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Ultimate Shower Filter


The best shower filter on the market today, by far.

  • Doctor recommended for skin and hair health
  • Stop skin itching from dry skin
  • Dual turbo action to do twice the job with no water pressure loss
  • Many companies use carbon and just 2 ounces of KDF. This filter is filled with more than 30 ounces of KDF55 and KDF85 combined, SIR 900 for fluoride reduction and centaur for chloramine removal which makes this the most powerful shower filter ever made
  • Keep your salon color by removing up to 99% of the harmful iron, chlorine and copper from your water
  • Best at contaminate and chlorine removal
  • Activated Catalytic Carbon is used for chloramine removal
  • Easy to replace filter cartridge which lasts up to 12 months.
  • Installs in minutes

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