Behind The Curtain Of An Open Relationship With Aubrey Marcus & Whitney Miller #211

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Creating your most optimal relationship

  • Consciously choosing real life instead of a fairy tail

  • Transactional intimacy

  • The importance of (or historical lack thereof) female pleasure

  • What you probably don’t know about the female clirotis (even if you are female)

  • Educating people on pleasure

  • How being in an open relationship helped Aubrey and Whitney grow, as individuals

  • Women being taught to compete with other women

  • The important conversations that trigger a lot of us

  • What it’s like to transition into an open relationship

  • Rooting for your partner’s happiness

  • It IS possible to deeply and intimately love more than one person at the same time

  • It’s normal to “catch feelings”

  • Expressing the most radical truth that is inside of you

  • The biggest gift you can give is being fully present

  • Finding the root of jealous & other negative emotions

  • The most delicate, sensitive thing you can do is be honest

  • How plant medicine and MDMA have helped Aubrey and Whitney heal their individual traumas

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Kundalini Rising: Luke Live At Rama Venice (Bootleg Broadcast) #209

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Identifying the thoughts and behaviors that block us from the life we crave and deserve

  • Using intention to overcome the resentment, fear, or shame that’s blocking you from experiencing love

  • The quantum physics of perception, reality, and spirituality

  • Stillness: the rare but valuable experience of sitting with presence

  • The erroneous belief that our body = our self

  • You don’t need to take your animal self so seriously – and you also don’t need to fight with it

  • Suffering in the self-created delusion that life is out to get you

  • How far we can go in one human lifetime, with the right tools

  • Trying to change our experience using the wrong power source

  • The many, many different paths to spiritual growth

  • The freeing experience that there’s something greater

  • It’s brave to access emotion

  • There’s transformation in applying universal truths

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Ancient Taoist Superpowers For The Modern Age With Dr. Barry Morguelan #207

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why Dr. B wanted to look outside of Western medicine to expand his medical practice

  • Why Dr. B was skeptical when he first witnessed the 5,000-year-old Chinese Source Energy discipline being practiced – and what ultimately convinced him that it wasn’t a scam or the placebo effect

  • How Dr. B got his invite into this elite and secluded group of Chinese healers

  • There’s always a source for everything

  • The unknown isn’t mystical or magic; prescription drugs and smart phones were a fantasy until they were discovered and known, and then they were ordinary

  • How modern Western medical practices and ancient Eastern healing techniques and knowledge fit together

  • The profoundly transformative results that Dr. B has seen after people earnestly practice the methodologies they teach at Energy for Success

  • The ability to achieve anything we want is already inside of us, whether that’s personal achievement or physical healing

  • Why Dr. B chooses to empower others to be their own teacher, guru, and healer

  • Everyone can experience the miracle of life, at every moment

  • The Matrix has always tried to trick us into thinking that the world is too complicated and we’ve all been destined to be overworked and overwhelmed

  • Learning how to heal from trauma through energy work

  • Can we overcome external challenges to our health, especially in the big city?

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Clean And Green: The Sakara Life With Danielle DuBoise & Whitney Tingle #206

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Danielle + Whitney’s journey from Sedona to Sakara

  • The psychological scars of fighting with cystic acne

  • The horrifying side effects of Accutane

  • What every person needs every day to feel like their best self

  • What you probably don’t know about the seeds and oil industry

  • Realizing that so many of our health problems are actually because we have an unhealthy gut

  • Reframing your relationship with food

  • Why counting calories doesn’t work

  • Eating for how you want to feel

  • What we can learn from Cookie’s two trainers

  • Scaling a business from nothing to 120 employees & staying friends

  • Learning how to run a business through life schooling

  • You don’t have to change your taste or aesthetics to adopt a healthier lifestyle and relationship with food (i.e. you don’t have to be a new age hippy to benefit from holistic health)

  • The quantum effects of knowing how many calories are in a dish

  • The arbitrary belief that there is an end to life

  • The Sakara Life standards: food has to be fresh, it has to look beautiful, it has to be really delicious, and it has to offer real results

  • What goes into creating Sakra Life’s supply chain for fresh ingredients

  • POOP!

  • Eating your water

  • You are what you do the majority of the time

  • Crossing the veil when you go into labor & the badassery of midwives

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Hack Your Wardrobe & Love Your Body With Costume Designer Leesa Evans #205

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How clothing makes or breaks your day

  • What we communicate to the world through the way we dress

  • Through collaboration, building something better than you could ever conceive of on your own

  • How coming up with the initial design concept and then fitting an actor contributes to how the actor embodies their character

  • What it’s like to work with method actors

  • How collaboration betters you as a person

  • Some of the most beautiful, successful, and famous people are also some of the most insecure

  • The bizarre epiphany that Leesa had at 17 & how it affects the way she lives her life to this day

  • Choosing to be happy

  • Healing our subconscious wounds

  • Pushing yourself into creativity by filling voids

  • Feeling comfortable enough to connect with yourself

  • Leesa’s styling philosophy: the shapes that we wear help us get out of our comfort zone, and over time, that leads to a general feeling of well being

  • How the artistic intention of our clothing contributes to the way we express ourselves

  • You can’t fabricate confidence – that’s arrogance

  • Not letting your clothes stop you from doing anything you want to do in your life

  • Allowing your clothing to support you

  • Co-founding Stylefund with Amy Schumer with the mission to improve women’s process of getting dressed by helping them better understand their individual silhouettes

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How To Avoid Another S***ty Relationship (Or Fix The One You're In) #204

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • What’s been going on since we last spoke to Michele in episodes 79 and 80

  • Getting in bed with Michele Paradise

  • The dilemma with technology and real communication

  • The shadow side of our parents being role models for partnerships

  • Hypnotic loops with and without purpose

  • Waking up and forcing ourselves to think

  • How opening up your heart with Kundalini Yoga can help you create new patterns

  • Conscious coupling

  • How to find your voice in intimacy and relationships

  • Overcoming the sexual shame that men and women experience

  • Accenting words in normal conversations and covert hypnosis

  • Asking for what you want – what you REALLY want

  • Sex being in the mind not the body

  • The value of opening yourself up to explore sexually with your partner

  • Working through trauma loops and triggers, from past experiences, in new relationships

  • Havening and role-Havening

  • The difference between EMDR and Havening

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Welcome to the Jungle: Bonus Field Report at Rythmia

This is a Facebook Live field report posted by Luke Storey halfway through a week-long Ayahuasca ceremony at Rythmia in Costa Rica. 

For a more detailed account of the experience, please listen to the two-part Life Stylist Podcast episode entitled 'Welcome To The Jungle: My Ayahuasca Journey At Rythmia'

To watch this video on YouTube, visit

Audio quality disclaimer: Please excuse some occasional wind noise during this recording.

Heal Thyself! Don't Let Your Trauma Become Your Drama With Mastin Kipp #201

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why Mastin got rid of his successful blog and email list of over half a million people

  • The misdiagnosis of emotional trauma and mental health

  • Changing and being compassionate about who you are

  • What prompted Mastin to move from L.A. to Asheville, NC

  • The transformation from the music industry to functional life coaching

  • Biohacking, compounds, and accepting help

  • Self-medication from trauma and the severity of trauma

  • Letting go of the identities that are placed on us

  • Reframing words that we’ve used because they are born out of purpose

  • Pre-conscious triggering and facing triggers

  • Self-regulating and unpacking traumas and triggers

  • The values that need to die

  • There are many different parts of you – but they can only speak one at a time

  • Trauma denial and forced immobilization

  • Why facing trauma and understanding it is a progressive process

  • Mastin’s 40-day program and how it helps undo trauma to reach recovery

  • Kundalini yoga and all that it provides for transformation

  • Equalizing traumas and the competitive mindset surrounding it

  • Mastin’s process for working with people

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Quantum Creation & Epigenetics: Genes Aren't Your Destiny w/ Bruce Lipton #200

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Dr. Lipton ended up working on stem cells back in ‘67, when most people didn’t even know what a stem cell was

  • It’s an illusion that your body is a single entity – it’s actually a community of cells

  • Why we have stem cells

  • How our thoughts and beliefs affect the chemical makeup of our body, in turn affecting our cellular health

  • Why the most valid, tested, and verified science on the planet is quantum physics

  • How we, as a collective, share beliefs or “programs” that then influence each others’ behaviors and health

  • How you can change or get rid of the subconscious programs that you collected while growing up – the same programming that dictates 95% of your life

  • When we took the red pill (and we all did)

  • How your mind creates coherence between your belief and your reality

  • The curse of conscious knowledge (like knowing what those nearby cell towers are doing to you)

  • You are a creator – but if you create from weakness, then you’ll only manifest weakness

  • Why effort can’t overcome belief

  • What we can learn from the story of Jesus, even if we’re not Christian

  • How collectively recovering our creative power will allow us to change the world’s current chaos into a garden

  • The biology of belief & why what happened to your ancestors or in your past doesn’t dictate the future

  • There is no gene that causes cancer – however, beliefs are easily passed from parent to child

  • What you’re lacking in consciousness you can reinforce through support

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The Ultimate Biohacking Mastermind with Dr. Jack Kruse, Aaron Alexander, & Matt Maruca #199

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why you need to be wary of how the world is lit around you

  • Humans’ hot and cold relationship with electricity

  • Why we don’t have any energy to waste in our artificially lit, frequency-laden world

  • We have the ability to “believe away” reality – and this can both be a benefit and a curse

  • What you can do to optimize the biggest toxic soup you can ever imagine: a big city hotel room

  • Are cell phones the next cigarettes... or worse?

  • Why the materials you put in your pockets and on your body may become dangerous around 5G

  • How both sides of the federal government are entangled in the dissemination of harmful frequencies

  • The difference between the Gs (4G, 5G, etc) & why 5G is such a big deal

  • Getting “disappeared” on social media

  • How technology is directly influencing the evolution of humans

  • Leveraging energy psychology to practice super learning

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Beast Mode: Badass Bones & Massive Muscles With John Jaquish #197

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Accidentally creating the world’s greatest strength training device

  • The long and difficult process of creating a business around a physical product

  • The traditional Western medical solutions to treating osteoporosis Vs. the OsteoStrong devices

  • How the four Spectrum devices work with the four positions in which our bodies absorb high impact forces

  • The knowledge gap between exercise science and applied exercise

  • How our environment and diet affect our bone health

  • How to feel as good as you feel on vacation, without going anywhere

  • Why training your body at OsteoStrong gives you such a strong high

  • The problem with weight training

  • How exactly the X3 works & how you use it

  • Fractureproof: the software device that will help you gamify your bone workouts

  • The 70 cities and 6 countries in which you can currently find Dr. Jaquish’s bone-strengthening devices

  • Dispelling the most dangerous myths of strength training (that a lot of us believe)

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Raising Conscious Kids: The New Parenting Paradigm With Neil Strauss #194

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why the key to changing the world is healthy parenting

  • Maintaining a great relationship with the other parent of your child, even when the romantic relationships ends

  • A big myth about relationships

  • Why “staying together for the kids” is a backwards plan that doesn’t produce healthy, loving role models

  • Developing a mature relationship with monogamy

  • How The Truth changed Luke’s life

  • A sure way to kill any romantic relationship: turning your partner into a parent

  • The mistakes that most parents make – and the ones that we can avoid

  • The moment Neil learned that he was going to have a kid (also the first time he ever hoped a pregnancy test would come back positive)

  • The books and experts that have taught Neil the most about parenting

  • Why Neil keeps a diary for his son

  • How a parent can create boundaries and not get enmeshed with their child, while still being loving and intimate with them

  • You’re not always going to be your kid’s friend – and that’s okay!

  • How to avoid teaching your children to medicate their emotions

  • The Continuum Concept & parenting

  • The roles that people take on in dysfunctional families

  • Why conscious parenting is the most important thing you can do in your life

  • Neil’s new podcast, To Live and Die in LA, about the disappearance of aspiring actress Adea Shabani

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The War Against Boys: Ending The Torture Of Circumcision In America #192

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why Brendon first started investigating circumcision

  • What inspired him to start making the film

  • The process of foreskin restoration that some men are undergoing today, which allows them to partially restore that part of their body + other ways men are reclaiming sensation

  • Giving people permission to talk about this deeply personal subject

  • How “red pill” moments inspire us to investigate the truth

  • How society turns men into “success objects” and diminishes anything viewed as complaining

