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Wizard Sciences

Olympic RX is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Liposome and proprietary Olympic Blend, developed by Ian Mitchell, to enhance the distribution and absorption of fullerenes and constituent ingredients. The increased "availability" to the body (bioavailability) support enhanced ATP levels by providing antioxidant protection to the mitochondria, resulting in lower system loss and promoting a higher capacity for ATP synthesis.

“Normally you only potentiate 25% to 30% of your muscles when they fire. Your recruitment is about 25% to 30%. If you’re in fight or flight, you can go 80% to 100%. In other words, taking a couple teaspoons of Olympic RX serum every day will give you a massive performance upgrade in the gym. It can more than double your muscle recruitment."

In 2021 an Olympic pole vaulter, Ian from Wizard Sciences worked directly with, saw a 13-17% increase in performance in the course of a year.

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