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This is my third and final talk recorded live at Neil Strauss’s Society International Biohacking Intensive and it’s all about the morning routine that keeps my engine fueled, tuned, and clean.

There are a lot of devices, supplements, and practices making a lot of claims out there, and I’ve tried almost all of them over the past 22 years. Some have benefits, but many of them don’t do anything at all. My goal in this live presentation was to leave the audience (and you the listener) with some simple, applicable tools and practices that will save you from wasting your time, energy, and money on what doesn’t work.

So come join me on a tour of everything that helps me sleep, wake up, energize, heal, think, focus, flow, meditate, travel, and just live in our artificial world.


  • My personal blanky: the biomat

  • All the contraptions I put on my head, in my nose, and next to my body to improve my health (warning: some of these could diminish your sex life if worn in public)

  • A clinical grade device that has been proven to manager stress and sleep, without a prescription

  • Reducing oxidative stress, improving cellular energy, and recovering from stress

  • The healing powers of ice (ice, baby)

  • A blanket that supposedly helped protect Russian Cosmonauts

  • How dialing in the right morning routine for you helps keep you right all day, every day

  • The best start to a morning routine, if you want a crappy life: doing heroin at 6 AM

  • Reducing EMF and blue light exposure while you sleep

  • Reminding yourself of your mission every morning

  • Sun gazing at sun rise

  • The ONE thing that I would never sacrifice from my morning routine

  • Aligning your purpose with your life

  • Although supplements aren’t necessary, some of them can help you take things to the next level (or, if you treated our body like crap like I did, they can help you get back to normal levels)

  • Curating the morning routine that’s right for you


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