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Did you know that the purpose of yoga and meditation reaches far beyond achieving your own physical and mental health? Becoming flexible, and looking cute in your Lulu Lemon shorts is cute and all, but the real goal of these ancient spiritual practices is to build your moral character, raise your consciousness, and to effect positive change in your family, community, and the world at large through selfless service.

In this episode, our guest and modern-day yoga legend Elena Brower shares with us her vast body of knowledge and experience as a student and teacher of the yogic lifestyle, and how she's built a life and career based on spiritual principles and traditions. 

Whether you're a devoted practitioner or a weekend warrior-poser, you are sure to gain some practical, yet profoundly transformative lifestyle practice recommendations from this intimate conversation with Elena. From spiritual commerce and entrepreneurship to conscious parenting, Elena represents a new breed of powerfully feminine women who are leading the charge in bringing the power of yoga off the mat- and into business, creativity, leadership, and even love. 

Welcome to the next level of human evolution. Sit back, put on some headphones, and enjoy the journey. 

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  • Elena’s 18 years in the yoga scene, starting with her mom taking her to her 1st class in the late 90’s
  • How she was married at 35, divorced later, but managed to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with her ex
  • How smoking weed and getting high as a Yoga teacher and influencer made her feel like a hypocrite 
  • What prompted her to stop 3 years ago, how difficult it was to stop, and how she finally succeeded 
  • What she did to overcome imposter syndrome & self doubt 
  • How she continues to get clarity and stay focused on who she wants to be for her child, lover, family, friends
  • why being of service to humanity is her #1 priority in life 
  • How being a mom keeps her humble, even though she’s widely adored in spiritual and yoga circles
  • She describes how having a kid is the equalizer
  • What her biggest shortcoming as a mother is, and how she’s getting over it.
  • How she’s worked on detoxing since she got sober
  • How she finds money, life, and work balance, and how to her business and spiritual life are one of the same
  • Her secret to spiritual enterprise and financial abundance 
  • We get into her love of essential oils, and what they have done for her health, and her business through her work with DoTERRA
  • She also gives us a few of her most coveted essential oil blends and recipes
  • Why she feels most amazing when she works with women
  • How she manages to kick ass in business but still keep her feminine energy flowing
  • The importance of morning yoga practice, and using the power of mantras in keeping her feminine side alive
  • The bizarre fact that she does not have a support team, and runs the majority of her business herself 
  • Her most important tool in keeping the romance alive in her relationship 
  • Her surprising view on current state of feminism 
  • The crucial relationship between yoga, essential oils, and meditation
  • Her views on network marketing, and how she believes it can be done with integrity
  • Her views on the current and future state of the NYC Yoga scene
  • Lifestyle recommendations


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Intro music: Jeordie White
Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith