.

[01:45:15] Luke: Super cool. Super cool. Yeah. It's so interesting to me. Another thing with the EMF blocking clothing, and like I said, a few brands have emerged and made garments that aren't terribly embarrassing to know where they're low key and no one would know they're special tinfoil hat kind of clothing, but there are some people in the EMF field that are critical of fabrics that have this silver and these reflective EMF protecting properties, and their critique is based on the idea that when you're dealing with radio waves in the environment, smart meters, cell towers, etc., that you're now wearing an antenna.

[01:46:01] So you have a metallic t-shirt on that you're going to be actually attracting those frequencies to your body. And I don't totally get it because that makes sense, because I remember being a kid and if you had a bad reception on the TV, you'd wrap some tinfoil around the antenna to make it longer and taller, and then you'd get better reception.

[01:46:22] So I get that radio waves are attracted to metal, but then you can take your EMF jacket. I've done this experiment with the parka. Put the cell phone inside it and put a meter up to it, and it's like zero, no signal coming off it. Put the cell phone inside it, try to call that cell phone with another cell phone, no reception. So it's definitely blocking, I would say, 99.9% of the EMF. So that would tell me that it works, but I also know that it is also attracting those radio waves. I don't understand the physics of it.

[01:46:55] Ian: I would actually say that it's not really attracting the radio waves. When you add, say, tinfoil to the coat hanger on the top of the old school TV, what you're actually doing is you're increasing the area that can be impacted because the radio waves, they're always out there.

[01:47:11] They're propagating through space pretty uniformly. It's not like there's a super high density in one particular area unless there's a transmission tower right there. In which case, yeah, the signal is going to be stronger because you're right there. But in terms of attracting it to yourself, not really accurate.

[01:47:27] It's moving past you. And so maybe there's a longer latency that you might trap some of them and get them to bounce around a little bit on the inside, but you're not becoming an antenna any more than you would be because those waves are already there. There's just a preponderance of them all the time. We're living in a suit of EMF.

[01:47:45] Luke: Got it. So going back to the 1950s TV or whatever, if I have an old TV here and there's a radio station transmitting through a dish or something down the road and they're sending those radio frequencies in to the house, it's not like I'm increasing the level of radio waves locally at that TV by having the antenna and the tinfoil on it.

[01:48:10] Ian: No, you're not, but there is a certain effect in terms of impedance because when you block something, there's an interaction that occurs. And where you trigger an impedance, you might actually have more interaction. So there's some validity to it from that side, but you're not really increasing the amount of the ambient radio waves in that particular space.

[01:48:31] You're increasing the impedance in the interaction, but you're not making more. So if you're wearing EMF blocking clothes, it's not really a problem unless it actually a little bit gets inside and then bounces around you for a few seconds.

[01:48:43] Luke: Right. I think of EMF, and it's so frustrating because it is invisible, as light. So when we had the eclipse, when was that, a couple of days ago, Alyson felt guided for us to be in the bedroom with the curtains closed and not be outside. And she's smart and intuitive, so I said, whatever you say, I'm doing.

[01:49:05] So we brought the dog in there, and it got really dark. And so I was watching through the crack in the curtain. You could see the light coming through like you would on any day, and then all of a sudden it looked like night. And I was thinking about that. That's how EMF works, if I'm not mistaken, where, say, you have a EMF blocked room, a Faraday room, and then you open the door, it's like letting light in when it's dark in the room, is the same way that EMF or those radio waves would travel in the room, like light. Is that how it works?

[01:49:39] Ian: Incredibly exact.

[01:49:42] Luke: So if you're wearing like the EMF parka, for example, and it's unzipped halfway, then those radio waves are going to be able to get in wherever it's exposed, just like light would.

[01:49:52] Ian: Yeah. Light is part of the EMF spectrum. So light gamma waves, all that stuff. Yeah.

[01:49:57] Luke: And so if you're wearing EMF clothing and, say, I do have the jacket on and it's open is, are those radio waves going to get inside and then bounce around because they're now trapped in there?

[01:50:09] Ian: Realistically, not that much. I'm just saying on the off chance that somebody wants to argue the physics of it, yeah, there's a small percentage of that that's doable, but for the most part, you're going to just bounce it.

[01:50:20] Philipp: And that's why it's also so important that our EMF blocking clothing is also charged with our tech, because you have an additional field around it, that if there's something bouncing around somewhere, it's also harmonized. So that's the beauty of it.

[01:50:38] Ian: Maybe think of it like UV coming into a room. So you open the door, and light comes in, but you have something set up that's UV blocking. So you're still getting light coming in, but it's not detrimentally--

[01:50:50] Luke: Like these low E windows.

[01:50:51] Ian: Yeah, exactly. Tinted low E windows.

[01:50:52] Luke: Well, they keep, I guess, the RF out, but yeah.

[01:50:55] Ian: The idea is just that, yeah, it still comes in, but it doesn't trigger something damaging.

[01:51:01] Luke: Right. That's cool. Because I personally like wearing that stuff on airplanes and in the car. I have my Leela cap. I keep in the car, and I wear it. I can't help driving around and just be like, cell tower, cell tower. So it's all I see kind of thing, like when you buy a red Volkswagen, then all you see is red Volkswagens on the road.

[01:51:22] Ian: Pattern recognitionist.

[01:51:23] Luke: Yeah, it's that thing. I was like, does everyone else see all these towers? It's just like, oh God.

[01:51:29] Ian: Well, now they look like palm trees in some places.

[01:51:32] Luke: I know.

[01:51:34] Ian: It's the most insidious thing when you drive down, you're like, that looks like an uncanny valley tree. That's not right.

[01:51:39] Luke: Totally. I want to let everyone know I meant to mention this earlier, and for those listening, you can always find links to everything we talk about in the show notes, which are the episode description on your podcast player, but we've got a great opportunity for you guys to check out Quantum Upgrade for 15 days free. No further obligation, as I understand it. I'm assuming, you don't do that sneaky thing where you put in your credit card, and then after the 15 days, it starts charging you.

[01:52:08] Philipp: It actually does.

[01:52:13] Luke: Stop doing that.

[01:52:15] Philipp: We're not stopping doing that because actually we ask our customers, and they like it that way because otherwise, it's for them actually an effort to do that later, and we're not sneaky in any way. And as a matter of fact, we're really telling you a few times, okay, now--

[01:52:30] Luke: Oh, you're warning us like, hey, you're about to get charged.

[01:52:36] Philipp: The issue is if you're a sneaky company and you're offering something where you may also say it may not work or something like that, then you have people sign up, and then you don't give them a chance to reach you. And we're the absolute opposite. We actually don't want anyone in our system that doesn't want it.

[01:52:53] Frankly, you're gone as quickly as you can think if you don't want to be there because you can message us on Telegram. You can click just a button in the system, or you can send an email. It just is super, super freaking easy. Even after that, also, you can cancel any time. So it's not like you're set up for one year contractors or so because that's really the point. And so you get the chance now with-- you have to say the link, by the way, I think, or whatever it is.

[01:53:21] Luke: Oh yeah. So you guys, go to lukestorey.com. Thank you. I'm amateur host over here. The link is lukestorey.com/quantumupgrade, and the code is LUKE15 for 15 days for free.

[01:53:37] Philipp: Yeah, exactly. And so the point is that you can feel it during that time, make some changes. You won't be able to set frequencies because for the trial, frequencies are not included. That's a very complicated additional process. But you will be able to turn it up and down. You can leverage boosters and all that kind of stuff and feel for yourself. And that is the whole point. And if you don't like it, just tell us, or press the button. Stop.

[01:54:03] Luke: The other day, I forget what it was, it was some-- because everyone's want to look at my credit card statements, which we should probably look at more, and it was old apps and auto renews a year later. I'm like, what's that $300? And it's some software we use last year, and we don't use it anymore, that kind of thing.

[01:54:19] So I'm always scanning those, trying to find things that I'm getting charged for. But there was something, I forget what it was, that I was trying to stop. And it's like nowhere on the site could you click to cancel service. It's just like, how do you get out of this?

[01:54:35] Ian: They're made by the same guys who do the voting booths. Do you not not want to not not renew your not not subscription? What?

[01:54:42] Luke: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I wish I could remember what it was so I could shit on them publicly on the show but yeah, it's like, really, you have to click into the depths of this website, into the bowels of their software, to finally find that delete account or cancel, whatever it was. I find that just so unintegrous when companies do that.

[01:55:01] Ian: I agree.

[01:55:02] Luke: And you know it's on purpose.

[01:55:03] Ian: Oh yeah. 100%.

[01:55:05] Luke: It's not that hard to sign up and put in your credit card. They make that real easy. Sign here, buy here, buy now, buy now. Even the shop pay thing that remembers your browser and it just instantly charges you. And then when you try to undo it, it's this whole process.

[01:55:21] Philipp: No, we try to be doing that in a different way. And then also, if you look at it, if you get a-- we have a Pick 6 bundle. We have different bundles. We have, I think, a Pick 3 or Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6. Pick 6 means you can choose any six services you want. Let's say, set up a business, set up yourself, your spouse, your little dog, or whatever, your horse even.

[01:55:46] Ian: Your racehorse.

[01:55:47] Philipp: Your racehorse. If you have a racehorse, you can set up your racehorse with a specific racehorse frequency.

[01:55:53] Luke: That's dopey.

[01:55:53] Ian: Yeah, we were just talking about that because it's different than a normal horse.

[01:55:58] Philipp: Yeah. So if you then calculate it, it's about, I think, 13, 14, or 15 bucks per month per service. There's nothing out there that even gets remotely close to that. And so on top of that, over time, you get two free Quantum Upgrades that are preset at a certain level of 550 on the Hawkins scale that you can dedicate to any location in the world, and you can change it. So that's pretty cool.

[01:56:33] So if you have a subscription with just one subscription, you get two of these Quantum Upgrades basically for free. And if you have more than two, you get a multiple of that, and you can set one for your grandmother. For example, you could have one for an animal shelter in the city, but you could also reserve one for yourself each time you travel.

[01:56:55] That's what I do. Each time I go to a hotel, at the matter of fact, this hotel here, I still need to set it on the Uber ride back. I think I forgot about that. Usually, I do that the day before, and I set that hotel. And when I get there, I have already a reset nice energy there and the whole environment.

[01:57:12] And then if I go to another one, I'll just change it because you can edit it. And then if you have the All-in-one frequency bundle, which that includes all the frequency we offer, we started with, I think, 10 frequencies. And since that time, now we're at 20. Actually, now that you're listening to this, I think we'll be at 28 frequencies, and it hasn't increased in price.

[01:57:41] So if you had this All-in-one frequency bundle, or even if you're getting it today, it's still the same price. So we're constantly trying to add value and make it better. Also, the higher booster levels are all that. It's not that it's getting more expensive. We actually try to find ways that you get so much more value that you don't have a problem with that financially that you feel, oh, they're charging me more and more and more because it gets better and better and better. No, we try to make it better and better and better so that your perception is actually that it's getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper.

[01:58:19] Luke: My question is, how can you remain profitable if you're dumping all this cash into these studies?

[01:58:25] Philipp: That's a good point.

[01:58:27] Luke: Studies are expensive. That's why people don't do them. All the supplement companies and stuff like that, very few of them have any legitimate studies, and it's like, I can see why. It's like, who's going to pay for it?

