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The Revolutionary Recovery Device


Take Charge of your Recovery today with FlexBeam.

Since the Nobel Prize-winning scientific work of Niels Finsen in 1903, the effects of red light therapy have been well documented in thousands of peer-reviewed studies. NASA developed the technology to make astronauts heal faster. Olympic athletes use it to improve their performance. Until now, red light therapy has been available only to the privileged few. Recharge Health has turned this powerful technology into the world’s first targeted, wearable red light therapy device for easy use anytime, anywhere.

-> Turbocharge your recovery with FlexBeam

-> The Perfect Companion to your Active Lifestyle

-> A Bright New Way to Recover

-> Train Harder. Recover Faster, with FlexBeam

-> Here’s a new way to improve resilience and performance!

-> Powerful: Premium high-energy near-infrared and red LEDs

-> Portable: Light and easy to use, bring it anywhere you go

-> Effective: Delivers targeted dose in a 10 minute session

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