305. Community Q&A : Spiritual Surrender, Healing Lyme & ADD, Vision Support, Colon Cleansing, & More

Luke Storey

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

It’s time for another Community Q&A show, where I answer questions taken from The Life Stylist Podcast Facebook Group. This week I answer your questions about Lyme disease, eye drops, surrendering, tinnitus, shilajit, and more.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Welcome to another Community Q&A show! All these questions were taken from The Life Stylist Podcast Facebook Group, which I highly encourage you to join so you can submit your questions and likely have them answered on a future episode just like this.

Before we get into it, I always like to remind you that this is not meant to be taken as medical advice. It's always best to check with a professional before making changes to your diet or lifestyle.

What I will be sharing today is a combination of my two decades in the health and wellness field based on my subjective experience and knowledge at this time.

08:06 — Brinn asks: Hi friends! Any tips on staying grounded spiritually during this ridiculous time? I’m a new mom and I find myself worrying about different things that could happen to my daughter as a result of whatever the heck is going on right now (i.e. forced vaccinations, lack of human connection, a masked society, etc)


22:38 — Samantha asks: Hello smart people. I’ve been diagnosed with long term Lyme and am looking for ways or products to help me detox without ingesting supplements (already doing that). Any suggestions? Thanks!


30:46 — Carly asks: Luke referenced eye drops that he used to help his vision when he was having problems with it and I can’t recall what they were. Does anyone know? I’m in need!

  • I was doing some peptide drops from Russia but I found something way better! I fill up an eyedropper with Quinton sea mineral solution. The isotonic version, NOT the hypertonic.
  • This seawater solution is collected from plankton blooms deep in the ocean and purified. It has all the trace elements and minerals essential to all life on earth. Future podcast guest Robert Slovak taught me this trick. He’s a water genius, and we do a deep dive into Quinton minerals. They are also incredible for fertility and many other applications.


38:54 — Erin asks: Does anyone have good info or resources for children with ADD?

  • The most effective natural treatment I’m aware of is neurofeedback. I’ve done a lot of this at Peak Brain Institute in west LA, and you can learn about it on episode 30 with Dr. Andrew Hill. Peak Brain does remote training, and there are other practitioners all over the world. 
  • This modality has been a huge part of my brain healing, including a week-long training I did at 40 Years of Zen, Dave Asprey’s clinic.
  • Neurofeedback is a non-invasive way to retrain your brain to manage brainwaves. You teach your brain to behave the way you want it. Great for PTSD, ADD, ADHD, focus, memory, high performance, and more.

43:05 — Penelope asks: I had a B12 shot at the pharmacy yesterday and usually I feel great after. I feel like they gave me the flu shot instead. The receipt says b12 but this feels really crappy. Has anyone else experienced such a thing?

  • I’ve never had an adverse reaction to injectable nutrients. Bodies are sensitive though, not only to physical molecules but also to energy, and the world is insane at the moment. Could be anything. I wouldn’t blame it on the B12.

45:18 — Maggie asks: Does anyone remember the books Luke often mentions about the concept of "surrender?” 

  • The #1 book on surrender is “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender” by Dr. David R. Hawkins. It’s about learning how to fully experience all emotions without fighting them.
  • The other is called “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer. Amazing book! It’s more of a life story about how surrendering to everything and anything led him on an incredibly successful life mission.
  • I also did a solo show from a live gig at Aspen Shakti on episode 115, where I talked in great detail about my 24-year journey into deep surrender.

58:32 — Elisa asks: What is the best at-home colon cleanse?

  • I’ve been a fan of Gravity Colonics for 20+ years. They are the most thorough, gentle, and natural. 
  • You can get something called a Colema board online at colema.com.
  • There is also a colonic clinic/retreat spot on the big island called Angel Farms, which I went to 20 years ago to detox drugs. It was incredible! Do that, then just do maintenance at home. 

01:05:45 — Stefania asks: Hi! I feel like this group may have the guidance I am looking for. I am deciding on an apartment that has power lines running close behind the bedroom windows and balcony area. Is this dangerous/EMF producing? There are three big power lines close to the windows.

  • Your best bet is to have a building biologist test them. Sometimes they’re really bad, other times not so much.
  • You can test the magnetic field yourself with a tri field meter to get an idea. I have some about 20 feet away from my house and they’re not that bad. 
  • Take the EMF Masterclass to learn all the tricks.

01:09:41 — Tana asks: Does anyone have natural remedies for ringing in the ear?

  • I wish! Everyone, please let me know if you hear of anything.
  • The only solution I have found is to 100% ignore it.

01:12:53 — Caleb asks: Has anyone here supplemented with shilajit as a mineral supplement? 

  • Seems really interesting and I am curious to try it for my mineral supplementation.
  • I’ve been on shilajit for 10 years or so just about every day
  • PristineHydro makes a great powered version
  • Shilajit Powder with Triphala: Shilajit Powder is composed of 84 Organic Plant-Based Minerals, Fulvic, Humic, and Ulmic acids, blended with Triphala, which is one of the most popular herbal remedies in the health food industry that promotes bowel movement. The reason Triphala is added to Shilajit is quite simple since a very common problem for so many individuals is constipation and bowel irregularity.
  • I bought a few kilos of the tar a few years ago from a private source in Siberia, and it lasted me forever.
  • It is said to be a great source of minerals, and even more so fulvic acid.
  • If you want minerals, get some of the Quinton sea mineral solution I mentioned earlier as well. It’s not about how many minerals you eat, but rather what you assimilate. 
  • I prefer plant-based minerals over synthetic, but for magnesium, you can’t beat Magnesium Breakthrough, which has 7 different forms. It’s incredible.

01:17:03 — Bret asks: For those of you not on city water, do you prefer well water or rainwater harvesting? for such reasons as drinking, overall health, bathing (skin, hair), etc?

  • This is a huge topic and could be a whole solo show
  • I would have both types of water tested before considering drinking.
  • Rainwater is full of acids and chemtrails.
  • Well water could have any number of metals or other contaminants.
  • For bathing I would say anything is better than city/tap water, but for drinking, this requires a solid strategy.
  • Listen to the 6 hours I did on water starting on episode 129 with Daniel Vitalis.
  • Download the Ultimate Water Guide at lukestorey.com/129
  • ...or TEXT thewaterguide TO 44222

01:20:41 —Macy asks: Hey gang! Did we ever get to the bottom of a low EMF air purifier? Did a quick group search but looking for some quick clarity. I live in Denver and due to the fires we currently sit at #5 worst air quality in the WORLD! Also, any advice on maintaining good respiratory health is greatly appreciated. The whole household is feeling super blah.

  • Listen to episode 260 where I discuss air filtration.
  • I’ve been working on the air purifier thing for years. It’s so hard to weed through the BS.
  • I have a couple of Austin Air HEPA filters downstairs for big particles.
  • In the bedroom, I only use the Air Doctor which I love! Easy to clean, has an auto mode, and even a blue light button. It filters mold, bacteria, viruses, and more.
  • As for EMF, as long as it doesn’t have Bluetooth or wifi it’s not an issue. I keep mine across the room, way farther than a magnetic or electric field could ever reach.
  • No matter what it is, never keep anything plugged into power near you, especially while sleeping

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[00:00:00] Luke Storey:  I'm Luke Storey. For the past 22 years, I've been relentlessly committed to my deepest passion, designing the ultimate lifestyle based on the most powerful principles of spirituality, health, psychology. The Life Stylist podcast is a show dedicated to sharing my discoveries and the experts behind them with you. Welcome to yet another solo community Q&A show. Now, all these questions were taken from the Lifestyles podcast Facebook group, which I, of course, highly encourage you to join, so you can submit your questions and likely have them answered on a future episode just like this one.

[00:00:44] Here are some of the questions from our lovely group members that I answer on today's episode. How to stay grounded spiritually in uncertain times like these? Well, you can say that again. What to do if you've been diagnosed with Lyme disease facing adverse reactions to vitamin and nutrient injections? Maybe it wasn't that kind of injection. Now, I'm just kidding. We'll get to it. The best natural eye drops to support your vision. Resources to treat children with ADHD.

[00:01:09] My favorite spiritual books on the topic of surrender and how to apply them. The best at-home colon cleanse. How to deal with power lines producing EMF close to your house. Natural remedies for tinnitus or ringing in the ears. The best shilajit supplements, and why? Rainwater harvesting and whether or not to use that water or well water in your home. And finally, the best low EMF air purifier. Now, before I jump in here, I always like to give my disclaimer that states nothing I say today should be taken for medical advice or otherwise. 

[00:01:40] It's always best to check with a professional before making changes to your diet or lifestyle. So, enter at your own risk. Don't sue me later because you put ozone in the wrong place or something. I'm just sharing my experience based on two decades or so of experimentation and optimization on body, mind, and spirit. Now, in addition to the Life Stylist podcast Facebook group, I've got a lot going on Instagram, so I encourage you to follow me over there, @LukeStorey. That's L-U-K-E S-T-O-R-E-Y.

[00:02:12] In fact, if you were following me on Instagram, you'd be watching this right now, hopefully on Instagram Live. And I'm going to say, hey, what's up, Instagram Live. They're there right now. I always like to cross promote. Some people probably watch lives and don't listen to podcast. And you're listening to this podcast and you might not know that I'm a live stream fanatic and I live-stream anything and everything that I do that might be, in any way, educational, inspirational, or at least entertaining.

[00:02:40] Speaking of entertaining, next week's episode, Spiritually Sassy: How to Dance with Your Shadow and Free Yourself from Suffering with my friend, Sah D'Simone. You got to tune in for that episode. It's going to be madness. Sah is a Buddhist meditation spirituality teacher. He's a friend that has lived in New York for a few years and was on the show a couple of years ago. Now, he just moved out to Venice, California, so we've been spending more time together, and why not just record some of that time and make it a podcast?

[00:03:08] And that is, in fact, exactly what we did. And if you subscribe to this show, you'll catch that this coming Tuesday, again, with Sah D'Simone. Okay. Let's go ahead and jump into the questions from the Facebook group. The first one is from Brinn. "Hi, friends. Any tips on staying grounded spiritually during this ridiculous time?" I like how she phrased that. "I'm a new mom and find myself worrying about different things that could happen to my daughter as a result of whatever the heck is going on right now, i.e., forced vaccinations, lack of human connection, a mask society, et cetera."

[00:03:42] So, thanks for the question, Brinn, and thank you for caring about your daughter, and being a great mom. I think that question speaks a lot to your character and what your goals are. And in today's climate, I think staying spiritually grounded is really the only hope we've got. I mean, listen, kale is not going to save us on this one. Green smoothies, it's not enough, or whatever your thing is. Mine would be like great grass-fed beef from Belcampo. 

[00:04:11] Whatever your thing is that you're trying to do for your body, all the biohacking, all that stuff, it's all fun and games, and it's novel and interesting, and it's great to have vitality and longevity in your life, and to feel really good, like hopefully, most of you listening to the show do on an ongoing basis. But the spiritual part of life is all there is to life, in my estimation. So, that's a great question. And in the times that we face right now, it is very difficult because there are so many forces seeking to derail us from our place of centeredness, right? 

[00:04:44] And whether they're doing that on purpose or if it's just inherent to the chaos we see in the world, I find now more than ever, I have to stay committed to my spiritual practices. So, I'm going to give Brinn here some basic advice on how to stay in your spiritual center. The first one, and this is advice, literally, like I'm going to look myself in this camera right here on my webcam, and go, Luke, listen back to this episode and do this shit yourself.

[00:05:09] I'm giving myself advice here. Put a limit on your doom porn exposure. Doom porn being all the bad news that's happening in the world every day. Now, if you're getting your news from mainstream media, I would definitely discourage you from doing that because the level of honesty is so low that you'll be scared of things and be thrown off your game by things, most of the time, that aren't even true. And what I mean by doom porn, that's D-O-O-M, is just people that focus on all of the bad news in the world. 

[00:05:48] And whether that's mainstream or alternative media, it's abundant because there is a lot going on in today's world that is negative and is very click-worthy. But it's that doom porn click bait that really puts us in our limbic system and keeps us in that fight or flight adrenalized state that makes the spiritual practices difficult. So, one thing that I've been implementing myself with probably about 80% success is before I look at anything on my phone, I meditate and do my breath work and my morning routines.

[00:06:25] And then, today, because I had a lot going on, and frankly, it's kind of been an anxiety-riddled day just because of all the things happening in life right now, I actually waited until, God, probably about 4:00 PM before I checked in to see what was going on in the world. And sometimes, even when I do that, I think, what if I was living in the middle of nowhere with no Internet, no TV, no radio, and the world was as it is today, it's like, would I really be missing anything because what am I going to do about masks, and the COVID scam, and social unrest, and all the things that are going on?

[00:07:02] I mean, in my experience, all that one can really do is to elevate their own consciousness, and radiate love, and compassion, and the things that you cultivate within your own spiritual life out into the world. And that is, in fact, the most productive you can be, in many cases. Now, there are people that get into activism and all that stuff, and there's different ways you can spread the love, but my personal method is producing content that's going to educate and uplift people.

[00:07:30] So, do I need to even check in with the news at all? Probably not, because most of the things that I'm upset about and afraid about, I have very little to no control over changing. So, whether or not it's like the side that I agree with that I'm following, and I'm like, yeah, we're right, I'm right, or it's the side that I don't think is right, it doesn't really do me any good in my personal life. So, I would say, Brinn, the first thing to do would be to limit your exposure to the media, whether it be mainstream or alternative, and only do brief check-ins.

[00:08:01] And if you find yourself doing a lot of refreshing and getting that dopamine hit on all of the doomsday prophecy going on, it might be a good idea to limit that. Next one is meditation. There are, of course, thousands of ways to meditate. One of the ways over the years that I found to be most effective was Vedic meditation. And I did that for a good eight years. And now, I find myself, I go through different phases as we go through different levels of development.

[00:08:26] Spiritually, our consciousness aligns with different methods and modalities. For the past year or so, I've been really into the guided meditations of Joe Dispenza, which you can download on his website. And I do those on most days. Also, I have a software app called NuCalm. It's N-U-C-A-L-M. I've done a show on it with a guy named Jim Poole a few months ago. He's going to come back on because they have some new developments I'm really excited about. But NuCalm is an insanely great meditative, restorative software.

[00:09:00] It's called neuroacoustic software. And it puts your brain into Alpha, and then Theta, and takes you into a really relaxed place, even if you're kind of freaked out. So, NuCalm is just absolutely like I don't know what I'd do without it. It's insanely powerful and amazing. The good news about NuCalm is they're introducing a new purchase model, which is based on subscription. NuCalm used to be, I don't know, $4,500 or something, so it was prohibitive to most people. 

[00:09:29] Like most people aren't going to pay that much for an app and some software. But they're launching, probably by the time this comes out, a new model where, I forget what it is exactly, but it's a monthly fee of, say, $40 or something like that, and you're good to go. So, it's turned into a membership thing rather than a one-time purchase. So, I'm really excited about that because it's going to be more accessible for people.

[00:09:51] A similar type of technology, but different because it uses lights and these crazy little goggles that you wear with headphones, is called BrainTap. It also uses sound frequencies to entrain your brain into different states. And that's a really great way to meditate or just change your mood if you so choose to. I've also got something on my wrist right now. For those of you watching the video version of this, it's called the Apollo. Let's see if I can open the app here and show you guys on the video.

[00:10:20] Those that are listening to the podcast, forgive me. It's not going to open because I turn the Bluetooth off, so I can't show it to you. But it's called the Apollo. I did a recent show with a PhD neuroscientist and psychiatrist by the name of Dr. David Rabin, who's the inventor. He spent about six years doing clinical trials and studies on this thing called the Apollo, which is a wristband that vibrates at various frequencies and has the ability, I know this sounds crazy, but it's just true, to literally put you in whatever mood you want to be in.

[00:10:50] So, there's a setting for open and social. There's one for focus for working. There's meditation. There's one to relax. There's one to help you sleep, et cetera. And so, I've got this thing on all the time. And especially when I need to get grounded into my higher self and get down with some deep meditation, I'll often stack a lot of these different things together. I've even put on like multiple pairs of headphones and listen to a Joe Dispenza track while I'm doing the NuCalm with the Apollo on and God knows what else, inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, my OxyHealth chamber in the backyard. 

[00:11:26] So, I do whatever I can to relieve stress and calm my ass down and make sure that I remember who and what I am, which is a spirit traversing this earth, playing in a body of protoplasmic physical body that has been lent to me by creation. And that body might be issued a forced vaccine. This body might be in prison because I talk about the forbidden information on my podcast. I mean, I'm talking about like worst doomsday scenario, right? The body that lives in this country we call the United States of America might be harmed because the country gets overthrown by fascists in little black hoodies.

[00:12:09] Like who knows? You know what I mean? It's funny. In this country, the fascist call themselves anti-fascist. I find that so weird. But anyway, that's another conversation. But all these negative things could happen to the body. But when I stay centered spiritually, then I know that no harm can come to me because what I am is beyond the body. So, any device, or any technology, or anything one can do to align themselves with their higher self, their true self is going to limit their reaction to the world around them and enable one to be able to wear the world like a loose garment. 

[00:12:46] To be in the world, but not of the world. This is the goal. And trust me when I say I'm not perfect at this, but I've been at it for a couple of decades now and it's getting better. I'm getting better at being nonreactive. And what helps are all of these different practices. So, a couple more that would be great for you, I think, Brinn to perhaps explore. I'm sure you've explored some of them already. Another one that you probably haven't explored is called the RASHA, R-A-S-H-A.

[00:13:15] I recently did a recording on that down at Cuixmala and it'll be coming out in the next few weeks. I can't even begin to explain the RASHA because it's so next level. But if you just look it up or find the link in the show notes and do some research, it is an incredible device that is used to elevate consciousness. They are quite expensive and not really even available for the public to purchase. So, most people that own them are private owners that are healers or people that own healing clinics, consciousness clinics, meditation studios, that kind of thing.

[00:13:49] So, the RASHA is definitely something you're going to be hearing a lot about from me because I was really impressed in a couple of sessions that I did. Next one is Kundalini yoga. You can do that online at RA MA TV or Nine Treasures Yoga. And then, breathwork, which is part of the Kundalini yoga tradition, although they don't call it breathwork, it's just one of the many thousands of kriya that are included in the different Kundalini yoga sets. 

[00:14:15] If you want an entry level way to start doing breathwork, Wim Hof has an app you can download, I believe it's called the Innerfire app, and it's a guided breathwork. And I do breath work just about every day. Especially if I'm feeling off my center, if I'm experiencing any kind of waves of depression or anxiety, if I'm not just feeling super happy, grounded, strong in my power, breathwork is a great way to make that happen. Next one is getting outdoors, man, especially getting sun.

[00:14:47] And if you know how to sun-gaze safely, I would recommend sun-gazing at dusk and dawn to balance your neurotransmitters and hormones, and to put you in a really great mood. If your circadian biology is on point, it's much easier to stay grounded spiritually. And while you're at it, when you're outdoors, literally stay grounded. Get yourself some Earth Runners sandals that are grounded sandals or go barefoot if you can do so safely. And it's also really important to be grounded when you are doing your sun-gazing, which again, don't just try to do it, learn how the sun goes, and then do it at dusk and dawn as often as possible.

[00:15:23] But it's really important to stay grounded because there's an electromagnetic reaction between you, your eyes, your skin, the earth, and the sun. And it's best to be grounded because, of course, that's how we've evolved naturally over time. The next one is to avoid blue light at night to help, again, keep your neurotransmitters balanced. You want the perfect balance of melatonin, cortisol, and all of the derivative neurotransmitters that come from those substances in your body.

[00:15:50] And if you're up late at night with a bunch of bright lights on, you are going to jack up your mood big time, not to mention your sleep. Next, focus on gut health for the same reason. And then, finally, and certainly, not the least in terms of priority, would be making quality sleep your number one job. A couple of things I do to help facilitate that is I use a thing called the OOLER. They also have a device called the chiliPAD, which keeps the mattress underneath you cold and helps you sleep deeper. 

[00:16:22] And then, also, tracking your sleep with the Oura Ring. And I find this to be really useful because I've been able to gamify my sleep and I'm in like a competition with myself, and sometimes, with my biohacking nerd friends to see who can get the highest score. So, it's like turning your sleep into a video game. That's with the Oura Ring. I would recommend, however, if you use the Oura Ring to definitely keep it on airplane mode while you're sleeping, because its connectivity does use Bluetooth, but you don't have to have it on to collect the data. 

[00:16:52] So, you can turn the Bluetooth off, wear the ring when you go to sleep, wake up in the morning, put it back on the charger, and then you can sync it to your phone to get your data. And that's going to show you how much deep sleep, how much REM sleep, sleep onset, restfulness, optimal times to go to bed, your temperature, your HRV or heart rate variability. All that kind of stuff is going to be given to you by the Oura Ring. So, that's a couple of tips on how to get sleep. 

[00:17:15] But whatever you do, make the room cold, make the room super dark, don't use your devices after 8:00 PM or after dark. Start to read, wind down, make love, get some cuddles. Do all the things that relax your nervous system and prepare you to get good sleep. And that is the best way to set the foundation for your spiritual practices. Spiritual practices in my experience are much, much harder to keep up with and it's much harder to go deep when you're sleep-deprived, and not resting and restoring your mind and body.

[00:17:53] Okay. Next question from Samantha. She says, "Hello, smart people." And I love that she thinks people in the group are smart. Many of them are. That's why sometimes I go to answer these questions and I just skip certain ones because they've been answered so expertly by the people in the Life Stylist podcast Facebook group. So, she says, "I've been diagnosed with long-term Lyme and I'm looking for ways or products to help me detox without ingesting supplements.

[00:18:20] I'm already doing that. Any suggestions? Thanks." Samantha, first off, my heart goes out to you. My mom has had what we think is Lyme for a long, long time. It's sometimes difficult to diagnose, but it has definitely been an absolute hindrance on her life and something I've been helping her work on for quite a while. And it's a tough one. I mean, I meet people sometimes here and there, out in the field that have had Lyme and have gotten rid of it.

[00:18:45] But the people that have gotten rid of it completely are usually ones that caught it pretty quick. So, if you've had it for a long time, as you've indicated in your question, I'm not going to put into your consciousness that it's going to be harder, I'm just saying like I feel for you because Lyme is gnarly. It's really difficult for some people to overcome completely. Based on all the years I've been doing this and all the research I've done for my own dear mother is energy medicine.

[00:19:13] And the first thing that comes to mind is something called the AmpCoil, which you can learn about at depth on episode 98 and 173 of this very podcast. I'm going to be doing another episode on the AmpCoil soon because the last ones I did were a couple of years ago, and the technology has advanced further, and they're helping even more people with Lyme. Now, they're not cheap. Last I checked, they were a few thousand dollars. So, if you can't afford one, definitely find a practitioner, or private person, or healer in your area that has one.

[00:19:43] If I had Lyme right now, that's the first thing I would do, is I would find an AmpCoil and I would start using it every single freaking day and do all of the Lyme protocol. And I've met many people personally face-to-face that had long-term Lyme, tried everything, nothing worked. They started using the AmpCoil and they fixed it straight up. Like I've asked people like one on one when I used to go to the AmpCoil summits up in Tahoe. I mean, there would be people getting up on stage constantly talking about how they got rid of their line with the AmpCoil specifically. 

[00:20:19] And I would go up to them afterward, and be like, did you really? What happened? And they'd tell me their whole story. And it's like, goddamn, this thing works. And essentially, the way it works is through PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic frequencies. It's a Tesla coil, essentially, that's connected to an amplifier, which connects to a tablet that has a number of different software programs on it. And within the software programs are different frequencies that neutralize pathogens in your body, especially when they are transmitted through your body on a cellular level, using the toroidal field of the pulsed electromagnetic frequency or pulse electromagnetic field using the PEMF.

[00:21:01] So, they take different Rife frequencies made famous and some discovered by Royal Rife. Many people know them as Rife frequencies. And the AmpCoil delivers them through your body, your bones, every organ, et cetera, using that high-powered amplifier and the magnet. So, it's pretty magical stuff. Next recommendation would be to looking to go into Dr. Rashid Buttar's clinic in North Carolina. I was just in Mexico with Dr. Rashid for a week hanging out doing another podcast, which will come out soon.

[00:21:28] And he was telling me that they have a lot of success with Lyme in his clinic. He told me that personally. And I have a friend that has cancer right now, unfortunately, and he's considering seriously going to that clinic as well. It's one of the most cutting-edge alternative clinics in the world and it just happens to be in the US, which is really cool. Next one you might want to look up is Dr. Frank Shallenberger. He's got a clinic up in Reno. 

[00:21:52] And Shallenberger has done a lot of work with ozone. He's a pioneer in ozone therapy and treats a lot of people with Lyme. The other one is Dr. Klinghardt. Dr. Klinghardt is, I believe, based in Canada. Don't quote me on that. But he's world-renowned as someone who is the go-to guy to help people heal that are seemingly unhealable. However, from my understanding, it's difficult to get a spot with Klinghardt because he's so highly sought after, and so popular, and world-renowned.

[00:22:28] But he's one of the people that I would definitely at least start to study if you have Lyme, because he's really made a lot of headway with it. One thing I know about him is that he won't even start to work with someone until they have shielded their bedroom of all EMF. So, over his many years as a clinician, he discovered that he would be working with people, he tried everything that would normally work for him to heal someone of all kinds of different things that are supposedly incurable, and then he would discover that they had really high EMF levels in their home. 

[00:23:02] And so, he would eventually cease working with people that wouldn't first be willing and able to fix the EMF in their life. So, I'm going to give you that advice, Samantha, to definitely look into the levels of EMF in your home. Mold is also something that is often hand in hand with Lyme. Sometimes, they're often mistaken for one another. Some will think they have Lyme and it's actually mold exposure and vice versa. So, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Frank Shallenberger, and Dr. Klinghardt are people that are all very cutting-edge and knowledgeable of all these different pathogens and alternative modalities with which to heal them.

[00:23:44] And then, again, I'm going to give a shoutout to the RASHA. Again, difficult maybe to get one yourself, but you might be able to find a practitioner or owner of the RASHA. And the website for the RASHA will, of course, be in the show notes. And I'll probably link to it on my site soon when I do the episode with its inventor, Dr. Jere Rivera. The RASHA is incredible. I mean, if you look on their Instagram right now, it says reversing autoimmune, Lyme, Alzheimer's, autism, cancer. Like it says that on their Instagram. 

[00:24:17] And if you know anything about the FDA and making medical claims, people are very hesitant to make medical claims. And I don't know if it says, treat, heal what verbiage they use exactly, but I've heard, like the AmpCoil, anecdotally, many stories of the RASHA having incredible results with people with all sorts of different issues. And another thing I'll add about Dr. Rashid Buttar's clinic in North Carolina is they now have a RASHA machine there.

[00:24:47] And Rashid told me that they use it in their practice for just about everyone that comes there ill, especially people with cancer. I didn't ask him about if they use it with Lyme, but I'm guessing they probably do because like the AmpCoil, and the biocharger, and some of these frequency or energy medicine devices, one thing that the RASHA does is transmits different healing frequencies into your body using a scalar field, or magnetic field, or inert noble gases in what's called a plasma chamber, really geeky stuff.

[00:25:22] But this is all going back to Nikola Tesla Technology, suppressed technologies. These are devices and modalities that the medical establishment does not want you to know about, because if they work, they're out of business. You know what I'm saying? If you get healed by energy medicine, you don't need drugs anymore, and that's a really bad business model for Big Pharma. Every time I talk about Big Pharma, I'm thinking, man, they're going to kick me off the internet, but it's just true. 

[00:25:50] I'm going to go down fighting, man. I'm going to go down espousing what I believe to be true at any given moment. So, that's what I would recommend for our dear friend, Samantha, with the Lyme issue. Next up is Carly. And Carly says, "Luke referenced eyedrops that he used to help his vision when he was having problems with it, and I can't recall what they were. Does anyone know? I'm in need." Yes, Carly. I was doing some Russian peptide drops in my eyes. I don't have the name in front of me, because on the bottle, it's in Russian.

[00:26:21] And although I am maybe one-eighth Russian, I don't speak or read the language. I found out about them from one of my peptide geek friends, and I was able to find some of these drops on eBay, and they did help a lot. Now, I know that's not helping you, but hold tight, I will. Because they were from eBay, I felt a little bit sketchy about them. When you're putting something in your eyes, it's not like you want to experiment with some bootleg shit.

[00:26:46] So, I mean, they helped my eyes, they felt great, but they were also kind of expensive and difficult to really vet the sellers on eBay of these Russian peptide eyedrops. However, when I was recently again at Cuixmala, I was there with Dr. Buttar, Dr. Jere from the RASHA, and also, Dr. Robert Slovak, and Slovak is the guy that brought Quinton Minerals, Quinton Sea Minerals to the US. They were invented by a man named Quinton who was French.

[00:27:18] And these are a diluted and purified sea mineral solution. And Robert Slovak, who, of course, is coming on the show soon. Well, he's been on the show. His episode is coming out soon. We talked all about water and water purification filters, RO, distillation, bottled water, plastic, deuterium, hydrogen, all the things. It's like going to be the be-all, end-all of water shows. But we were talking a lot about the Quinton minerals and they are just absolutely insanely cool.

[00:27:50] I'll get back to the eyes, by the way. He was telling me of one study they did, where they, and I know this is kind of sad, but it was an animal study, and they essentially, I forget if it was a dog or a pig, bled the animal out, not hurting it, not like torturing the animal, but just basically started to do a transfusion, and they took all of the blood out of the animal and replaced it with the Quinton Sea Mineral solution, the isotonic version, which is the one that's got the salt removed from it, et cetera, and that animal lived with this isotonic solution, replacing its blood.

[00:28:31] I mean, it's insane. So, what it is, is really a sea plasma, which is why they did. I'm not making the claim that you should do this, but my point is that it's incredibly bioavailable. And like not, but I'm thinking biodynamic. What's the word I'm looking for? Bioidentical. Like with bioidentical hormones. Well, Quinton Sea Minerals are bioidentical to your body. And so, any fluids in your body from blood to tears would be able to coexist, if not be replaced, by this isotonic version.

[00:29:13] And again, this is not the hypertonic version of Quinton Sea Minerals, which is very salty and would act in your eye just like ocean water would. Meaning, it would sting. It wouldn't likely hurt you, but I'm not signing up for it. You can find the Quinton Sea Minerals, which are not meant for your eyes, by the way. You drink it. You can find it at lukestorey.com/store. And what this stuff is, is a seawater solution that's collected from plankton blooms deep in the ocean, and then purified. 

[00:29:43] So, it has all of the trace elements and minerals essentially, frankly, to all life on Earth. And our future podcast guest, Robert Slovak, is the one that taught me this trick, just like privately, because I saw him, and my eyes hurt, they get so dry, and he's like, oh, dude, I got you. And I swear to God, it's insane. So, I just got a big bottle of VISINE, and I emptied out all the toxic VISINE, and I sucked up a bunch of these Quinton minerals, the isotonic version.

[00:30:09] And now, I use that as eyedrops. And I turned it on to my brother, Cody Allen Storey, you can follow him on Instagram, Cody Alan Storey, my younger brother, and he's had a lot of problems with his eyes since he did LASIK. They're always dry, used to walk around with these eye drops. He's putting them in every five minutes. He's a hot mess. So, I gave him a bottle, and two days later, I was like, dude, how are your eyes? He's like, oh, my God, my eyes aren't dry anymore.

[00:30:30] So, this is my new thing. I'm totally into this. And it's completely safe, and amazing, and awesome, and affordable, and it's just insane. So, Robert Slovak's episode where you can learn about the Quinton minerals is going to be number 313, and that is published November 3, 2020. He's an absolute water genius and we do a deep dive into the Quinton minerals for their ability to assist with fertility and tons of other applications. And it's a very well-studied supplement.

[00:31:02] It's not snake oil. It's real stuff. I mean, it's absolutely incredible. And it turns out, one of the applications is putting it in your eyes and you can also use it as a nasal spray, too, which I haven't gotten around to yet. But I did try it just by dropping the little—it comes in a little glass ampule that you click the tip off on one end. And normally, you would put it over your mouth. You click the tip off the other end and it drains into your mouth.

[00:31:28] But also, there's a way to get it into your nose, too, if you have sinus problems and things like that. So, I've done that a few times, but I have to figure out a way to empty out a couple of those bottles into a nasal sprayer so I can start using it that way. It's just rad stuff. And your body absolutely loves it because it's the most primordial substance on Earth. Literally, the plankton blooms in the water they're in, that sea plasma is where all life on earth originated from.

[00:31:56] So, your body just goes, yes, where have you been all my life? The long and short of it is that those minerals used to be in our soil because the earth used to be covered by the ocean, and many, if not most places, at different times, and those minerals were deposited, and they then became part of the food chain. But because we've ruined the soil, we don't get those minerals anymore, and the Quinton minerals is where you get them. So, that's my Quinton spiel.

[00:32:23] And I've been into this stuff for years. I was just like, it makes sense. I read a little bit about it. And once I talked to Robert, I'm like, oh, damn, this is an everyday thing for the rest of my life. It's just absolutely fantastic. Okay. A little sip of my livespringwater.com and I put some, what did I do? Magnesium bicarbonate from PristineHydro. That's what I'm drinking here, for the record, those of you watching the video. Alright. Let's see how we're doing on time here. Alright. We're 33 minutes in.

[00:32:57] And so, we should be about right. I like to keep these in an hour. So, that's an indication to me that I'm going to have to speed this up a little bit. Next question is from Erin. She says, "Does anyone have good info or resources for children with ADD?" In fact, Erin, I do. And the most effective natural treatment I'm aware of is called neurofeedback. And I've done a lot of this training myself to help, actually, with my focus. I've never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, but I have had issues with my brain over the years for a number of different reasons, EMF exposure, drug abuse early in life, et cetera.

[00:33:35] But I did a couple of years stint going to the Peak Brain Institute in West LA. And you can learn all about that on a podcast episode number 30, way back in the day that I did with Dr. Andrew Hill, PhD., who's a neuroscientist, and the founder of Peak Brain Institute, and one of the foremost experts in the world on neurofeedback. So, I would look up Peak Brain for sure. They do remote training where they ship you the equipment, teach you how to do it at home, et cetera.

[00:34:05] You could do that for your kid, assuming that it's your kid you're speaking of. And there are also other practitioners of neurofeedback all over the world, and many of them are great. I just personally have limited my experience to Dr. Andrew Hill. So, he's the one that I would trust and definitely get recommendations, if not treatment from. This modality has actually been a huge part of my healing over the years, including a week-long training I did at something called 40 Years of Zen, which is Dave Asprey's clinic when it used to be in Sedona. 

[00:34:36] It was at a neurofeedback clinic there called Biocybernaut. And he took it over for a period of years. They had two locations, actually. I think one was in Vancouver and one in Sedona. And Dave developed a very special training there to up the level of alpha brain waves that you produce, hence giving you the experience of a 40-year zen meditator in one week. And so, I went and did that a few years back, and it was incredible. Now, Dave has opened up his own clinic apart from the Biocybernaut clinic, and that, I believe, is in or around Seattle, Washington, in the USA, and it is still called 40 Years of Zen. 

[00:35:16] But from what I understand, he's taken it to the next level and has integrated supplementation and all sorts of other modalities that help your brain. So, if I was a parent with a kid right now that had ADD, I would be calling Dr. Andrew Hill immediately. And then, probably, if I had the cash, last I checked, it was around 15 grand for 40 Years of Zen for a week, but I would throw my kid in there real quick. That would be my personal choice if I had to make that decision.

[00:35:47] And just a little background on neurofeedback. And again, go back and listen to number 30, but it's a non-invasive way to retrain your brain to manage brain waves. So, to increase certain brain waves at certain times and to decrease other brain waves. So, you essentially teach your brain how to behave like you want it to by getting hooked up to all these electrodes that read your brainwaves, and then essentially doing what looks from the outside, like watching a video game. 

[00:36:15] That's almost what neurofeedback is. So, there's a visual stimuli that you're paying attention to that then causes your brain and your brain waves to respond in a certain way. And that feedback, that biofeedback mechanism is what teaches your brain to up-level or down-level certain brain waves. And that's how it has such a profound effect on not only ADD and ADHD, but is also extremely effective for PTSD. In fact, it's one of the most effective things for PTSD, especially for veterans.

[00:36:48] Many veterans have used and continue to use neurofeedback as a means by which to recover from that post-traumatic stress disorder. It's also great for mood, memory, focus, and just high performance, which is why I was doing it. The first rounds of neurofeedback I did at Peak Brain LA improved my sleep scores by like 40%. I mean, it's insane. It's a very, very cool and very well-studied and valid alternative therapy. So I'd look into that. Next question is from Penelope.

