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Does your brain work as well as you'd like it to? How's your memory, ability to focus, and access to creative thought? If you could take supplements and herbs to upgrade your mental performance, and elevate your mood would you? If so, how would you know what to consume, how much of it, and what's safe vs. risky? 

In this episode, I sit for a chat with Abelard Lindsey, one of the living legends in the nootropic and smart drug scene. He was one of the industry forerunners and is widely regarded as a master formulator of nootropic 'stacks' (recipes). His crown jewel stack, Ciltep is one of the most popular brain supplements in the world, and one that I've regularly used personally for the past three years. Along with Ciltep, Abelard has also created some other powerful formulations under the Natural Stacks product line umbrella. 

After listening to this show, you'll not only learn how Abelard came up with his now famous Ciltep formula, but you'll also get to the root of the science behind the multitudes of ingredients commonly used in nootropic stacks, and some of the most common side-effects and benefits. 

Whether you're a veteran of brain upgrade experimentation, or someone brand-new to the practice of mental performance manipulation, this episode will fast-track your strategy and help you to avoid wasting time and money on products that don't work. 

Do some mental exercise right now, by thinking of one person who could use some brain enhancement and share this compelling episode with them.

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  • The advantage of getting to try all the biohacking tech at the Bulletproof Conference 
  • The invention of Ciltep, one of the most popular nootropics on the planet, which can be found on my webstore luke, along with every other supplement and product I recommend and use myself 
  • The role Tim Ferris and Dave Asprey played in making smart drugs popular
  • An insanely in-depth exploration into the most popular ingredients in smart drugs
  • How Nootropics influence your mood, social interactions, focus, attention span and memory
  • How he used smart drugs to become an expert on smart drugs, and eventually produce them
  • The power of Nootropics in protecting the brain from age related cognitive degeneration
  • How to avoid compounds with side effects
  • How one of the worlds top poker players used Ciltep to win 10 million dollars in a competition 
  • The reason plant extracts become more powerful when they are logically stacked and combined 
  • How some Nootropics makes you anti social, yet productive 
  • The benefits and risks of other smart drugs like racetams, phenibut, and modafinil
  • The best nootropic to use to cut down or stop enjoying alcohol altogether 
  • How Nootropics effect neurotransmitters and make you happy
  • The law of diminishing returns of megadosing 
  • How theanine balances out caffeine 
  • The influence of Steven Fowlkes, the godfather of smart drugs 
  • My top recommended supplement for sleep, and how to maximize its effects by adding collagen
  • Lifestyle recommendations  


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Intro music: Jeordie White
Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith