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Each of us have a mission, but there’s nothing that we can do if we don’t put on our own oxygen mask first.

I know, I know: the whole oxygen mask metaphor is a bit of a cliché in the self-care world, but I love it because it’s true. You might see it as an excuse to be self-centered or narcissistic, but the true gifts of life come from sharing, connection, love, and making a contribution in whatever way best serves you – and you can’t pour some of yourself into all of that if you don’t fill your own cup first!

Recorded live in LA at Neil Strauss’s Society International Biohacking Intensive, this talk on self-care rituals mirrors my own journey from extreme selfishness to extreme selflessness, and ultimately finding the balance that allows me to serve others without burning out.

I’m still in the process of figuring this all out, but I’ve come a long way over the past couple decades so I want to share what works for me – and what I’m still working on.

Are you lying in bed stressed every night? Do you rely on food, drugs, or other things outside of yourself to chill out? Want to cultivate more positive energy in your life? Feel like you’re living a purposeless life in a meaningless universe?

Then check this episode out to get a glimpse of your brain on self-care.


  • The 3 types of stress that we all deal with: physical, emotional, and spiritual

  • Stop pursuing mindfulness – start pursuing mindlessness

  • The difference between working out & working in

  • Listening to both what your body needs and what it can’t handle

  • The important of nurturing joint health and mobility

  • How 10 minutes of vibrating your body can change your whole world

  • The #1 physical recovery tool available to us

  • The healing benefits of a caring human touch on your skin

  • Acupuncture for recovery and stress relief

  • PEMF for injury recovery (even menstrual cramps)

  • A challenge for all of you: practice negativity or complaining fasting

  • The life-changing power of getting bit in the face by a rottweiler (disclaimer: don’t actually try getting bit by a rottweiler, YMMV).

  • Gratitude as a lifelong process

  • The healing power of music

  • Saying YES to saying NO

  • Natural tools to destress and relax: pills, powders, and PEMF, oh my!

  • Overcoming the existential dread that you’re living a purposeless life in a meaningless universe



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