[00:37:19] This is a funny one, kind of, not really because Penelope suffered, but just the way she worded it. She said, "I had a B12 shot at the pharmacy yesterday and I usually feel great afterward. I feel like they gave me a flu shot instead." I'm like, oh, my God, I don't even want to know what a flu shot feels like, but I bet it feels horrible. And she said, "The receipt says B12, but this feels really crappy, anyone else experienced such a thing?" And so, my answer to this is kind of a non-answer.

[00:37:47] I'm just like, wow, that sucks, first off. And I've never had any adverse reaction to injectable nutrients, with the exception of doing NAD IVs at NextHealth here in LA. And it's not adverse in the sense that I feel sick or feel like crap, as Penelope has indicated, but when you get an NAD IV, it can really cause your stomach to kind of cramp up. It's a lot of energy for your body to take on all at once. But other than that, I've never had an adverse reaction to any injectable nutrients, whatsoever.

[00:38:21] So, I can't speak to that. Even when I do my own NAD subcutaneous injections, meaning that I shoot it in my abundant belly fat about five days a week, that will sting a little bit, but it never makes me feel sick or anything like that. So, I've not had that happen. But I will say that every human body is extremely sensitive and we're not only made up of physical molecules, but also energy, and the energy that comprises all the molecules that make up the protoplasm that we call a body.

[00:38:54] And the world is completely insane at the moment. So, there are energetics of astrological influences, where the moon is at one given time, where you might be in your cycle, where your hormones are, where your neurotransmitters are, something that you ate, mild food poisoning, dysbiosis in your gut. So, just because this seemed to be triggered by getting a B12 shot doesn't necessarily mean that it was an adverse reaction to the shot. There's just too many variables.

[00:39:22] And with that, in closing, I'll say, thank God you were smart enough to not voluntarily get a flu shot. Next question is from Maggie. Looks like we have a lot of females in the group. There's a Caleb and a Brett, no, it's a Bret with one T, that might be a female, but it looks like it's ladies night or, yeah, it's night here. It's ladies night tonight. So, here we go. Maggie says, "Does anyone remember the books Luke often mentions about the concept of surrender?" 

[00:39:50] And man, if there's one thing in my life that has changed the game more than anything, it is learning about and applying the spiritual principle of surrender. I did it about 180 times already today before even getting on the microphone here. And one of the things that I had to surrender to was that I had a deadline for this particular solo show and I was not in a head space to be like happy podcast host guy at all today, and I just had to surrender to the fact that this has got to get done or you're going to make other people's lives difficult. 

[00:40:24] With people, my producers that Crate Media. When I don't make my deadlines, there's a whole cascade shit storm, domino effect that affects other people negatively, and I don't want that to happen. So, even though I didn't feel like doing this today, I had to surrender to the reality that it had to get done or the consequences were going to be consequences that are affecting other people. So, here we are. And of course, as it turned out, like every time I surrender to something, it turned out better than I thought it would.

[00:40:48] And I'm having a great time. It's been the best thing I've done for my mood all day to actually sit down, and look at these questions, and do my best to be of service to the listeners to this podcast. So, surrender to me before I get onto the two books looks a little something like this because many people hear surrender and they think that you're going to be a doormat, or become passive, or be Pollyanna and pretend like there's no problems, or that if there are, there aren't any valid solutions to those problems, et cetera.

[00:41:18] It feels non-proactive, especially to your more yang energy folks, right? To me, surrender is acknowledging that the circumstance I find myself in at any given moment is not the one I would have chosen. It's not desirable. But rather than going into a negative emotional state and becoming stuck in that, I surrender in so much as I acknowledge that here is where I am, but also, that if I don't apply negativity to the situation that I found myself in, I'm going to be empowered to make incremental changes.

[00:42:01] So, it's like if I walk out in front of my house right now, and I try to start my car, and the battery's dead, surrender doesn't mean that I just lie down on the sidewalk in the mud, and just lie there and cry, and not do anything about the dead battery. Surrender means, as I notice the battery is dead and I see that frustration, that fear, that anger that I'm going to miss an appointment, it's going to cost me money, whatever it is that the mind is going to present to fight that situation that I've become aware of that tendency because the mind has a negativity bias, so it's always looking for the pain.

[00:42:41] Man, the mind loves pain because it loves to chew on something just like a pit bull loves to chew on a piece of rope. It's just what the mind does. It wants to find something wrong and obsess about it. So, surrender to me in that moment would look like, okay, battery's dead. It is what it is. I'm going to just breathe and just pray a prayer of surrender into acceptance of the current circumstance. And then, I'm going to surrender into the next indicated step using the power of surrender and the power of acceptance to get me to the next step, which is looking at, did I turn the lights on, finding my AAA card, whatever it happens to be. 

[00:43:22] It's not about just sitting there and accepting a situation that is harmful to me or less than something I would desire. It's about going, okay, this is where we are, accepted, noted, I surrender, what's next? And that's really, I would say, kind of a vapid example of that, and that like, big deal, your battery's dead. I'm talking about, I have cancer, or my kid died, or I was injured in a war, something that really, really affects you fundamentally and changes your whole life.

[00:43:54] But the thing about it is, is I've been through a lot of shit in my life, especially earlier on, and surrender is the only thing that got me out of it. So, surrender as a spiritual principle is the key to all enlightenment and the key to all self-realization. Because when we surrender, it enables us to access our own humility, and understand our limitations, and also, to embrace our power and become empowered by the acknowledgement of what we can and cannot do.

[00:44:23] It's kind of the basis of The Serenity Prayer, right? Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. What is it? Goddammit, I said this thing like every morning for 20 years. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. That, to me, is an embodiment of surrender. So, back to the books, Maggie, thank you for asking something that I'm super pumped about.

[00:44:51] The number one book on surrender in my library is called Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by Dr. David R. Hawkins. I'm going to be doing a show. I can't do a show with David Hawkins because he has left that body a number of years ago. Luckily, I was able to go see him speak a couple of times, actually saw his last public talk before he passed on. But I'm going to be interviewing someone from a company called Focused Life Force Energy, flfe.com, who happens to be one of the foremost experts on not only Dr. David R. Hawkins' work, but also, on his modality of collaboration called kinesiology, which I'm sure some of you are familiar with.

[00:45:30] But Dr Hawkins was famous for using kinesiology for consciousness research, not in the physical realm, to determine whether or not this particular vitamin is good for you. It's more like, is this spiritual teaching or concept valid? And if so, how valid is it? So, that work to me just was so instrumental in my life. And most of David Hawkins' written work was really deep and really complex. And most of his books, with the exception of this one called Letting Go, were one, two, three-year reads.

[00:46:03] I mean, I would have to just take a sentence at a time and just really ponder it and mull it over in order to grasp the depth of his teachings. It was a lot for me to understand. As I became more familiar with his work, it got easier. And now, I go back and read his books, and I'm like, oh, yeah, duh, of course, I get it now. But it took some undoing a lot of my old ideas and a lot of open-mindedness into embracing his really non-dual Vedic, mostly perspective on life and spirituality.

[00:46:36] However, shortly before he died, he penned this book, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, and it's written in the most basic, simplistic terms imaginable. It's like, I think, a 12 or 13-year-old could read this book, and understand it, and be able to apply it. And it's really about learning how to fully experience all emotions, sensations, feelings in your body, in your heart, in your spirit, in your mind without resisting them. So, it's an instruction manual on how to contextualize and embrace emotions that we might perceive to be negative or unpleasurable, uncomfortable, et cetera.

[00:47:17] And it really is one of the most powerful spiritual books I've ever read in my life due to its simplicity, and to the potency and depth of its message. Because what it essentially is informing us is that it's the resistance to what we perceive to be pain or negativity that causes it to persist. And by spiritually bypassing those lessons and those experiences, we actually build patterns that facilitate the repetition of those negative feelings and experiences.

[00:47:51] So, if we don't go through that experience, which we find to be challenging, we're inviting it to be part of our life experience from here on out. And so, that book is so critical, in my opinion, for anyone that wants to learn how to walk through the shadow and to walk through discomfort with grace and even go so far as to say a sense of humor, which to me, a sense of humor equates to humility. Do you ever meet anyone that's very serious? You know that they're very invested in their ego, something I learned years ago.

[00:48:27] And think about people in your life right now. Just think of someone who's really serious, they're just enshrined in ego, and that's not a judgment. Like, oh, I'm not because I'm so light and funny. I was very serious for a very long time because I lacked humility. I lacked the ability to acknowledge my own shortcomings and my own frailty, and frankly, as a human being on Earth, my own stupidity, you know what I mean? As brilliant as any of us are, we're still limited by the human intellect.

[00:48:54] And so, that book is just a great synopsis of what it means to be a conscious human being and how to overcome difficulties with the least amount of fight. The other amazing and very different book that I have in my library is called The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer. And this is an amazing book, but much different because it's really a memoir, or a parable, or life story about how this man started surrendering to anything and everything in his life, and it led him on this incredible mission of success in every way measurable.

[00:49:37] And so, it's just a great living example of what happens. That's why he calls it the surrender experiment, because anything and everything that was coming at him, it is just some incredible adversity, he just did this experiment where he went, I'm going to surrender to everything all the time. And this book is about how, as he surrendered, magic entered his life. And he was able to manifest the most incredible levels of success in all compartments of life. Love, relationships, career, creativity, became a best-selling author, et cetera, and it is just an incredible read.

[00:50:15] And a couple of years ago, I listened to the audio book. This is maybe going back three years or so. And I had a situation in which I was having a hard time surrendering because I was in Colorado to do a gig in Aspen, this place called Aspen Shakti, and I stopped to visit my dad. And I believe what happened was, I was out foraging some food, and I came across these abandoned beehives, and I got out a bunch of—what do they call that stuff? It's called bee bread.

[00:50:46] And basically, it's like this protein that's left over after the bees leave a hive. And so, I was eating all this bee bread because I was like, score, I just got free bee bread, and then I got really, really sick. I mean, like deathly ill for the whole week I was there, including the night I did this talk at Aspen Shakti. And I think in hindsight, what had happened was that bee colony had probably collapsed due to glyphosate poisoning from nearby farms.

[00:51:18] And what happens then is a colony either collapses or they just get disoriented, and they leave, and they go infect other hives, and collapse those. It's just part of the glyphosate disaster we have on Earth. Glyphosate is also known as Roundup. But there's no way I would have gotten that sick just from living my life. It was like the flu on steroids times a thousand. So, here I am in Colorado. I'm Captain Surrender. I mean, this is the way I live my life, is surrender and acceptance for years, and years, and years.

[00:51:47] At this point, it was probably 18 years I had been living in that way. And I'm sick and I have a gig. And so, I went and did this talk at Aspen Shakti, which I ended up airing on the show on Episode 115, and I talked for probably a 90-minute talk, maybe two hours about my, at that time, 18, 19-year journey deep into the surrender process, and that's what that whole episode was about. So, there you go, Maggie, with a couple of great books on surrender, my personal perspective and experience with it, and also, a podcast you can go refer to, if anything, that I shared about my relationship with surrender resonated with you.

[00:52:27] Again, that was Episode 115. And for everyone listening or watching on YouTube, anything and everything I mention on any Life Stylist podcast episode can be found in the show notes on your podcast player or at lukestorey.com. And next up, let's take a question from Alisa. She said, "What is the best at-home colon cleanse?" Now, I've been a fan of colonics for 20-plus years. The kind that I prefer is called a Gravity colonic or a Colema Board because they're the most thorough, gentle and natural. 

[00:53:01] Get in a colonic where someone sticks a water hose up your ass with that kind of pressure, I don't find to be very comfortable. It might get rid of a lot of putrid fecal matter, et cetera, that's stuck in your guts, but I prefer a more slow, gentle approach. But I will say that colonics, in general, were a huge part of my initial detox process when I got sober in the '90s.

[00:53:27] And I mean, it would be like a six-hour show to even tell you about all the shit I used to put in my body, and it's not necessary to do so. Just know that all I did was inhale, and ingest, and put in my body poison for a good, solid 10 years from 16 to 26, and even as a kid, even younger than that, but there was a two-year break. And so, when I cleaned up my act, and got into health and wellness, and what we now call biohacking, colonics were really popular as a means by which to detoxify yourself.

[00:54:00] Now, some people don't like them because they have the capacity to wash all of the healthy bacteria out of your colon, et cetera, blah, blah, blah, but I'm still a fan. I'm into it just because of the effect it had on my life. Specifically, what I did is I went to a clinic/retreat on the big island in Hawaii called Angel Farms, and I looked it up to do the show notes for this episode, and goddammit, Cindy Sellers at Angel Farms, what's up, Cindy, is still there after all these years.

[00:54:31] I went there like 20 years ago, I think, angelfarms.com. And it was incredible. You eat just soups and smoothies, and you do this Colema Board-style colonic, although she has a special system set up, and there's herbs, and ozone in the water, and probiotics. And I mean, she's like the colonic queen of the universe. It's just next level. And while I was there, I had some very strange things come out of my body, man, like I always joke, like old, like little matchbox cars I ate when I was a kid, but it's like really old stuff. 

[00:55:10] You know when they catch a shark in the ocean and they cut it open, it has a shopping cart and like a truck tire in there? That's the kind of stuff that will come out of you when you start doing these gravity-fed colonics because you're on that board for two or three hours a day. And it's so gentle and it's so incremental, and it really took me about 12 days to get to the end of the colon because you have the, I think it's, I forget what they are, the inverse, transverse, whatever, it's basically shaped like an upside-down U, right? 

[00:55:37] So, you have the end of your colon that comes out of your anus, and then it goes up and it curls, and curls, and curls, goes across, and then goes down, and basically, it's where your other eliminatory organs drop this stuff into. And I know I'm like not doing a great job of explaining that scientifically. Point being is you have some odd 35 feet of colon or whatever it is, and just doing a colonic with the water hose technique only gets to the first few feet. And so, you're like, wow, I feel so light, and free, and so clean, and I'm detoxed, you're not really because it takes a long, long time to get through all of the different layers of impacted matter in there.

[00:56:17] And if you've got polyps or anything weird going on like that, it can be quite a journey. And so, when I was at Angel Farms, so funny, man, I went there by myself, it was like a two-week trip on the big island. It was one of the coolest trips in my whole life because I just went totally alone. I didn't have a cell phone. I think I had a map in the car and I would just use it to go explore after I'd go do my two-hour drain'o sessions with Cindy at Angel Farms.

[00:56:45] But what was really crazy there is the way they did it at that time is you laid on this, essentially what's called Colema Board, and to answer Alisa's question more specifically, I have one here at the house, I haven't used it in a long time because I'm just lazy. But you can get one at colema.com. That's C-O-L-E-M-A. I don't have any affiliation, but I'll put it in the show notes anyway. But Colema Boards are what you want, just trust me. 

[00:57:10] But anyway, when you use a Kalima board or the way that they had their custom boards set up at Angel Farms is you sit there and you kind of just drain very gently. It's not terribly uncomfortable. I mean, I wouldn't say that it's pleasant. I wouldn't choose to do it. It's probably why mine's been in my garage for like six years. But if you want to heal and detox, it's amazing. But what was crazy is that many of the people there would—you don't empty the tank, so all the water goes in and out of you, and then whatever critters and stuff come out of you sit in the tank, and then Cindy would come poke around with like a long wooden stick and like tell you what kind of parasites you had and stuff.

[00:57:51] And I know this sounds disgusting, and it is, but it's also really cool, some of the people would expel these things that were like goddamn garden snakes. I mean, just these huge coiled up parasites, just the gnarliest alien creatures out of their bungholes, and they'd be like, yo, guess what I passed today? And we would all go into their little cubicle room and look at the crazy stuff that came out of them. And that's when I became a believer in colonics, especially the way she did it because of the ozone and the herbs that would actually help facilitate the Joseline Lose of these freeloaders in your colon.

[00:58:34] So, I thought that was really cool. Now, I just had weird black stuff come out of me. It was probably God knows what drugs or weird shit I put in my body over all those years, but it was pretty cool to go in those rooms. I mean, you almost puked, but still, it was pretty cool to be like, wow, what if you never came here and got that cobra out of your butt? You would have been walking around with that thing for the next 80 years or whatever. And that can cause a lot of problems, needless to say.

[00:59:01] So, to summarize Alisa's question, Colema Boards, or get to a place like Angel Farm, or even just do a web search where you live. I don't use the G word anymore because they're evil like empire. But do a web search of Gravity colonics near your zip code or where you live and you can probably find a practitioner unless you live like in a really small, remote town that's not that progressive. But I found a place in the valley in LA. I don't recall the name of it offhand. I'm sorry. 

[00:59:34] But you'll find the same one I found if you just search like Gravity colonics, Los Angeles, like they'll come up. It's a very specific way of doing it or you get a Colema Board, and a five-gallon bucket, and the hoses, and the little kit that you get with the Colema Board, and to do it yourself in your bathroom, and just warn your family that space creatures might come out of your rear end, and they should just leave you alone until they've all been flushed down the toilet.

[00:59:57] Next question is from Stefania. She says, "I feel like the group may have guidance. I'm looking to deciding on an apartment that has power lines running close behind the bedroom windows in the balcony area. Is this dangerous/EMF-producing? There are three big power lines close to the windows." This one, Stefania, I'm going to say, take my EMF class. No, seriously, though, for those of you that don't know, I have a brand new, very comprehensive EMF class, it's called the EMF Home Safety Master Class. 

[01:00:27] You can find it at lukestorey.com/emfmasterclass. And it will answer this question and about 500 other questions just like it. But for now, I'll go ahead and hook you up with a freebie. It's really difficult to say, Stefania, if the levels of EMF in your home are getting higher because of those power lines. Not all power lines are created equal. Depends on what your building's made of, how far away they are, but what you're typically going to find is a magnetic field that's being created around power lines. 

[01:01:00] Now, high tension power lines, those ones that you see way out in the middle of nowhere, they're like three stories, four stories high, those things produce a crazy amount of EMF. So, I'd never live near one of those. But for example, I have, in front of my house, just regular, little—it's like a little two-lane street, so we just have residential power lines. I guess you could call them old wooden phone poles, right? And we tested those. 

[01:01:27] In my class, we actually tested them with building biologist, Brian Hoyer, who's my cohort in the class, and we didn't really find a strong magnetic field coming into the house from those wires. But if we got closer to them, there probably would be. So, the short answer, rather, to your question is you have to test. And I would recommend getting a professional building biologist over to your house to do that testing. Trying to do it yourself could be problematic. 

