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Upgraded Minimalist Footwear


Peluva Strands are the ultimate upgrade in minimalist footwear. Think: comfort and function meet style. If you want to walk (or run or jump) effectively and pain free for a lifetime, your feet absolutely need to feel the texture and tilt of the ground you walk on and respond appropriately. Most modern footwear is too cramped and stiff, too cushioned and too high to allow your feet to move as nature intended. Peluva Strands offer the ideal combination of “groundfeel” and minimal cushion, so your feet can sense what's underneath and perform optimally, whether walking long distances on concrete or pavement, hiking in the mountains or a grassy meadow, lifting in the gym, standing at work or going out on the town. Your toes want to move (articulate) individually with every step (as a foot - not as a paw like most shoes force you to do). Peluva’s separate toe compartments serve to relax, realign and strengthen your toes and all the small muscles of your feet with every step, improving strength, mobility and resilience. These are guaranteed to be the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear. And they look great, too!

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