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Ozone Oils


Fix my Brain Bundle - A combo pack of ozonated oil capsules and Iso-Alpha Brain Health (two month supply) by SimplyO3.

The gut-brain connection is necessary for optimal function. Ozonated oil capsules address gut issues while Iso-Alpha stimulates the vagus nerve and subsequent brain functions (memory, clarity, and speed).

Iso-Alpha is made bioavailable, going into the stomach and reaching receptors immediately recognized by the body. From there, they cause a hormone release that affects the Vagus Nerve. This is a major nerve in the body. It signals to the brain release three important chemicals that may improve your cognitive function.

1. Acetylcholine
2. Norepinephrine
3. Dopamine

Organic Ozone Oil Capsule Pills - Ozone oil capsule pills are for the oral administration of ozone oil.

Ozone oil is created when ozone gas is infused into a base oil, such as Olive Oil. This creates peroxides which are an antiseptic. The peroxides in the oil are claimed to stimulate growth factors. This only affects the areas that it touches.

  • Two month supply per bottle
  • Pure organic ozonated olive oil
  • Known potency of the oil. No guesswork, like competitors. It has standardized practice which gives us the peroxide value (1,200).
  • Ultra pure oil. Certain oils have an inflammatory effect on the body, you want an oil that does not illicit this type of response.
  • Cold technology used to make the oil. This is important because a heated process causes the oil to become somewhat inflammatory. It alters the base oil and creates inflammatory compounds produced by heat.
  • 2x stronger per bottle than competitors (1,200 peroxide value and 1,000mg per serving)

Pure Organic Ozonated Olive Oil - Organic Ozonated Olive Oils are for application on skin and mouth issues

  • At least twice as strong as competitors
  • FREE of solvents, additives, and chemicals. Just purely ozonated olive oil.
  • All three variants are 100% organic
  • Ultra pure organic olive oil made with cold technology - no inflammatory compounds made and highly absorbent
  • Highly stabilized ozonides and peroxides, no guesswork in the strength or longevity
  • Guaranteed results. Don't like it? Just send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

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