  • The incredible bravery of standing up to your tribe

  • How circumcision deprives men of multiple orgasms and a lot of pleasure

  • Soraya Mire, the heroic female genital mutilation survivor who helped pass the Federal law against FGM in 1996 (which has since been overturned, unfortunately)

  • The medical and religious history of circumcision

  • The kind of circumcision described in the Old Testament isn’t even the same kind of circumcision performed today – and in the New Testament, it’s called an abomination

  • Circumcision began as a cure for masturbation, meant to hinder future sexual development and pleasure

  • The fake AIDS testing done to prove this surgery’s necessity

  • What the procedure is like for baby boys (spoiler: it’s horrifying)

  • The PTSD and trauma that many men likely experience due to going through this painful procedure

  • Breaking down masculinity and toxic masculinity, and the role of empathy in masculinity

  • The backlash against American Circumcision and other similar films (like The Red Pill)

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The 5G EMF Apocalypse And Why Health Food Won't Save You With Dr. Jack Kruse #191

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Jack’s exciting new venture that’s 10 years in the making: the Kruse Longevity Center

  • Why over supplementation comes from being undereducated about light

  • How the Kruse Longevity Center was constructed to be an oasis from EMF

  • The only device that can detect 5G is over $100,000 – but that’s far from our only warning sign of dangerous EMFs

  • The National Toxicology Program’s study that proves EMF radiation is linked to cancer

  • The difference between the rollout of 5G on the West Coast vs the East Coast & Elon Musk’s role in the government’s rollout of 5G

  • The non-linear effect of 5G (and why it matters)

  • How the proof that we are on the cusp of a health epidemic caused by EMFs can be found in CMS and hospital data

  • The real purpose of social media

  • How light is being used to control your behavior, without you realizing it

  • B12: the most important photoreceptor in our bodies

  • Why you need to pay attention to what’s happening to people in space

  • Why Jack believes you shouldn’t let children use phones or other technology until they’re 25

  • How technology stole the habitat from vegans and vegetarians

  • Why Jack is actually optimistic about the future, not afraid – although there will likely have to be a public health disaster before things start to change for the better

  • The lifestyle choices you can make to improve your health and protect against dangerous light and radio frequencies

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Buddha, Karma, and The Gradual Awakening with Miles Neale #189

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Dr. Neale grew up wealthy and unhappy – but that all changed after a transformative trip to India

  • The epidemic of depression that’s faced our country and world for most of the modern age, and that keeps getting worse

  • Combining Tibetan Buddhism with traditional psychotherapy to create something new entirely

  • The critical importance of finding your mentors (for the vast majority of people)

  • How the movement towards the use of psychedelics and psychotropics fits into the rubric of spontaneous enlightenment – and why this isn’t enough for a lasting transformation

  • The idiot’s guide to Tibetan Buddhism

  • Experiencing the state of radical altruism (and what it is)

  • What you need to know about Lam Rim and the how the Dalai Lama lineage plays into it

  • The spiritually destructive impact of modern materialism, an inherently nihilistic way of living that’s causing us to devolve and waste our life

  • A comprehensive view of karma, both good and bad

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Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia Naturally with Kelly Roman #188

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • What exactly you can expect from Electroconvulsive therapy (also known as “ECT”), and how it’s different from other forms of neurostimulation

  • How ECT is different from happened to Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

  • How does the device help your body release dopamine, serotonin and fall into a state of deep relaxation, no drugs required.

  • The history of Electroconvulsive therapy, going back to the ‘70s when doctors started to explore it for depression in place of antidepressants

  • The fascinating results of Fisher Wallace’s bipolar study, which was conducted with both a placebo group and a crossover design.

  • How Luke and others are using Fisher Wallace to enhance their meditation

  • The device’s effect on your HRV scores, or heart rate variability

  • What it takes to legally make a medical claim for a device or drug

  • What causes clinical insomnia and how we can all have a higher quality of sleep, with and without medical intervention

  • Why improving someone’s mood and sleep is hugely helpful for addicts trying to stay sober

  • The relationship between depression and your phone or social media use

  • Other lifestyle practices that will help support your mood and quality of sleep

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Building A Health & Wellness Empire with MindBodyGreen's Jason Wachob #187

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The latest and greatest happenings at MindBodyGreen

  • Why Erewhon and Whole Foods aren’t the beginning and end of wellness

  • How to begin monetizing a passion project

  • Growing from 0 to 10 million unique visitors a month

  • Why it’s so exciting that we’re living in a time where Eastern wisdom is meeting Western medical science

  • The future of medicine is functional

  • How you can avoid getting caught up in the dogma of what you’re eating (and why that’s  a problem)

  • The good and bad of supplements: marketing vs. efficacy

  • How Jason reduces stress and relaxes

  • What’s up with the CBD industry?

