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Topical Peptide Supplement


OS-01 is a topical supplement you apply to your face, neck, and hands. It is a proprietary peptide designed to extend your “skinspan” on a molecular level by improving internal markers of skin health and external markers of skin strength.

OS-01 reduces your skin's biological age and improves the skin barrier. OS-01 also increases skin strength on the surface level by optimizing the molecular health of your skin, OS-01 improves the external strength of your skin. Feel and look your best with firmer, smoother, and more hydrated skin.

Just like taking vitamins everyday for general health and immunity, OneSkin’s topical supplement delivers OS-01, a proprietary peptide that extends your skin health (aka your skinspan). Unlike other skincare products that offer short-term solutions (and might even cause long-term damage), they target the root causes of aging on the molecular level for long-term results, and by applying it topically you ensure that the benefits are going where they should be.

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