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True K2 Spectrum

Health Natura

Over 1450 mg per bottle!
True K2 Spectrum contains a balanced blend of fully active Trans isomer Mk4 and Mk7. Through our own research at Health Natura we have developed a strict production process that delivers a guaranteed yield of Trans isomer vitamin K2, up to 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Supplement Facts:
Servings per container: 143
Serving size - 10 drops
Mk4 10 mg
Mk7 200 mcg
Total: 10.2 mg

Other ingredients: MCT oil.

1 Drop provides.
Mk4 1 mg *
Mk7 20 mcg *
Total: 1.02 mg

Approximately 1430 drops per bottle.

Starting Materials and Production Process:

  • Mk7 Starting Material: Soy - Soy free by the end of of production; determined by HPLC and Spectrographic testing. See bottom of page for a detailed explanation.
    Production process: A highly complex 17 step process using 3 stages of bacterial fermentation.
  • Mk4 Starting Material: K2(20) side chain natural, from Geraniol.
    Production process: A highly complex 23 step process using 4 stages of bacterial fermentation.

K2-Mk4 Properties and Benefits:

  • Easily Absorbed.
  • Rapidly distributes through the body in 2-4 hours.
  • Has a very short half life in the blood. Only 2-4 hours.
  • Most abundant form in the body.
  • Frequent dosing (2-3 times per day) required for best results.
  • Works best at doses above 10mg per day.
  • The only form active in the nervous system.
  • Helps regulate nerve cell membrane structure through vitamin K dependent proteins.
  • Helps regulate nerve inflammatory response, particularly in the brain.
  • Reduces oxidative stress in the nervous system.
  • MK-4 crosses the placental barrier and may be important in neurological, bone and dental development of the fetus.
  • Human breast milk only contains Mk-4.
  • The most scientifically studied for bone health.

K2-Mk7 Properties and Benefits:

  • Absorbs faster than Mk4.
  • The body can convert Mk7 into Mk4, Mk8, Mk9 and Mk10.
  • Studies have shown that Mk7 supplementation is more effective than Mk4 supplementation at increasing liver Mk4 levels.
  • Fourth most abundant form in the body.
  • Most abundant form in the blood.
  • Has a long half life in the blood of 2-3 days.
  • Low doses (50-500mcg per day) needed to see benefits.
  • Mk7 more effectively activates the carboxylation of osteocalcin and does so in a more stable way.
  • Studies suggest Mk7 may be more effective than Mk4 for bone density and the maintenance of blood calcium.
  • Studies suggest Mk7 may have a more significant impact on reversing arterial sclerosis and arterial stiffness than Mk4.

It took me 4 years of research, searching and rejected samples that didn't pass testing to find this beautiful vitamin K2. I thought finding a K2 would be simple to source, but I was astounded at the shear volume of low quality vitamin K2 on the market to the point I'm convinced this is a systemic problem. Over 90% of the samples tested did not contain any Trans isomer or had significantly less Trans isomer than stated by the manufacturer. The only raw material we accept is 98% or higher in Trans isomer. The second problem common in the industry is stability, or the degradation of the Trans isomer over time. Over 60% of the retail K2 supplements tested had degraded below 50% of the stated label value less than a year after manufacture. So even if the starting K2 concentrate is of high quality, how it is handled during the manufacturing process is VERY important. Through our own research we have developed a strict production process that delivers a guaranteed yield of Trans isomer vitamin K2, up to 3 years from the date of manufacture.

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