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Today I want to help you become limitless.

In this Bootleg Broadcast episode of the show, which was recorded live in LA at Neil Strauss’s Society International Biohacking Intensive, I’m going to give you every secret to mental performance I’ve learned in the past 22 years of R & D.

I want to help you maximize your brain function, develop the ability to be in a flow state, enhance your creativity, uplevel your cognitive power, focus when you need to, and use your mind and brain in a way that’s optimally effective.

I was forced to find tools to help me do these things because, as a wild-ass kid, I did a lot of reckless things to damage my brain. So I can’t just eat healthy fats and get good sleep and feel on point; I need a little bit of help.

But through years of searching and experimentation, I’ve still managed to find a number of tools that help me accomplish all of those goals – and if you can avoid making some of the unwise decisions in the first place, I believe it can help you break through and do more than you currently think is possible.


  • How you can find the root cause of your brain fog

  • The critical role of a meditation practice in maximizing your brain’s potential & how you can create your own meditation practice

  • How a float tank can help those who struggle with traditional meditation practices

  • What you can do to take control over your nervous system responses

  • The stimulating power of binaural beats & essential oils

  • What you can eat to stimulate brain function

  • How to increase your focus using nootropics (and why I’m confident that they aren’t addictive)

  • The value of microdosing – and what you need to know to avoid a real trip

  • Why multitasking is the most dangerous habit you can have, when it comes to your productivity

  • Managing your time like a boss using the Pomodoro Technique

  • The medical value of cannabis and CBD



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