428. Creating the Ultimate Biohacking Clinic or Home Sanctuary + My Top Therapies: Part One (Solocast)

Luke Storey

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

It’s solocast time again. But we're doing something new for this one. Rather than tackling multiple listener questions, which is standard for the Life Stylist, I have elected, instead, to answer one very common genre of question, split into two episodes: what are these alternative health clinics all about and how might you start one for yourself? Or, set up a personal-use therapy spa at home?

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

It’s solocast time again. But we're doing something new for this one. Rather than tackling multiple listener questions, which is standard for the Life Stylist, I have elected, instead, to answer one very common genre of question, split into two episodes: what are these alternative health clinics all about and how might you start one for yourself? Or, set up a personal-use therapy spa at home?

In delving into this broad topic, we cover the various types of clinics and how to create an energetically healing environment, compare all the various products for EMF mitigation, and dig into some of the more unique therapies available, such as ozone float tanks and sound therapy. Be sure to check in with part two coming soon.

00:06:24 — Biohacking Centers & Alternative Health Clinics

00:17:29 — Luke’s Favorite Devices & Modalities

00:30:23 — EMF Mitigation Review

00:39:29 — Unique Products & Emerging Tech

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Luke Storey: [00:00:15] Welcome to another solo cast episode of the Life Stylist podcast. This is number 428, Creating the Ultimate Biohacking Clinic or Home Sanctuary plus My Top Therapies. This is part 1 of 2. Part 2 will be coming at you real soon. So today we'll cover the various types of clinics and how to create an energetically healing environment and comparing all the various products for EMF mitigation and some of the unique therapies available such as ozone, float tanks, and sound therapy.

[00:00:45] Show notes with all the links, of which there are a ton by the way, and transcripts for this one can be found at lukestorey.com/428. And next Tuesday, I'll be back with number 429 featuring Jamie Wheal wherein we discuss ethical cult building and aesthetic sex practices for awakening your inner mystic amongst other far-out topics covered in his latest book, Recapture the Rapture. That was a great interview. I can't wait to share that one with you.

[00:01:14] Today's show is based on a very frequent question posted in the Life Stylist podcast Facebook group. And by the way, please join me and 6,800 other wellness fanatics there where you can submit questions of your own and mingle with some fantastic like-minded people. And while I admit Facebook has become a bit of a dumpster fire of drama and censorship, our little group there has remained a safe refuge and a great place for us to stay in touch and share ideas. So just search the word life stylist on Facebook, then request to join the group.

[00:01:46] For content that I cannot share on that big brother-controlled platform, I invite you to join my Telegram channel, where you'll find the forbidden fruits of dank memes and alternative news reports the mainstream media does not want you to see. To join my Telegram channel, visit lukestorey.com/telegram.

[00:02:05] Okay, on to the task at hand, this episode. We're doing something new for this one. Rather than tackling multiple listener questions, which is standard for the Life Stylist solo cast, I've elected instead to answer one very common question split into two episodes. With the dramatic changes in the financial and medical systems of the world in the past three years, many people are looking for alternative medical healing modalities and emerging technologies to use for themselves, while others are exploring the opportunity of launching biohacking centers and alternative medicine clinics as a way to create wealth while serving their communities. So in this part 1 episode, we'll explore the different business models and some of their practical benefits and challenges plus some of the latest and greatest technology in the healing space.

[00:02:54] After spending the past couple of decades researching and experimenting with just about every health gadget out there, I have assembled a comprehensive guide of my all-time favorites. And if I could put together my most cherished technologies and open my own center, some of the things we're going to cover are what would be included. In fact, I have and use many of the devices covered in this and the upcoming part 2 episode at home.

[00:03:19] While this isn't practical, or even desired by many people, this episode will act as a powerful guide to help you weed through the noise and know what to look for whether you're opening a business, looking for one to explore locally to try out or even thinking about integrating some of these amazing products into your home. Please note that this podcast does not offer medical advice. So if you endeavor to undergo any healing protocol or health regimen, you should always consult with a licensed health professional.

[00:03:46] Your host here is just a guy who has spent 25 years on a personal healing journey and has picked up a few experiences along the way that will be presented here with as much accuracy as possible. Just as you're always learning more so am I. So this info is everything I know on this topic to date, and of course, more will be revealed. And lastly, before we blast off and start talking about a bunch of really expensive technology, I'll remind everyone listening that you don't need to be wealthy to be healthy and vital. The most powerful bio hacks and health interventions are free.

[00:04:19] Here are but a few, safe sun exposure and safe sungazing, hot and cold therapy, breathwork, healing your emotional trauma, practicing forgiveness and letting go of all resentments, prayer, forest bathing, and nature immersion, avoiding toxic food, water and household products, movement and exercise, meditation, the study, contemplation, and application of spiritual literature, being of service to others, and of course, human connection, love, and sex. Well, sex should be free anyway.

[00:04:19] Now while these practices can get you there mostly without cost, they do require something money can't buy and that is self-discipline. So only I can summon the great courage and willingness to commit to and manifest my own healing, and I can't do it for you and you can't do it for me. But there are ways to heal and live a fulfilling life without spending a bunch of money on various technologies.

[00:05:14] Now, for those who are already practicing the habits mentioned, or even some of you that don't want to practice them, what's to follow is a partial list of some of the most incredible technology available today. And my hope is that it motivates more people to explore this realm and to realize the massive potential for health that exists outside of the allopathic medical system. Because after all, they're great at crisis care, but not so much overall wellness. So if I get hit by a bus, please take me to a hospital. But if I have a chronic illness, I'm going to try just about anything to avoid the Western medical system. That's just me personally.

[00:05:54] In my view, the more demand we create for these transformative tech innovations, the sooner we'll be able to create more accessibility for the people who likely need the most like chronically ill folks who are unable to generate the resources to get themselves well, and as a result end up falling back into the rut of the sick care system. And I've often considered doing something along these lines myself, like opening a healing center. After witnessing so many positive outcomes in not only my own life, but also many friends and listeners, an alternative health clinic or biohacking center of sorts can be an incredible business model that is both ethically profitable and immensely useful to a local community.

[00:06:34] Now, while many folks are becoming aware of the powerful emerging technologies, unfortunately, many of them are financially out of reach for most of us when it comes to owning them for personal use. The price range, for example, for a lot of the sophisticated tech lies between say, two grand on low end up to $150,000 on the other, maybe even more for some of the more expensive hyperbaric chambers and red light devices and such.

[00:07:00] And there are two broad categories here in my view of this business model. Now note the word broad. There are, of course, all sorts of different ways you can do this. One is the alternative medicine practice, offering lab work, functional medicine consults, and medical procedures such as stem cell injections, and so on. This is a bit trickier than a simple tech-based wellness center, in that medical licenses and staff are going to be required.

[00:07:25] Dr. Matt Cook's San Jose clinic BioReset Medical would be a gold standard for this model as with Dr. John Lieurance's Florida clinic Advanced Rejuvenation, and I've done podcasts with both of them and been served by both of those clinics, and they were awesome. Both of them offer a wide range of medical interventions you won't find at your local doctor's office. And as a result, unfortunately, many or perhaps most of the services offered at this type of clinic are not covered by insurance. So it's all out of pocket. But as I said, if we can get this information out to more people, and there is more innovation, and more entrepreneurship in the space, hopefully, that will change over time.

[00:08:07] So what if the demand for this type of medicine grows so massive that the system is forced to acknowledge its legitimacy and begins to increase access for everyday people? I mean, that's what I'm looking forward to. Back in the day, when I began to explore alternative medicine, most people would have to leave the United States and the confines and limits of this medical system in order to explore many modalities of care.

[00:08:30] In fact, to this day, medical tourism continues to flourish with clinics thriving in countries like Mexico, where the laws allow for more unorthodox yet often more widely effective treatments. And shoot, if I were terminally ill, or even chronically ill, I would definitely go this route. In fact, a dear friend of mine just got back from a Cancun clinic called Hope for Cancer, where he thankfully successfully healed his cancer in three months. He gave it rave reviews, obviously. So keep that in mind if you or someone you love finds themselves with that diagnosis. Their site, by the way, is hope4cancer.com with the number 4. And I will be doing a podcast about them soon, so keep your ears primed for that one.

[00:09:17] Okay, the next clinical model to explore are the hybrid healing/medical centers like our beloved Alive and Well located here in Austin, Texas. Alyson and I have received incredible support from them. And they are in fact, one of the reasons we chose to live where we do in an area called Hill Country. We found this place and we're like, all right, this has to be something that we can drive to and hang out at often as it is.

[00:09:42] Alive and Well is really a stellar example of the hybrid model. So they have a medical staff, they offer lab testing, functional medicine, consultations, and even have their very own compounding pharmacy as well as a very well-curated supplement store. So it's kind of a one-and-done. But what makes Alive and Well so unique is that they also have holistic healing modalities like bodywork and acupuncture, as well as infrared saunas, ozone sauna treatments, red light therapy, and even ice baths.

[00:10:12] So it's a bit of a biohacking spa meets integrative medicine clinic. And it's pretty freaking awesome. So I highly recommend checking them out if you live here or if you're passing through. I know I've talked a lot about them and have messages from people saying, "Oh, I visited Austin and I had to go to Alive and Well." And I'm sure some of you will follow suit. 

[00:10:32] One of the coolest treatments I've done in Alive and Well recently was something called EBO2. It was pretty wild. This involves ozone blood dialysis and blood irradiation. The most basic way to explain this procedure is as follows. Your blood is drawn out of one arm then filtered through a dialysis membrane as it's infused with ozone gas. Then as the clean ozonated blood leaves the dialysis chamber, it's run through a device called a Hema lumen, wherein it's directly exposed to various frequencies of light, including UVA, UVC, and 660 nanometer red light. So this procedure was really cool.

[00:11:12] The process removes inflammatory proteins from your blood while neutralizing all pathogenic load in your bloodstream at the same time. So in essence, your blood is cleaned, disinfected, and as a result of the ozone, hyper oxygenated. This is one of the most powerful and multifaceted treatments I've tried and one that leaves your mitochondria supercharged, to say the least. It also leaves your inflammation in a bucket on the floor, quite literally.

