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When you think of spirituality, do you think of unicorns, rainbows and pretty flowers? Do you believe that to become ‘spiritual' you have to be pure? To be holy? Have you attempted to live in bliss, only to find that your pesky old shadow self/ego keeps creeping up behind you and re-asserting itself when life gets a bit challenging? 

What if the way to the top of the enlightened mountain involved walking right through the fire, and facing your darkest fears, doubts, and shame? Would you still endeavor to take the treacherous journey into the light? Most people don’t, some people won’t, and the rest of them don’t even know there is a mountain to climb in the first place. 

Our guest Sah D’Simone is no stranger to the dark side. He spent years exploring the shadows of New York City’s fashion scene, and all the materialistic glamour that comes with it, before dropping it all in favor of studying the spirit world with yogic masters in Nepal and India. After many a harrowing inner journey, Sah has emerged as a bright light in the world of personal transformation and meditation. We spend this episode talking about his trip, and about how crucial it is to take the time to cultivate the courage and humility to fearlessly go inside of oneself to excavate the hidden shame, trauma, that often blocks us from true psychic maturity. 

This intimate and heartfelt conversation takes you on a journey from Sah’s challenging upbringing in Brazil, through his rise to the top of the fashion world, down to the pits of existential hell and back again in a real hero’s journey. You will no doubt gain a better understanding of your psychological blocks, negative subconscious patterns, and most importantly- how to evolve through them by facing them head-on. 

Enjoy your listen, and Sah reminds us to always remember: You are worthy!



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  • How childhood trauma plays out in dysfunctional adult patterns
  • His experience with the Kabbalah Center, and how that helped shape his teaching
  • What it's like to chill with the Dalai Lama
  • Facing of fear, guilt and shame on meditation retreats
  • The value in facing our suffering and shadows head-on
  • The risks involved in taking spiritual pilgrims to Nepal, India, and how you micro biome can freak out on you
  • The power of breathwork
  • How to use the third eye as a point of focus in mediation 
  • The gathering of meditative energy to sharpen the mind
  • How he learned to back up the woo woo of spirituality with science 
  • How his chronic pain went away once he started to serve others, based on the fact that when you wish someone well – you boost your own happy neurochemicals
  • The struggle the hierarchy of skin color growing up in Brazil
  • The importance of self acceptance, and acceptant of ones own sexual preference
  • How he survived being picked on as a kid
  • How a lack of self-worth can manifest in overachieving, and how to fix it
  • Sah shares his excitement regarding the acceptance of mental health issues becoming less shameful 
  • How he made the transition from fashion professional to full-time spiritual teacher, and what that looks like from a business and financial perspective 
  • Lifestyle recommendations 


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Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith