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AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Water System

Water And Wellness

Clean drinking water is a treasure. We all want it! It’s not as easy to get as it should be, though. AquaTru by Water and Wellness wants to change that for you.

THOROUGH PURIFICATION - The 4-step process used by this state-of-the-art system surpasses most other water systems. As reverse osmosis removes chemicals and contaminants, all that's left in the final result is ultra-pure water for drinking and cooking. One taste will prove the difference.

• EASY TO SET UP & USE - AquaTru is ideal for anyone -- renters, travelers, or those who don’t want a cumbersome installation procedure. It sets up in minutes without the need for plumbing or installing tasks. The quick-change filters are a breeze to twist in place, and last up to 2 years. The digital display helpfully lets you know when a filter change is in order.

• CONVENIENT, COMPACT DESIGN - Its sleek look is tasteful and unobtrusive in any kitchen. Simply find a home on the countertop or table for its 14-inch x 14-inch x 12-inch shape, and the pure, clean, great-tasting water it provides will cover its ‘rent’ tenfold in satisfaction. The super-simple dispensing button & function are a pleasure to use.

• TAKE COMFORT & FEEL CONFIDENT - Did you know that unregulated drinking water can contain cleaning and prescription-drug byproducts? Harmful particles like this get past many filters. With AquaTru, know that the water in your home, for you and your family and guests, has been filtered through one of the most comprehensive reverse-osmosis systems available. Providing and drinking totally pristine, healthy, chemical-free water helps you feel assured that what goes in our bodies is wholesome and pure.

• ABOVE & BEYOND STANDARD LAB APPROVAL - Even bottled-water providers don’t meet the purity levels of water provided from AquaTru’s reverse-osmosis process. Many labs have found there are microplastics, carcinogens, and other toxins found in nearly all tap, filtered, and bottled waters available. Even arsenic, lead, and chromium have been discovered in municipal waters. AquaTru is certified to remove all of this, surpassing NSF Standards to remove 82 contaminants (15 times more than leading pitcher filters). AquaTru takes out nearly all lead, chromium, copper, fluoride, radium, chlorine, and more. Removes Glyphosate.

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