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Our guest Ruby Harrington has built a career as the visionary curator behind The Numinous, a content platform based on all things mystical and esoteric. What makes Ruby and her message different from the average sage burning, Sedona-dwelling fairy duster, however, is her unflinching commitment to reality.

In fact, Ruby's book Material Girl, Mystical World has served as a modern-day guide to all things spiritual for thousands of discerning seekers from all over the world. 

In this episode, you'll get a backstage pass into the vast landscape of spiritual practices, and concepts Ruby has explored for the past 20 years. She has a gift for making the unknowable easily understandable and applicable, and during this fun and far-reaching conversation, Ruby makes an excellent case for exploring the aspects of life that exists beyond the linear dimension.

If you're already on board with matters of the spirit and want to take your understanding to a deeper level, Ruby is your girl, and this show is sure to hit home. But even if you're still standing on the sidelines of the astral circus with your arms crossed, and your mind cautiously poised in doubtful curiosity, you’ll likely find yourself pleasantly surprised by the ease with which you'll be able to join in on this romp into the void of modern mysticism.

Don't forget to pass this episode along to a friend, whether they be on either side of the new age fence. Either way, you'll be doing them, the world, and the show a great service.

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  • How Ruby summons the courage to leave her job in fashion and Journalism, and pursue her dream and true life’s purpose
  • How to become unembarrassed regarding one’s own spiritual beliefs and really own the path that you’re on
  • How are we conditioned as a culture to believe material success will make us happy, and why we often turn to drugs and drinking to overcome that inevitable disappointment
  • The difficulty in avoiding drinking too much in the fashion industry
  • Why British culture is more skeptical about spirituality
  • The value of hitting a spiritual bottom vs. just being curious about such things
  • How to deal with imposter syndrome and self doubt
  • How to navigate the issue of mixing money with spirituality
  • Do crystals actually do anything?
  • The power of breathwork and Kundalini Yoga in terms of self awakening
  • How she used manifestation to get a huge book deal easy
  • The fact that many conspiracy theories are not theories at all but actual conspiracies
  • The current state of feminism: what we can get from this new movement of super conscious, feminine power women
  • How much of astrology is real and valid vs. wishful thinking and fantasy
  • How to use the principals of Astrology to benefit yourself in your daily life
  • The possible myths of Jesus as described in the film Zeitgeist
  • What is the “now” age, and are we having a cultural awakening at this point in history
  • The secrets of the Illuminati
  • Are Tarot card readings legit?
  • How men can truly embrace their power by acknowledging their emotions and expressing them in a healthy manner
  • Lifestyle recommendations


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Intro music: Jeordie White
Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith