256. Luke Solo Show: Hacking Air Travel & Jet Lag, Harvesting Spring Water (Safely)

Luke Storey

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DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

It’s that time of the month again: Q&A time!

By now, you probably know the drill. I’ve been taking questions from The Life Stylist Podcast Facebook Group, doing some research, and coming back with the most in-depth answer I can muster.

This week, we have two bangers for you. Sarah asks about why we don’t talk about the potential dangers of EMF radiation during regular plane travel, yet freak out about cell towers. Hacking air travel is one of my absolute favorite areas of biohacking, and I have a LOT of experience after 23 years of experimentation.

Gabriela follows that up with a question about another one of my favorite things: finding a spring near your new home!

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00:09:00 - Sarah asks: How can you/we justify airplane travel on an annual basis yet freak out over considerably more low-level EMF from cell towers, etc? I think airplanes are so beloved and convenient that we don't give it airtime. I'm assuming it’s like sleeping on a cell tower for X amount of hours you're in a plane.

  • You've got to live your life and travel. 
  • The benefits of work trips, seeing loved ones, interacting with and learning from other cultures are worth it
  • Yes, travel trashes your body in many ways, but you can make it much safer by employing a few of these tricks. 
  • I'll someday complete my online class: Biohacking my travel: the jet lag solution. I was 1/2 way done with it, then I had to move to escape cell towers, and the project got lost in the shuffle. I will complete the class in the future, and it will change your life. 
  • Get on the waitlist here: www.lukestorey.com/travel or text BIOHACKMYTRAVEL to 44222 on any US phone
  • As for EMF on planes, I've tested radiation levels a couple of times, and it's not all that high on flights without wi-fi. You do get gamma radiation from the sun, tons of RF on wi-fi flights, especially with a couple of hundred cell phones searching for service.
  • If you use your laptop, make sure to use the Defender Shield under it, so you don't fry the hell out of your baby-making bits.
  • I wear anti-EMF clothing, take dozens of supplements, and have literally over 150 other hacks I use when I travel, so I’m probably healthier traveling than sitting at home in some cases
  • Living near a cell tower is 100s of times worse for you than sitting on a plane. Trust me. I've done both. If you live in a big city, you probably live close to a few cell towers. If they are 5g, it's even worse.
  • All that being said, remember to think positively, as thoughts and emotions are powerful! Worrying about EMF, toxins, and eventing in the world trying to kill you doubles the damage. So take precautions, but keep your mind right by staying out of the fear/limbic system trauma loop.

00:22:20 - Here are some powerful tips to make flying less hazardous to your health:

