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Hapbee Wearable


I've been relying on a new wearable, Hapbee, and its revolutionary mood-altering signals.

Hapbee lets you mimic the effects of helpful compounds such as caffeine, melatonin, nicotine (as a nootropic), CBD and others — all as simply as tapping a button on your phone and without the drawbacks. No more coffee jitters or melatonin “hangovers”.

What Hapbee’s team has done is they’ve taken molecules like nicotine, caffeine, CBD, alcohol, melatonin and others - and they ran them through a magnetometer. It’s a huge, expensive, highly sensitive machine that can record tiny magnetic fields.

All of these molecules have a unique magnetic signature that they’ve recorded. And what they found, and what I’ve experienced, is that when you turn on those signals, you can feel the desired effect.

You get the mental focus of nicotine, or the alertness of coffee, or you feel relaxed from CBD… but there’s nothing for your body to metabolize. It’s just an electromagnetic signal that mimics the way the actual molecule interacts with your cells.

You can basically treat yourself to an alcoholic drink without the calories, or have an evening cup of coffee without ruining your sleep for the night. It essentially turns all these things you’d normally use to enhance your state of mind into something as easy as picking songs on a playlist. There are signals for every situation.

The technology behind Hapbee is backed by over 15 years of testing for safety and efficacy, with over 380,000+ hours of use over that time.

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