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ESI 24 Meter EMF Shielding

Shielded Healing

EMF sucks. If you are a listener of The Life Stylist Podcast you know what I’m talking about. These here are shielding solutions by Shielded Healing that I use and recommend, key gadgets to protect your home and office. The HF Digital meter is the best AFFORDABLE 3 in 1 meter available.
It measures 3 types of EMF SIMULTANEOUSLY and has a higher sensitivity setting for RF that includes sound so you can hear the frequencies. This meter detects at 50 MHz through 10 GHz. This covers FM radio stations, 3G, 4G, and many sub 10 GHz 5G signals.

Simultaneous measurement allows the beginner to understand the nature of the different frequencies much more quickly. The more experienced or knowledgable individual is able to sweep areas for problems much faster without carrying multiple meters.

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