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Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink

Haley Nutrition

Haley Nutrition is bringing the world’s most pure Aloe vera gel so you can be sure you are getting hand-filleted, health-promoting, 100% raw Aloe gel from the inner parts of the Aloe barbadensis miller-stockton species only. This is the same variety first discovered and researched by Aloe pioneer, Rodney Stockton. There are no preservatives in our aloe vera gel. We freeze the aloe to preserve it.

Our raw unfiltered aloe vera gel leaves our facility frozen shipped directly to you. Buy more bottles and $ave. Store one jug in the freezer and keep the other in the refrigerator to make sure you have the natural, health-promoting benefits of 100% pure aloe vera gel on hand every day.

Sometimes it tastes more bitter than other times. It is not “bad”. It’s raw aloe vera and has a slimy texture with lots of pulp – because that is what is in the bottle… just pure raw aloe vera and nothing else. Some like the taste!

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