  • Why going outside of yourself through psychoactive drugs or “medicines” isn’t true wellness

  • How people justify things that are fun as good for you

  • The best high in the world

  • How Jason and his wife navigated the conception and birth process

  • What you can do to encourage brain health and cognition – without taking anything!

  • The yoga teachers who helped Jason heal his back

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Passion Meets Pleasure: The Ultimate Sex Episode With Kim Anami #186

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How we can take the shame out of communicating about healthy sex – and do it in a classy way!

  • Why you can find pictures of Kim dangling weights from her vagina (AKA vaginal weightlifting).

  • Why are women putting jade eggs inside of their vaginas – and why are most women doing it incorrectly?

  • How to keep your vagina or cock healthy and ready for action.

  • Why women actually shouldn’t be aiming for the often-encouraged “tight” vagina.

  • The dark side of lube, for both your health and your sexual pleasure.

  • Becoming a sex gourmand, instead of a sex fast food junkie.

  • Why learning to deep throat can make you a better person (Kim likes to say, “The best way to find your voice is to have a good cock in your mouth.”)

  • Why porn is one of the worst things to happen to men’s sex lives.

  • The travesty of male circumcision and how men can heal from what was forced on them at birth.

  • How you can use sex to heal past trauma.

  • The systematic effort undertaken to scare women away from giving birth without a doctor in a hospital

  • How Kim is grossly censored on almost every major social media and content distribution platform

  • All the different types of female orgasms (if you didn’t know there were multiple kinds, take close notes on this!)

  • Everything you need to know about female ejaculation, and why absolutely no one should be embarrassed by it

  • How you can we use sex with your partner to deepen true love and intimacy

  • Men typically seem to get depleted from sex, while women get energized – so how can men avoid losing their chi?

  • The value of self-pleasuring without porn, for both men and women

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Removing the Blocks To Life & Love with The Paradox Process Ft. Thomas M. Jones #185

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The two things that can really affect change in individuals suffering from addictions

  • How the narratives we build around the sometimes-painful feelings that all human beings experience get us into trouble

  • Some of the most common childhood experiences that set us up for unhappiness and negative patterns

  • How using “key phrases” can subconsciously trigger a meditation process, even while you’re busy doing other things

  • People think becoming spiritual will make them happy and make life easier – but real growth is not for the faint hearted

  • Why is it so scary to face your lower self, or the “ugly parts” of yourself

  • People claim to be afraid of failure – but they really fear success

  • The 3 different levels of motivation: ego, money, and contribution

  • Why working with people in pain pushed Thomas to write Love Games: The Hidden Rules of Relationship

  • How the fantasy of relationships keep us from experiencing a deeper connection with our partners

  • What it really means to “fall in love”

  • The two most common reasons that people break up

  • What you need to know about yourself and your potential partner before entering into a relationship

  • How to engage in healthy conflict with your partner (AKA the right way to have a fight)

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Spiritual Wisdom From Channeled Masters with Paul Selig #183

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The first moment Paul realized something or someone was talking through him

  • Dealing with friends and family who think he’s crazy

  • The system for realizing your divine self that Paul’s guides have revealed to us

  • Striving to be as awake as you can be

  • Paul’s physical experience of channeling

  • Claiming your true knowing

  • Why “fixing” is a small self-concept

  • How Paul’s guides react to different questions and intention

  • If there is a loving god in the universe, why is there so much evil, war, torture, and pain?

  • Do spirits evolve up through the plant and animal kingdoms before becoming human?

  • Is the influence of astrology real?

  • Why Paul’s guides won’t answer every question (and what they say instead)

  • Throughout the interview listeners get to experience a  live channeling session focusing on

  • Luke’s experiences with drug abuse, whether or not he should explore plant medicines, what’s blocking his love life, and whether he should have kids.

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