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EMF Proof Boxer Briefs & Beanies


Can’t believe I didn’t have these sooner! Super dope, a must have if you’re wanting to keep the bad off your goods.


We all know that we’re surrounded by cell signals and wifi all the time, and there’s two areas of your body that are most susceptible to radiation: your brain and your reproductive organs. I’ve talked a lot about the danger of EMFs and how you can protect yourself — while staying sane — and Lambs is making it easier than ever. Because Lambs has radiation-proof underwear that will keep your most vulnerable bits safe, without making you uncomfortable or look uncool, and a beanie that can protect your dome. I threw out all of my underwear and this is all I wear now.

A few more perks:

  • No Roll Waistband
  • No Fly Pouch
  • 360° Silver Fibers
  • Stay Put Legs

Also… check out their EMF-Proof Beanie!

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