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Whole Home Air Purification


The HypoAir Whole Home Polar Ionizer is an extremely efficient way to purify your entire home. Each unit installs inside your AC system, near the fan blower (in most cases).

Installs inside the HVAC system to cover entire homes. Each unit covers up to 2,400 sq. ft. with no replacement parts for life. Strong biological & particulate (PM2.5) control.

  • Whole Home Coverage: Each unit covers up to 2,400 sq. ft. of home (can be stacked)
  • Sanitize Surfaces: including germs & mold
  • Purify the air: germs, odors,PM2.5, spores, etc.
  • Safe & Hypoallergenic: No chemicals, no deodorizers, no ozone
  • Proprietary Tech: Hypoallergenic Air® Polar Ionization
  • Filterless Simplicity: zero replacement parts, virtually no ongoing maintenance
  • Energy Use: The Whole Home system only requires about $1 of energy per month

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