[01:01:53] If you're unable to do that or don't want to do that, you could get something called a TriField Meter. I've got them on my site. We'll put them in the show notes. And you can get an idea if that magnetic field is really strong going into your home. And if it is, I would highly recommend not living there. Like you do not want to live next to EMFs, especially any EMFs in the bedroom. That's ground zero, where you want to start with your mitigation strategies when it comes to EMF.

[01:02:22] Because here's the dea, when you're sleeping, your body's supposed to be in a parasympathetic nervous system state and doing one thing and one thing only, and that's rebuilding all the damage that you did to yourself while you were awake the day before. So, if your body is still in defense mode fighting off these frequencies of the various types of radiation you could be subjected to while you sleep, your body's not doing the job that it's supposed to be doing, A. And B, your body's getting injured while it's supposed to be healing.

[01:02:54] So, EMF in the bedroom is a huge issue. And this is not a scare tactic to freak people out. It's just based on my personal experience. The EMF is, I don't want to say more important than the food you eat, but blue light and EMF are, to me, as personally as important as the food you eat, like straight up. And I'm not saying that so you take my course. It's not going to have an impact on me whether or not anyone listening to this takes my 149-dollar EMF course. 

[01:03:25] It's great if a bunch of you do, but it's not my main driver of revenue as a brand, just to be transparent, but it is something I felt people needed, and that's why I put it out. But whether or not you take my course or not, Stefania, I would definitely not live anywhere with high EMF. And if you do, get someone professional to come test it and fix it immediately, especially in your bedroom and your kid's bedroom or where you spend most of your time. 

[01:03:53] Next one is Tanna. She asks, "Does anyone have any natural remedies for ringing in the ear otherwise known as a tinnitus?" And I've always called it tinnitus, but then when I hear anyone else say it, they call it tinnitus, then I feel stupid for calling it tinnitus. So, I'm switching right here in this moment, and I'm going to call it tinnitus, as weird as that sounds. And my answer to this one is, drum roll, please, I have no goddamn idea, Tanna.

[01:04:18] My ear right now is ringing like somebody just hit a goddamn crash cymbal in it or one of those Chinese gongs. And it's just like, wi, and it doesn't stop. And it would drive me crazy if not for this one solution. The solution that I applied to this until someone goes into the quantum field and comes back with an answer in the form of a technology supplement modality, practice, et cetera, is I just ignore it. I don't talk about it. I don't think about it. I don't ask questions about it. I don't give it any energy.

[01:04:49] And as long as I don't give it energy, I'm able to ignore it and forget about it. As I just read this question, in fact, just to demonstrate that principle of where attention goes, energy goes, soon as I read that question, I was like, oh my, God, my ear is ringing, what's wrong? Like I was brought back to that uncomfortable sensation that's like, oh, there's something in my brain that's been jarred and it's having this reaction. So, it's hearing things that aren't actually there, which is this high-pitched ringing, it's super annoying.

[01:05:19] My dad has a really bad case of it in both ears and it drives him freaking crazy. And when I tell him, Dad, just ignore it, he probably wants to punch me, but I think that's the best solution any of us have come up with. I'll close that question by saying, if there's anyone listening to the show that knows a legit, now, I repeat, legit way to ease the tinnitus, please let me know. Hit me up on the DM on Instagram. Join the Facebook group where these questions came from.

[01:05:48] Let us all know in there. Tag Tanna when you get in the Facebook group. I'm very interested in fixing this. And so far, no one's come at me with anything. I've tried Western medicine. I've gone down all the best experts at UCLA and everywhere. I've seen everyone in LA that knows anything about this, the ENT specialists, and they're just like, I finally got to the top of the food chain, this guy, not going to mention his name, but he's one of the most well-respected ear, nose, throat doctors in the world. He's at this clinic in downtown LA and it's one of the most renowned ENT clinics in the world. I forget the name of it offhand.

[01:06:26] And I went there and saw him. I did some hearing tests. I did the things. I was very hopeful and ambitious about solving this problem. I went a couple of times, and finally, on the second or third visit to this world-renowned expert, he was like, what I think it is, is I think, you drink coffee? And I said, well, yeah, like does a bear shit in the woods? And he said, I think it's the caffeine. Just knock out the caffeine and your ear will stop ringing.

[01:06:52] I'm like, even if it was the answer, I would never do that, coffee is too delicious. But that's as far as I got with it, unfortunately, for all of us, Tanna. So, keep searching. Someone, let me know if you find out a better solution. Next one's from Caleb. "Anyone here supplemented with shilajit as a mineral supplement? Seems really interesting and I'm curious to try it for my mineral supplementation." Shilajit is something I've been using for, oh, man, I don't know, between probably 10 years or so. 

[01:07:22] And I use it just about every day. I love it. For those of you that want to give it a shot in a non-gross way, you could get some from Pristine Hydro. They make a powdered version of shilajit with trifola, which is another great complementary herb out of the Ayurvedic, I believe. And speaking of Ayurvedic system, that is where the shilajit comes from, although it is also sometimes part of the Chinese medicine. The Russians use it. It's pretty awesome.

[01:07:50] It's composed of 84 organic plant minerals, fulvic, humic, and omic acids, which is a really potent blend and a great way to not only mineralize, but to help with calcification in your body and all sorts of stuff. Shilajit, it's at the top of the food chain, in my opinion, in terms of herbalism. Now, I had some of the Pristine Hydro powder and I like it. It's great. And I would just recommend, just make your life easier and get that. But I bought a few kilos of the tar.

[01:08:27] It's like a real sick tar. Man, it literally looks like tar like you would find on a railroad track. That's what untreated, unadulterated shilajit looks like. And I bought a few kilos, like these big tubs of it from a private source, someone I connected with in Siberia, I want to say four years ago, and I still have a huge tub of it. You use so little at a time. But the reason that I don't typically buy the tar versions of it now, A, is because I have a bunch of it left.

[01:08:59] B, it's really kind of a rip-off. A lot of these companies, I just know what their markup is, and they're selling you a tiny little tin of this tar shilajit, and they're charging you $80, $120. And I look at that, I'm just like, dude, you guys are marking this up 10 times? And that just pisses me off because it's just greedy. So, that's why I recommend, just get the Pristine Hydro powder as a starter and I'll work on finding a non-rip-off version of the tar.

[01:09:26] And when I do, I'll put it on the site, but it's definitely a great source of minerals, and even more so, that fulvic acid is really good stuff, and it's hard to get in your diet. And also, if you really want minerals here, Caleb, you're going to get minerals from this, but I've been on shilajit for a long time, and I've had my mineral levels tested, and some of them have been really low, so I don't know if this alone is a way to truly supplement minerals in a way that is bioavailable.

[01:09:51] So, I'm going to go back to the Quinton Sea Mineral solution that I talked about earlier and I would definitely recommend that you get on that in addition to Sheilagh if you really want to boost up your minerals, which to me, is really important because that's what fuels our electric body. Like it runs on electrolytes, right? That's why they're called electrolytes, minerals. So, that's what I would do, because it's not about how many minerals you eat, it's about how many assimilate.

[01:10:18] And when you're taking synthetic minerals in the forms of pills, it has the tendency to throw your natural balance off because they're not in their natural form. They're often synthetic. So, that's why I like the Quinton Sea Minerals in the shilajit because you're just getting something that is found in nature that's unadulterated. It's just as it is. Well, the sea minerals are purified, but they're not concentrated, or synthesised, or anything like that.

[01:10:41] It's just literally ocean plasma. It's amazing. But for magnesium, because we're so low on magnesium, that is the one thing that I do supplement that has some synthetic forms in it. It's called Magnesium Breakthrough. You might have heard me talk about it on the show. They'r, one of our sponsors. That's not why I'm talking about it right now, I don't think. I don't think I get paid by them on this episode. But that magnesium is the coolest magnesium I've ever found because it has seven different forms and they're all bioavailable. 

[01:11:10] And like one pill a day, and you are rocking and rolling with magnesium. It's absolutely incredible. Next one's from Bret. He says, "For those of you not on city water, do you prefer well water or rainwater harvesting for reasons such as drinking, overall health, bathing, hair, skin, et cetera?" I'm just going to say, Bret, this is a huge topic and I could do a bunch of solo shows about this, but I'm just going to give you the fast answers because I've done so much content answering your specific question a bunch of times, and I'm going to direct you there. 

[01:11:41] You probably just haven't heard those shows because they're back in the feed aways. So, first answer is, I would take your tap water after it's filtered because you're never going to do anything with your tap water unless it's filtered and filtered well. And I would take your well water and I would have them both tested professionally. And there is a link to that in the information I'm about to give you. I would be concerned about rainwater due to acid rain.

[01:12:08] There's tons of acids in rainwater that you do not want in your body, and also, residue from geoengineering or aerosol spraying, otherwise known as chem trails, which are not a conspiracy. If you still think they are, you probably want to stop listening to this podcast. It's not for you. I'm just telling you. For those of you that want to learn why I feel that way, you could look at just one site, it's called geoengineeringwatch.com.

[01:12:34] And if you have half a brain in your skull and you spend an hour on that site, you're going to be like, oh, shit, chem trails are real. So, that's the end of that conversation. But if you don't believe they are, feel free to listen to the show, you're just going to get triggered a lot because I'm talking about them all the time and I'm very concerned about them. But rainwater is full of bunch of crap. And so, I wouldn't do anything with rainwater personally.