[00:11:38] For those intrigued by this one, and I just wanted to throw this in because it happened to be the most recent and coolest thing I've done, it's very useful for viral infections of all kinds-- hint in, you know what I'm saying?-- as well as many other similar pathology or perhaps-- and I don't know this to be true, but maybe worth researching- for some of the pathology that we find happening today that is mysterious. Let's just put it that way. 

[00:12:04] If anyone listening wants to explore this treatment or anything we cover in this episode, you can do a local web search of EBO2 or whatever term applies to the things we're talking about and see if someone local to you offers the treatment or the technology because you'd be surprised how many somewhat low key underground clinics are cropping up worldwide because of podcasts like this one, and of course, others and listeners like you who share this information with friends and family. Public awareness is steadily gaining momentum.

[00:11:38] And I've observed this trend growing exponentially since I started geeking out on this stuff in the late '90s. Year after year it becomes a bit more mainstream and that instigates more inventors and entrepreneurs to keep developing and innovating ways in which we can treat or better yet even prevent disease. And as far as the EBO2 at Alive and Well, I believe they will be offering this to the public by about mid-September 2022 for those interested. And if you happen to live in Dallas, you can look forward to an Alive and Well location opening there sometime in 2023. So y'all are stoked as we Texafonians like to say. 

[00:13:13] Anyway, I share that example simply as a very successful model of a hybrid-type clinic. Yet for most entrepreneurial people listening who, like me, have pondered the idea of opening a healing or biohacking center, the medical aspect brings with it much more cost and complexity. Actually, while we're at it, there's another amazing spot here in Austin called Kuya. It's located next door to the Onit gym and they have float chambers, nutrient IVs, and saunas and ice baths, and a really dope elixir bar. It's a very cool hang. 

[00:13:43] And I don't know why it took me this long, but I finally had my first float at Kuya the other day where I ran into a listener named Hope, who was very sweet. Shout out to Hope should she ever hear this episode. So Kuya is doing something unique in that they offer all of these different modalities, but also a really beautiful space in which people can hang and create a real sense of community. So I like that as well. It's kind of another element. 

[00:14:08] Now back to the biohacking tech clinic business model, which by the way has been best exemplified in my experience by the transformational healing universe in LA run by former show guest Dr. Har Hari, who appeared on Episodes 288 and 298 respectively. Har Hari has loaded his South Robertson clinic with just about every tech healing tool imaginable and achieves great results. He, in fact, helped me a lot with some pain while I was going there using both PMF, cold laser treatments, and chiropractic adjustments. So super cool spot if you happen to be in LA. 

[00:14:42] And while we're talking my former home of LA, two other great spots to check out there are Next Health who does sort of a mash up of medical care with some tech like cryo and red light, all sorts of lab testing and, God, I don't even know what they're up to now. They're constantly growing and expanding. But that's a really great operation again called Next Health.

[00:15:00] And then there's The Remedy on Sunset Boulevard that offers hot and cold therapy, nutritional IVs, hyperbaric oxygen treatments along with breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness classes, and so on. So the remedy was similar to Kuya, really beautiful modern space, very high-end, just the place you walk in and go, "Oh my God, this is cool as shit." And there's also more of a communal element there with the elixir bar and the various classes where you go hang out with like-minded people. So those are a couple of suggestions, not just as someone listening, so that you might go check them out, but to think about if you're someone who is considering going into business for yourself. I think it's important to go see what's out there and figure out what works for you.

[00:15:50] People often ask me why I'm so obsessed with red light therapy. I've been doing it for years, and frankly, I plan to continue forever due to its incredible benefits. Thousands-- yes, I said thousands-- of peer-reviewed research articles have demonstrated the benefits of red and near-infrared light for things like skin health, reduced pain and inflammation, and faster muscle recovery.

[00:16:11] I love to do my red light first thing in the morning to get the red light I might get from watching the sunrise. And as red light therapies become so popular, there are several different red light therapy companies now, but I personally use and recommend Joovv for a few reasons. First, they offer a wide selection of configurations from small handheld devices to large setups that can treat your entire body. I personally use both.

[00:16:34] Another feature I love with Joovv's latest generation of products is something they called ambient mode, which utilizes lower intensity red light designed to be used at night as a healthy alternative to bright blue light, which protects your melatonin levels and as a result, your sleep. This is what I use in the kitchen at night in our temporary apartment to balance out the blue light of the nasty overhead lighting.

[00:16:56] So if you want to get down with some red light, Joovv has got you covered. And for a limited time, they're offering all my listeners, including you, an exclusive discount on your first order. Just go to joovv.com/luke and apply my code LUKE to your qualifying order. That's J-O-O-V-V.com/luke. And of course, some exclusions apply as this is a limited-time offer. So hurry up and grab your Joovv now.

[00:17:23] Now let's explore some options in terms of incorporating the best biohacking technologies into an existing clinic, starting one from scratch, or for those well-funded enough to afford it, even integrating some of these technologies into your home where they can support yourself, your family, and immediate community of friends, which is essentially what I've done. In fact, one of my favorite ways to entertain, maybe the only way I'm really good at entertaining-- my friends might claim, is to invite some like-minded people over and run them through a whole circuit of healing modalities, many of which will be covered here, at least some of them here and then the rest in part 2.

