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Apollo Stress Relief Wearable Device

Apollo Neuroscience

Watch my video review below! And hear about my experience with this incredible device by Apollo Neuroscience.

When we’re stressed, our fight or flight response kicks in, making it hard to focus and sleep. Apollo rapidly restores balance to the nervous system by sending gentle waves of vibration that signal safety to the body through your sense of touch.

Apollo Neuroscience was born from research at the University of Pittsburgh. Drs. David Rabin MD, PhD and Greg Siegle PhD worked together at the Program in Cognitive Affective Neuroscience to develop and scientifically prove out the Apollo technology. They discovered that certain combinations of low frequency inaudible sound waves (vibration that you can feel, but can’t hear) can safely and reliably change how we feel through our sense of touch, and that we can measure those physiological changes in near real time.

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