  • Use Quicksilver Scientific melatonin on nights leading up to your flight to adjust yourself into the next time zone by going to sleep as close as you can to your destination time
  • Plan your meals to be aligned with eating times at your destination
  • Use the Human Charger to help beat jet lag and adjust to time zones
  • Same with the Verilux full-spectrum lighting unit
  • Get TSA Precheck, or Global traveler, and Clear in the US to make airport security suck less, and minimize stress.
  • I will ALWAYS opt-out of millimeter-wave screening. It's the same technology as 5G and extremely dangerous. If you have TSA, Global Entry, or Clear, you get to pass through an old-school metal detector, rather than being microwaved. If I can't get an X-ray, I always opt-out and get fondled, rather than walking through a cancer box.
  • If you can afford it, get an upgraded seat and priority boarding. It's worth it to stay chill and preserve your energy.
  • Get up and stretch every single hour, or as often as possible. Flight attendants sometimes get pissed when you stand near the restrooms, so I usually wait until they are doing their rounds, then sneak up front for some plane yoga. Great for circulation and restlessness. 
  • Buy bottled water inside the airport, bring it on the plane, then use Vital Reaction hydrogen tabs. I do four tablets every 90 min when I fly.
  • Usually, Evian, Fiji, and Pellegrino are the best waters available at airports.
  • Never, ever drink water, coffee, or tea on airplanes. The storage tank water is toxic. They use very caustic chemicals to flush the storage tanks, and if they don't do that, often, the water is contaminated with bacteria. Not to mention it's disgusting tap water in the first place, even if it's clean. I would only drink tap water if I were dying alone in the desert. 
  • Wear earplugs, even in airports, and for sure during flights, as loud noise is stressful
  • You can also wear noise-canceling headphones while flying, even without music or audio, just as stress protection. 
  • Meditate as much and as often as possible while flying, to ease stress. Also listening to uplifting podcasts like this one, and spiritual audiobooks or guided meditations are great to keep your nervous system in rest mode. I like to use the NuCalm.
  • Sleep as much as humanly possible on flights to preserve energy.
  • Wear blue-blocking glasses the entire time on planes. If it's daytime, wear clear blue blockers by Ra Optics or BluBlox. If it's nighttime at your destination, wear the super dark Trudark wrap around glasses. All indoor lighting is junk lighting. All light coming through glass is artificial blue light. Plus, the seat-mounted TV's and all the devices emit tons of toxic blue light as well.
  • I always plug in my Blushield cube and Somavedic travel unit for EMF and general energetic harmony while flying (and driving for that matter) 
  • You can also use a Blushield pocket model rather than the bigger EMF units 
  • Use dusk and dawn sun gazing to adjust to time zones quickly
  • Do cryo/ Vitamin IV's/ NAD IV, before and after travel
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen before and after
  • Ozone IV
  • Use Joovv red light therapy to help with mitochondria and inflammation 
  • EMF proof clothes, especially a beanie, and Lambs underwear 
  • For plane air, you can periodically huff essential oils to kill germs. Try On Guard by Doterra. It kills every bug on contact.
  • Portable Air Filters are cool to fly with too. 
  • Also, wash your hands a lot during flights. Planes are disgusting. 
  • I also huff Oxygen canisters on flights. TSA hates them, but I've only had mine taken away once.
  • Breathwork- Before and after I fly, I love to get my barefoot on the ground and do some breath work, to raise my oxygen levels.
  • You can also ground on the plane, by keeping your bare feet, or cotton socks on the metal frame of the seat in front of you, or plugging a grounding strap into the ground input in your seat outlet if you have one. Some experts say grounding this way sucks some love it. I can't get a straight answer. Try the foot method to be safe.
  • Stay in Ketosis before, during, and after flights by water fasting or just going carb/sugar-free the entire days you fly
  • Quicksilver Scientific Keto Before Six makes it super easy to stay keto
  • Megadose Quicksilver Scientific liposomal glutathione before, during, and after flight for oxidative stress
  • Bulletproof Brain Octane small bottles are great for travel to get good fats in and keep food cravings away
  • I always bring the Biomat or the Therasage heating pad to keep my back pain and inflammation own on flights
  • Compression clothes, especially Comrad compression socks
  • After you land, find a natural body of water as soon as possible and take a swim to ground your body, or take an ice bath and hot bath and sauna. Finding a Russian spa is excellent for this.
  • Another great hack is to run a hairdryer over your entire body when you get to your hotel, to neutralize any static electricity that built up during the flight

00:51:45 - Here are some of my other favorite travel supplements:

  • Kratom for back pain
  • Qualia for alertness and focus 
  • Modafinil is my #1 jet lag supplement due to its ability to erase sleep debt so powerfully. 
  • Natural Stacks MagTech magnesium. I megadose this when I travel to combat stress, help with sleep, and help protect against EMF
  • I like to add Mega Hydrate to my water to upgrade hydration. Don't use it at the same time as mega hydrate because, for some reason, it stops the mega hydrate from activating and creating hydrogen gas. 
  • Liquid Chlorophyll drops for bioavailable copper, which helps with radiation exposure 
  • Oceans Alive marine phytoplankton, because of its high SOD (superoxide dismutase) content, which is a powerful antioxidant 
  • Four Sigmatic instant coffee, for fasting
  • Organifi green juice in your water bottle for alkalinity 
  • Nutrex Astaxanthan capsules to protect you from UV exposure while flying and traveling. It's like an internal sunscreen. 
  • Unfair Advantage ampules by Bulletproof for energy. Great for travel. 
  • Quicksilver Scientific 'The One' is the best energy supplement, but it goes bad if it gets hot, so it's tricky.
  • The same goes for my all-time favorite supplement called NAD+, also by Quicksilver Scientific. It's a NAD precursor that is incredible for stress recovery and fatigue. 
  • I also love Piracetam for flying due to its ability to increase oxygen levels in the brain 
  • Another one is Blue Cannatine by Troscriptions. The tablets contain methylene blue, nicotine, CBD, and caffeine. It’s incredible for travel, due to its neuron protective qualities.
  • Lastly, I like to take fish oil or cod liver oil while flying to help thin blood, and as a result, increase circulation 
  • When flying, my main goals are reducing inflammation and keeping hydrated. 

01:03:50 - Gabriela weighs in with another question: Hey everybody! I just moved to Lake Tahoe, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good spring to get drinking water from in the area? Thanks for your help!

  • The spring I go to there is called Boca Springs, find it on findaspring.com
  • get the water tested though, as the rangers told me it was tainted. I drank about 30 gallons of it and lived to tell the tale, however.
  • Always test your water at WATERCHECK.COM to make sure it's safe. 
  • Why? Here are a couple of reasons: “Crystal Geyser Pleads Guilty to Dumping Arsenic into California's Ecosystem for 15 Years” & “U.S. drinking water widely contaminated with 'forever chemicals': environment watchdog
  • Also, get my complete guide to water FREE at lukestorey.com/129 or text THE WATER GUIDE to 44222 on any US phone. There you will also find 7 hours of podcasts all about spring water, bottled water, filters, etc. on episode 129, 130, and 131 featuring Daniel Vitalis and others.
  • Learn the difference between a real spring and a creek or stream. Never drink from a body of water that is above ground. Springs must be collected from the source, which is usually a pipe that's been placed there by people who use the spring.
  • If there is a local spring, you can usually find it by asking the hippies at the local mom and pop health food store. If a spring is safe, it's common to see people collecting water there. Fundamental wisdom says if a whole town has been drinking from a spring, it's likely safe. However, if you find a spring, you want to use ongoing, get the water tested.
  • My friend Chris, the owner of Livespringwater.com, once showed me a spring right here in the Hollywood Hills, and when we had, it tested they found some traces of bacteria. So be careful and use discernment, but in general, springs are safe.
  • The best spring water usually comes from high altitude springs and rocky mountains.
  • If you like filtered water, imagine water that's been filtered by 10,000 feet of rock, inside a mountain, as compared to 10 inches of filter medium in your Berkey or whatever.
  • There are some delusional conspiracy theorists online that will tell you that all springs are toxic because they are polluted with acid rain and chemicals, but let me tell you, in most cases, it's a million times its safer than the water in all of your commercial soups, kombucha, beer, wine, sodas, or any drinks made from tap water, filtered or not, including most cheap bottled water.
  • The foremost anti-spring water hater out there scares everyone away from collecting this nectar of the gods because he likes to collect commission checks for the filters he promotes. All of us influencers make affiliate commissions. Nothing wrong with that, as everyone wins, but it's unfortunate that some people use hate, fear tactics, and misinformation to make a sale.
  • Some spring water is toxic and acid rain free because it is what's called 'primary water' - water that has NEVER touched the surface of the earth, or it has not been on the surface since before the industrial revolution and is therefore free of chemicals, or acid rain.
  • Some companies market water as 'spring water,' when in fact, it is water that is pumped from underground aquifers, much like crude oil. This type of water is much more likely to be contaminated by acid rain, pesticides, and other runoff from groundwater.
  • Again, if you want to make sure you water is safe, collect a sample, and send it to WATERCHECK.COM
  • As for filters, if you cannot get clean spring water, the best I've found are Ophora Water (whole house and under sink filters) and Pristine Hydro (under sink filters) Both are insanely sophisticated and effective. Both on my site.
  • My #1 choice of water, and what I drink at home is livespringwater.com, which is currently only available for delivery in CA
  • If you find a safe spring, you can buy 2.5 or 5-gallon glass carboys (huge bottles) at a home brewing store.
  • Make sure to keep your spring water-covered, away from light, as it can grow algae after some time if it gets sun. That's because it has a life force in it that hasn't been burned away with chemicals or UV light.
  • Again for everything you need to know about spring water, my favorite bottled waters, filters, etc. go back to episodes 129, 130, and 131.
  • Your best bet is to just download my complete guide to water at lukestorey.com/129 , or by texting THE WATER GUIDE to 44222 on any US phone.

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