[00:18:06] So one doesn't necessarily have to create a business out of healing people. You can also just do it for its own reward because learning about and sharing these discoveries is a large part of my business. I'm really fortunate in that I'm able to steward many of these devices and use them to support the people I love. So that's always something to consider as well.

[00:18:28] Now we'll get into some of the specifics of which devices and modalities are available to both entrepreneurs in the space as well as homegrown healers like myself. And we'll start with the energetics or vibe of a space and then specifically dealing with EMF or Electrosmog. When we're looking into creating an environment that supports healing, we, of course, want to put some emphasis on aesthetics-- the feel, the vibe. We want thoughtful, harmonious design. We want it to feel, sound, look, and even smell great.

[00:19:02] So taking some time and effort to integrate an earthy color scheme, attractive art and furnishing, non-toxic scented candles, incense, soft music, gentle non-flickering non-blue lighting, and some live plants will really pack a lot of punch when it comes to creating a space that is conducive to healing, whether it be your business or home. The fact is our nervous systems just love and crave harmony and beauty. So anything we can do to create this will provide a solid foundation upon which we can build our sanctuary.

[00:19:35] However, one thing that never ceases to shock and disappoint me, frankly, when it comes to hospitals, medical clinics, and even the best biohacking and alternative clinics out there is the lack of attention to EMF mitigation. Hospitals and traditional medical clinics are, in fact, some of the worst when it comes to EMF, sound pollution, and horrendous lighting. And many of you listening know this or at least feel it, whether you know it or not, you walk into a medical clinic or hospital, it's just like, ah, sensory overload, total assault on the nervous system.

[00:20:09] Yet when most founders set out to open health businesses, they seem to spend a little time or effort in dealing with the toxic levels of EMF, blue flickering light, and overall feel of the setting. As for EMF, my guess is that they are unaware of how EMF directly shunts the healing they're seeking to provide or that they are, in fact, aware, but just don't want to go through the effort and expense involved in fixing it. Add to that the fact that many of the best and most effective healing devices often come with EMF and even blue light challenges of their own, which I'm always trying to hack myself through shielding and grounding, and so forth. I mean, all the health devices I have in the house all have black and red tape all over them and all sorts of stuff just to make them as healthy as possible.

[00:20:53] And one of our most recent Facebook group members named Sola who posted the most recent question that spawned the topic of this two-part series, stated that she already integrated both FLFE and Somavedic into her business location, which is really a great start to creating a harmonious energetic field to support client healing.

[00:21:18] So to Sola or anyone else listening, FLFE, in my opinion, is a must for any healing center, and even at home. In fact, before recording this particular solo cast, I just activated my daily 600-level boost. You'll know what that means shortly, hopefully at least a little bit better than you do now. FLFE or Focused Life Force Energy is a subscription service that uses remote quantum energy to raise the level of consciousness of any location.

[00:21:47] After researching FLFE for a couple of years as an EMF mitigation tool, I finally had them on the show a couple of times, and I've been using their service ever since for the past few years. So I swear by FLFE as do many listeners. Maybe my listeners are more sensitive and tuned in, I don't know. But FLFE just recently updated their service to include a phone app, which is really cool because I used to have to go in the browser on my phone and login if I wanted to activate a daily boost.

[00:22:14] And they also added a new feature which allows you to boost the level of consciousness to 600 as I said, which I did before recording here. I also used it the other day right before a potentially stressful call with my attorney. And it didn't end up being that stressful, but it definitely helped to have a higher level of consciousness in my office, because I didn't know what I was going to learn. You know how those things go. 

[00:22:41] And I also often use the boost before recording podcasts with guests as well. And when I say boost, we're talking about the level of consciousness again. And for those of you new to the idea of FLFE, they're basing those numeric values on the David R Hawkins scale of consciousness or map of consciousness. And I've done a lot of content around that and you can find it easily.

[00:23:02] So applying FLFE to a business location is super smart, as it will uplift anyone who enters the building and also help everyone be more resilient to the ambient EMF. In fact, the latest FLFE studies are very impressive and prove to me beyond my own biases even that it is, in fact, quite legitimate. And anyone listening can try it out for free or for 15 days, at least, with their no credit card free trial. Just hit up flfe.net/luke to check it out. And as I said, the majority of people who try it, love it, and then sign up for their paid service after the two-week trial. And if you want to check out the episodes I did with those guys, you can find them on number 315, 316, and 358. And we'll, of course, link to those in the show notes, so you can just click on them easily.

[00:24:01] But when it comes to frequency, harmony, and quantum energy, I'm definitely a more is more kind of guy. We're just constantly bombarded with all sorts of harmful frequencies, most of which beyond our control. So if I were opening a clinic, and I definitely have this going on in my house, I would add a Leela quantum or infinity block to help balance the energetics of the property as well as give you a little buffer due to the EMF mitigation that they provide. And I've been using their stuff for a couple of years and I've done multiple podcasts with them as well, which have never ceased to impress me. You can find them on Episodes 340 and 414 if you want to go deeper on understanding Leela Quantum.

[00:24:42] Now many people often ask me which is better, Leela or FLFE since they function in a similar realm. And to be honest, this is really impossible to answer, but I'll take a quick stab at it here. Now while these two companies are similar, they work in different ways. So FLFE raises the level of consciousness of your location, like when you walk into a cathedral, meditation studio, or any other holy place, raising the Chi, prana, etc. That's what it does. But with FLFE, there is no device present at your location. Their machine sends the field to your location via quantum entanglement when you register your property to your FLFE account, or you can even register your phone. I have my phone on there as well.

[00:25:27] Leela, on the other hand, do make tangible physical devices. And they range from their famous cubes or blocks as they call them to necklaces, various quantum frequency cards, EMF blocking clothing, and a number of other unique devices. Leela products are also infused with quantum energy and transmit various frequencies not only into your living space or location, but also into objects and some cases depending on the device you have. So I use the quantum block in the kitchen, for example, to charge my drinks, food, and supplements on a daily basis. Pretty much just it's my little assembly line to make a coffee and make a smoothie and make a meal, blink, pop it in there for about 20 seconds. And I find it to be pretty fun and an easy habit to build into my life.

[00:26:17] But comparing Leela to FLFE is a bit of an apple to oranges situation and I couldn't really pick. I love both and see no counter indication of using them in conjunction 24/7 as I've been doing for quite a while. In fact, we have a bunch of the stuff I'm about to cover going on here in the house. And all I ever noticed is when people come over, they go, "Wow, God, it feels good." And I just watch their nervous system unwind, which I really enjoy because that's the kind of field that I want to live in and also the kind of environment I want to provide for people I love.

[00:26:50] But if I wanted to create an actual business of a healing center, I would definitely include the Leela as well as FLFE. And both brands continue to produce and publish very impressive research to demonstrate their benefits very adequately for me and many other supporters. I've done multiple podcasts with both of them as I mentioned. And again, those are linked in the show notes.

[00:27:20] Sola also mentioned that she has a Somavedic device in her clinic which is also awesome. They use precious and semi-precious stones to radiate a harmonic field of energy throughout a building. Now, this also has a positive effect on EMF as it creates a more coherent energy field which counters the discordant chaotic EMF fields present. And Somavedic joined the show on Episode 254, where they broke it all down.

[00:27:46] Speaking of questions I get in the which is better category, the same could be said for the Blushield scalar wave generators and Somavedic devices, both of which provide the benefits of mitigating EMF. Somavedic does it with powered crystals essentially while Blushield uses specific sub-atomic scalar waves which harmonize chaotic EMF smog. And the Blushield scalar devices were the first technology in this class that I used personally. And it was immediately apparent to me that they worked largely in part because when I was introduced to them, I was unknowingly living directly under two cell towers at the time, which had made me very ill over the course of three years.

[00:28:26] And when I introduced the Blushield devices in my home, I experienced a really strong Herxheimer reaction, followed shortly after by an obvious decrease in radiation sickness symptoms. This was many years ago and I've used Blushield ever since both at home and my car and while traveling. So needless to say, I think this is another really useful tool to apply in any healing space, whether it be at clinic, where you live, work, or otherwise.

[00:28:52] And Blushield, like the others I mentioned, have also produced ongoing research to demonstrate their efficacy in terms of EMF harm mitigation. In fact, Blushield's most impressive studies, to me at least, were conducted on both chicken and cow farms where they showed improved health and food production from those animals while subjected to both high EMF exposure with and without Blushield products installed on the farms. Pretty impressive to me considering animals react positively or not without the possibility of a placebo. And you can learn more about the Blushield scalar devices on Episode 198.

[00:29:29] Now the last EMF and energetics upgrade I'll mention briefly is something called Biogeometry. It was founded by a brilliant Egyptian architect and scientist named Dr. Ibrahim Karim, who has proven its positive effects on both EMF and geopathic stress in multiple studies. Put simply if I can do that, biogeometry involves the use of sacred Egyptian geometry engraved on various objects that are placed strategically in buildings too like the others create harmony and amplify lifeforce. It's definitely more affordable than many of the other interventions I've outlined here and definitely worth exploring. And while I'm relatively new to this technology, I've been using it in my home for a couple of years and will soon have Dr. Karim on the show to discuss how it works. Again, that's Biogeometry.

[00:30:17] While we're still here on the topic of EMF about which I've podcast ad nauseam, let me lay out my quick reference of mitigation strategies from the most simple and affordable to the most complex and costly. And getting this piece right is not only critical in any wellness business, but in my opinion also in your home. The lowest hanging fruit for EMF are the various devices and services mentioned here, so FLFE, Leela Quantum, Somavedic, Blushield, Biogeometry.

[00:30:50] But if I was on a tight budget, and you pin me down and made me pick only one, only one of these, and it would be tough, it would likely be FLFE because it's the one I've been using for so long and also it's the one I think I just feel in the space more often. Man, I really couldn't pick, but if you held a gun to my head, say, "Luke, you got to throw all this stuff away," I would probably keep the FLFE service. But as I said, I use all of them. And they really do each offer unique benefits and varying modes of delivery and protection.

[00:31:24] Now here's the thing I want you to understand, all of the solution I mentioned there operate in the unseen realm of quantum or scalar energy. So no matter how many of these devices you put in your clinic or home, your EMF meters will not show any improvement. And this is the dividing line between physics-physics and quantum physics. Physics can be seen and measured. With all of the aforementioned solutions, the only proof that can be demonstrated, which many of these brands do is by showing the positive effect on human biology, plants, animals, and so on in and out of high EMF fields, or by anecdotal experience.

[00:32:03] But if you really want to deal with EMF in a concrete, provable, testable way, you must enter into the realm of straight-up physics-physics. If your goal is to truly eliminate detectable EMF in your home or business, you'll likely need to hire a professional building biologist who will test the entire property with very sophisticated and expensive meters to determine where, which type-- and FYI there are many types of EMF-- how severe, and the specific location of each EMF source present.

[00:32:35] Once the testing is completed, they will create, and sometimes install and implement which is cool, a custom mitigation plan for you. This will likely involve painting walls with shielding paint, covering floors with shielding material, and covering either windows with shielding film or curtains. They might also recommend strategies for shielding various appliances, electronics, or in the case of a healing clinic, even the various tech used for treatments.

[00:33:00] And something I'm really excited about is the fact that some EMF mitigation companies or building biologists are beginning to offer toxic lighting solutions as well, which involves removing dangerous blue and flickering lights and fixtures and replacing them with more biologically compatible light sources, which by the way, would be another very strong recommendation to anyone attempting to create a business focused on healing, and also, of course, anyone with a desire to optimize their living space as well.

[00:33:28] So if you want to go the pro route, the two EMF mitigation companies I recommend are Shielded Healing, which did my last and current home testing and mitigation. Their founder Brian Hoyer is really world-renowned at this point and was featured on Episodes 157 and 356. He's a great guy, just an outstanding human, we've become friends, and is absolutely obsessed with both EMF and healthy lighting solutions.

[00:33:28] The other is a company called testmyhome.com run by another stellar cat named Ryan Blaser who will soon join us on the show as well. Testmyhome.com does EMF, lighting, water, as well as mold and air quality testing and remediation. So they're kind of a one-and-done operation there. In fact, I recently recommended his services to a friend of mine in Mexico. And from what I hear, he did a bang-up job of dialing in multiple properties for her.

[00:34:23] When it comes over to podcast, we're going to do another sweep of all these things in my home to see if I missed anything while we were building it. Hopefully, I didn't. But I did just test our tap water through his website, which you can do, by the way, that's testmyhome.com, and it was very disappointing, to say the least. I knew I needed to filter my water in the house, but whoa, it was way gnarlier than I even expected, maybe even worse than LA water if that's possible. And if you're wondering, have I chosen my whole house system yet, no. At the time of this recording, I've got it narrowed down to two or three and I'll let you know when I pick them.

[00:35:10] If you were lucky enough to hear Episode 389 with Dr. Chris Rinsch, you'll understand how important mitochondria is to your energy levels and overall health. So I'm always looking for ways to upgrade my mitochondria and age as slowly as possible through supplements and bio hacks. My latest obsession in this category is something called Mitopure, a breakthrough post-biotic that activates your body's natural defense against aging and assist in mitophagy or the clearing out of old bogus mitochondria. It's the first product to offer a precise dose of a compound derived from pomegranate called Urolithin A.

[00:35:46] In fact, Mitopure is the result of over 10 years of research by scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. You can get your daily dose of 500 milligrams of Mitopure by using the berry powder which I add to my smoothies, yogurt, and other drinks. And they also have a vanilla protein powder for muscle building, and also soft gels for on-the-go convenience. This is a powerful and super easy way to upgrade mitochondrial function, increase cellular energy, and improve muscle strength.

[00:36:16] If that sounds like a good plan to you, here's what you do to get on a Mitopure subscription, visit timelinenutrition.com. And right now there's a special offer for you Life Stylist listeners, you can use the code LUKE10 to get 10% off any two, four, or 12-month Mitopure plan at timelinenutrition.com.

[00:36:44] Okay, so EMF experts like those I've mentioned are going to rely on traditional science and physics to test then block EMF, then test again and again until it's gone. And they don't generally recognize energetic solutions like I talked about earlier that are in the quantum realm, not because they don't believe they work, but rather that it's much more difficult to prove that they work. So these folks will really work in the realm of gross provable results, not subtle energetics.

[00:37:14] When it comes to my home, I prefer both. I've got all the energetics going, but I also blocked all the bedrooms and some areas of my office and things like that. So I come in EMF from every angle. I'm not dogmatic about it. But if you're someone who trusts the science, and you want to see proof, you want to go with the building biologist who is testing then blocking, then testing until it's gone, that's how you do that.

[00:37:37] If you're well funded in the build-out stage of a clinic, I would highly recommend going this route to ensure that you're doing all you can to, of course, create the most healing space possible. And for those listening who have no interest in creating a business and just want to stop the EMF in your bedroom where I recommend you stop at first, definitely, the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way to fix EMF on the testable parameters is by installing a Faraday canopy over your bed.

[00:38:07] I have one that I use for travel. It's called Faraday Labz. And it showed a 99% reduction in EMF the last time I used it and tested it personally on a trip. So from now on, I'm definitely going to travel with mine and use it anywhere I sleep away from home. It's, at the time of this recording, I think we're on $900 and it literally takes five minutes to set it up and maybe two minutes to break it down. It's also super easy to pack in a suitcase. It's very lightweight and breathable. I love it. There's a link to it in the show notes at lukestorey.com/428, that's the Faraday Labz bed canopy.

[00:38:43] Now it looks like a mosquito net. So we all have different aesthetics and ways that we like our place to look in addition to feeling. So for some people, having this up all the time might not be great, but if you live in the middle of a city and especially if you're dealing with chronic health issue, I would highly recommend forgoing the looks of having a tent around your bed and just do it up unless you can afford to hire a building biologist to come in and shield your bedroom. I digressed. I just wanted to throw some crumbs there to people who aren't really looking for this information in terms of a business, but just tips for their home.

[00:39:29] Okay, now that we made it through the weeds of the EMF issue, I'll throw out some recommendations from the perspective of everything I would feature at a healing clinic if I had one. And everything discussed here is also applicable to your home depending on your level of interest and commitment to such things. Of course, some of this won't be practical depending on your budget, but let's just dream big and go for broke. And I encourage you to take note of anything that suits your needs or goals.

[00:39:53] And another benefit of offering this info on my favorite technologies is that anyone listening who's curious about trying any of this stuff themselves, can search for any of them locally and hopefully experience their benefits if they happen to exist where you live. You'd be surprised what you can find these days if you know where to look and as we'll outline here, what to look for. So I'll cover a few things here in part 1, and then as I said earlier, in part 2, we're going to go even further on the various technologies available.

[00:40:23] All right, the first one I'm going to cover is called the harmonic egg. And I just had to put this one first because it's so out of control. And honestly, this thing could make a small business itself. Alyson and I went to a business back in LA, and they had, I think, two or three harmonic eggs there, and that's the building, that's their business. And I was happy to go a few times, and it was incredible. The harmonic egg is a giant egg-shaped chamber built with sacred geometry and a state-of-the-art analog sound system. So you enter, sit in a plush gravity chair, and journey to the deepest of interspaces while listening to shamanic music that's infused with brain entrainment frequencies.

[00:41:11] And I've got a podcast with their created Gail in the pipeline. So stay tuned for that one. And I just found out there is an egg somewhere here in my area. So I definitely plan to seek it out soon. So that's the harmonic egg, definitely something to look into. Maybe not that practical. I think they're somewhere around 50 or $60,000. Maybe not that practical to put in your home. Although, if I had the cash, honestly, I would. But that's just me. Maybe someday I will have the cash. Let's manifest that for all of us that so desire. That's the thing about me. I don't spend money on Ferraris. I spend money on things that just feel good and heal you and especially things you can share with other people. Anyway, I digressed.

[00:41:55] There are many other sound or Vibro acoustic therapy devices out there as well. And this is something about which I'm deeply interested as just a fan of sound and music. I've been that way my whole life. One such product is called the Vibe bed, which I covered in Episode 322. It uses sound frequencies and music to facilitate relaxation and healing. And technically this is cool because it's so easy to stack with other passive therapies such as bodywork and so on. So I've used the Vibe bed off and on for the past couple of years. And I could put the Lucia light on it, I could do like I said, bodywork, anything you can do while laying down, you can do on a bed like this.

[00:42:38] And the way it works essentially is you have transducers or speakers under the mat, and then you put on headphones, and you have two amplifiers-- this is the Vibe bed again, two amplifiers and you plug one sound source into the two amplifiers, and they play the sound in stereo to your body underneath you and then in your ears. It's a pretty heavy experience. It could be quite deep.

[00:43:04] Another similar yet slightly more sophisticated and expensive sound therapy device is called the Tune bed, which we will God willing soon be adding here to our home sanctuary, and also covering that in a future podcast episode. The Tune bed uses really powerful medical-grade frequencies called Vibro acoustic technology. It uses originally scored therapeutic neuro music, which was specifically composed by medical musicians to calm a racing mind and to really create a deep experience.

[00:43:39] So the Tune bed is super high-tech, well-researched, and very elegantly designed. It's made with state-of-the-art sustainable construction, modeled after a violin. And because of its shape and how it's made, it focuses vibrations so that they are 100% absorbed into the body. So it really is a huge instrument for your bed. I think it's 90 inches long or something like that. So it's hard to explain this. I wish I could show you a video of it. But the Tune bed is awesome. It's beautiful to look at. Essentially the Tune bed recalibrates your nervous system with these medical-grade vibrations, and music, proven by the NIH and Mayo Clinic to reduce stress by 54%, which is pretty damn impressive. It's definitely worth checking out.

[00:44:31] If you live near New York, Chicago, North Carolina, and even some cities in Canada, you can experience Tune sessions at one of their partner locations. I'd recommend checking their website at tune.studio for their directory. I just looked at it today and was surprised to see that they're now available in a few different cities. Because when I first discovered the tune bed in New York City many years ago after my wife-to-be, then friend, Alyson, recommended it to me, I was immediately hooked and really have wanted one ever since. I've got it bookmarked on my computer and it's just like one of those things that I'm hoping to manifest. It was very cool.

[00:45:09] There's also another sound bed called the Opus, which is being developed by some folks here in Austin. I hear really good things about this, although I've yet to try it. And from what I understand, it's a bit more affordable than the two that I just discussed, and maybe even more portable. The Vibe bed is somewhat portable. It comes with a case and you can fold it up. The Tune bed is like a beautiful piece of furniture. The Opus looks like it's foldable and maybe portable, and looks cool.

