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Low Emission & Automatic Sleep Mode Router

Electra Health

The JRS Eco 100 D2 on Asus router is the top-of-the-line wireless router (also features wired ports) that is extremely-low-emissions when compared to and ordinary Wi-Fi router.

Developed in Europe by an electrical engineer to produce the least amount of radiation possible, the JRS Eco 100 on Asus router by Electra Health is an Asus wireless router that has been specially programmed with unique software unavailable anywhere else. 

Ordinary modern Wi-Fi routers transmit wireless radiation signals at least 20 times per second at max power.  Modem/routers provided by Internet service providers are usually even far worse than this!  This subjects you and your family and loved ones to 24/7 constant radiation at high levels, even when you aren't using Wi-Fi devices at all! The JRS Eco 100 D2 solves these problems in 4 ways:

  1. Transmits only 2 times per second instead of 20.
  2. Goes into "sleep" mode when you turn off  the WiFi on your wireless devices or put them into Airplane mode.  The router knows it is no longer needed and completely stops all signals.  Instantly wakes up when you turn a WiFi device back on.
  3. In addition to transmitting way less frequently and being able to go to sleep when not needed, the transmit power is also greatly reduced on the JRS Eco 100 D2.  Can be set to transmit even less depending on the range you require.
  4. Features a physical wireless on/off button to turn off the wireless signal whenever you like.

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