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Faraday Bed Canopy

Faraday Labz

Here's the run down: EMF can be harmonized, but can only be blocked one way: a faraday cage.

A faraday cage is an enclosure made out of conductive mesh in which the holes in the mesh are smaller than wavelength you want to block. The only way to block emf is to be fully enclosed in a faraday cage. In a sea of phony emf companies, Faraday Labz wanted to make a change and help educate.

Their bed enclosures are made of silver fabric which encloses you in a conductive faraday cage with an attenuation of 40db - 50db, meaning it blocks 99.999% of emf.

Using your canopy on a second story? Pair the canopy with their floor shield to create a full faraday cage. Not necessary if you are using your canopy on ground level.

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