[00:45:39] And when it comes to this stuff, we know intuitively that music and frequencies are healing. So to me, it makes perfect sense that many emerging technologies are utilizing these energies to create products meant for healing. So again, for your home or opening a clinic, I would definitely look into the sound and frequency element, especially because many of these products, as I said, can be used in conjunction with other therapies. I'm all about just stacking things and maximizing the healing potential.

[00:46:14] Next up is float tanks. As I mentioned, at that place, Kuya here in Austin, they're also called sensory deprivation chambers. They have a bunch of different names. I think people don't like the word float tanks because it sounds scary, even sensory deprivation chamber. And for some people, they are scary. Anyway, the idea here is to enter a space with as little sensory input as possible, so no gravity, sound, or light. And for me, it's really the ultimate meditation and can be quite transformative as well.

[00:46:47] Now this tech would take some careful consideration as a business due to sanitation, water, salt-- you got to put like 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt in these things, the maintenance, and also the need for showers and so on. But I've been using float tanks for years and they remain one of my most cherished healing modalities. In your clinic, you can have them custom built to be the size of a room, or buy them premade, which are more like a clamshell, depending on who designed it and what brand you're going for.

[00:47:18] The best-premade company I've found based on my research is called Max Vitality, which is the brand I will likely install at my house once I find or create the space and budget for it, something I'm looking forward to at least at some point. I don't know when, but man, if I could have a float tank, I'd probably be hopping in there three or four times a week, honestly. It's just so restorative, so healing.

[00:47:41] The last modality I'll cover here briefly is ozone. There are ozone saunas made by Longevity Resources out of Canada, like the one they have at Alive and Well. There are high-tech medical ozone generators and then there are the home-use consumer models like the one I have in use from simply O3. Now for a medical clinic, treatments like EBO2 that I mentioned earlier, ozone, dialysis, and 10-pass ozone infusions are going to deliver the biggest healing bang for your buck, but there are other ways to administer ozone that do not require medical staff or training, less dangerous, basically.

[00:48:23] This could be a great addition to a hybrid clinic, although it's a little tricky because the best way to administer ozone without a medical staff is to do so rectally. And depending on the type of clinic you have, this could be challenging. I don't know how you'd work that out, but I'm just saying these devices are around $1,000 instead of 50 or 150 like some of the medical systems. So I love to use my simply O3 ozone generator this way. In fact, I used it this morning. I won't tell you how.

[00:48:54] I also use the ozone gas topically for cupping and bagging like if you have a cut, burn, bug bite, etc. I like to put it in the ears with a stethoscope. And you can also use the simply O3 generator to make ozone water. If that piques your curiosity, check out Episode 384 to learn about the benefits and use of ozone generators. In fact, my ozone generator might just be the single most indispensable home first aid and healing device I own. That's how powerful it is. I mean, ozone can be a lifesaver and definitely something worth checking out.

[00:49:30] And whether you're going to seek out an ozone medical clinic to do some of the more sophisticated treatments, many people are doing this for lime and mold and all sorts of pesky issues that they can't seem to get rid of, or whether you're looking to do it at home, just know this is something you can search online as with some of the other things we've covered here today and things we'll cover in part two of this series. More and more businesses are popping up that offer these type of treatment, more alternative medicine clinics, etc.

[00:50:02] Anytime I do a web search on one of these topics, I'm like, "Oh my God, there's so many people doing this now." So what was once obscure and unattainable for most of us, is becoming more prevalent. And that's really good news. And that my friends brings part 1 to a close. And remember, you can find links, notes, and transcripts for this episode at lukestorey.com/428. And by all means, stay tuned for part 2 of this series coming very soon, at which time we'll cover oxygen therapy, PEMF, air filtration, laser treatment, hydrogen water, saunas, and cold therapy. And if you've arrived with this episode and found some benefit, please share it with a few friends.

[00:50:46] Now before we depart, I want to invite you to join me and my wife Alyson for our presentation at the Modern Nirvana summit in Austin, Texas, September 23, 2022. We spoke at this event last year and it was a truly magical experience, more of an experience really than a conference. Modern Nirvana is a fully immersive exploration into the intersection of spirituality and technology. So if you join us, you'll be diving into stuff like breathwork, meditation, and learning from some of the foremost experts in all the things.

[00:51:17] In fact, interesting note here, all but one of the speakers are former guests of the show, including Gurudev, Dave Asprey, Dr. John Lieurance of MitoZen, Dr. Patrick Porter of BrainTap, Ian Mitchell from Wizard Sciences, and Philip from Leela Quantum Tech. So I'd love to see all there joining me in celebration of expanded consciousness and biohacking, really the two pillars of this very show. Again, that's Modern Nirvana September 23, in Austin.

[00:51:45] To get yourself some tickets, here's what you do. Go to modernnirvana.com/conference. And if you use the code LUKEALYSON, you'll save 15% off your tickets. That's Alyson with a Y, one word, LUKEALYSON, that's your code. The link is modernnirvana.com/conference. Hope to see you all there and I'll be back with you next week with Jamie Wheal.



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