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Neuroplasticity Device


NeuroVizr is a wearable and portable device that uses light and sound to create altered states of consciousness which enrich the brain with it’s multi sensory light/sound brain technology.

The NeuroVizr LED panel produces three simultaneous dimensions of light messaging to create a powerful and a mesmerizing experience. The design is very much unlike conventional “Mind Machine” Brain Entrainment devices, both current and historically, that use goggles/eyeglass frames. This distinct design is an expression of highly specific optometric parameters required to successfully apply so-called MACRO stimulation patterns and movements of the LED light signaling. In simplicity, the horizontal and vertical (H/V) limits must match the H/V of the average human visual field and present a normative binocular vision spectrum. This same H/V parameter set is well-known in Virtual Reality devices and applications. These MACRO LED signal positions and movements are known to affect the autonomic nervous system in relation to either sympathetic excitation or parasympathetic sedation, as well as various cognitive functions such as memory and visual/auditory imagination.

The NeuroVizr is The change maker because it is designed to “exercise” and stimulate the natural adaptive neural capacities of the brain that are characteristic of positive neuroplastic change dynamics.

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