[01:12:56] Well water could have any number of metals or other contaminants. So, again, you want to just have them both tested. And if you're going to use any kind of tap water for anything, it's best to have it filtered. For bathing, I would say anything is better than city/tap water. But for drinking, you've got to really have a great strategy with any of the ones that you mentioned, in my opinion. And I'll leave you with this, you can listen to six hours of audio and video content I did on an episode trilogy starting on Episode 129 with Daniel Vitalis.

[01:13:31] So, it's 129, 130, and 131. It's called Water Wars: The Trilogy. And there are three podcasts in a row that are a few hours of content. It's very comprehensive. I've got another show coming up, as I indicated earlier, with Robert Slovak, where we go into all the water stuff again, so you can look forward to that shortly. And then, if you want to download everything I've ever learned about water and everything I personally do and recommend, you can download my free guide, ready, listen up, get ready to jot this down, it will also be in the show notes, you'll find the Ultimate Water Guide by Luke Storey at lukestorey.com/129. That's lukestorey.com/129.

[01:14:15] Download the free Ultimate Water Guide. It's a PDF that has everything I've ever learned in there. It's incredible. You can also use your phone if it's a US phone to text the word thewaterguide to 44222. So, go to lukestorey.com/129 or just text the word, thewaterguide, all one word, to the number, 44222, and then, go ahead, and go back, and listen to the Water Wars Trilogy, again, starting with Episode 129. And all of that information will be linked in the show notes. Last question here, folks.

[01:14:47] Alright. We're at an hour, 15. Once again, I've put too many damn questions in here, but we're just going to rock and roll. This one's from Macy. She says, "Hey, gang, did we ever get to the bottom of a low EMF air purifier?" I did a show on air purifiers recently, so scroll back in my feed, it's in the title. I forget the number at the moment. She says, "I did a quick group search", meaning the Facebook group, "and I'm looking for some clarity, I live in Denver."

[01:15:14] Yoohoo, that's where I was born, girl. "Due to the fires, we currently sit at the number five worst air quality in the world." Welcome to the shitty air club, girl. I think LA probably still got your beat. "Also, any advice on maintaining good respiratory health is greatly appreciated. The whole household is feeling super bad." Yeah, man, let me just tell you what, air purification in the home, top, top priority, air and water. You got to have clean air and water, and dumb as humans like us and those that came before us have polluted the planet, though I'm actually not going to say that out loud.

[01:15:49] But when it comes to issues of the climate, there are things that I believe in and there's some that I don't. But I definitely believe humans are polluting the hell out of the planet, especially the water and the air. I'll go ahead and say it. I just don't happen to believe that the earth is hotter because humans are on it. I believe that the sun makes the earth hotter. It's called solar flares. Do some research on it. There's also a film called, The Great Global Warming Swindle, and it explains the whole thing.

[01:16:12] That said, I'm all about nature, the climate, the environment. I want to do everything I can to save all living things on the planet, especially in your own home. And that's why you can definitely count on me for having three air purifiers in my house. My water is as clean as it gets. I mean, I'm hardcore. I do not negotiate with air and water. But it is really hard to weed through all of the marketing BS when it comes to air purifiers. So, what I have here in the house is I have two Austin Air HEPA filters downstairs, and that gets pet, dander, and dust, and just funk out of the air.

[01:16:47] I have one here in the studio right next to me, the Austin Air Junior, I think it's called, then I have a big one in the living room because we have a dog and a cat in here. Not trying to be breathing their skin dust all day, et cetera. And then, in the bedroom, I found what is finally the most badass air purifier I've ever owned, and it's called the AirDoctor. And I love this thing. Super easy to clean. It even has auto mode. So, if you're air's dirtier, the fan turns on higher.

[01:17:15] It's got an indicator when it's time to change the filter. The filters are cheap and affordable. And best of all, it even has a button that lets you turn off the blue light on it. It's called the demode. So, at night, it doesn't jack me up with the old blue light. And a lot of technology suck because they make a bunch of blue light on their little LEDs. So, heads up to AirDoctor. And you can find the air doctor on my site and in the show notes. But what I like about it is not only does it have a HEPA filter, which gets out the big particles like my Austin Air, all the dust, and dander, and all that, but it also filters out mold, bacteria, and viruses, which is super cool.

[01:17:54] So, it's creating a really clean air. And that's why I keep it in the bedroom, because when me and my lovely Alyson sleep, I want us to be breathing the cleanest air possible. Now, in terms of Macy's question, she wants one that doesn't have EMF. To me, I don't really care about the EMF on the air purifier because I don't keep it next to the bed. It's like way across the room. Now, if it has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, that's a problem. But the AirDoctor does not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You just plug it in, has an on and off switch.

[01:18:26] So, when it's on at night, it's producing, I'm sure, a magnetic field within a couple of feet, probably an electric field within a couple of feet, but it's probably, I want to say, six to eight feet away from my feet at the foot of the bed, and I could even put it further if I measured it and it had EMF. But you shouldn't have anything plugged in anywhere near your bed anyway, ever. We keep our cell phones on big badass batteries. Actually, for the YouTube folks, I'll show you mine.

[01:18:56] I have it sitting right here. Forgive the racket, those of you listening. It's called RAVPower, R-A-V Power, and it's probably over 100 bucks or something on Amazon. And this bad boy powers our cell phone. So, I turn off the circuit breakers in our bedroom at night. I mean, the lady wasn't that excited about this, but she loves me, so she's willing to put up with my hijinks. I got her one of these batteries. And so, we both plug our phones into a free-standing battery, but still keep them way over on the nightstand. 

[01:19:27] Because even plugged into a battery, there's going to be a little bit of a field created by the battery itself. That said, the point is, it doesn't really matter what air filter you get as long as it's a good one in terms of the EMF because you're not going to keep it by your bed if you're a Loyal Life Stylist podcast listener and you take my warnings to heart. So, that's what I would recommend there, Macy,thank you so much for your question and thank you to everyone for your questions.

[01:19:54] This was quite a doozy of a solo show. Man, I always think that the questions are going to be fast and I can put 10 of them in there. And every time, I'm like, well, there's actually more to the answers than I thought. So, thank you so much for joining me. If you made it to the end, I really appreciate you. And again, I'd encourage you to join the Life Stylist podcast Facebook group, and also follow me on Instagram, which is where I spend most of my time on social media.

[01:20:18] I do tons of stories. And as I said, I'm live streaming this conversation right now. And what I just noticed that's weird in this moment is that Instagram is still going. They must have extended the time for which they allow you to broadcast a live. That's so interesting. Good for you, Instagram. If anyone from Instagram is listening, good job, because it was super annoying when Instagram Lives would end at 60 minutes, and then I'd have to reach over and restart it in the middle of a live podcast.

[01:20:48] So, follow me on Instagram and you'll get to watch all of the episodes, and interviews, and everything I do, live stream, all the time. And it's a really fun place for me to interact with people. And I like to get to know the people that listen to the show. And when people interact with me on Insta, that's how I learn about you all. So, please do that. Again, a shout out to our upcoming episode this Tuesday with Sah D'Simone, Spiritually Sassy: How to Dance with Your Shadow and Free Yourself from Suffering. 

[01:21:17] That is one of the most fun and funny, freaking hilarious ass shows I've ever done, so please tune in and check that out. Sah D'Simone is a good friend and amazing guest. Let's go ahead and thank our sponsors. We've got Joovv that do the incredible red light therapy. I've got one sitting next to me here. I just demonstrated it for our friends on Instagram that were curious. And you can find your Joovv red light therapy at joovv.com/luke. That's J-O-O-V-V, joovv.com/Luke.

[01:21:47] Enter the code, Luke, at checkout and you get some kind of a free gift. I don't even know what it is, but it's better than not using the code, Luke, at checkout, I'm sure. Next up, our friends at surthrival.com. If you've listened to any of the former episodes with my friend, Daniel Vitalis, he is the founder of Surthrival and he is no stranger to the best health products in the market. When you get over to surthrival.com, my top recommendations right now would be the colostrum powder.

[01:22:15] That stuff is freaking amazing, dude. I use it in my coffee every day. It's just out of control. And then, of course, the pine pollen, which is great for testosterone production for men and women, by the way. They've got an amazing CBD that's very bioavailable, and also, a CBD product for pets that my pet eats every day. So, Surthrival is just super, super high-vibe, high-integrity company, the best products ever. Surthrival.com is going to give you 10% off if you use the code, Style10.

[01:22:46] Our last sponsor on today's episode is Just Thrive. And speaking of my pet, Cookie, my little dog, I give her the new Just Thrive Probiotics everyday, one capsule, and, man, she's doing really well. I give her, what do I give her? I give her the Surthrival CBD, the Just Thrive probiotic, I use the the ion biome,Zach Bush's product, which is a fulvic mineral thingy that helps seal the gut lining, and heal the gut, and helps protects against glyphosate exposure, et cetera. And what else do I give her? There's one more thing.

[01:23:20] Oh, it's the C60 from 360 Health, Ian Mitchell's company. He was on the show. It's a C60 molecule. So, my dog is hella biohacked and Just Thrive helps make the gut health possible. You can find that, and the human probiotics, and many other great products at justthrivehealth.com. If you use the code, Luke15, at justthrivehealth.com, you're going to save 15%. And with that my friends, I think we're done. Thank you so much for joining me on today's solo episode number 305. I'll be back at you on Tuesday with Sah D'Simone. Cheers.



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