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Ice Baths


The Morozko Forge is the first ice bath in the world to make its own ice! The Filtered Forge uses ozone and microfiltration to maintain crystal-clear waters without harsh chemicals. More powerful than chlorine and bromine, and safer because it consists only of pure oxygen, ozone is terrific for cleaning cold water, which is why it is used in the most advanced drinking water treatment plants in the world.

Some of the hot topics that come up when discussing the Forge are:

  1. Maintain your desired temperature, so you can start at 55 degrees and work your way down to 33, or not!
  2. 2 year warranty on Cold and Filtered Forge, 5 year on Prism
  3. Prism for commercial use and high end customer
  4. Biggest difference between Prism and others is the custom designed stainless steel tub
  5. Cold only has refrigeration, it will make ice but it is not filtered
  6. Filtered and Prism have ozone filtration see article
  7. Currently we are on a 6 week lead time, they are all handcrafted in Phoenix AZ
  8. They can be kept indoors or outdoors

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Use code LUKE500 to receive $500 off Prism Forge model

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