[01:58:40] Philipp: You're right. It's super expensive. I think two things drive us. It's to help people and to also create awareness for high consciousness field that there's more than just the physical, and to help people make an impact.

[01:59:02] And I think for that studies are needed. And I can't tell you how often people came and said, well, I just need to give you a hug. They come to the conferences where we are. Sometimes, yeah, they just say, well, because of what you offer, it's amazing. But then often I hear, you've brought awareness to something that-- energy is real, and I've known it all my life, and that if you get into this state, that can make an impact.

[01:59:33] It's just so profound. Thanks for making these studies. Because yeah, the Quantum Upgrade study, of course, it supports what Quantum Upgrade is doing and shows exactly what you can expect, but it also shows that we're one. And it also shows that distance doesn't really matter, all these things.

[01:59:55] And if a mother's kids has an accident somewhere on the other end of the world, the mother feels it, unless the mother is completely not tuned in with herself. She would feel it. And that's the very interesting part. We're here to express ourselves and to find our essence and all of that, but if we want to evolve as a species also, then we need to start realizing again that we're energy and frequency to begin with, and that is the time right now. And that is, I think, what also really drives the truth of helping people, that they realize that again. We're not just some meat bags.

[02:00:37] Luke: Speak for yourself. I'm proud to be a meat bag.

[02:00:43] Ian: Meat bags with salt. Yeah. You guys know Romana [Inaudible].

[02:00:46] Luke: Yeah. That's a great band name, by the way. Meat bags, meat bags, meat bags. Very great punk rock, man. Yeah. Romana.

[02:00:54] Ian: Somebody asked him one time, they said, how do you treat other people, or how should you treat other people? And his answer is one of the most on point things I've heard. He goes, there are no other people.

[02:01:05] Luke: Oh my god.

[02:01:08] Ian: That's literally like, boom, mic drop. Walk away. Leave it at that.

[02:01:13] Luke: That's epic. Another one of my favorite quotes of his is someone asked him, what's the best way to change the world, or something to that effect, a do gooder type question. And he said, I'm paraphrasing the whole thing, but the essence of it was, don't bother trying to change the world because the world you see doesn't even exist. It's all based on your perception. Everything you see is the reality that you're making through your senses, is what I gathered from that. And yeah, I love those, but that one's good.

[02:01:48] Ian: Yeah. It hits on that. And right now, especially Gandhi being asked, so what do you think of Western civilization? It's a good idea.

[02:01:58] Luke: Yeah. Let's try it. I love it, man. The Indian brothers do one liners. So good. There was one more thing. Oh, I wanted to ask you about your Telegram channel, which I admit I haven't been in there in a while, and we'll put it in the show notes again for everything else, but one thing that I liked about it was, I don't know. A lot of brands will have their social media channels.

[02:02:24] You have your Instagram and everything like that. And it's advertising, but the last time I was in your Telegram channel, it's mostly like users explaining their experience and different ways they're hacking it, and just tools and tricks where they're using Leela or Quantum Upgrade. And it's cool to see other people that have no affiliation, like Ian. It doesn't have a financial incentive.

[02:02:49] Why are these people spending their time in your Telegram channel? Like, oh, hey, my dog was sick, and I did this thing with their product, and now it's better. It's like they're not getting anything out of that. Well, what are some of the things that you're seeing in terms of the user base? How many people are in the channel now and all that?

[02:03:05] Philipp: Yeah. So we have different groups. We have a German group that is, I think, close to 500 people. Then we have a so called TraumEz group. That is for something we haven't really talked about. Maybe at some point we should, not today. May distract from the topic.

[02:03:22] It's just a specific trauma release product that we offer. We just launched it last week, but we have maybe 400 people already in there. Then going up to the Quantum Upgrade community, around about 3,000 people.

[02:03:37] Luke: Nice, dude.

[02:03:38] Philipp: And then we have run about 7,000 people in the lead out group, Quantum Tech. I think it's called the Quantum Power group. Yeah.

