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Blue Light Blocking Light Bulbs


The world’s best zero flicker, low EMF and zero blue light bulb for evening use from BONCHARGE.

Blue light passing through your eyes in only part of the problem. Blue light hitting your skin at night can disrupt your sleep and circadian rhythms. The flicker and EMF from regular light bulbs or other red LED bulbs may damage your health according to some studies. BONCHARGE has designed the ultimate zero flicker, zero blue and green light bulb for after sunset use. The Blue Light Blocking Light Bulbs matches the blue and green light blocking powers of their signature blue light blocking lenses and more whilst providing zero flicker and low EMF.

There is now no need to buy outdated and uneconomical incandescent light bulbs. The warm red glow from Blue Light Blocking Light Bulbs bulbs will help you unwind and relax before bed. BONCHARGE has disrupted the LED bulb market and provided a safe solution that others cannot offer. We can now mimic ancestral living after sunset without giving up our homes. Sleep+ is the perfect solution to our modern-day lighting problems.

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