[02:03:46] Luke: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[02:03:46] Philipp: And then it's private groups, so you couldn't find it even on Telegram because we don't want bots in there. We don't want people that have nothing to do with it. It's just for real people that use the tech and love the tech and want to just talk about it and discover more. It's beautiful.

[02:04:03] People share and learn, and we've learned so much actually from it too, because we can't do all the research, the initial research, ourselves. We then can facilitate the studies, but that it helps with autism, for example, is something that came out of the groups. And then there was a guy who runs a clinic in India, and they are focused on autistic kids.

[02:04:25] And he learned that this can help, and then he asked us, hey, could you provide the tech? We run the whole study. We're set up. That's our specialty here. But can you help with tech? And we said, sure, we can help with tech. Let's go do it. And so that's how that happens. And the most recent example is quite cool.

[02:04:46] I had the impulse at some point because we develop all these different frequencies. And usually, we leverage etheric frequencies and combine them with molecular frequencies. And I said, well, we don't have a pain management frequency. And wouldn't that be cool? Because we have some hardcore tinkers in the Quantum Power group.

[02:05:06] They tink all the time. They create new frequencies and all that. Well, go for it. We'll give out a prize and a big contest here, and people can create a pain management frequency based on molecular. It must be molecular frequency, so based on physical substances. And we're just in the process of reviewing those to pick a winner at some point.

[02:05:30] It's so cool what people sent in and how much effort they put into this and what ideas they also had. And it's something really remarkable, so I'm really grateful for all those people in the group, and I'm looking forward to the pain management frequency.

[02:05:49] Luke: So am I. My back hurts right now when you said that. I keep shifting in my chair.

[02:05:54] Philipp: You need that.

[02:05:55] Luke: I do. I ate some gluten this week. My wife brought home a pint of cookie dough because she loves me, but she doesn't realize what an addict I am when it comes to sugar. So I've been putting that thing away.

[02:06:10] And I'm like, yeah, right on time. Here comes the body pain and inflammation as a result of eating the fucking glyphosate or whatever it is. But that's cool. I like the decentralized. I think that's the thing that's needed in this space, is community. Dave Asprey did a great job with his conferences and people when they first got on Bulletproof Coffee and started losing weight and having all this energy, and then emerge this larger biohacking community.

[02:06:40] And there's the mothership communities of people that are just into self-improvement and spirituality, but I like the micro communities where people are doing their own research and submitting data, and then you guys can innovate based on that feedback loop. And that's a really exciting thing about, I think, where we're headed.

[02:06:59] Yeah, there's a lot of cool stuff to be done. Well, hot damn, fellas! You guys, go to lukestorey.com/quantumupgrade. Your code is LUKE15. I highly encourage everyone to check it out. And you guys will remind them if they need to. They're just going to keep charging their card indefinitely.

[02:07:18] I think that's an important thing. You make it easy for them. I don't imagine most people probably will cancel. For me, once I got it, I was just like, this is just part of life now, and I just set it and forget it and don't think about it. The only time I think about it is if I-- sometimes when I do a podcast, I'll put a boost on and crank it up to the highest consciousness, and then I can't even talk.

[02:07:43] Philipp: We need to come up with a podcast for that frequency.

[02:07:47] Luke: Don't get too high, otherwise you just ramble on Luke.

[02:07:53] Ian: The 5-MeO-DMT frequency.

[02:07:55] Luke: I'll do it.

[02:07:56] Ian: I'll be on this podcast drooling.

[02:07:58] Luke: Exactly. Yeah. But the other cool thing is the thing you mentioned where you can assign it to a loved one's property or something like that, and I did that. I actually did that on a relative's house, and then I realized a couple of days ago when I went on my account to do a boost. I was like, what's that address? And I'm like, oh, they just sold that house actually.

[02:08:19] Ian: So there's some unwitting.

[02:08:22] Philipp: This is great. I love this place.

[02:08:24] Luke: Maybe that helped them sell the house. Because it was a little rundown. It was an aged house, to be honest. It's possible actually that the people went in and were like, damn, it feels good in here. It needs a little TLC, but the vibes good. But I love that. I have different people, of course, like we all do, that I care about.

[02:08:43] And it's cool to just passively give them a gift they don't even know they're getting, and I know that it's helping them. And the travel piece too, the Airbnbs and hotels, non-negotiable. Because otherwise I'll travel with all this other EMF shit. I got my Faraday tent and the Blushield Cube. Next thing you know, I need an extra suitcase just to deal with the EMF.

[02:09:04] Ian: You're the guy TSA is going to stop.

[02:09:09] Luke: 100%. Yeah.

[02:09:10] Ian: Got a guy in a gas mask with a metal hat on.

[02:09:15] Philipp: It's funny you say that because some of the EMF clothing will set off the metal detectors. I never go through the millimeter wave thing because I'm not insane, and I want to keep living for a while, but yeah, I do go through the metal detectors if I don't feel like being fondled by opting out. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I'm in the mood.

[02:09:35] Ian: I prefer the shiatsu massage.

[02:09:37] Philipp: That's happened many times actually when I wore the t-shirt. And so this one guy was funny. He's like, what are you wearing? I said, I'm wearing silver. What? You're not wearing silver. Yes, I am. And then I explained to him, and he was like, wow, that's pretty cool.

[02:09:54] Luke: It'll set it off. I think one of the first things you sent me was the beanie, the Legal Beanie. And I love those actually to sleep in because if you pull it down, it works as an eye mask too. So when I'm traveling, if it's not a blacked out room, I'll be blocking the EMF, blasting my brain with quantum energy, and blocking the light leaks so I can sleep in darkness.

[02:10:17] But anyway, the travel element is also a really cool thing. So I'll shut up now. We got Ian to still do a show with after this about which I'm really excited. We haven't checked in. I think the last time was after I went to your freaking mad scientist lab out in Oklahoma. Most uncharacteristic thing you would ever think you would find in Oklahoma.

[02:10:38] Ian: Arguably, that is true. It's funny too, because it's like the space from the outside looks very unimpressive, and then you walk through onto the deck of the USS Enterprise. It's like, oh, starship. Wow. Okay.

[02:10:52] Luke: It's epic. I could have stayed in there forever and just tinkered around. You're lighting shit on fire and all kinds of crazy stuff going on. It was super fun.

[02:10:59] Ian: It's a good place. Actually, I get to have a lot of fun.

[02:11:02] Luke: Yeah. So we'll take a break, and we'll jump back in and get into the world of Ian Mitchell, but thank you both for coming out. Thank you for continuing to innovate. I think that's one thing that I find really interesting and compelling about you, Philipp, is that you could have just created something that makes a profit, helps people, and just sailed off into the sunset. Probably, frankly, what I would do, but you're like, no, let's pay for more studies.

[02:11:30] Let's keep innovating. Let's come up with new frequencies. Let's help more people. I really appreciate that about your heart and that you found something that drives you in a way like that, because I don't know, not everyone's wired like that. Some people just come up with an idea, cash the checks, and just go live their life.

[02:11:47] So I think I find it really interesting that you're now working with 5-MeO-DMT in Costa Rica. And I've seen your evolution over the years that we've known one another, and you've been a multi-time guest on the show, so it's just always a pleasure to see you and watch the evolution of your companies and you as a human.

[02:12:05] Philipp: Thanks so much for having us on. I appreciate what you do.

[02:12:08] Luke: Yeah, always a pleasure, and you bring the cutest dog ever over. So we do podcasts all the time as far as I'm concerned. Bring the dog. Bring Ian. We're golden. All right, you guys, we're out of here.

[02:12:18] Ian: All right. Much love, man.

[02:12:19] Philipp: Thank you.


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